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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Agencies --- A Clarification for Boneheads

By Anna Von Reitz

In my recent article, "As Regards Martial Law" I posed the following question:   "Think of the IRS, FEMA, DOJ, BATF, FBI, CIA--- all these "agencies" formed back in the 1930's by the Roosevelt Administration?"

Just a few days ago, I reported the history of the Department of Justice which was created in the 1870's, so obviously, the word "formed" as used above does not mean "created".  I am not saying that all these agencies "came into being" in the 1930's.  

The word "formed" means "the shape or configuration of something" or "the mold used to impose a specific shape or configuration on something".    

So I am talking here about the "formation" not the "creation" of these agencies--- how they were all uniformly re-defined and empowered.

Prior to the 1930's all the agencies created by the Federal Government had a mandate and a set of laws created by the Congress which the Agencies enforced.  Period.  Their nature was that of an "enforcement agency" --- a means by which the laws promulgated by Congress could be enforced. 

If anything changed, the Congress had to change it.  If anything was added, the Congress had to add it.  And if anything was subtracted, the Congress had to repeal it. 

Under this system, the Congress remained accountable for the administrative actions of the Agencies and the Agencies remained strictly under the supervision of Congress and acted only upon the authority of laws passed by Congress.  

Any politics that entered into the creation of the law entered in at the level of the Congress.  

But in the 1930's the Congress did something that strictly speaking the Congress is not allowed to do.  It shuffled off its own powers to the Agencies and enabled the Agencies to promulgate their own "laws" in the form of "Administrative Code".  

So all the Agencies started promulgating their own internal "administrative laws" and developing their own "Administrative Code" and enforcing it "as" law----and suddenly instead of having one Federal Code and one Federal Legislative Power vested in the United States Congress, we have had dozens if not hundreds of "Agencies" ramming around creating "law". 

I have witnessed this process first-hand as a former employee of the "STATE OF ALASKA - DEPARTMENT OF LABOR" which is a corporate franchise of the Federal DOL.  Part of my job involved participation in "Administrative Tribunals" and interpretation of "Administrative Code".  
The Agencies, which we never authorized to do any such thing, have been acting as mini-Congresses within their area of expertise, and as they have been under the direction of political appointees, their actions have been highly politicized, too.  

By allowing the Agencies to promulgate de facto "law" in the form of Administrative Code (think of it as dozens of little "Federal Codes"  springing up all over) the Congress gave away its own power to un-elected and unaccountable subcontractors, put these Agencies under the control of political appointees, and let them loose on the Public.  

And that, similar to Congress's similar granting away of its power to the Federal Reserve, is the crux of the matter and the problem I am discussing.  

Congress has "delegated away" it's own powers and responsibilities to un-elected bodies and there is no suggestion anywhere in any form of Federal Constitution allowing them to do this.  

That's a very serious problem in and of itself.  

We have to deal with the problem of gross Municipal Government overreach and with the unauthorized promulgation of Administrative "laws" by un-elected persons and with the similar grotesque abdication of responsibility for our monetary system.

I have had some boneheads jumping up and down and saying I "lied" because they don't know the difference between the words "formed" and "created".  That's their problem, not mine.  

The very much greater problem that we all have is failure to understand how the Agencies have been allowed to usurp and exercise dictatorial powers as un-elected mini-legislatures, and then also act as their own executive enforcement branch.  

Thanks to the multiple abdications of the Congress, most of which took place in the 1930's,  we have had foreign bankers in charge of our monetary system and credit, and have had un-elected political appointees running parallel min-governments controlling virtually every sector of our economy.  

This is the process and the problem that Ayn Rand described so eloquently in her book, "Atlas Shrugged".  And like her and her hero, John Galt, I am suggesting that we all go on strike and put an end to this foreign usurpation of our powers. 

The members of Congress are and have been in a state of insurrection against the Constitutions --- all three of them, for decades.  Its high time we called the cards for what they are.

This Ship of State has been off-course and drifting toward a reef for longer than I can remember and it is largely because of the "formation" of a foreign municipal and administrative government using Agencies overseen by political appointees and un-elected bureaucrats to supplant the authority and responsibility of the government we are owed. 

Most, but not all this damage was done to us in the 1930's, via such acts as the Emergency Banking Act  and the re-structured Sheppard-Towner Maternity and Infancy Act and by Executive Orders issued by FDR.  

The Democrats among us who don't like to hear the facts are invited to research the issues for themselves, own up, and take correction.  The Republicans who didn't do the right thing then are invited to do the right thing now.  

And we are all obligated to do our part to get this mess straightened out once and for all.  

If it takes Martial Law to make the necessary correction, so be it.  

If it takes arresting and unseating three-quarters of the members of Congress and new elections, so be it. 

If it takes the wholesale dismemberment and liquidation of entire Agencies and the end of all related Federal "services"---- so be it. 

We did not create this government to lord over us in every detail of our lives, nor did we authorize it to steal our identity, change our political status, and confiscate our assets.  These are all activities which have been engaged in via the unauthorized and politicized "Administrative Government" and the members of Congress, with the bulk of the wrong-doing coming to fruition in the 1930's.  

As I observed in my article, "Dorothy, Come Home!" the rot began in the 1860's and we had already suffered a whole round of "national" bankruptcy fraud in the early 1900's, so what happened again in the 1930's must be viewed in the context of the groundwork already established by prior events. 

At the same time, the 1930's does have to be viewed as "the" time when the worst of the offenses occurred and the worst of the changes were made, especially as regards the usurpation of power by the Municipal Corporations and Agencies.  

Anyone who wants to argue about it can go back to the Federal Register and start reading from 1928 forward. 


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  1. Anna is correct. Congress writes these laws SO VAGUE, on purpose or out of ignorance---that the agencies just "fill in the blanks" and issue their own "edicts". These edicts come from unaccountable, un elected bureaucrats. Then congress tells US that the agency did it---not them. Convenient scapegoat! And WE believe it! Letting the inept congress off scott free! Enough!

  2. Does this mean its all bs ? Non negotiable , non enforceable bs ? If you deny them consent , tell thrm to bugger off and mean it , they have to ?
    It ses all the interaction I have had with the federalies whete I stood my hround and actually on some cases told them to " F " off and stay away from worked. I may be on lists , but so are they.. somewhere I remember someone saying to act like the soveriegn... Is it possible to some degree and luckily in my case it has been effective ?..

    1. Hopefully I can form, re-form, or re-formulate my standing, to the defeat of the new predatory exemplars et al... perhaps the supreme court is merely a vestigial appendix, on occasion it digests a malignant, scheming cell that could otherwise topple the body itself. But if you sue your tax assessor for rights violations, do the courts now practice the new overt subterfuge, to regard you as the malignancy? Is there any way remaining to get these rights back? The agencies need fear almost nothing and can hold the Constitution fully in contempt, unless a classic rights violation suit is still to be upheld. If not upheld, then all is lost to the New Slavery Technology they prefer to enforce on us. NST rules, the Constitution is now a masterful artifact of the stage being set for the ascension of our present day NEW trust beneficiaries whose hired guns will not abide by, similarly, oaths of office - clever artifacts mysteriously buttressing the new castle, to the benefit of... ? and Stifling the last hope law suits...? I sense no other hope remaining, save the final smackdown on all mankind. Hey high courts, we're watching you close now... if its time to eat our vestigials, you are very nearly dismissed, soon it's to bed.

  3. Anna, this is the kind of information that can be very useful, for those of us who deal with banks, irs, and government agencies. This information, on the other-hand, is of no use to those who just like to read and talk about it.

    Knowledge does not create/generate "action." Action create/generates knowledge, i.e. the kind of knowledge that is useful, the but then, again, if you don't take action (talking is not action)what good are you doing, for yourself, others and our country.

    Anna, continue to keep writing this kind of articles.


  4. ken o keefe has disclosed what is really taking place not just in this video but check out others as well;

  5. ken on you tube;

  6. Anna these articles are the best! Thanks and I will check the vids out Luther.

  7. 1930 zionest congress pulling all strings bankruptcy U.S. GOV.tightened it's grip on the world Rothschild through mow,Cecil Rhodes , Churchill , FDR. Tried to spread the boloshivic.jews but Christians in spain, Italy, Austria seat of the Holy roman emperior.repelled it so pearl ff.created to get the big state captured US./U.S.A. to fight another war for zionest.

  8. The maternity and infant Act that set up the Foundling child, ORC-3705.11. Everyone applied for the debtor certificate which is a US creation, the other certificate was never applied for and considered abandoned. That is the pol-political stand everyone has elected by their own actions! Trickery at its finest. The registration date with a given name is the key and could this be plausible deniability that no one asks for the creditor side? Yes for the boneheads! Funny.

  9. I appreciate the video Luther and Anna's column.

  10. So, what kind of a "bonehead" thinks martial law under all of the above and aforementioned circumstances is the way to go?
    So we all go on strike? Is that right?
    Never mind those who are not prepared for such an event, nevermind those who will, will suffer. Nevermind that many of us, know full well that yes while things may look grave, many of us are still working, still providing for our families (by the Grace of God only) while others panhandle and beg for donations. And by these ways we are able to inform and wake up some of those around us,still.
    Calling for strikes, calling for chaos, calling for martial Law through and by a Rouge government is the enemies way. You are falling in the same old 'trap' of history.
    You are in a sense behaving exactly as the left.
    Oh, and that last line reminds me, let the name calling begin!
    And yes i did enjoy atlas shrugs, very much and yet it was a work of fiction, there is no magical hidden place, this america is in my mind a last stronghold , You bring it down by chaos, you get exactly what you deserve.

    1. Boneheads just won't get it. They can't! (see above example)
      i believe the clarification is for folks that still have a bit of grey matter tween their ears...

    2. a follower: Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged may have been "fiction", however look at how that "fiction" has morphed into what has been happening over the last few decades. The same can be said of L. Frank Baum's Wizard of OZ, and George Orwell's 1984. There were also many "fictions" portrayed on many TV shows and movies denoting what was going to happen when 911 finally arrived... All of these may have been considered "fiction", however, in hind site, these are the loudest words I have ever heard, read or seen. There are many "in the know" who are trying to warn us of what is happening. If people would just verify and seek the truth they will find it.

  11. "We did not create this government to lord over us in every detail of our lives, nor did we authorize it to steal our identity, change our political status, and confiscate our assets. These are all activities which have been engaged in via the unauthorized and politicized "Administrative Government" and the members of Congress, with the bulk of the wrong-doing coming to fruition in the 1930's."
    It was not satan, now don't get me wrong, yes he was very much involved and yet this was all foretold. yet in Truth we have ourselves to point the finger at, ourselves throughout many generations going far back before the 1930's.
    We get the governments we deserve. So why, 'Why' is the great question we should all individually be asking ourselves.
    In truth many of you are angry and shaking your fist at God, at Yahusha for the mess we find ourselves in.
    The why is in the Book of Truth.

    1. "In truth many of you are angry and shaking your fist at God, at Yahusha for the mess we find ourselves in.
      The why is in the Book of Truth."

      Accordion to whom?🎶😥

  12. "Finally, last week Ireland experienced what may have been the first shot fired in an armed rebellion against the banks.  A mob attacked armed bank guards who had evicted a family from a house they had been living in for three generations.  Eight vehicles were torched and the bank guards, who were attacked with baseball bats, were told never to come back. " from Ben Fulford 12/17/18 report 💩

  13. Of course the drive by media won't EVER publish this.


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