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Friday, April 26, 2019

The German Idiom Fits

By Anna Von Reitz

It's certainly no secret that I am 88% German and 12% Scot. So is my older sister, who famously observed that it is a "bad combination"-- mostly because it can make one as hard as steel and unreasonable as water, all at the same time.  

Life for me is a constant struggle of these famous, passionate, and canny well-springs of obdurate stubbornness, combined with a lively enjoyment of life, and all trying to live together under one roof. 

So for the moment let's observe that I haven't fallen far from either tree and that my Shinola Sensor was inherited.  I came by it honestly. 

 In German there is a slang expression that describes the overall world situation perfectly--"Das ist ja alles nur kase!"---  meaning, "All that is only cheese! --- and it is inferred, cheese of the stinky, rotten kind. 

The situation with Germany is, if possible, even worse than the situation here.  

For one thing, the victors in World War II set up the German Central Bank to be the worldwide hub of their "derivatives" scheme, knowing that when the whole credit based derivative Ponzi game fell apart, the Germans would (once again) be set up as the Fall Guys and blamed for it. 

Third time is a charm, right? 

But it isn't going so well for those actually responsible-- those who strong-armed and forced the German Central Bank to take on the "derivative burden" and risk for the whole world as part of the sneaky back-stabbing reparations-by-any-other-name plan put in place after WWII ended. 

We have the proof of what actually went on and how the banks carved up the whole world and each major block of banks took up and operated their own part of the overall crime syndicate, which was set up so that all the banks were involved in crimes and so, compromised and blackmailed, were unable to back out or as one of the Swiss bankers said to me today--"There was no help from the government, because the plan and the corruption was being demanded by and set up by the government!" 

It was, so the lawyers and regional level bankers were told, all a matter of the gravest "National Security Concern" and they were all both threatened and implored for the sake of their respective homelands to turn a blind eye to certain "irregularities" and "changes from the normal course of business". 

These men and women were led to believe that they were doing something necessary and if not good, they were also being paid a lot of money to just keep their heads down, mouths shut, and follow instructions.  

Jawohl, Herr Kommandant! 

It was, clearly, the Old Mafia choice--the gold, or the lead, only instead of swarthy Sicilians, the New Mob was composed of pink-cheeked Swiss businessmen and New Yorkers in Brooks Brothers suits and suave Men in Black trained by MI6. 

Just as the "US GOVERNMENT" adopted the crooked bookkeeping system called "double accrual accounting"--- otherwise known as keeping two sets of books-- that was dreamed up by Easy Eddie O'Hara for Al Capone, other governments that fell under the sway of the victorious Allies were forced into lives of crime. 

This, more than anything else, was what World War I and World War II were really all about--- forcing all the national governments to commit crimes so that they would all be subject to blackmail, and compromising all the central banks in the same manner. 

Once that was accomplished-- by the mid-1960's-- anyone attempting to do anything about the criminality was forced to wrestle with a skunk. 

Observe former Congressmen Louie T. McFadden (poisoned), Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh  (his only child kidnapped and murdered), James Trafficant (set up on criminal charges, ridiculed, harassed, died early).  Observe JFK.  If Ron Paul had ever had the kind of mind to be able to fathom this iniquity, he would have been killed, too.

And in back of it all?  What we would call "Big Business".  Railroad Barons, Oil Tycoons, Arms Manufacturers, Commodity Riggers, "Defense" Contractors, Media Conglomerates, Bond Traders, Unions, the whole panoply of what President Eisenhower called, "the military industrial complex". 

Eisenhower had cause to know all about that, and though he warned us, he was evidently not able to say more. 

Ronald Reagan rattled enough sabers by ordering the Grace Commission Report and busting the Air Traffic Controllers Union to send shockwaves through the established monopolies--and earn himself a trip to the hospital. 

And so it has been that a shadowy worldwide crime syndicate has flourished in our midst and who would ever guess that at the top of this pyramid sat such icons of propriety as the Queen and the Pope?  

Through it all, both have been raking in the profits from their government monopolies until their coffers could hold no more.  To add to the drama, and the irony, in the 1990's they instituted their own gambling casinos-- philanthropic (hahahahaha!) "private trading platforms" where the world's elite could gamble and not risk anything. 

How, you wonder, is this possible? 

The gambler simply agrees  not to use or move a large block of assets for a stipulated period of time, and agrees to place a "block" on the account or depository for that time period. 

The assets are then "traded" on the private trading platform and the rules of "fractional reserve banking" are applied.  

So, you place a hundred million dollars of "blocked" assets on the Trading platform, this is immediately inflated by whatever the fractional reserve rate is-- 7 to 10 times worth of fiat credit "money of account" is issued by the banks involved, and voila! 

The gambler receives back a 100% of the value of his blocked assets, plus, typically, 300% more as his profit on the deal, so he has not risked anything and quadrupled his supply of fiat credit currencies. 

The owners and operators of these trading platforms and the bond companies underwriting all this then divvy up the remaining fiat currency/credit generated by this activity. 

How could such a thing be possible? The World Bank, always a hotbed for criminal enterprises, suggested it as a means to raise money for philanthropic projects. 

To date, no philanthropic projects have been funded. 

So, obviously, this is all La-La-Land, but otherwise sane people have nonetheless done this and the bankers have locked down lending and "blocked" accounts they don't own so that they could use depositor's assets to invest in this complete and utter nonsense. 

I have had "Bag Men" for the British Secret Service tell me how they have invested MI6 and Secret Service and CIA pensions like this for the past three decades and how their accounts are now "worth" a number followed by 240 zeroes. 

And they say this with a straight face and an actuarial table in hand. 

So, if these guys are making money like this, literally spinning it out of thin air, who is on the receiving end of this? 

Answer: all the living breathing people who live in the actual world where water flows downhill.  

This is how we can be greeted with the astounding news that every US Citizen (mischaracterized as an "American") owes $72 trillion "dollars" and the Germans and the Japanese and Aussies and French and Canadians owe almost as much. 

This is also how the value of all the national currencies can be inflated into oblivion. 

It's all stinky cheese. 

In the days to follow you will hear a lot of incredibly dumb stuff as the perpetrators and casino operators try to justify these claims and excuse themselves --as would-be philanthropists, of course-- for offering to indebt the entire race of Mankind for the next hundred billion years--- but we have a better suggestion. 

Open more mental hospitals. 

They are obviously needed. 

"Das ist jah alles nur kase!" (proper transliteration: "kaese"-- I don't have an umlaut on this keyboard.) 

And no matter what these schmarmy crooks tell you, none of this stench-filled dairy counter was thought up, implemented, or desired by the Germans.  No, the source of all this lies much closer to home-- in California and Nevada,  of all places, and all approved by Whitehall and the Vatican and the World Bank/IBRD. 

Germany, you have been punished and maligned and set up three times in a row.  You know it. You have been overrun with the Muslim hordes. You have been betrayed by your elected leaders--again. 

But to be fair, the Kaiser was the only world leader with Eggs enough to take on the real rats after they murdered the Czar, and Hitler had no choice for his part, and neither does your current leadership. 


What are you going to do about it? Your American Cousins are finally waking up. The British People are waking up.  All over the world, the lies and criminal nature of what has gone on for the past three centuries is tearing open like the proverbial cheese wrapper. 

For God's sake-- don't just stand there and take any of the blame for this. Help expose it for what it is: a madhouse created by the criminally insane. 


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  1. This makes more "cents" than anything I ever read in the Wall Street Journal!

  2. To Anna,
    Here is the Prussian again, writing from German soil.

    The Kaiser with Eggs enough was a grandson of Queen Victoria!
    I think he was not the one to outsmart the rats.
    It was his and his fathers earlier adviser and chancellor
    Otto von Bismarck which had some far-sightedness and discernment
    in the crime schemes of an international crime syndicate but
    Bismarck and the Kaiser (Wilhelm II) were estranged.

    If Judge Dale, Alfred Lemombre Webre and Emily Elizabeth
    Windsor-Cragg are correctly, then Hitler was a part of the
    crime syndicate.

    Our problems today are not only the many Moslems, our main-problem is
    that we have absolute no opportunity to change our Legal-Persons
    they have made us,... to Lawful-Persons.
    All institutions here are under maritime jurisdictions!
    I know no one for land jurisdiction!
    As I wrote in my last comment..... we still are under
    occupation-Law (USA, Great Britain, France and Russia from WWII)
    and this law refers to the land-law but all our leaders are
    ignoring it.
    My question to Anna:
    Is there any possibility to correct the political (birth) status
    without the actual Gov. ??

    And, by the way, here is the proper umlaut... (ä)


    1. Anna exposes the CAFR and Derivative scam scam here.Walter Buren from and Jerry Day have great info.I know this to be true it got me " Gangstalked" and harrassed in CT and the demons don't want this fraud out.

    2. Thanks Richd. At least now I know I am not alone in CT.

  3. И настоящее расовое неприятие было установлено в России.

  4. Translation: And the real racial rejection was established in Russia

  5. ....for the economic impact analyssis-hhow it effect


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