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Sunday, January 20, 2019


By Anna Von Reitz

I have from time to time shared things like the attempt to assassinate me and my son.... like the attack on just me by "Lucifer" and five IRA thugs.... like the 7.0 Earthquake epicenter a block and a half from my house in Big Lake, Alaska ----

Why on Earth does everyone assume that I know "nothing about" EMF and EM and Scalar and all the other electronic weapons these goons are deploying?

Do you all seriously think that these Vermin have somehow failed to hit me and mine with everything they had in their arsenals short of a nuclear bomb???

But the fact is that kind of torture began for us in 2007 and by 2011 we had learned enough about our own energy resources and the internal operations of the aura system we were born with ---- that not only can't they touch us individually, they can't mess with our animals, our cars, our homes ---- nothing.

We just deflect or reflect it all, all the time.

So if we can do it, and have been doing it for what?  Eight years now?  Please tell me the reason that all of you are running around bleating like sheep and so "terrified" and not doing what I suggest?  It's free.  It's available on the internet. 

It took about four years for me to become  adept, but it took less than two weeks to learn enough to be able to block the rats.  Make the effort.

Wouldn't it feel good to be able to (1) block their transmissions and (2) reflect the attack back to the senders? 

So get going.  I learned. You can learn.  And stop being deaf, dumb, and blind to your own power and potential. 


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  1. Anna, you obviously have had great success with this. Do you wish to share your sources that have assisted you? It would reduce a significant amount of research of perhaps bogus sources. As in all of these so-called "we have the answer" groups that have failed in the long run.

    I use my energies to fend off diseases that affect the majority. I adopted that process 11 yrs ago. I have no time for sickness. That is not to say these viruses haven't attempted, but I overcome them through meditation and aiming my energy defenses against them.
    I use positive intention. 99% of the time I always have a parking spot where I want and the 1% I don't, I know I am not supposed to park here yet, not questioning the reason why, it just is my intuition. I don't get flu shots, I don't get the flu, I don't get colds, I don't take any medications. I am 71 in March this year. My life projection is 113 years.

  2. I agree with Dan Carpenter, please provide us with some information on how you have deflected or shielded yourselves. My family has spent thousands of dollars (wasted) on remediations. WE are hardwired, no cellphones, many meters to check including body voltage. I can barely cook at the stove without brain pain. I have had EHS for over 15 years and still coping. Could use your intellect since you are having great success. It would be so fantastic if you would do a separate video on this serious matter. It is an extremely painful condition.

  3. "But the fact is that kind of torture began for us in 2007 and by 2011 we had learned enough about our own energy resources and the internal operations of the aura system we were born with ---- that not only can't they touch us individually, they can't mess with our animals, our cars, our homes ---- nothing"
    What about your dishes your basement, your computer etc. etc. etc.?
    Oh that was way, way, way, back,so last month?

  4. Here is one thing anyone can do. Do notcputcprsecriptiin drugs oecover the counter drugs in your body. Learn about drinking good Aloe Vera juice, oxygen therapy, summplementation with food source supplements, avoid proceesed sugars, foods. Antioxidants, coconut oil, organic minerals, omega 3, natural ant-inflamatories, probiotics, digestive enzymes, boost immune system naturally. It's not hard and can help deflect the negative energies, viruses, bad bacteria, etc.

  5. This is a silly but simple way to start, that I found and those who practice the concept in the beginning have amazing results.

    If you ever played or watched someone play PacMan, that is the basis. Find a quiet comfy place, close your eyes, and imagine you are controlling PacMan. Watch as it flows through the maze eating the bacteria and viruses. Your neural pathways are many and you can watch or direct it down your legs, arms, belly; anywhere in your body. This PacMan never loses so play the game each day.

    This is the beginning of self healing and intention, mind over matter and we each have the ability.

    I taught my new wife this 10 yrs ago and we did telepathic healing to her grand-daughter, by land 8 hrs drive away and the mom couldn't figure out how her daughter was gaining all this movement and momentum. The child has been bed ridden since birth and will celebrate her 16th birthday next month. Her initial prognosis was 3 months survival The mom freaked out and the doctors gave her sedatives to suppress the child's progress. That was so sad. We didn't tell the mom what we were doing until after we learned the doctors sedated the child. So this was a blind and evidence the process works. You do have to believe you have the ability!

    1. I will definitely try that. I have tried different forms of that type of work. I also have chemical sensitivities (I am much better but take precautions) so I cannot and will not take prescribed drugs. We take food sourced supplements and eat very clean only organic and free range meats. I feel like so much damage has been done to me due to the various frequencies possibly damaging my dna & mitochondria. My pain threshold should be better...Honestly, I have tried so many things. Right now the best thing for me is avoidance and a silver threaded hat liner helps me alot when I have to be in public settings. I do cleanses all the time to remove metals, we've cleaned our entire environment.. we have turned out to be a tinfoil people))
      We use it alot!)) I know it sounds wacky but when one is desperate for relief, will try anything!! Hence the loss of so much money on useless gadgets etc. Thanks for the tips David & Dan!! Perhaps I will hear more on this for more insight and options.

    2. Unknown, just know simply you cannot focus on the bad and expect the good, it doesn't work that way. All thoughts have to be toward well being. Enjoy the pacman game concept where pacman is the healer. Put on some healing music while you meditate.

    3. I love it Dan!! We visualize "pacman" when our intentions is to chomp heavy chem-trailing in our area, it works!!!!

    4. I'm sitting out by our campfire right now and completely amazed at hearing beautiful songs from my childhood with all new hearing even from a couple years ago!! The beautiful song play now is "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by tommy james and the shondells, awe-mazing!!!!

    5. my prayers and intentions for tonights energetic Celestial event are for All Mothers, Fathers and their Children to be Healed and Re-united and that Stronger bonds are formed moving forward in unconditiinal Love and Peace for All Now.

  6. A few days ago I put out the question 'did Kim steal the wanta funds'. I did that for a couple reasons. First of all because I wanted an answer to the question, and to bring it out in the open to hopefully clear the air, either way.
    As always, I eventually get an answer to everything I even just wonder about.

    So here is the answer, and everyone will get a lot of their own questions answered, where is all this money being talked about but never seen, and a LOT of other things, which I think everyone will get something out of:

    I suggest that as you read, stop and think; how is this relating to what we are all able to see going on; does it make common sense and does it relate to real life. Think of how it answers a lot of the puzzles we have had for way too long now. Then lets recalibrate our brains, and go forward from here.

  7. Oh yes Anna, you are so important that the world is after you, lol. And we know you are so smart that you know all about EMF, EM, Scalar, Banking, finance, the economy, Math, Religion, Science - although Mythology is probably your strong suit, lol. And of course we know you knew the Devil personally, so much so that you were kept abreast of his ''demise down deep in the ocean''. That was probably one of your best give-aways to your agenda/background. Hmmm, then that begs the question, Who was it that broke your dishes and tore up your roads? I mean, gee didn't you claim the ''dirty deeds guy' was now 'dead'?

  8. Speaking of answers, I tell you I got a whole bunch of them today, and they matched up with what I feel God has been telling me in these past couple of months.

  9. Come to think about it, if an earthquake epicenter is a couple blocks from your house, I think you would no longer have a house still standing, but a heap of

  10. I am interested in the head bands worn so one can see representations of brain waves on a computer. In that CIA article that was posted a while ago from back in the 1980's on Gateway Experience or learning the things Anna wrote of in this article, the workers, fellow CIA researchers found that using the headbands was the fastest way for some since you can see what kind of waves you are generating by meditating, of simply learning to create the waves you want to enter the frequency of desired travel or what you are trying to do. Everything is a certain frequency like a note or note like chord vibrations.

  11. It is worth mention that the UN planned "drug" re-training for far in the jungle Amazons and others in the world who use vines, plants like peyote and other things that particularly open up certain areas of the brain and consciousness whilst promoting alcohol, heroin and cocaine that deaden and suppress consciousness but the body loves the feelings it gets keeping the materialist aspects in view, spiritual out and ridiculed other than conformed censored official permitted behavior peculiar to the so called civilized masses in general.