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Sunday, November 10, 2019

More Deceit Regarding "the" Republic

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I have received comments indicating that representatives of "the" Republic --- aka, the Municipal United States Government --- are pounding their chests and claiming that they do function under the Public Law! 

Well, of course, they function under their own Public Law --- which is the Roman Civil Law. 

The undisclosed and deceitful part of their schtick is that they don't tell you that it is a thoroughly foreign "Public Law" that they are advocating and following.  Not American Public Law. 

Roman Civil Law is a form of Public Law that should have disappeared over a thousand years ago, and which predictably lends itself to fraud, enslavement, debauchery, and all the other ills that we see prominently displayed -- AGAIN--- all over the world where this corporate municipal government structure has been allowed to exist.

Think for five seconds about the Roman Empire.  Orgies, gladiators, sex magic, anything-goes-as-a-religion, Nero, Caligula, crucifixions, inquisitions, tortures, crippling taxation, bestiality, child sacrifices, arrogance, evil, military plunder and corruption, different classes of "citizens", a patrician class living in unimaginable splendor and waste --with millions enslaved under conditions worse than animals, education denied except to the elite, etc., etc., etc.

The so-called "Republic" inhabiting Washington, DC, operates under the same Public Law as did Ancient Rome.

It even uses the same ruses as the Roman Emperor Justinian to impersonate and denigrate the status of "tribes" owing "tribute" to Rome.  Just look up the use and meaning of "DOG LATIN" and you will know for sure that you have been subjected to and victimized by the same rotten old crap that was in vogue in Ancient Rome.

And, you can look around you and observe that the "Roman Civil Law" that gave rise to the whole debacle of the Fall of the Roman Empire, is fully engaged and having the same predictable result of moral decay and collapse that it did back then.

Uh-duh....make the mistake once and pay for it.  Make the same mistake again, and you will pay for it, again.  Make the same mistake a third time and what do you expect?

So, do you fancy being a slave to Rome?  Some wretched "tribal member" owing "tribute" to your elected Roman-style Oligarchs,  accorded less consideration than a dog by the Patrician Rulers of this "new" Roman-style Oligarchy squatting like a wart on our unoffending land? 

Or is it time to wake up and kick their deceitful teeth into the back of their throats with a few well-chosen words?


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  1. You should write a book about the American history of this subject.

    Call it "The Republic That Never Was"

    1. Paul, I have started writing one. It is going to be called We've been had. American history you dont know but wish you did.

    2. I for one would love to read such a re-count of actual history.
      We need to come together for the singular purpose of re-documenting history by evidence for a new school system of truth.

      @jewels, I do like Paul's suggestion for a title....or.. "The Republic Government That Never Was."?

      Documented Americans Assemble


  3. Shelby...these videos have all been deleted...!!


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