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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Notice to All Wannabe Interlopers:

By Anna Von Reitz

There is no way in Hell that Keith Livingway bought "The United States of America" or any special right related to it at a Naval Auction or via any other action he has pretended to take.  Our actual copyright to that name is held in sovereign jurisdiction and is not transferable or for sale to any commercial entity whatsoever.  Livingway picked up on pieces of the Scottish interloper that infringed on our copyrights in 1868:  The United States of America, Incorporated, not The United States of America [Unincorporated].   The Scottish corporation was bankrupted in 1907.  The bankruptcy settled in 1953.  The Navy was selling off whatever scrap was left.  Keith totally misunderstood what he was buying and the provenance of it, and therefore misinterpreted the meaning of it. 

Our actual government is a government of, for, and by the people ----- not a government of, for, and by the persons.  

This is a fundamental understanding that must be accepted by everyone concerned.  And the Maxim of Law that applies, as I noted yesterday, is: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

The Scottish corporation deceitfully calling itself "The United States of America" for purposes of pillaging and press-ganging, kidnapping our people into foreign conscription, and seizing false title to our assets, was a criminal operation intent on inland piracy.   If the Navy had been worth beans, it would have intercepted and prosecuted this Pretender. 

That it succeeded in its fraud is of no concern to us at this point, as there is no statute of limitation on the crime of fraud and there is no cessation of probate related to any estate.  

We are here to collect our assets and we will prosecute any and all foreign corporations infringing upon our copyrights, titles, and interests or attempting to insinuate themselves as Successors to any constitutional contract by a process of assumption.  

I hope that makes it all abundantly clear to everyone, including the supporters of the French corporation attempting to do business as "The Republic" and the Scottish doppleganger attempting to do business as "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". 

We are all thoroughly sick of these deceits, this disservice, and this dishonor.   We want no more Pretenders of any kind or stripe.  Moreover, as of October 9, 2018, the Delegated Powers returned to us by Operation of Law, as I have explained elsewhere.  

What this means is that there is no longer any "federal" government of the kind we have been dealing with.  The only actual government left standing in international jurisdiction is our lawful Federation of States formed September 9, 1776. 

Go figure. 

There aren't going to be any new interlopers picking up "governmental services contracts" by assumption here.  

And all the BS is at an end.  All the Europeans can go home and read their tea leaves from now on, and horribly confused people like Keith Livingway can stand down. 


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  1. Oh really? Now just what was it that happened on Oct. 9 that the ''delegated powers returned to us'? I mean, Literally, what happened to cause that? See, Anna, thats the kind of stuff you always leave out, yet you expect us to just believe you??

    Sorry, but I dont 'just believe you'and there is NO reason just to take Your word for it.

    As far as Im concerned, if I go out here and dig a hole in the ground, its all the same dirt as it ever was.

    1. The powers delegated to the British Territorial Government and the Municipal Government have been returned to The United States of America, (unincorporated) via the Maxim of Law. To understand that, you will have to start studying. Those 19 delegated powers were services to be provided to the American Nationals. Since those entities went bankrupt, they can no longer continue to provide those services so their contracts are terminated. Neither do any new imposters have a right to assume those powers coming to the rescue of those bankrupt entities. Those services will now be delegated to different entities.

      Look at it this way. If you hire Molly Maid company to clean your house and Molly Maid goes bankrupt, Molly Maid cannot just give your contract to Millie Maid even if Millie Maid purchased the assets from Molly Maid. You get the right to choose a new maid. Now you might choose Millie Maid but are not obligated to.

      I believe a tentative agreement has been given to the Native Americans.

    2. Thanks Dan to make it clear.
      Abby didn't read through all articles Anna provided and is complaining almost below every article. Everyone has to learn about where we are today because it was hidden away from the public. There is no school teaching this.
      If you want to have your rights respected you have to learn how and claim it. Whining about doesn't help anyone.

    3. Ralf; I think Abby reads the articles but, there's either a comprehension issue, and/or, Abby's Hell bent on bitching and complaining! It seems she wants everyone else to do what she needs to do for herself. This is a huge problem in getting the American people acting in unison! While the issues involved in this massive, ongoing fraud are confusing, with diligent study and research, it does all come together. The matter I think Abby, and many others have, that make them non-believers is this; while most everything Anna says is true, there's no force behind that truth to convert the technically correct statements of Anna, into reality, YET! This is why Anna's continually calling for everyone to get their birthright status corrected and to form their jural assemblies in their respective states! We can't expect the criminals to merely slink off into the night without resisting the loss of their gravy train with biscuit wheels without a fight, and before we're able to get into the ring, we must have the power that comes with a galvanized mass of Americans who are demanding justice, OR ELSE!

  2. Having spent over a decade studying this commercial law information I suggest there is virtually no way you can be brought to comprehend it short of studying it for yourself; querying for answers won't cut it...and study it you must for you have interest, yes?

  3. Sovereignty and corporation are two-diametric-poles. Night-day, black-white, male-female, and good-bad are example of diametric-poles.

    The sovereign is master. The corporation is slave-robot.

    Modern legal-ease mixes diametric-poles and creates law-chaos. The confusion creates fertile ground for all types of crime and fraud. Those responsible are criminals.

    1. Coach, that is precisely my stance. The whole inJustice System is criminal, and I simply am not going to participate in it, nor play the Part that 'they' have set up for other words, they can play their song all they want to, I am not going to dance to it. Furthermore, I am not ''going to go to dancing school to learn how to dance to it'.

      Now I hope that I have finally made my self perfectly clear, so y'all get off my case and stop with all the false accusations, and pushing me to do what I have no intention of doing.

      And, for anyone else that chooses to do their paperwork, that is up to them, it is none of my business if you do or dont. So feel free to do your papers, I am not here to stop anyone.

    2. Then Abby, why is it your right to say we are dillusional or many other negatives for trying to fix some thing that you clearly state is none of your business and you have no intention of doing? If you have a Birth Certificate, they presume you are a US CITIZEN and have no rights in their system. Unless you are living off the grid somewhere and don't have to participate at all in their system, it's all about standing. Why is it wrong in your eyes for another man to try to find their way out of this mess? Some days you show compassion but most days it's cold negativity waiting for God to come destroy the world. People need hope and unless Jesus shows up tomorrow the only hope we have is to stand together to fight this criminal activity. I do not expect someone to do it for me without sticking my neck out too.

    3. Annie, I actually answered your entire Comment here, in my comment which is directly above yours here. If you read exactly what I stated, nowhere did I ever say this is none of my business. What I did say is that you are all free to do paperwork and it is none of my business if you do so.

      Ive also made it perfectly clear that I do not acknowledge what 'they say' because I do not acknowledge Fraud, which is what all of this nonsense is.

      I have every right to say something is delusional if I see it as being delusional, according to my knowledge about a thing. However I did not say that in the comment you are responding to - - so I don't know in what context I used that word

      I also happen to believe that no amount of paperwork is going to get anyone out of the mess that has been perpetrated upon all of mankind. I say that because this 'rabbit hole' goes so deep that I do not envision it as being doable by mere papers.

      You would like to hear what you want to hear, but I cannot tell you what you'd like to hear simply because I do not have it in me to give people false hope. There is no guarantee that paperwork will set anyone free as you hope, because ''the enemy is the one who rules'. So unless the culprits are removed, I just feel that they will not be willing to acknowledge papers.
      What is 'negative' about that? I am just being honest.

      It is the System that is the problem, not the lack of paperwork, or the necessity of paperwork. That is where I am coming from and I don't really think you can argue with that.

      In truth, y'all are looking for all the right things, in all the wrong places.

  4. Livingway actually called me sceaming about his authority when I challenged him. I have actually spoken with Anna vua email about this and will now verify what Anna is saying .


    1. Funny, I actually agree with you. I am Canadian and couldn't recall the name of the organization that Anna spoke of at the time of writing the comment and knew it was a Native organization, perhaps the Sioux Nations so blurted out Native Americans. Please accept my apology for the misuse of the term.

    2. Well, my daughter is far, far more 'native American' than me...that's for damn surešŸ˜­

    3. Leland, you are correct in my interpretation of true natives. Being born on American soil makes you Native American. However my reference actually was intended to the First Nations people, a distinct difference. Unfortunately I am unable to correct my previous statement agreeing with DOC. While I am a Native Canadian(born in Canada), I am not of First Nations bloodline people. My ancestry dates back to the 1600's all in the UK.

    4. My father's ancestry goes back over 5 centuries in Alsace-Lorraine - two centuries older that Bauer's induced Rot-child's current dominating nonsense. My daughter's mother's ancestry includes First Nation criterias if applicatiošŸ˜…

  6. Who is it that has comprehension problems?? Did any of YOU actually read what I asked?

    ''Now what happened on Oct. 9 that the delegated powers returned to us''?

    Thats all I asked, and Im still waiting for the answer....and I want to know LITERALLY. Dont give me opinions or hear say or rumors.


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