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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

New Painting from Jon McNaughton - National Emergency

Famous American Artist Jon McNaughton has just finished his newest work.

National Emergency

Found here:

Go to Jon's website at


  1. Geez, they ripped that down quick. Must have made them squirm...

  2. Ole Pelosi and here counterparts
    Their 1941 map of new world order
    Funny how it is the exact same map as the UN map
    And how they set up the regions to coincide with their ten federal reserve districts
    Have a look at New York now literally outsourcing all of New Yorks subway infrastructure to I s r a e l - caution for language
    However the producer is very passionate about what he is seeing happen to nations around the world especially what these bastards are deliberately doing to The United States of America

    1. i enjoy the painting, well done, but far too kind.
      ive described my painting idea. password: franklinstein

      feel free to make this reality people.

      brief summary: we have dr. suess red stars on banker bellies, dr. franklinstein aghast at creating a monster "nature's god" come alive as statue of liberty "goddess of reason" (drunken wench), jefferson forced to be sisyphus because of paper money, british bar attorney leaving blade runner-esque british unicorn origami next to CFR reports, etc.

      politicians in anubis dog masks playing poker for a poseidon idol/statue (2nd coming they are trying to revive atlantis)

    2. i forgot to mention, in my painting antony sutton is planet of the apes dr. zaius telling stanley monteith not to research any further, he may not like what he finds. really, they could both be dr. zaius "warning" eachother.

  3. I went to John's website and tried to share it on facebook, and Facebook blocked it? Pussies!


    But this one is working...


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