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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Remember Henry George

By Anna Von Reitz

"The main trouble now is neither any material shortage of the resources of nature nor any inadequacy in man's power to exploit them. It is all, in one form or another, a maladjustment; not an insufficient productive capacity, but a series of impediments to the full utilization of that capacity. The main obstacles to economic revival have been the hindrances opposed to the free flow of labor, capital, and goods." 

This quote comes from the 1927 World Economic Conference, Geneva, conclusions provided to the League of Nations. 

It is synonymous with the findings of American Economist Henry George, whose vision smacks of clarity today as it did in the 1880's and slaps the faces of all those who have fallen into the sophistry and lop-sided pandering of Keynes.  

The Problem and the resulting Mess is entirely the fault of Big Business Interests usurping upon the rights of the living people and their national governments and seeking Unjust Enrichment via their constant official (governmental) and unofficial (private) tampering with commodity markets --- including the currency markets.  

It hit a crisis point in 1907 with the bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper and Impostor calling itself "The United States of America" Incorporated and found its final fruition in the current hegemony of Wall Street. 

To put it simply, Big Business Interests --- Robber Barons like the Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Harrimans, and Roosevelts took over our lawful government via deceit and fraud and used the tools of government to afford political and economic advantages to themselves.  

That is, they used the Regulatory Powers of Government as private tools to ensure their market share and market dominance.  We see this in the hideously self-interested birth of the "American Conservation Movement" which we were all taught to venerate just as we were taught to venerate "The Constitution".  

The actual policy adopted by Teddy Roosevelt was supremely cynical and shrewd--- buy everyone else's natural resources for pennies on the dollar and preserve our own under the guise of "conservation", and at the same time, limit supply of natural resources coming to market and ensure the value of commodities already under the control of the plotters. 

That is, use the regulatory powers of government to ensure yourselves fat market shares and high prices for generations to come. 

Commodity price rigging and supply rigging and creation of monopolistic interests in all sectors of our economy have been the Order of the Day since the 1880's, and in many ways, it still is.  

These things must be recognized as the Evil that they are, and there must be an end of allowing the regulatory powers of government to be used as tools implementing the self-interest of private parties.  

We must come to terms with the fact that the two Roosevelts were hideous schemers, liars, and louts, the very worst of the worst kind of criminals in suits --- and that Americans were not even the primary beneficiaries of all this fraud; instead, we were set up as the Fall Guys for it, the ones who would be blamed for it even as we suffered from it.  

We need a call to political action busting monopolies and conglomerates and trusts that have functioned as crime syndicates for generations. That includes the entire water and power industry, the communications industry, the stock markets, the banks, and the SEC.  It's time, America.  

It's you or them.  Make the right choice while you have a choice left. 

And if you have any questions, read Henry George -- Progress and Poverty.  He very succinctly explains why economic models predicated on infinite and continuous growth are worse than Big Lies and why abuse of regulatory powers and manipulation of commodities and markets, including currency markets, inexorably leads to polarization of economies, stagnation, and war.  

If you would have peace, you must have free markets.  

And that requires busting up the regulatory fraud and abuses of federal agencies and the exercise of anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation to enforce the actual Public Law ensuring competitive free markets. 

The fallacy of the thinking of the --- I shall call them pigs ---- is that there is no end to the patience of the masses; and, the arrogance that they share in thinking that their activities and abuses are not observed or not understood for what they are. 

It is as self-evident as catching six year-olds with their grubby paws in the cookie jar, but these grown men persist in thinking that their activities are "secret" and that the rest of us haven't figured it out, don't see it --- and won't take action against them.  

Prove them wrong. 


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  1. Reading up on Henry George "Progress & Poverty" in Amazon.

    One reader wrote this:

    "The content is a classic understanding of early pre-socialist “Christian liberation theology”. It’s a great insight to the workings of how this developed into the 1960’s post Vatican 2 theological justice moment. Worth the read."

    Great historical insight. 3 out 5 stars
    ByJohn Ludemannon April 17, 2018

    1. Read the book here for free:

    BySteven H Proppon March 6, 2012
    Henry George (1839-1897) was an American writer, politician and political economist, who was the most influential proponent of the land value tax, also known as the "single tax" on land. The doctrine of his modern followers is called "Georgism."

    He identifies the three factors of production as land, labor, and capital. The term 'land' includes all natural materials, forces, and opportunities; "nothing that is freely supplied by nature can be properly classified as capital." (Pg. 38) He states that "If each laborer in performing the labor really creates the fund from which his wages are drawn, then wages cannot diminished by the increase of laborers... the more laborers... the higher wages should be." (Pg. 88) Capital, however, "is not a necessary factor in production. Labor exerted upon land can produce wealth without the aid of capital..." (Pg. 164)

    He observes pointedly that where the value of land is the highest, civiliization "exhibits the greatest luxury side by side with the most piteous destitution." To see human beings in the most helpless and hopeless condition, you must go, "not to the unfenced prairies and the log cabins of new clearings in the backwoods... but to the great cities, where the ownership of a little patch of ground is a fortune." (Pg. 224)

    He traces the unequal distribution of wealth to the institution of private property in land. "To extirpate poverty, to make wages what justice commands they should be, the full earnings of the laborer... We must make land common property." (Pg. 328) "Let the landowners have... all that the possession of the land would give them in the absence of the rest of the community. But rent, the creation of the whole community, necessarily belongs to the whole community." (Pg. 365-366)

    He argues that in this way the State could become the "universal landlord" without calling herself so, and without assuming a single new function. In form, the ownership of land would remain just as now, and no landowner would be dispossessed, and no additional restriction would be placed upon the amount of land any one could hold. "(W)e may put the proposition into practical form by proposing---To abolish all taxation save that upon land values." (Pg. 406)

    George's ideas were often viewed as an alternative to 19th century Socialism; and even some modern conservatives (e.g., William F. Buckley) are fans of his ideas---particularly the "single tax" proposal. His writings were ENORMOUSLY popular in his own day, and the fact that he has modern followers (e.g., The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation) attests to the continuing vitality of his ideas.

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    1. See what Leland has to say. It is the first I have heard of it. But I will do some research into ot and see what comes up. If I find anything of interest I will email you.

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