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Sunday, September 1, 2019

No Pledge of Allegiance

By Anna Von Reitz

Generations of American school children have been pushed to learn (and recite by heart) something taught to them as "The Pledge of Allegiance".  They are never told what a "pledge" is, much less the hidden meaning of this odd observance--- and the fact that no American should ever recite it for any reason.  

A "pledge" is an ancient feudal act offering a promise of material interest and subservience to a monarch.  

It has nothing to do with America nor with our lawful government.  

This will come as a great shock to many, but The Pledge of Allegiance is literally un-American.

The only monarch seeking such pledges is the British Monarch, usurping upon our States and our People, and seeking voluntary conversion and subjection of ourselves and our property assets to the Queen. 

So that is what The Pledge of Allegiance is all about --- agreeing to act as a British Territorial "Citizen" and agreeing to subject yourself and your property to the mercies of the British Queen, instead of claiming your birthright as an American. 

The Pledge of Allegiance is just another filthy British scheme to get their hands into our pockets, and their names on the receiving end of our credit--- and that is all it has ever been.  

It's difficult to tell that to men and women who have, in mindless good faith and trust,  recited this "allowance" of unlawful conversion since childhood ---- but the facts are the facts.  

Getting you to recite "The Pledge of Allegiance" without full disclosure is just another excuse being offered by the Brits to the rest of the world, trying to build a case that we gave them our permission to seize upon us and our assets and that we voluntarily accepted British rule ---- when nobody ever told you what a pledge was, nor the affect of it. 

Look at it for what it is ---- "I" ---- this can only mean the Speaker, which is you, the man or woman reciting this. 

"Pledge" ---- ancient feudal act subjecting oneself to a monarch. 

"Allegiance" --- a status of subservience to a monarch; 

"to the United States of America"  ---- and which "United States of America" is it referring to?  Oh, the British Territorial version, of course. 

"and to the Republic for which it stands" ---- and since when do we have "a" Republic in this country?   We have fifty republican states, but that does not "a" Republic make.  

No, the only thing that can be construed as "a" Republic is the Washington, DC international city-state oligarchy, attempting to substitute its municipal government as the civilian government owed to this country.  

"one nation under God" --- but, wait a minute, our government observes strict separation of church and state!  What's going on here?  Turns out that it's a foreign government being represented, the Theocracy of the Roman Catholic Church running the Municipal Governments worldwide.  

"indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  --- but, wait!  Our States are independent States. Obviously,  they have their own character and government.   And what is this thing called "liberty"?  We are to inherit freedom..... not liberty.  

Liberty is what British sailors get when they reach port.  

The Pledge of Allegiance, far from serving any patriotic purpose, seeks to justify the undermining and dismantling of our own lawful government to benefit the Municipal United Government representing itself as "a" Republic and the British Territorial Government doing business under our Delegated Power and under our name as "the United States of America" --- Incorporated.  

These two foreign governmental services providers are seeking to benefit themselves at the expense of your lawful government and you, and every time that you or anyone else says this Pledge of Allegiance you are nailing yourselves and your country more firmly to this cross of European Fraud and Deceit.  

When people trot out The Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of any public function or meeting, they are --- knowingly or unknowingly --- serving Notice that you are in the right church, but the wrong pew.  Your British and Papist Public Servants are conducting your business "for" you, and when you recite their Pledge of Allegiance, you are subjecting yourself and your assets to their administration.  

You are agreeing to serve the Queen and the Theocracy ruling the Municipal Government of Washington, DC.  Both.  And pay taxes to both.  And when the rest of the world sees Americans stupidly reciting their agreement to all this, what is the rest of the world to think? 

If it is not your intention to give away your assets and subject yourself politically to the Queen and the Pope, then it is high time that you learned what The Pledge of Allegiance is and what it implies.  

Far from being American or patriotic or any kind of good thing at all for any American, The Pledge of Allegiance is a form of entrapment and Unconscionable Contract,  a power-grab and justification for the British Government and the Municipal Government --- the old, ugly "Holy Roman Empire" -- to come in here and pillage and plunder.  

Stop being your own worst enemies.  Wise up. Take a stand.  Declare your birthright political status.  Join your State Assemblies --- go to  --- and learn what is going on and why.  

If you care about your future, the future of your children, your country, your world, or anything else ---- listen to what I am telling you.  And if you don't believe me, go take the time to look up the legal meaning of these words for yourself ---- then you will know for certain that the wolf is not only at the door, but in the house.  

After the small ceremony installing me as a Justice of the Peace, I went home to my hotel room and thought I would read my daily portion of the Bible before going to sleep.  Instead of the pages I intended, Psalm 119 presented itself to me.  

Yesterday, I went out to buy some used bookshelves for The Living Law Firm. It turned out that the seller was a Christian bookshop in the process of remodeling. That became my opportunity to look for a new Family Bible. In the evening, I sat down to read from it for the first time, and again, the book seemed to open by itself--- this time to Jeremiah 51. 

Jeremiah 51 is the Great Condemnation against the Chaldeans and Babylon, one after another.  First, the Chaldeans are chastised --- the Germans.  Next, the Babylonians are destroyed -- those who sit upon the many waters, the jurisdiction of the sea --- a worldwide hegemony.   

The Chaldeans survive, but Babylon is slated for utter and permanent destruction. 

Think about that.  There is only one glimmer of hope, and that is that they will repent their crimes and correct their government.  This was confirmed again this morning by Ezekiel 45:9, which rebukes the princes of Israel for their violence and plundering and tells them to "stop dispossessing my people".  

This is exactly what is happening here --- Americans are being dispossessed by fraud and guile, and it is being done via racketeers plundering us under color of law.  

As I look around the world, it's clear that the same thing is being done all over, in every country I can think of.  And all this violence is being driven by mindless greed, at the behest of men and women who already have more than they can ever spend in a hundred lifetimes. 

Psalm 119 is the lament of the Justices of the Peace confronting this lawlessness and falsehood.  Jeremiah 51 is the End Cap, declaring the end for these people if they will not repent and correct.  And Ezekiel is the Power of the Prophets come home to roost, telling them exactly what they must do: stop the violence and plundering and dispossession.  Or else. 

Please notice that they have choice.  God does not mandate their destruction.  If it comes, they choose it themselves.  This is a truth that applies to all of us.  

We are called upon this day to choose life, to choose sharing, to choose what is just and good.  Let us choose what is right with all our hearts and place our pleas before Our Father, because everything happens for a reason.  It is no happenstance that these scriptures have come forward to me.  

The hour is very late.  Those who have plotted in the darkness are well-known. Those who have murdered the innocent are seen.  The false leaders who have taught their employees to rob and steal, their names are written down.  Those who have dealt in treachery and guile to entrap the poor with words of art and deceitful practices like "The Pledge of Allegiance" --- these wrong-doers will be repaid and reap what they have sown--- and not by the hand of any earthly King, but by the Living God.  


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  1. This has to be your best post EVER!! I always had a hard time with that pledge even as a young girl in school. I always felt there was more to it then what we were told,
    I have read the scriptures you write of and yes the hour is very late.Enoch's words are befalling the world more and more each day. Thanks again sherry elizabeth

    1. my findings re: "pledge"

      the pledge was written by francis bellamy IIRC. a self-called "christian socialist" and a mason. originally had a nazi-like salute supposedly, then after hitler they got rid of that part.

      he was related to edward bellamy "looking backwards" author. (project gutenberg has free "public domain" or close download)

      (paraphrase of dr. leet character) perhaps you would like to see our credit cards?

      vision of a "socialist" utopia. "the union jack" book by helen peters implies "2nd coming" is just a british fabian socialist scheme.

      see also: dr stanley monteith the brotherhood of darkness, book and video (no idea if still for sale, or youtube).

      the 14th amendment[*] never got rid of by blood or naturalized state citizens. thus, the "one nation" seems a runaround attempt to make everyone federal citizens.

      [*] properly, i believe 14th only applies to people born on u.s. TERRITORY. as opposed to a state, which is not a federal territory. the feds are basically claiming all the states as their "territory" nowadays, but they tell everyone they are "states". this is defined in federal code IIRC long ago, where their incorporated definition of "state" is defined as "federal territory"

      although popism is incompatible with america, no legitimate "roman catholic church" (some people say there is no such thing) would ever let a mason claim "one nation under god" -- the roman catholic trinity and entire theology is everyone else is doomed.

      the mason god, on the other hand, everyone has the same "father in heaven" and we are all brethren, "making good men better" (i.e. no "fall" or need for a saviour), etc.

      although many say rome is responsible, unless they are doing "reverse psychology" (shove satan down everyone's throats) i don't see it. i see lots of masonic takeover of rome.

      rome nowadays does "2nd coming" too. so "officially" vatican II they are 99% identical to masonry nowadays.

  2. Thank you for this information. I plan to share it.

  3. "This was confirmed again this morning by Ezekiel 45:9, which rebukes the princes of Israel for their violence and plundering and tells them to "stop dispossessing my people"." The "princes of Israel" aren't listening Anna. Henry Makow has the following article today: Psyop: "Anti Semites" Being Tagged for Extermination
    Ken Adachi - "When oh when is the American public going to wake up to the reality that the Israel/Satan- owned US Pentagon is practice training with US and foreign troops in American cities and American civilian areas for the exclusive and SOLE purpose of combating and SLAUGHTERING AMERICAN citizens who don't want to go along with the JWO takeover and subversion of America into a communist tyranny? How much more can it be in your face???"
    The Army thinks its next war will go underground -- and it's spending a half-billion dollars to get ready
    DARPA trains for domestic wars

  4. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 1, 2019 at 11:28 PM

    I hate to shock some people, but even true Israel is not the chosen nation anymore. ...If you believe what the man they call Jesus said... And I do.

    He said in Matthew 21:43:
    "Therefore I say unto you,
    THE KINGDOM OF GOD SHALL BE *TAKEN* FROM YOU (speaking to true physical Israel)

    He had just told them:
    "Did you never read in the scriptures,
    The stone which the builders rejected. The same is become the head of the corner:
    this is the Lords doing,
    And is marvelous in our eyes."?

    That's when he went on to tell them [they had failed and] the KINGDOM OF GOD was being removed from them and being GIVEN TO A DIFFERENT NATION OF PEOPLE who would bring forth fruit of/from the KINGDOM OF GOD like God had wanted them to do.

    They had failed in their call, failed in their stewarding responsibilities, failed to even know enough to recognize the Chief Cornerstone of the building they were supposed to have the honor of building.


    They are without excuse.
    From the first, there was always a COURT OF THE GENTILES!!
    Gentiles were always to be accepted, if they recognized the God of Israel to be the true God Most High.
    They were never supposed to just keep the glory and riches to themselves... They had been picked to carry the honor of telling the rest of the world about creator and his desire to "abide"/be with all mankind and magnificently bless them.
    But, the fact is, They didn't do the job they were given to do.

    That was why they wanted to tear Jesus limb from limb all the time or push him over the cliffs to his death... Because he was exposing them for the liars and frauds and cheats and abusers and thieves and self-centered failures that they were and are (not all of them).

    They also despised jesus, because in his parables he was giving the common people the "keys" to the workings of the spiritual world,... To how things really operate,... that the "princes of Israel" already KNEW, and were SUPPOSED to be entrusted with sharing with the people, but kept to themselves so they were the only ones who knew, making it easier to control the people, manipulate them and defraud them of the fruit of their bodies, labor and of their families....just like is still being done today.IMO.

    1. This is where i stand, i do not believe the 'world knows nor understands 'True Israel' (The House of Israel.)
      What many see is false a false miracle, which we were warned of.Sadly, the world does not seem to recognise 'True Israel' neither spiritually nor physically.
      The House of Israel, the One we should uphold is not what the world has been led to worship. Shocked? Why? We were warned!
      These two small excerpts should be enough explanation, ask for the Holy Spirit and discernment, look to the scriptures.

      Racially--Nationally--Religiously Separate
      The following was written some time ago, the whole book sheds much Truth, yet i may not agree or understand it all.
      It's time we UNDERSTAND THIS!
      This nation Israel was GOD'S NATION. But they were a physical, not a spiritual nation. Yet God gave them HIS Church, as well as national government and religion. GOD INTENDED TO KEEP THEM PHYSICALLY SEPARATE from other nations--both nationally (racially) and religiously.
      For them to intermarry with other races would result in two things: It would interbreed them into other races, and mix them into other idolatrous religions!
      The Israelites DID NOT OBEY GOD!
      Much later, after the captivities of both Israel and Judah, God sent a colony of Jews from the Judahite slave population in Babylon back to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel as governor of the colony, to build the second Temple.
      Among this colony were the prophets Ezra and Nehemiah. Against God's command, the people of the colony began to intermarry with Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites and other races, "so that the holy seed [racially pure, for they had not the Holy Spirit] have mingled themselves with the people of those lands..." (Ezra 9:2).
      The prophet Ezra was ANGRY! He stood up before the congregation and said: "Ye have transgressed, and have taken strange wives, to increase the trespass of Israel. Now therefore...separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives" (Ezra 10:10-11).
      Jesus Christ was born of the tribe of Judah, and it was necessary that HE be of the original pure racial strain, even as Noah was.
      BUT--nevertheless, the Old Covenant with Israel at Sinai was a type and forerunner of the NEW COVENANT. It will be made with the New Testament CHURCH, which is the spiritual Israel and Judah (Jer. 31:31; Heb. 8:6, 10).
      Meanwhile, an individual few in Old Testament Israel did obey God and by becoming God's prophets, they became part of the very foundation of the New Testament CHURCH OF GOD. The Church is built on the solid FOUNDATION of the prophets (Old Testament) and apostles (New Testament), Jesus Christ himself being "the chief corner stone" (Eph. 2:20).
      Among them, Elijah probably will be head, under Christ and Abraham-Isaac-Israel, over the Church, worldwide. John the Baptist may be under Elijah. There are indications that the prophet Daniel will be head over all gentile nations, and under Moses and Christ.
      skipping ahead we find this;

    2. part two (excerpt)
      The United States Is Manasseh

      From the prophetic blessings passed on by the dying Jacob, it is apparent that Ephraim and Manasseh were in a large measure to inherit the birthright jointly; to remain together for a long time, finally separating.
      In Genesis 48 Jacob first passed the birthright on to the two sons of Joseph jointly, speaking of them both together. Then, finally, he spoke of them separately--Manasseh was to become the single GREAT nation; Ephraim, the COMPANY of nations.
      And in his prophecy for these latter days Jacob said, "Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall" (Gen. 49:22). In other words, Joseph--Ephraim and Manasseh jointly and together--was to be a colonizing people in this latter day, their colonies branching out from the British Isles around the earth.
      Together Ephraim and Manasseh grew into a multitude, then separated, according to Jacob's prophetic blessing of Genesis 48. Our people have fulfilled this prophecy.
      But how can the U.S.A. be Manasseh when a large part of the population have come from many nations besides England? The answer is this: A large part of Manasseh remained with Ephraim until the separation of NEW England. But our forefathers were to be sifted through many nations, as corn through a sieve, yet not a grain to fall to the earth or be lost (Amos 9:9). The people did filter through many nations. Ephraim and much of Manasseh finally emigrated to England together, but many others of Manasseh who had filtered into and through other nations did not leave them until they came, as immigrants, to the United States AFTER the New England colony had become the separate nation. This does not mean that all foreigners who have emigrated to America are of the stock of Manasseh, but undoubtedly many are. Israel, however, always did absorb gentiles, who became Israelites through living in Israel's land and intermarrying.
      The U.S. has become known as the "melting pot" of the world. Instead of refuting a Manasseh ancestry, this fact actually confirms it. The proof that the U.S. is Manasseh is overwhelming. Manasseh was to separate from Ephraim and become the greatest, wealthiest single nation of earth's history. America alone has fulfilled this prophecy. Manasseh was in fact a thirteenth tribe. There were twelve original tribes. Joseph was one of these twelve. But when Joseph divided into two tribes and Manasseh separated into an independent nation, it became a thirteenth tribe.
      Could it be mere coincidence that it started, as a nation, with thirteen colonies?
      But what about the other tribes of the so-called Lost Ten Tribes? While the birthright was Joseph's, and its blessings have come to the British Commonwealth of nations and the United States of America, yet the other eight tribes of Israel were also God's chosen people. They, too, have been blessed with a good measure of material prosperity--but not the dominance of the birthright.
      We lack space for a detailed explanation of the specific identity of all of these other tribes in the nations of our twentieth century. Suffice it to say here that there is ample evidence that these other eight tribes have descended into such northwestern European nations as Holland, Belgium, Denmark, northern France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway. The people of Iceland are also of Viking stock. The political boundaries of Europe, as they exist today, do not necessarily show lines of division between descendants of these original tribes of Israel.

    3. And how about that an independent city in Virgina United States
      Manassas, Virginia
      Independent city in Virginia, United States
      This city borders Prince William county
      Find this interesting to say the least
      Virginia and Maryland (virgin mary)

    4. Goodboots, I totally agree. Too many 'church people' today, who are supposed to be the Bride of Christ - - still go around saying 'israel is gawds chooozen people''. That is totally past tense, as they have not read far enough along to realize due to their gross disobedience and failures which you have pointed out - God have israel a Bill of Divorcement.
      Divorce means completely severed from. And furthermore, He tells us that He blinded their eyes closed their ears, and opened up salvation to the Gentiles. This is the age of the Gentile Church, that body of Believers who are the Bride of Christ.
      God also speaks about loyalty being of utmost importance. He expect complete loyalty from the Bride, and likewise Jesus being the husband of the bride, is totally loyal to his Bride.

      Surely these ''churchy people' ought to realize that a loyal husband has NO OTHER ''chosen anything' - which again ought to tell numbskull churchy folks that it is impossible for ''israel to be His 'chosen''.
      Ive seen especially church youth groups wearing tee shirts with israeli 6 pointed stars on them, raving about how 'israel is Gods chosen''. Are you kidding me??
      Its really high time people realize they wont get accurate teaching from ''their church' - - which today are mostly apostates- - and do like the Apostle Paul said ''check me and SEE if I tell you the truth or not''. That means study for yourself, and start checking YOUR 'beloved' pastor and see all the apostasy he teaches you. At least preaches a lot of stuff out of context.
      Yes, these very facts Ive pointed out here, will surely shock all those misguided churchy folks who so ignorantly have put 'Israel as their husbands preferred, over them, who claim to be part of the Bride'.
      It is Gods job to deal with that once-preferred-chosen Israel, and the Bride is supposed to just make sure ''she keeps the spots and wrinkles out of her OWN dress''. Stop the 6-star flag waving and get rid of those silly tee shirts.

    5. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 12:52 PM

      I respectfully completely disagree with the author quoted! JMO.

      One point that IMO nullifies the author's credibility:

      Jesus couldn't come from the tribe of Judah since not only was the birthright was passed to (the sons of) JOSEPH! (two), but it was Joseph, not Judah, who also at that same time received the DOUBLE blessing from his father.
      Read it for yourselves. Gen ch 48, 49.
      Not only that, the ELDEST son was the receiver of the double blessing... And Josephs own father obviously counted his eldest (not necessarily firstborn) son to be JOSEPH, since Jacob had been TRICKED into marrying the mother of Judah and the others, except Benjamin.

      Read Gen 49:8, that is ascribed to Judah.... That is what happened to JOSEPH!, not Judah!

      I think most of us are aware by now that the KJV was given to the sorcerer and necromancer, John Dee, for around a year prior to its publishment.
      So, could there be a little word magick in the interpretations in the KJV. its plausible.

      Continuing: Jacob skipped Reuben, his firstBORN, because of incest; skipped also his second and thirdborn sons, Simeon and Levi, for their abject cruelty...
      Is he going to pass over them for their incest and cruelty and then pass the blessing he withheld from them on to JUDAH, who not only committed both of those same heinous sins but also sold his own flesh and blood (his father's son) into slavery for the price of a young slave?

      No. I don't think so. JMO.

      Joseph's tribe, the receiver of the birthright blessing, of course, cannot logically or credibly be said or claimed to be Judah;
      so that messiah yeshua is from the tribe of the one who received the blessing... Joseph, not from any other.

      It cannot be otherwise, IMO.

    6. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 12:57 PM

      Abby, there isn't a single word in your 12:35 pm post that I disagree with.

      You have it(truth) nailed, concisely and precisely, down, IMO.

    7. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 1:00 PM

      Oooo, ick.

      I'm changing that Abby...

      Instead, I'm saying "you have spoken the truth, concisely and precisely, IMO."

      ooooim going to quit using the expression "nailed down." No more.

    8. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 1:29 PM

      [Short partial summary:
      Christians were being driven out of Europe in the 1650s by the Roman Church and the European Monarchies. They escaped to Switzerland. Geneva. They interpreted their own version of the bible: the GENEVA Bible. They were the Christian *NON-(Roman) Catholics* called "protestants", Protesting against the Roman Church, Church of England,& so forth. They made their way across the Atlantic to get away from the *Roman* Church and European Monarchies, esp. England, known for its treacherousness.]

      I can't prove it yet with credible papers, *saying* so, but looking at the names of the States, there were definitely States being created by those who wanted to honor the English Monarchy:
      New YORK
      and the Roman Church, as already pointed out above:

      What I can't prove yet, but
      believe is true is:
      That a or the REASON, IMPETUS, CATALYST for EACH of the States being Sovereign, was so that each could live the way they desired to do:
      Want to worship the King? Hop right to it, just leave other people alone.
      Want to place the Roman Church first in your life? Fine. Just leave the Protestants alone.
      Disagree with the Roman Church?
      Fine. Here's our State over here where we are "Protestants".
      Don't want the Kings goofs telling you what you can and can't do? Fine, come live in this State.

      I have a feeling that had a lot to do with why the Free and Independent States were created.
      Can't prove it.
      Could be wrong.

    9. a follower, if you are referring to the coming kingdom of God here on earth, then that is when Christ rules as king of kings, and his Bride will reign with him. There is a remnant of jews who will have survived the great tribulation, but they will never again have any Position of governance. Remember, they lost their no.1 position as they originally held, and now and forever it is the bride which is the church body of people who are true believers that hold that position. So the jews will never be over the church and the church reigns with the Lord. The jews remain 'divorced'.
      (there is even scripture where God states that after divorce, one cannot go back and remarry that one they divorced, so their position is not even restorable.)

    10. goodboots: re: kjv "word magic" see digital library. "the lord" versus "our lord". whether people "agree" with the "catholic" stuff, the point is, lots of bible games going on.

      the wycliffe bible (who was a common lawyer, and also very "communitarian") said "persons (personas, roman civil law incorporations, perhaps more things) are synne (sin)"

      KJV I read somewhere allowed them, but optional. so no longer "synne" but not mandatory either.

      goodboots: virginia was masonic francis bacon's "new atlantis". maryland was attempt to ESCAPE masonic england. it was still only 10% "catholic". they had the first act of religious toleration in the colonies. you still had to do the trinity.

      people say "virginia maryland" but i don't see it.

  5. Great post!

    You know what verse woke me up about the banking system? Revelations 18:13:

    And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

    I don't know a better verse to describe the banking system then this. The entire chapter of Revelation 18 is overwhelmingly describing the world situation right now to me. Maybe because I worked in a large bank and they try to make themselves out to be saints.

  6. Here is an interesting note: In the beginning it was God who created the earth so he is The Original Owner. Biblically speaking, it is the original owner that has original rights he still retains. But it was when Man disobeyed God in the Garden, having been tempted by satan, that satan ''won'' ownership which is why this world has become such a hellhole mess that it is in now. Just look at who has been running it, lol. Really, seriously.
    So God had to 'win it back' which he did by sending his Son to 'die for the sins of Repentant Man' - - He just has not yet taken back physical control of it......YET. (But stay tuned; he is about to do that, and things are shaping up very much in that direction)

    And so it is noteworthy to realize who really owns this world. And Who is gonna take back full control of it and going to run it, totally and completely. Say goodbye to mans ugly two-party (guffaw) system.
    Man was never given ownership of the Earth; he was only given the ''management job'. And what has he done with that? Proven he cant handle the job and has screwed everything up to where it cannot begin to be repaired. Now it should be quite easy to see just why the Original Owner is about to take back his true Ownership - and he isnt going to set up any recorders offices or issue any Deeds. (and yes, this is going to be Literal........after a much needed clean-up)

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 7:49 PM

      Yes, and we [the bride] are told to occupy (his property /territory) until he comes [back].

      So, having done all to stand now,
      we're going to just stand here
      and STAND like he said.

      And we're not sitting down,
      and we're not moving,
      And if they don't like it, they'll have to walk around because we intend to still be standing when he gets back.

    2. "the seventh seal" jeanette agnes, a 1920s mason book, available on

      jehovah "god the creator" is adam+eve.

      to masons (and melchedizek priesthood aka mormons), satan is apparently the "creator"

      that covers the jewish "lords" name game:

      elias is apparently jewish "lord god" of genesis.

    3. old paintings have christ in the garden creating adam and eve.

      that was "catholic" deum jesum christum (god first coming christ, who was, is, ever shall be)

      those paintings seem to be before the jewish "the lord" and 2nd coming took over. then we get "father in heaven" guy creating things.

      (bible jesus says he is BEFORE the [gods of] abraham and moses, so this makes sense, he is saying "the lord" is fake. also "noone goes to the father except through me" of course)

      how could jewish lord god "elias" go to "the father" before christ? that would make bible jesus a liar.

      it's jewish "the lord" or 1st coming christ from what i see.

      2nd coming/johns apocalypse just tries to merge them, so we get jewish masonic jesus who is the "root and stock" of david. pagan jesus, "saves" all the gnostics/jews/etc. who deny/denied 1st coming christ.

  7. Not that long ago that these same folks hung the heads of other folks I think it was London Bridge, is that the Arizona one?? Yeah as a stern warning to anyone not wanting to follow Roman Religion and send money to headquarters Rome ( hmmmm, supporting famlies??) Like a book commissioned by a Roman Priest had a history of the take over one page in Latin and another in local language that the priests did not know. It now shows us the murder and genocide then wild stories about the people whose home it was. Not the kind of guests that do anyone much good.

  8. Take over of South America by Spanish along the west coast like the large central structures of the people there. Some still live way back away called the uncontacted ones that now are beginning to be hassled for oil and trees by colonials they say who brought trouble with them

  9. according to "the seventh seal" jeanette agnes, a 1920s mason book, available on

    the so-called "living god" is just egyptian alchemy/moses/aaron/melchedizek priesthood (aka mormonism) playing with their cadaceuses again.

    in other words, gnosticism. first coming christ comes down, they are sending him back up.

    2nd coming "pagan jesus" son of the "gods" comes down.

    in the long term, that looks like what "living god" is.

    aka gnosticism wins, christ loses.

    but they keep the "image" going. substance versus style, subjective versus objective. standard witchcraft/masonry/egyptian alchemy.
    QUOTE So when Zeus decreed that man must present a portion of each animal they scarified to the gods Prometheus decided to trick Zeus. He created two piles, one with the bones wrapped in juicy fat, the other with the good meat hidden in the hide.
    essentially two-faced "the lord" moses with "horns" etc. all over again. "living god". same old hermes/mercury.

    i think i read aaron's rod was "different" and not the medical one. in either case, looks to me like egyptian alchemy at work once again.

    1. from what i see, #1 thing to do to avoid this "living god" deception is stick with first coming christ

      the question is, does zeus still "punish" people who try to forge a pagan jesus? will he take offense?

      you may say zeus no longer applies, but when they are just using stolen fire (alchemically, means spirit) from olympus to do these egyptian alchemy/hermetical/cadaceus-like "living god" merger things...when people abandon christ and opt for 2nd coming instead it would seem to leave them wide open to whoever...

      did zeus ever lift the punishment(s) against prometheus?

      if it is mason jesus "son of the gods" in 2nd coming, according to latin vulgate, perhaps it is ultimately zeus in "2nd coming" that punishes mankind? he doesn't like people stealing his thunder?

      "son of the gods". i believe supposedly titans (e.g. perhaps atlas) preceded zeus.

      just who is the real/ultimate father of 2nd coming pagan jesus?

      root and stock of david, but who invented all this egyptian alchemy/hermes/mercury stuff?

      hermes/mercury is both father and son of mother nature, but who is father or on top of "mother nature" ?

      i suspect zeus is who ultimately punishes people in "2nd coming". it would be fitting with all this egyptian alchemy going on.

  10. The only problem with all your "theories" is that Creator shows by Creation that women and females are the lifegivers on this planet. She is waiting for us to figure it out and honor both the divine masculine and divine feminine aspects to all of life and bring the BALANCE BACK!
    When all this BS drama and spewed LIES that the Guttenberg Press printed in the bible written to appease captured slaves by Niacean Council 325AD falls away and when truth resides with truly spiritually awakened people...
    When the masculine honors the feminine=
    There can be peace on Earth.

    You all bought a $old lie...hook line & sinker!


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