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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

IMF "Take Over" of Federal Reserve

By Anna Von Reitz

Most people will be alarmed to hear rumors of an IMF take over of the Federal Reserve. 

The IMF organized and promoted by the Rockefeller interests and Oil Barons has been functioning as the "U.S. Treasury" since shortly after the Second World War.  They have used the IMF for no end of market manipulations and political intrigues and false claims in commerce.  

That said, the Federal Reserve fronted by the Warburgs and Rothschilds is even older and worse in its own sluggish nasty way. 

So you have the spectacle of the snakes eating each other, and quarreling over which tail is which.  

The important take home point is that despite the pandering and plumage, they are all snakes, they are all criminals,  and a choice between raspberry feces and vanilla feces is still an insane non-choice scenario for the rest of us. 

Asked by a friend this afternoon to name a bank with "clean hands" I couldn't name one major international bank that is less than pitch black filthy.  None. 

Asked what I would do, I said --- take them over, establish new management, establish new regulatory agencies, and stand with both feet on their necks until the end of time. 

Until we all grow up and get rid of the entire concept of money and "representations of value" and adopt a sane worldwide currency based on all commodities, all natural resources, and all labor assets, keeping both feet on the banker's necks is the only answer.  

The moment you let up on one of them, he sets out to free all the rest of them from competent regulation.  They are like gang members.  They have the Big "B" tattoo on their chests. 

A bunch of silly Nellies are running around predicting chaos and meltdowns and rioting in the streets if the Federal Reserve is taken down.  I got news for them. They bankrupted the "Federal Reserve System" in 2009, so all that was protected by Mama Vatican and the Slime Balls in the United States Bar Association, instead of being returned to the lawful Priority Creditors ----us.  

The time for rioting and giving a damn about the "Federal Reserve" was ten years ago or more.  The time to liquidate the IMF and blast the Rockefeller Mobsters off their French thrones is right about now.  

All those assets ---- all of them ---- belong to us.  The "National Debt" belongs to us.  The Bid Bonds and labor contracts --- ours, ours, ours.  The indemnity bonds and guarantees and bottomry bonds and "Life Force Value Annuities" ---- all ours.  The CUSIP bonds --- ours, again.  All the Puerto Rican Foreign Grantor Trusts ---- ours, nobody else's.  All the IRS collections, all the Internal Revenue Service collections, and all the property taxes and mortgages ---- all of it, is owed to us, minus a relatively small fee for services we actually contracted for and actually received under the stipulations of our Constitutions. 

And these criminals, including the IMF, are trying to say that they are our Trustees and that they are collecting "for" us.  

Have you heard enough of this chant and rant?  We don't have any Trustees. 

The Trustees who were supposed to be safeguarding our interests were worse than common thieves.  So..... guess what? 

We are standing here on our own flat little feet demanding the return of our rights, titles, and interests, our assets, our labor, our rents and leases, our fees, our property in sum total.  Now.  

No Karen Hudes, no Kim Goguen, no IMF, no middlemen "representing" us and administrating our estates "for" us.  They are nothing but Executors de Son Tort --- a phrase that can only be answered for with Autrefois Convict. 

Just dump it all into our bank and we will tend to our own business from now on.  

We will sort through the horrible mess that all these very competent and important and highly educated people have made, and bring relief at last, with decency and common sense that has been completely lacking for decades. 

Let the IMF be forewarned---- they aren't our Treasury and they aren't our Trustees and as much as we despise and care nothing for the Federal Reserve, in our view, the IMF is not a bit better.  

We will nail them both to the wall for fraud and mis-representation with equal alacrity and we will demand their liquidation if they steal one peso from any American and that means all the Americans who have been mis-identified on purpose as British Territorial "Citizens", too.  

Got that, Butch?  

I can't think of a single international commercial bank that deserves to survive a liquidation challenge for criminal activity.  Not one.


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  1. Are all of the trustees in bankruptcy courts committing treason? Because since were in bankruptcy protection there should be an automatic stay on every house in all states. We have been dealing with the Californian curupt courts and corrupt Federal judges. It seems that we can do a non-citizen arrest for those who have corrected their political status?
    Any thoughts or a reply here.

    1. They are operating under bankruptcy protection. Not the rest of us. If you want to play their game and seek bankruptcy protection for your FRANCHISE you can do so, but that requires separate action on your part. They left all the FRANCHISES behind as "presumed" sureties of the parent corporation. They protected themselves and left you to pay the bill.

    2. Keep up the great efforts that so many hours are sacrificed by your referred to as your designated team. The labor put into it all that is required to be through with all the research and writing and reading and piecing it all together, is the time, effort and successes is the measuring stick, for example to; " What is applied or goes into all the efforts...will be as strong in efforts of results will come out of it, also. Work hard and do as well as you can...or do your best...and do it once in
      the right way! Time is the most important commodity. Thanks to Paul Stramer, Anna Von Reitz and her team. You still haven't gave me a Skype call as yet Anna. Skype name; poppies234

    3. And everyone else that lost their homes since 2008 and are now paying rent, should all get their rent paid for, for at least 10 years, no matter where they want to rent. The IRS and FTB should be dissolved and done away with. Only Corporations make profit and gain. Sovereign citizens or should I say human beings are not federal corporate employees of Washington D.C. (Fictions) that have profit and gain attached to everything they do, invluding their labor.
      Every head of every bank should be arrested and thrown in jail as a reminder never to ever start up this fraud again. BAR Attorneys are all prohibited from ever serving in politics again.

  2. How long would a demonstration last outside a Bank of America demanding access to all accounts, both sides of the ledger, debit and credit, including the "TDA "accounts for each natural-person? Educate. Educate. Educate.

    1. The IMF as well as our Federal Reserve Bank are owned or majority controlled by the Rothschild family , as well as every World Bank in every country but three-Iran , North Korea , and Cuba. The Rothschild family is worth $231 Trillion+ , which is over 1/2 of the world's economy!!

    2. The Rothschild's control the world economy via fraud and deceit and need to be removed root, stem and leaf. Maybe their talents could be put to use selling ice to Eskimos. I for one am not buying their BS or "valuing" their digits any longer. I am ready to move on. Anyone else fed up with this Carnival Sideshiow?

    3. Emailed to new very young Peruvian US Citizen @ work. His family is Catholic, so I physically showed him this after he got his email on History of the Rothschilds

      1823: The Rothschilds take over the financial operations of the Catholic Church, worldwide

    4. Anna - I am thrilled to hear it. There are far more pressing issues than money at this point. The culling of humanity is well underway, and at this rate there won't be any "priority creditors" left to worry about.

      We've got to stop this. Now.

    5. Yes!! Anna I too am way beyond and over this "illusion" called "money" and all the "evil minded" False thoughts, behaviors and actions that are a vicious/maliscious by-product of its False/deceitful creation!! "Carnival sideshow" is merely the "appearance" and to keep people's minds shallowly distracted and mindlessly "entertained" so they completely stay blind to the depth of its dark core and equally destructive intent. All Value & true substance Always returns to its Creator. Always. likewise for the CREATORS, LORDkeepers and fake value chasers of dead "things" (digits) made by man to "represent" (graven images) to be idolized and worshipped, above and beyond the original true substance and source. I'm Beyond over it and Stand freely As the True substance and Real Value as putely intended, Created. My Value IS my inheritance and solely for my choice to restrict, limit or freely give for me to increase or decrease as I see fit, at All times Now. Many, many See this Now as well and consciously accept our True Original Substance, True Value once again!!
      Thank You so much Anna for showing so many and helping so many to finally wake up and seek beyond the "carnival sideshow" and all its "performers & ring masters" creating small minded entertainment and illusions "OF REALITY" once and For All Now!
      So Grateful Now!!
      Much Love, Gratitude, Awareness and Peace Be within/without for All Now

    6. ''Anna says she is not going to value their digits any longer'.
      Well, then Anna, tell us what you ARE going to value then? Jelly beans?
      Lots of boasting in here, talking to themselves, living in dreamland trying to sound like fanatical conquerors like brave pirates..........out on the desert.

    7. Believer, don't you wanna know exactly what she is ''ready to move on TO'? From their what? What replacement?

  3. Is this contradicting the good news in the article GOOD NEW's a couple of days ago?

  4. Here is something people should be aware of in detail.

  5. Love what you do who you are Anna, Im right there with you "Asked what I would do, I said --- take them over, establish new management, establish new regulatory agencies, and stand with both feet on their necks until the end of time" I would ad HashGraph watch this video its worth your consideration in order to run any of these insitutions since with this beneficial AI platform any time anyone enters anything into the record it triple stamps the time entered date and what was entered into the record so any Humans that are corruptible can't compromise the data entered any more or sell it steal date or do any of their shenanigans.

  6. You tell'em Anna!

  7. ''until we get rid of the concept of money and the representation of value''.........

    Really, Anna? You have alluded to this several times before, but NEVER said one word about just what You think it should be replaced with, and just how values or price of anything can be determined then?

    Anna, I will tell you straight out that I am extremely suspicious of you and what you have in mind for a monetary system, because I know that the Mark of the Beast System is going to be the System used by the AntiChrist satan Dictator who is awaiting in the wings.

    That System will be based on a type of Credit System, and you have made similar tell us Anna, is that the kind of System You have circuiting around in your head that you have been keeping a secret from ''all us humans you profess to be working on the behalf of'?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Michael, only partially. The System that is coming and will be implemented by the AntiChrist will be a cashless society, whereby all a person will have is an Account. Their paycheck or any monies they have will be in that Account. Whatever they purchase will be taken from their Account, and can only be accessed by their Mark which will be a tiny computer chip implant that contains all their Account info, their medical info, and any other info deemed necessary.

      It can better be classified as ..'if you have any credit in your Account, you can use it IF you meet the conditions of the Dictator AC''.

      Does that sort of sound like what Anna is talking about? Since she is all for a 'cashless society'' apparently. If so, then she is promoting the system of the coming satanic dictator.
      Thats why I think this question to her needs to be answered.

    3. Abby,That System will be based on a type of Credit System,
      Is that not the system we are in now?

  8. Maybe I missed something... Did you just say one world currency? Isn't that in the book of Revelation? One world currency?

    1. The Mark of the Beast will be a ''mark' that folks will have to take in their forehead or in their hand, demanded by the Antichrist who will rule as Dictator of the world. This 'mark' will likely be an implanted chip that contains all one's information on it, including their bank account number - without it, one cannot buy or sell.
      This 'mark' (chip) will give the Dictator total control over people because he will have the power to cut off your access to your own Bank Account. There will be no cash, a cashless society, which we have already seens signs of here and there at various times.

      Sooo....since Anna is trying to get us to dislike money, and trying to influence us to want to be rid of it......then we MUST ask her if she is pushing the 'mark of the beast' and if so, then just whose side is she really on? And why is it she has refused to expound on what she has in mind.

      Not that she is going to be the one to implement whatever it is she has in mind, but it is just the idea of why does she not want to tell us? Why should that be a secret?

    2. A cross/X marks the spot!What is MARK?

      1. A character, usually in the form of a cross, made as a substitute for his signature by a person who cannot write, in executing a conveyance or other legal docu- ment. It is commonly made as follows: A third person writes the name of the marks- man, leaving a blank space between the Christian name and surname; in this space the latter traces the mark, or crossed lines, and above the mark is writteu “his,” (or “her,”) and below it, “mark.” 2. The sign, writing, or ticket put upon manufactured goods to distinguish them from others, appearing thus in the compound, “trade-mark.” 3. A token, evidence, or proof; as In the phrase “a mark of fraud.” 4. A weight used iu several parts of Europe, and for several commodities, especially gold and silver. When gold and silver are sold by the mark, it Is divided into twenty- four carats. 5. A money of accounts in England, and in some other countries a coin. The English mark is two-thirds of a pound sterling, or 13s. 4d.; and the Scotch mark is of equal value in Scotch money of account. Enc. Amer. 6. In early Teutonic and English law. A species of village community, being the lowest unit in the political system; one of the forms of the gens or clan, variously known as the “mark,” “gemeinde,” “com- iii line.” or “parish.” Also the land held in common by such a community. The union of several such village communities and their marks, or common lands, forms the next higher political union, the hundred. Freem. Coinpar. Politics, 110, 117. 7. The word is sometimes used as another form of “marque,” a license of reprisals

    3. One who cannot read or write must sign by and for the X. Writing is descriptive, signing is illustrative. Here is the hu-man/beast.

      The Evolution of Golem
      The Hebrew ancestor of the word golem meant "shapeless mass," and the original golems started as lumps of clay that were formed into figures and brought to life by means of a charm or a combination of letters forming a sacred word. In the Middle Ages, golems were thought to be the perfect servants; their only fault was that they were sometimes too literal or mechanical in fulfilling their masters' orders. In the 16th century, the golem was thought of as a protector of the Jews in times of persecution. But by the late 1800s, golem had acquired a less friendly second sense, referring to a man-made monster that inspired many of the back-from-the-dead creations of classic horror fiction.

    4. 100% full-blown antichrist is simply unchrist. unsacraments. debaptisms. unblessings. unmarriages. depriests. unchurches. unholy ghost (i.e. "holy spirit"). un-dollars (monetized debt). un-'we the people' (federal citizens only). de-'several states'. de-president. de-sacraments. un-elections.

      things become "reversed" and people mistake the mirror images for the real thing. you dont need "scripture" or "talmud" or masonic/kabbalist "initiation" to make such "predictions"

      "satan" is pretty easy to predict. he is harder to stop, but real easy to predict what he wants to do.

    5. Yes! Thank you cube for this valuable contribution in expanding people's awareness regarding this important topic, for All private acceptance, acknowledgement and vital consideration Now!!
      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and peace Be Now for All

    6. when "Satan" puts up horizontal stripes military flag and does "permanent war" the correct answer is "dont respect persons/images/idols" anna not

      "those football players outta show some respect [to satan]"

      anna is her own worst enemy many times.

    7. dear anna: you will never "bind" "Satan" so long as you are attached to false idols/flags/etc.

      that is why "rich men" have a hard time too. they are too attached to worldly things.

      when you say things like "the only reason anyone stood for a judge is he carried a bible"

      then we have "pride" and "idol worship" again.

      no "idols" includes "dont fetishize/idolize bibles" either.

      "persons" includes "people lugging bibles around"

      for every "good" out of anna's blog, there are 200 heresies/half truths...always reducing down to materialism...and satan always remains unbound.

      by their fruits ye will know them. not because they carry books and flags and other false idols around. not because they wear black robes or white robes.

    8. dear anna: why do pictures show "witches" and "Satanists" etc. dressed in black?

      A: its a metaphor. its not literal. "darkness" they "blend in" "camouflage" they wear any which colours they have to in a particular situation, in an effort to create the desired "effects"

      when you talk about "black robed judges" then "satan" tricked you yet again because you mistook metaphor for literal

      anyone who believes you is LESS prepared and EASY PICKINGS for the "magicians"

      subjective, objective. they may agree, they may not.

      a "black robe" means nothing either way. everyone is now MORE deceived who believes such "interpretations"

      that WHOOSHING sound "missed the point completely" is satan.

    9. The certificated person is the token, "to coin a phrase" taking on the literary property held in protective custody of the registrar. This is an easement called eminent domain because the heir can't be an owner.

    10. Well, you've all managed to miss the 'mark of the beast' understanding. Its really quite simple, but I see nobody gets it, even after I explained it. But just to is totally Evil and will not be from God. Just so ya know when it is mandated, once you accept it, you have sold your soul to hell from which there is no way to reverse.

    11. Abby,

      Learn to light your own lamp, the light shine in the dark, but ignorance/darkness fails to comprehend it. This beast has been elucidated for you, please turn the light on! Nothing has changed concerning this system in thousands of years. "Learn to read the signs" There was a time when I thought every man could learn if shown, my mistake.

    12. cube, you have made it clear you do not know light from darkness. But that is on you and makes no difference to me what anyone else says, does, believes, or thinks. Have you not gleaned that from my copious posts?
      (things are about to take a change you wont believe;already begun and winding up to full crescendo over a rather short period of time)

  9. I dont know why there is no opportunity to Comment on the Chuck Baldwin Article, so I will put a Note here: IMO Trump has renegged on his promise to get our nose out of other countries, and tend to our own business. He was against warring with everybody, and now he had done a 180 and is looking like a war monger, and Im totally against his picking a fight with Putin, and his warring rhetoric.

    Come Nov. 11 at the Meet Up with Putin, Putin is going to make it perfectly clear to the donald that if he doesnt get his nose out of Syria, then he will be asking for war with Putin. I don't think we can blame Putin for that. IMO Trump is being downright stupid in this situation.

    Baldwin is not my favorite guy either, but here, he is making sense. Its his biblical sense that IMO is sorely lacking oftentimes.

    1. When I was in Facebook- I used to correct Chuck like I do u Abby on his seemingly misinformed p.o.v.s. now then. Thankfully Chuck isn't so nutso on Biblical nonsense as u, though ๐ŸŽต

    2. You of all people are most assuredly in No position to correct anyone, thou foolish one, LOL. Do you really think your gab holds an ounce of validity, oh silly goofball, so full of your SELF.LOL You are probably the most Lost one in here and don't even have sense enough to know it.

    3. Jack Hamilton has nailed u Abby repeatedly the best imo, but not very nicely๐Ÿ’ฅ

      But I will repost this post I recently sent to CJ for u ๐Ÿ’›

      ''whacked' is believing in onlybegottenism without a shred of coherent proof other than to the believer's ingrained programming usually since birth๐Ÿ•‡

      Islamism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintoism, Judaism since birth followers r usually as 'whacked' as Christians if they remain stuck in same religious beliefs as indoctrinated with since birth as well usually imo ๐Ÿ’ฅ ]

    4. Abby,
      " Its his biblical sense that IMO is sorely lacking oftentimes."
      There are several Chuck Baldwins. A couple of them with connections to religion and Montana.
      And as far as 'biblical sense." i could say the same of many, when i see people, their words and actions.
      So many claiming to know Him yet behaving in quite the opposite.

    5. a follower, do you remember what Jesus told the pharisees ''they are children of hell, of their father the devil'.
      God also says that because folks reject the truth of his Word, in the end they are going to be in dire straits and calling on God, but he will not hear them and will ''even laugh at their calamity when it comes'.

      So those are just a few of the words that you may find fault with; so we must get past the churches of today trying to mold us into ''little choir boys and girls' and insinuate that Christians are to ''act'' like wimpy little goody two-shoes.

      That is simply the picture that the world paints of us. But in fact we are fierce warriors and we dont take any shit off anyone. We are bold and fearless and we are fighters; not doormats who try to fall in line with ''their painting' of us.

      In Galatians 1:10 Paul said 'do I seek to please men? (be a people please). No. For if I pleased men, I should not (cannot) be a Servant of God.

      And then there is 2 Cor. 13:10 ..........I should use sharpness according to the power which the Lord hath given me to edification, and not to destruction.

      So you see we are not to be mealy mouths either. So therefore, I do not let the world dictate my behavior. They can take it or leave it, fine with me, lol.

    6. i see very well.
      i see people who '''''want''''' to 'judge'and justify many things. They justify calling others who also claim to be christian, brainless, justify calling others dildoes, while at the same time professing to be christ like. i see many who refuse any loving direction or attempts at any correction.
      Was that mealy mouthed? No not one bit.
      We are also told, "There is one law giver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?" And yes please look and soak in the context. And take a good long look at James 3 while you are at it.
      And yes i will do the same because i also fail daily.

    7. Fortunately I do not claim to be a Christian this life nor will I ever in this particular life claim to be one Thank GOD๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’›

      Thus I don't have to worry about feeling guilty about loving fellow humans who think they sin every day just because they r alive๐Ÿ˜…

  10. "Anyone who believes that Donald Trump is fighting the Deep State truly does NOT get it."
    i agree and it flies in the face of much of what Anna has to say on and about Trump.
    Perhaps this is why no comments?
    God willing, people will begin to think and see for themselves.

    1. I disagree in general with your synopsis Christian ๐Ÿ•‡

  11. I still remember going to the bank with mom when I was about three or four years old. We put 4 silver dollars in an account for me. Just a couple years later we went to get em and they gave me some green paper money stuff instead. I wanted the dollars I trusted em with and they said too bad they only had the paper so I got ripped off and even only 4 or 5 I knew it and have not liked banks ever since.


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