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Saturday, October 20, 2018

For the General Staff About Nathan Rothschild

By Anna Von Reitz

There are some of you who were very relieved when Nathan Rothschild stepped forward and agreed to front the expenses for the Scottish Interlopers doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LLC.

You were duped into believing that this country was bankrupt and that you had to go lick his boots for funding to "defend" America.

Not so.  Mr. Rothschild and the European banking community as a whole are in fact our greatest debtors and owe the most money to this country, and to our lawful government, The United States of America [Unincorporated].

What they are offering is to give you some of our money at interest and let you work for them, instead of us.


Did all your mothers drop you on your heads? Simultaneously?  Or are you simply traitors in American uniforms?

What should be happening is that you should be pressing Rothschild out of his ill-gotten "middleman" position and forcing him to not only make our American assets available to the actual American Government --- The United States of America [Unincorporated]--- but also make arrangements to start paying back what he owes us and has owed us since 1840. 

Furthermore, even if it means "picking shit with the chickens" for a while, no officer in our military should ever agree to place yourselves or our Armed Forces under the thumb and forefinger of any foreign power, much less a foreign banker loyal to a Queen who is in flagrant Breach of Trust and busily defrauding Americans both at home and abroad.

We do not agree to contract with any of the Rothschild interests, British or French, which means that any money they use to support either "The Republic" which I more correctly call "Le Republique" or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LLC from Scotland, had better be their own money and not one penny of ours or any penny derived from our assets.   

You should all be most anxious to bust loose our assets which are being unjustifiably and illegally held captive by the same bankers who are trying to seduce you into working for them instead of the American States and People.

Anything less on your parts would be disloyalty to the American States and People, which in our book, counts as mutiny and treason against the sovereign States of the Union. 

We will also point out that as our Delegated Powers have returned to us via Operation of Law, you need to get a new contract from us to provide us with military services and absent that, you have no jobs.

We will have to hire other military service providers if you don't get your tails in a knot and go get our assets back from the Queen and these endlessly crafty bankers.

You have thirty (30) days to: (a) negotiate a new service contract with us; (b) at our direction and with our help reopen our asset accounts in this country; and (c) get your heads out of your asses.


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  1. Yes, Yes, YES!!!! I Love it!!! No Consent, None, nada, ZIP!!! We don't need nor desire any more greedy, evil "middlemen" governing our private living lives or private business/trade interests any longer!!! True Americans on and for the Record have spoken and NO LONGER "subscribe" to False "PAPER" created "Government Systems" of soulless "sellout" criminals and thieves. We will NO LONGER ignorantly be used and abused to "FUND" your counterfeit paper or false authority to cause so much destruction and harm to living people Now or ever again! We are Awake. We Are Aware. We Are Peaceful, Living People. We Are Standing, and We have No Fear IN our Standing.
    Thank You Anna & All!!!

    Much Gratitude, Love, awareness and Peace Be Now

  2. It is a royal pain in the you know where to work hard and earn 100 dollars only to be able to use 10 dollars of it for your self. Americans work each year and the so called government services cost 125 percent of everyone's earnings. As time passes the wages and income go down generally and stuff needed goes up. Now cars are 20 and 30,000 that a few years ago were 10,000. Prices at stores soar while wages stagnate, always short, a perfect fuedal system where the people can ill afford to live and eke out a basic existence far far away from the creative life loving people that we are. A dark and shadowy death like feudal system with plenty of murder and fear wrongful imprisonment with total destruction tossed in as frosting on the cake. The bankers and queens, big shots, impressive cigar smokin caddillac show offs have had their hey dey, we see the fruits of their actions rotting on the trees. Time that the real orchard tenders get on it and straighten it out. Nap time is over.

  3. Honestly, this sounds like greek to me, Lol. A lot of words that nobody here really understands. And nobody can really say they understand all the inner workings of any of this. All of these Articles are merely an Overview.

    1. Please education yourself abby,
      read history books like emergence fro illusions .by Ricardo Johanson .
      Or unmasking Lincoln by Thomas Deleranzo . Or culture of critique .
      Put up an argument . How were all wer.

    2. bubba, frankly, 'I dont give a damn' lol. Seriously I have had it 'up to here' with education. Put your kids thru college and you would be sick of education too, lol.
      And like I said, I find all the legalese bullshit to be .....well, boring bullshit, lol.
      'a person is a corporation' that, I just roll my eyes, and go out to the chinese rest. for lunch. It was great. All this stuff is for 'the young and the restless'.

    3. It's fun after awhile once your playing the game correctly my great joy is in chat with like minded people .

    4. Abby,
      Your words: "A lot of words that nobody here really understands." IMO, you're the one who doesn't understand and you just admitted to all of us that you won't even educate yourself. So what are you doing here, Abby? What's the game?

    5. Ellie, how easy it is for you to talk. Let me see you handle yourself in front of one of these communist judges who already has his responses to you on a recording in his brain, well rehearsed, and the outcome already decided before he/she even sees your face. He/she even already knows how much he is going to ''lighten up your wallet'' before you get there.

      You can educate yourself till the cows come home, but knowing on paper and implementing it 'in front of the devil in the black robe'' you will find to be a whole different ballgame. So lets see you put your ''education' to work in the real world....then you can run your big mouth, lol.

      Why am I here? Im watching to see just how long it will take Anna to actually implement and fulfill all that she says ''Now IS''........and 'what happens after her 30-Day Mandate' here.
      Ok? My guess is everything will still be the same. What say you?

    6. Abby,
      "Why am I here? Im watching to see just how long it will take Anna to actually implement and fulfill all that she says ''Now IS''........and 'what happens after her 30-Day Mandate' here.
      Ok? My guess is everything will still be the same. What say you?"
      So why would you expect answers (correct answers) and good to come from someone that is so far off track?
      Why is everyone so afraid of being in court? Is this such a common occurence to everyone? If we are close with the Holy Spirit, what are we told about hearings or (assemblies) etc.?
      We are not told that Anna and "the Living Law Firm " will teach us what and how to say.
      What are we told about paying taxes in the Bible?
      What are we told about slaves and masters?
      What are we told of the Law in the Bible?
      Anna, has a group of "victims' following her daily looking for a path to what? freedom, liberty, heaven on earth?
      Well good luck with all that. The key has always been to find these things on the journey, not to see these things as a destination point. And no, i do not see this as in my opinion.

      "You have thirty (30) days to: (a) negotiate a new service contract with us; (b) at our direction and with our help reopen our asset accounts in this country; and (c) get your heads out of your asses."
      "Get your heads out of your asses.
      "i see no Holy Spirit, in these words. Do You?
      That is why i am here.

    7. bubba, I dont call butting heads with people by 'playing their silly word game' as being fun.
      Perhaps I am way ahead of many of you who have allowed yourselves to get suckered into participating in such nonsense. Perhaps I am have managed to remain living in reality and not gotten swept up in that vicious current.
      Perhaps I am not so foolish as to allow them to view me as a 'corporation'' LOLOLOL when I know I am a Person, and don't acknowledge or give a hoot what THEY choose to label folks.

      We know by now they just call us that because corporations are money making entities and they view us as a means of making money for themselves. But that doesn't mean WE have to go along with that and surrender our Person. Therefore I consider myself to be a person, and I am too busy laughing at those clowns who want to call me a corporation.
      Have you ever had anyone ask another person ''how many corporations do you have" LOL. No, jackass, they ask 'how many children do you have'.
      Are couples without children called ''corporation-less' or are they considered as child-less. Does your local school have corporations attending class, or children. Does the school call and say 'mrs. smith, please come and pick up your corporation because your corporation has broken out with measles, LOL.

      So, if we are all not persons, but corporations, then what is the ABC Lumber Company that you own, called? Oh, a corporation? No. Maybe it would be called a person. Oops, no that cant be right. One breaths and needs food and water to survive, the other one doesnt.

      Hmmm, then can anyone of you agreeable corporations that breath in and out, tell me just where then do we properly use the word 'person'? Where does it fit into our vocabulary then?


    8. Abby....u r more ground in reality than most people on earth EXCEPT when u go off on Biblical endtimer lunacy....which u haven't done in a while😭😅💓

    9. The End Time scenario has not changed, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. The 'beat goes right on'.

    10. Lol Abby love, but those end times u so lust for r hundreds of thousands of years away yet💥

      Kali Yuga is just getting started & believe it or not - we r just entering into the " Golden Age" of it now...perhaps for 500 years or so before the extreme downward & ongoing descent resumes with perhaps more intensity as I understand other & much older ancient scriptures of lore which r mere source references in the much 'newer' Bible🎻

    11. You understand just exactly nothing. Go back to your toking whatever it is you ''use'' LOL

    12. Abby...LOL....u can be be one dumb c🕆🕇t @ times🎹

  4. Well Abby is at least being honest, which is more than I can say for 99% of the people who either already think they know law and just about everything else if you argue with them...we are battling more than just corruption here...We are battling people who haven't even cracked a book open but claim to know everything.....those are the people that cause me to take valiums.....and they are the very people the most boisterous over everyone else....they are the loudest voices heard in a crowd....they have been that way since birth because God forbid they should find out their whole live was lived on a LIE...!! That's what they are afraid of the most...looking stupid...!! They are totally insecure in themselves because they look in the mirror and do not see anything nice so they attack anyone that doesn t agree with them....and a lot of what they think was based on their ignorant parents....i deal with friends whoes parents came here during WW2 and think that just because they lived through it, they already know all about it...But all they know is the false narrative of the fake news and witnessing first hand, the mechanics of war itself, but not the underlying cause for all these wars...And then to make matters worse, taught their kids to stick up for themselves if confronted by Americans who thought they had strange British dialect....!! And that's the way they all are to this day....bullies with no education just like their parents....!!

    But some people just don't like law...I became interested only because I found a path to the TRUTH about the real law and I was tired of the IT'S taking money from my check everytime...i finally started asking....WHY..!! And I don't know exactly how it happened but one of the first people I started learning from was the "informer "..!! And he was definitely schooled and put the law in plain terms that could be understood by everyone....not legalese...!! And I was hooked. I thought now I can finally beat the IRS at their own game... But then I found out the other problem .....that the courts where not what I thought they were...i really thought that if I had the proper argument I would win every case...but that reality was crushed completely when I realized that the courts are all about procedure and not the TRUTH...!! AND that eventually turned me off to this entire system...!! If I learn math and get an "A " in the class I feel good about myself...but when I study day after day about law and our commercial process, and yet never get remedy, it is very easy to be discouraged and frustrated...!! That's what really discouraged people from knowing or studying law....!!

    ThatsThat s why I finally wrote to my congressman and told him we need a bill that forces all public school districts to teach law at least from high school on....mandatorial....!! I even gave him a good reason why...because it will lessen the violet confrontations between the public and cops....!!
    But he responded back to me saying that would be nice(because he almost became a victim of the criminal justice system himself), but he said first we have to teach these kids to read and write....what an answer...!! These last few generations don't care about reading or writting....they only care about money and having fun and buying you know the reason why we are in this situation...!!

    1. Lol...but 'we first have to teach thede kids to read & write'😅

      I thought the hit movie "Incredibles' sorta hit perhaps that target ^ James🔔


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