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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Housekeeping for the State Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

There seems to be considerable confusion about how to handle cases wherein an American seeking to record and claim their birthright political status has only a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB).
This is what they really need and all they need to get the job done.
Remember that the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government are two, distinct, and different Foreign Governments acting as Subcontractors bound to honor their respective Constitutional Agreements with us. The services they deliver are separate and different, too. The corporations that they have used to deliver services are also different. So you have two different entities, one Municipal and one Territorial, to deal with, and they each interact with you via two separate entities that are foreign persons with respect to you.
The Territorial Government creates a Legal Person, which is in fact a Foreign Situs Trust, that is named after you and uses the same exact name in the form: John Michael Doe. Under certain circumstances, this familiar Lawful Person, your Trade Name, comes to represent a Foreign Legal Person and Subject of the Queen.
This happens when you are on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways or when you are engaged in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. This Person is also invoked when you enter Military Compounds, Navy Yards, Arsenals, and similar facilities.
A Foreign Situs Trust is a form of trust that guarantees the safe transport of your Person while in the safekeeping of the Queen's Government, in exchange for your compliance with their codes and regulations while you are in these locations or engaged in these specific activities.
Similarly, the Municipal United States Government creates a Municipal PERSON that it uses to interact with you. This PERSON appears in a variety of forms: JOHN DOE, JOHN M. DOE, and so on. Each of these is a separate franchise entity created as a shareholder or member or donor, etc., in some kind of commercial trust, business, organization, or enterprise. JOHN DOE is a beneficiary of a Public Charitable Trust, a Pauper on the Dole of the Commonwealth. JOHN M. DOE is a Public Transmitting Utility. And so on. These are all Vassals of the Pope and part of the Federal Civil Service System.
This form of PERSON was meant to create a convenient accounting system by which people could contract for and pay for specific services to be provided by the Federal Civil Service. As such, these PERSONS are more like Trademarks standing for a specific Service Account. The ubiquitous Social Security ACCOUNT is one example that acts like an umbrella corporation for various social services, the JOHN H DOE ACCOUNT is a public transmitting utility franchise used to track use of public utility services, and so on and on.
This is where things got totally messed up, thanks to FDR and his Administration.
FDR pledged the "citizenry" of the Federal Civil Service to the Pope, to be chattel backing the debts of his government, and then failed to make any distinction between Federal Civil Service Employees and the rest of us. He incomprehensibly alluded to this in his First Inaugural Address as President of the Municipal Government and its for-profit Municipal Corporation. What followed was a criminal enterprise based on impersonation, racketeering and identity theft on an absolutely massive scale.
In 2015, the Municipal Corporation responsible was forced into Involuntary Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and we are still sorting out the aftermath. The corporation assets which include all the franchises and their purported assets are being liquidated, but the problem is, that these franchises should not exist and were all created under condition of non-disclosure and constructive fraud.
This leaves the Bankruptcy Trustees trying to sort this mess out. We staked our claims in 1998 and followed up in intervening years. We placed liens against the National Credit accounts backing the National Debt so that Secondary Creditors couldn't claim them. We placed more liens against the assets of the Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations to preserve our State's property interests and prevent them from being "subsumed" as Abandoned Assets, etc.
So the Big Mess and all the worst problems are associated with the misuse and abuse of all these Municipal PERSONS.
That's why we appointed Steven T. Mnuchin, an Interpol Officer, to act as Fiduciary of the Primary ACCOUNT created by the Municipal BIRTH CERTIFICATE process, and instructed him to roll it over into the Territorial United States Account for Safekeeping. That gave both Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Trump, jointly, a right and an obligation to intervene in our behalf and to protect our assets.
Working in tandem with the US Bankruptcy Trustees (not all of whom like the results) the creation of new birth certificated ACCOUNTS has been stopped with respect to those claiming their birthright political status and as the clean up progresses, the only birth records that will remain will be the Certificates of Live Birth, which very clearly pertain to a living man or woman and the creation of the Foreign Situs Trust they are owed, if and when they decide to participate in Federally Regulated activities or enter military facilities, etc.
As more people are coming on board in this post-bankruptcy period, more and more of them will be receiving only a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) and that means that there is no longer a Municipal PERSON to be dealt with in their case. They don't have to go through the Form 56 Process anymore, because they don't have a Municipal PERSON attached to them anymore, and it most be noted, in a few cases, they never did have a Municipal PERSON operating in their name at all.
So when people come to join the Assembly and all they've got is a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB), that is just fine. Accept them and exempt them from the Form 56 process and don't treat them any differently than anyone else in the Assembly. It's just that changes in circumstance and administration have occurred so that they no longer have to go through this particular part of the Turkey Trot.


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  1. Form 56 again

    Do we not need it ? You do realize this was our arguement that got you and I at each others tnroat and caused all the nonesense last April.
    I still have not completed it, nor have I sent it to Mnunchin. What do We do about the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS ?.. yes I know they are foruegn to me and are irrelevant. How do we handle them in the event thy try to engage us ? I have ideas but since you are the zource of initial information it may be prudent to explain how we deal with these foriegn criminals .

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I would like to know how to deal with the IRS as well.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Anna posts:
      2226. The IRS / BATF Connection
      2231. Here's Kicker Number 1 Regarding IRS/BATF
      2233. IRS Kicker 2 -- Hunting the Hunters
      2247. IRS Kicker 3

      just a couple with IRS in the name

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate thine neighbor

    5. I too have only completed the first half. So what do I do now? My understanding of the above article is there us no need to complete the second half form 56 now? Have things changed internally with Trump & Mnuchin now handling the transfer of us DEAD FOLKS now to Living Flesh & Blood Souls. HELP

    6. From Anna:

      I can’t say it any plainer. If you only have a COLB, do nothing. If you had a BC and turned it into Mnuchin, do nothing.

      The COLB is the record of your live birth. That is why it is called a Certificate of Live Birth.

      The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is issued by the Municipal Government when your name was given or sold to them as the name of an abandoned bastard child in need of support from the Pope’s Commonwealth Government.

      As many millions of us can attest, we were never illegitimate, never abandoned by our families, never in need of any support from the Municipal or Commonwealth government.

      But these false representations of our situation, that is, the lies told about us and our families, allowed these vermin to enroll us as penniless waifs and wards of the State—- and that allowed them to claim control of us and all our assets.

      This was all done secretively, without any disclosure to us or our families.

      And it is criminal. It is a form of genocide on paper that was practiced against us by the Municipal Government “in the name of helping poor orphans”—- and allowed by the Territorial Government, which obviously set up the paperwork in deceptive ways, solicited the signatures from our Mothers authorizing our “enrollment” as Wards of the Territorial States of States, and benefitted from kickbacks from the Municipal Government.

      Both these entities, the Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government are Foreign Subcontractors with respect to us.
      They are supposed to be here providing good faith service but instead they have been here plundering and pillaging.

      They are out of compliance with their service contracts which are plainly stated in the Constitutions. And that is the rest of the story— by doing this, they have conspired and collided against the Constitutions. In order to evade the requirements and guarantees and deprive us of the protections we are owed, they had to mis-characterize us as “US citizens” and not admit that we are Americans.

      Please see the One Pager about citizenship that we just released so that you can see the scheme and where you fit in.

    7. gheeze! When was it said NOT to send COLB to Mnuchin?? We can't find it. COLB's were sent to Mnuchin.

      What should those do who sent COLB's to Mnuchin w the Form 56 & letter as instructed?

      What should they do now?

    8. From Anna:

      Nothing. No harm is done. He’s your Fiduciary at a different level, but that’s fine. You are still very much in control of the situation and not harmed by it.

    9. Thanks Paul for posting Anna's reply. Now to get our Fiduciary to act on our behalf.

  2. Banning fed overreach by Fed medical mandates on S Dakota & Wyoming's gold bank - flipping of the Ice-Berg'stein against the jew-death-grip:
    South Dakota Considers First State Bill To Outlaw All Vaccine AND Medical Mandates

    Wyoming Considering a State Gold Depository
    And here from 2019 S Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, W Virginia done did it

    Soooo do we direct the deposits of Mint Builder silver coin into these banks? We need to get our Land & Soil jurisdiction banks going. We need our Credit access to fund it.

    As these states stop overreach, its going to give an illusion that we're going to be ok, not realizing being State Nationals is the key to the rest of the long haul. Folks may get complacent thinking alls well.

    What can be done to cause Mnuchin to do his job in respect to American Nationals? Can he show us he's even attempted anything other than the jew-two-step, meanwhile getting checks to Israhell, per US Inc? The IRS, Internal Revenue Service are playing lame games w Crediting. Shuffling around sucking up our time, which is Non-Refundable.

    Trumps waiting until re-election, its said, to pull the swap plug. Baalsh*t! Has Trump done anything to force recognition of State National status? Lets see it. He is OUR employee, 5D chess or not.

    State Assembly or not, WE are our leaders, their & Trumps employers. Yes a solidified Assembly standing to break State of State Inc, BUT WE'VE BEEN DEFRAUDED.
    There are so many jews controlling it all, likely complicit in preventing receipt of letters, demands. Am hearing of completely legitimate mail sent to him being returned. WTH!

    Mnuch'thing needs to provide evidence HE'S DOING HIS JOB owed to us Nationals. Get his Mnuch'ia azz off the jew-prongs, peg-boy he is, & get cracking to provide us the service we are owed. NOW! Lien his azzets. Trumps too. WE ARE OWED. File a UCC-1 claiming them as OUR AZZETS.

    Meanwhile Trumps firing jews, then replacing them w jews. Oh its his 5D let-them-hang-themselves chess? Enough!

    1. 300 million weapons owners in WASHINGTON DC is what will get their attention

      They do not give a shit they are moving ahead with their plans, they believe they are unstoppable

      Problem is most Americans have no idea what the hell they are doing behind the scenes nor what they have been doing for the last 100 years

      Best get word out everywhere is all I can say because their intent is to disarm and once that happens it's game over

      They planned for it, go look up Operation Endgame
      Get that document to everyone you can, hand them out, plaster them all over the internet, send it to your email contacts, post it on job boards, do everything to get that document out

      Here is some information about it

      Make no mistake we are all aliens to these psychopaths and we have been labeled as foreigners in our own homeland

      There is another document I can't find right now but I will look it up and post it tomorrow morning

      Only way to stop them as far as I can tell and USNORTHCOM, NATO and millions of other foreign troops already here waiting for their command to strike us

      Heard reports they moved their isis forces to the southwest desert?
      Also remember they are underground too as per their military exercises indicate on their own web pages

      Hope it doesn't come to this but they are determined there is no doubt about it

      God help us all, evil doesn't begin to describe these insane off the wall lunatics, IMO

    2. Wrote the above last night while pretty tired, please note


  3. As for Form 56 & Live Birth Certificates, what IF the letter & Form 56 have already been sent to Mnuch'thing? Does this confuse his obligations to us?

  4. Bellerian1 - We are stupid as to this massive fraud. But does the Form 56 to Munch'thing give him mis-instruction if Live Birth Cert?

    Side Note: Also (rumor floating) is Form 56 to be filled-out the same exact way in any case?

    Being stupid is just part of our state-in-deception. For instance WHAT IF
    -'Columbus’ discovery is in 1677, not 1492.
    -The Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D & is likely Mt. Sinai
    -Fake 'Ancient’ Rome (fake 10th-13th AD) & fake ‘ancient’ Jewish state (fake 9th-5th BC] are the very same dynasties
    -There was NO Dark Ages & 'antiquity' really is Middle Ages
    -The Popes of Rome are a recreation invented in the 17th & 18th c by jew-agent-Benedictines partaking in falsification of history
    -Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705, not 1520
    -America was part of Tartarian empire prior to 1776.

    We've been massively LIED TO about everything. Yep, we're stupid alright, in that 'Stupid is as stupid does', sayeth Forrest Gump.

    We're all impatient, we're all doing stupid things. thanks & stay sane

  5. How can we do the Treasury set-off/discharge process ourselves so we needn't bother your nice volunteers?

    1. Happy camper - Good Question. We followed others, as well as Anna, for some time. The IRS/Internal Rev Ser same address' were used for A for V, same language stamped. We'd hear of off-set credit, but never saw the dang things.

      The swamp-insiders must be accessing it. If so, who then writes, sends, authors their off-set? Debts are being credited, by whom & exactly how? Its all simpler than we're led to think.

      From what we get via others: Those who use Sign-In America are vetted to insure proper recorded docs so as to have land & soil State National standing. From there we don't know what happens, who sends, who accepts, nor IF ANY CREDITS have occurred.
      Will say, reports are that those involved w Sign-In America ARE TRULEY DEDICATED, FANTASTIC, STATE NATIONALS going full force, pulling unseen forces together like driving horse wagon teams, lots of reins to handle.

      Latest condition stopping credit from IRS was the format of the 'bill' needing change. NO IDEA what format is supposed to look like, info to be included, excluded on the paper-bill, no example provided... So we say its IRS BAALSH*T stalling tactic as surely they do have examples of what they're talking about, but aren't providing.
      Meanwhile, swamp insiders are getting credited, its said.

      thanks & stay sane

    2. AGREED, that's the galling part of this... there are "insiders" who have participated in this offset credit exchange, but when you show up.... well that's a different story. Guess all concerned have not used the secret pass word with pretty please.

      It's time to know Names of these Trustees handling the Bankruptcy and those blocking the access to these credits. Maybe, other people's experience is different, but until these people feel uncomfortable with a remedy of enforcement... nothing changes. And when your assets are threatened, usually that gets one's attention.

      Jerry Spence's the famous lawyer quoted his father, "Jerry, do you know when Enough is Enough.... IT'S WHEN IT's ENOUGH !!!!!!

    3. Case in Point... When the citizens of Virginia came peacefully armed to the state house in mass, did a few of the delegates decide to table a proposed gun control law for further study.

      As in the Court of Admirality and Commerce, you file a "motion in pleading" before the court VS. in Common Law you file a "DEMAND"...

    4. I've said all along the crooks have had the means to offset their stuff, they know the deal
      Process already exist you can bet on it, that's why they're so rich they pay no taxes, keep all they earn, pay not utilities or other bills, evade vaccines and everything else
      Do not have to recreate the wheel here, they already have the means to change all of this

  6. In Pennsylvania you can not get a COLB without a court order. In fact, the people at dept. of health don't even know what a COLB is!

  7. I can tell you without a doubt they still issueing the birth certificate and not the COLB
    Recently in the delivery room when baby born, they still stealing the cord and afterbirth, not offering any of that material to the mon or dad, taking footprints and adminstering their mandatory 2 vaccines within hours after birth
    Watched them do it all
    Also asked the nurse about the biological property and she said oh yes that is your property but you have to ask for it, of course how convenient they do not even ask you if you want it, after they have already taken it away
    She told me they destroyed the material all of it??
    She brainwashed idiot just like the rest been delivering slaves for the system for the last 40 years she said

    Interesting observation I had as well, the baby warmer they put the child in after birth is labeled, wait for it

    So ask yourself are we even considered HUMAN AT ALL OR ARE WE PANDAS????

  8. Wink Wink funny you bring up the 'DARK AGES'
    Have you seen their new tell lie vision series Dark Ages

    One of the lines they use in the promo is we know the earth is flat and the devil is real

    You may not watch tv and I myself watch very little but found it interesting to say the lease

    And according to out writer of greenlandtheory Dark ages were made up, changed timelines to alter the history

    If you read his book you will see he states that this continent founded by Lief Erickson and the original name of the continent was Markland?
    Let's not forget that CC = 33 too

    Funny thing too this book I'm reading has Leif Erickkson in it
    It's called IlluminatusTrilogy

    On another note see the below link where they are linked with German nobility
    Supposed to be thir GRAND MASTER writing all these scripts
    Son of occultist Adolf Hitler?

  9. Ask yourself this though
    If the Mom and Dad neither one claimed their birth right 'political status' at age 21 then they are still considered slaves and their offspring and the material from the birth would still be considered property of the state, would it not
    Even if they did ask for it, if they had not claimed their status, they would not be 'permitted' to have that material? No?

    Since the baby is the product of the parents whether or not by marriage if they did not claim their status they would subject to the state no?

    They as the still owned slaves could not ask and receive that material?

    And ask yourself, what makes people think the hospital would give you all of it?

    And wha about the heel prick they do to take the blood of the baby? That is biological and contains the DNA so yu could take the birthing material and they still have DNA through the blood

    Which leads to the circumcision they do day after both, what do the do with the skin they cut off the baby boy?

  10. You refuse to sign the birth certificate the cops and CPS be there in a heart beat, I've witnessed it myself, took the baby right out of the moms arms after they let her dress the baby and prepare to take her home, they took the child right there and the police escorted the mother out to the curb for someone to pick her up complete with bay seat, all her clothes, flowers and all but no baby
    The hospital was a PEROT hospiital with full lock down of floors and all where you could not get away nor anyone could enter without being buzzed in
    It's the same set up they now have in PUBLIC SCHOOLS
    In public schools for last 10 or so years issueing ID's to students and taking all kinds of biometrics from them, you know for their safety

  11. I was hatched not birthed, berthed or born
    How do you like them apples, LOL


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