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Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Plea for Common Sense and Brotherhood

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I got a blazing tabloid article across my desk: "Pope Blames Satan for Exposure of Pedophiles in the Church".  The "spin" of this article was to accuse the Pope of  protecting pedophilia among the clergy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Francis was observing the obvious.  Of course, Satan is bringing all this to light. Who else knew?  Who placed those men in their positions?  Who tempted and compromised them?  Who decided to pull the plug and sacrifice them to the Cause of tearing down and discrediting the Church? 

Obviously, the head Fallen Angel in charge of the entire effort set this up, and just as obviously, a decision was made to expose the operation at this time.

We are witnessing a pre-planned, long-term, purposeful, predatory attack on the Roman Catholic Church, something that is decades (at least) in the making. 

The bankers did this to insure that if the Church exercised its authority to curtail their operations, they would have "a bomb"-- "an insurance policy"--  to employ against the Church.

By 2008 the corruption of the banks had become so apparent that Pope Benedict XVI had to act --- and he did.

Within a week, the pedophile accusations began coming in and Benedict himself was blackmailed with accusations of homosexuality.

This was a "tit for tat"---and the deeper the Church delved into the bank corruption, the more the banks unleashed the pedophile scandal.

This "coincidental timing" should tell you all something about the situation -- (1) that the Church is being retaliated against by criminal factions in the world banking community; (2) that those same criminal factions pre-planned and infiltrated the Church leadership with their own operatives; (3) that the exposure of these same operatives is deliberate and well-orchestrated to promote chaos within the Church and discredit of the Church at a time when the Church's authority over corporations needs to be effectively exercised.

Who has the authority to liquidate corporations acting as criminal syndicates?

The Roman Curia and the Pope.


Because the Holy See created the entire concept of corporations --- trusts, cooperatives, foundations, limited liability corporations, S-corps, C-corps -- you name it, all these business entities and structures were dreamed up by the members of the Curia, and by Maxim of Law, the creator remains responsible for the creation. 

Quite simply, the Corporate World is on the ropes.  They know they have been endlessly corrupt and have over-stepped their bounds and failed to honor the requirement that they function "lawfully" --which is part of the obligation the Church placed upon corporations as a condition for the creation of all corporate entities worldwide.

So the corporations and especially the Big Banks are trying to control and destroy the only power on Earth that can bring them back under control and put a limit on their criminality --- and if necessary, liquidate them.

THAT is what is at stake and it has nothing to do with pedophile priests.

Let me suggest that there are laws on the books to deal with pedophiles, vampires, persons engaged in trafficking, and every other crime imaginable, but there is only one Curia responsible for the proper functioning of corporations worldwide.

If the corporations can gain control of the Curia, they can continue to rampage at will with no accountability to the Public.  This includes the "governmental services corporations" that have dis-served us for six generations and which are firmly entrenched and evil to the core.

It's time to see through all this garbage and the sins of individual men and to rally round the Church and the Roman Curia as it struggles to regain the focus and sense of purpose and strength to deal with the Corporate Evil which will otherwise impact billions of people worldwide.

My roommate in college was Catholic.  I am a Lutheran.  She saved my life.

I was going through "the dark night of the soul". 

A great many adversities had piled up on my young life: my beloved Father was dying breath by breath from emphysema, my Mother was on the edge of mental and emotional breakdown because of this, and our entire family was horribly impoverished by it. I had one pair of shoes for all occasions and was working my way through school on scholarships and summer jobs.  On top of that, I had lost several long-time childhood friends, some to death and some to other circumstance beyond my control.  My despair was complete.  I felt utterly alone.  

And then, my Catholic roommate who had only known me a few weeks, looked at me and shook her head and laughed.

"Of all the people I have known," she said, "you are the least helpless." 

She said it with such complete, utter certainty, with such sincerity, I had to listen.

"Look at yourself," she continued in her practical, flat-footed way. "God has blessed you with an intelligence I can't even imagine.  You must believe that there is a reason?  That there is a purpose, even for your suffering?"

And she was right. All that early suffering and deprivation was a proving ground, a place where I learned my own strength, a time when my faith hit rock bottom, where I faced off fear and loss and poverty and loneliness.

My roommate couldn't begin to grasp all the "devils" I fought with for the next several years.  She couldn't conceive the questions I asked or the answers I found, but she stuck by me and loyally supported me and shared her own life with me as a loyal friend through it all. 

And she was Catholic.  And I was Lutheran.  And it didn't matter, because at the heart of our relationship stood the firm love of Yeshuah. 

Let us all get beyond centuries of doctrinal in-fighting and the stupidity and blindness that goes with it. 

Let us all realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Let us, as Followers of the Way, the Truth, and the Life, join together to help the Roman Catholic Church bind up its wounds and celebrate its victory over Evil and recognize its true nature as a Communion of Believers in all that is good and all that is just and all that is right.

Like me all those years ago, the Roman Catholic Church has been beset by evils, weighted down with trials and pain and misfortune on every side, left standing embattled from within and without. 

Let the rest of us be that voice of comfort and certainty in the storm.  Let us stand with the Roman Catholic Church worldwide as Fellow Believers, united and unafraid, resolved to recognize and put an end to the evils of Satanism wherever they are found and no matter what the risk or the cost.  

We are all soldiers and bondsmen of Our Righteous Savior. We have all committed to this fight.  The Watch Fires have been lit at St. Peter's.  Will we answer the call? 

Let us all pray with one united heart for the leadership and membership of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Let us all pray that the Roman Curia finds the strength, the cohesion, and the determination to address The Mess that the corporations have created, and let us all support them in the tasks that Our Father has set before them. 


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  1. wow, that may be the biggest hunk of crap you have ever peddled...the church is a farce, catholicism is a farce and this is beyond my comprehension apparently. i pray that the roman curia finds its slow and painful death and that all involved go meet their maker, their death and not a moment to soon. are you kidding me?

    1. patriot misnomer, you must be one of the more ignorant people i have seen on this site, please go back and crawl under the shell you came out of...

  2. Church has batted evil fight with father coplin.going on the radio trying to stop ww2. blocked from buying more airtime .
    The decency PG. Movie ratings are by the Catholic church.
    policy on abortion , pope John Paul fought wit Reagan and thatcher against cruel communism that account for 100 million deaths.
    Watergate doesn't bother me minor stuff go for the big fish!

  3. It might be ok to clean up the "swamp" in the vatican, just like DC, but we can never again trust any single entity to be the watchmen of the tower...thats how we wind up in these messes all the time through history.....!! Once our problem is solved, if it is solved, then every single agency, world religions, beauacracies of govt, heads of state, and secret societies have to be infiltrated by regular men and women from normal public societies, who will have to be spies for the public that give onsite from the inside of all these powerful agencies, in order to alwayalways maintain a tight control over them by the people's special agents to provide the rest of us "true news", and obsecure plans by these people in high places, so nothing nefarious can take place without the public's it the "National Security of and by the People", to iradicate fraud from the planet.....!! FRAUD is our biggest problem on planet is the foundation of all other crimes, and completely underrated by the judicial system and law enforcement agencies....if we can't stop fraud, then we will be stuck with this system or worse....!! FRAUD can no longer be looked upon as a "civil matter" fact every time someone is charged with a real crime, fraud should alwayalways be listed as the main crime, even if it's a murder case.....!! There is no crime without fraud being named as the main crime, no matter what it is....then people will finally get it that all crimes start and end with fraud......a capital crime...!!

  4. Anna,Would you mind if I forwarded this Email to the Owner of
    Church Militant News, & see if he is aware of the information that you have made your following aware of.

    I think your position on this subject is Very Christian, and I think there are a lot of People that will get Comfort from your words of Forgiveness & Understanding.

    May God continue to Bless Your Work & what you are doing for your
    Fellow Man,

    My Email is
    Peace Andrew Endres

    1. Andrew, there is not ONE word of Anna's article here that is anywhere close to being 'christian'. It is one of the worst article s she has ever written, each day they get worse and worse.

      Let me tell you the first thing wrong with it: It is a very flimsy attempt to use emotionalism to persuade folks to take pity on a very evil 'church'. Not much different from those tv commercials that use emotionalism and pity to get folks to give money to victims of the so-called holocaust or starving children.

      Not only that, but anna is also so obviously playing ''politics'' here to kiss up to the very lost pope, to get more favor for her Agenda.

      Anna, again you show you give No credence to God at all; Look ! It AINT satan exposing satan is GOD exposing the wickedness of that fake RCC. And FYI the pedo fil ia with Rome and within that entire pagan religious organization IS rampant along with all its other evil satanic activities they rubber stamped all these hundreds of years.

      Wake up Anna. You are already losing most all your credibility. When you show such slanted illogical thinking in so many things, then none of what you say can be taken as valid.

      Pity on wickedness is NOT a christian value.

  5. who has a bigger bank than the Vatican? If the Papal system created the whole Corporate World then I would think that it is trying , with all that she has, to maintain control of that world.
    Anna, I'm happy that you found a Catholic friend when you needed one, and I know that there are many good, good Catholic people in the would in spite of the Church. And I don't refer to that system as the Church because I believe it to be God's true church. Now , I want to speak plainly as we are all adults, but also gently as this may be new to some. well, I don't know how to be gentle just now. The Bible instructs God's people to "come out of her my people" and it refers to a system as "the Mother of Harlots". She has drank the wine of Babylon and committed fornication with the kings of the earth. She is located on 7 hills. She came out of pagan Rome. This can only be talking about Papal Rome. How has this system perverted the Gospel of Christ? Well, just off the top of my head: the pope is the Vicar of Christ. Christ on earth. Can any one think of a more presumptuous stand to take against God? The worship of the virgin Mary. Absolutly no place in the Bible is such a thing even suggested. Praying to the 'saints'. Worshiping 'holy relics'. Nope.
    Confessing one's sins to a man. Calling a man 'father' in direct violation of scripture. Selling indulgences. This is one of the main things that motivated Martin Luther. worshipping idols. I hope that you know that early on the church had to eliminate the idol commandment but then that left only 9 so they chose to split the last one into two. And the biggest perversion, what makes her the mother of harlots, is Sunday sacredness. The catholic church teaches Sunday, the Babylonian day of the sun, in disobediance to the 4th commandment of the Bible, Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy...but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God...But almost all "Protestant" churches, if they should even be called that anymore, follow the Roman Catholic Church in keeping the babylonian day of the Sun. Oh and there is the Easter festival, and the christ mass, (Christmas) and all hallows eve, Halloween. Monks and Nuns and all priests must live celibate lives. Peter was the first Pope. If the Pope is Christ on earth and Peter was the first pope then Peter was Christ! So, just a few things off the top of my head.

    1. tommy, you are absolutely correct. The truth is not always pretty, but still it is the truth and folks need to come to grips with it.

    2. I love Anna to bits, and have put one of her videos on my YouTube channel. But I have to agree completely with the above. Lets add the "Seemed to a have a deadly wound that was healed. 1798 when the Pope was arrested by Napoleon. The
      Thus for-filling the 1260 days = years. 42 months = 42x30 = 1260. 3 1/2 years = 1260.
      The Pope sacrificed his own in 1798 so the protestants would drop their guard.
      He's now doing the same thing, which includes the queen.
      "ORDO-AB-CHAO" - Order out of Chaos.
      They created the Chaos, now comes the Order.

      Sorry Anna, keep up the good work.

    3. Nope, those 1260 days have NOT yet happened. Those who twist scripture to try to put it away so they can brainwash themselves that 'the worst is not yet to come'' are just wishing, but wont make it true. Anyone who reads all the scriptures around the 1260 days scripture would easily realize NONE of that stuff has happened .....yet.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me that some people can be so stupid as to think that calling people names and fighting amongst themselves over piddly-ante concepts instead of actually having a meaningful discussion, where people come together as human beings, discuss the issues at hand, present their arguments in an adult kind of way instead of as kindergarteners on the playground trying to show the world who has the most vulgar vocabulary!
    It will NEVER and I do mean NEVER bring anyone to truth in any matter when they step into a room and see all the children fighting without a single one of them providing a singe shred of. . . evidence. . . to prove their side of the argument is the correct one instead of just saying it louder than the other guy.
    So, people, please grow up. I have been studying this stuff for many years before I ever ran across Anna's website, but guess what. . . most of what she says is on the money. Do I believe everything she says? Absolutely not. But do I make a big spectacle about it? No. Because at the same time, I have learned that you will never win an argument with a stupid person, you will only have to get down to their level to even play in their game.
    There will be more people lose out in life because they cannot accept someone else's viewpoints but would rather be right, alone, or accepting, together. I am positive that there are things people in here would not like about me. But would I argue with them over it? No. State my piece, make my peace with my self and hopefully, can let someone see my point of view for themselves, without trying to force them to by making a kindergarten spectacle of myself. And if they never do, then we can just agree to disagree and remain friends.
    The other thing that never ceases to amaze me is that people with such limited vocabulary that they cannot use non-curse words to portray their feelings. These people claim to be adults, claim to have all the answers, claim they know everyone else is wrong, yet still cannot get though a sentence without the extremely limited vocabulary of someone who only heard curse words as a child. Where else would you learn them? Definitely not in a civilized room. I sincerely feel bad for such people.
    And, on one last note. . . One of the posters in this thread makes the reference to the fact that there is no proof, and I quote, " It amazes me how she idiotically blames "the bankers" for something without absolutely no proof." Apparently, this may be one of those I am talking about. This individual has obviously never picked up a copy of Anna's book, let alone read it, as they would have the proof of 90% of it right there in their hands! I believe it is a properly executed and cured affidavit. Meaning no one rebutted it, meaning there was nothing but truth in those pages. Had it been rebutted, this other poster's argument would be valid. Read that book, people. Then re-read the website, then, actually do your own due diligence, as I have, even for years prior to finding that site and book.
    Then, come back here, as an enlightened human being and let's discuss it!
    Am I sticking up for Anna? Absolutely not. Am I sticking up for what I know to be truth by my OWN due diligence before I ever even met Anna? Absolutely! It is just that that book summarized for me in those pages, exactly what I have been reading and studying about for YEARS and it put it together in a very readable fashion.
    I will leave you all to your bickering, now. I am sure there will be some who will completely prove my points.
    Hide and watch.

  7. I'd like to know where "The Roman Curia and the Pope" were in 1886 when the court reporter of the U.S. Supreme Court claimed that the court had ruled that "corporations are persons" in the Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad case.

  8. "We are all soldiers and bondsmen of Our Righteous Savior. We have all committed to this fight." Anna

    I certainly don't accept this above total^nonsense....& never will in this particular life time thank GOD!🎢

    Being an American state national should have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with being a Christian, too☇

  9. CHRISTIANITY's countless historical crimes against humans should cloud any sane persons acceptance of ANY institutional organization ~ ESPECIALLY like the Catholic church ~ jurisdictions over any form of government imo♩

  10. Certainly Jesus would reject the Catholic Church countless crimes done in his name....

    1. Yes, certainly He would, And the daughters of said "church."
      They have all become mere money ex changers and worse.


  11. Anna,
    "Yesterday, I got a blazing tabloid article across my desk: "Pope Blames Satan for Exposure of Pedophiles in the Church". The "spin" of this article was to accuse the Pope of protecting pedophilia among the clergy. Nothing could be further from the truth."

    "Francis was observing the obvious. Of course, Satan is bringing all this to light. Who else knew? Who placed those men in their positions? Who tempted and compromised them? Who decided to pull the plug and sacrifice them to the Cause of tearing down and discrediting the Church?"
    Wrong Anna,
    While satan is schooled in the Art of warfare, including Hegelian dialect etc. It is not he that sheds True light. satan is and and never has been in full control.
    Any one who says satan made me do it, has given satan power.
    Besides has the pope not gotten the message that you Anna a daughter of Eve has once again slapped satan in chains?
    "This is why I arrested Satan and had him put in chains. This is why I will track down and arrest Lucifer, too."

    How many times throughout Biblical history has God Yahuah Alahim, exposed and destroyed these false temples and shrines filled with graven images and idols. It is not only the "catholic" church that is false.
    When will we learn?

  12. Because you are unaware of the Book of Enoch you cannot see that the "Roman Catholic" church is being "forced" to clean this up by the Son of Man as part of "The Great Chastisement from Heaven" where the bad guys squeal out all of their bad activities before being removed from our midst. The only danger in your thinking is that when we get to the removal part you might feel a little attached after having witnessed their squealing and assuming it means that they are somehow worthy of being saved. This is why they removed the Book of Enoch, they didn't want you to understand how they were going to get their butts whipped.

  13. This is an excellent documentary & @ 3:31 this is where you will hear that the Holy Family of Jerusalem arrived in Britain 33 A.D. Specifically South Wales. He said "Surprisingly, the Church of Rome acknowledged this". Perhaps Anna's take on these matters is above some of our study, but the truth anyway. And in our quiet ways we can search it out ourselves, but to complain that we have some fresh information to digest or prove to ourselves, is futile. Extra ordinary historical documentation/facts, thanks to the inquiring and researching minds in Britain. The total 29:47 minutes of your time, may be worthwhile.
    History of Britain Suppressed Part 7 = King Arthur - The Proof

    Love & Peace.

  14. How many of you are aware of this?
    Alabama: USCCB – Catholic Social Services

    Alaska: USCCB – Catholic Social Services

    Colorado: Colorado Department of Human Services

    Idaho: Janus Inc. (formerly Mountain States Group), Idaho Office for Refugees

    Kentucky: USCCB – Catholic Charities of Louisville, Kentucky Office for Refugees

    Louisiana: USCCB – Catholic Charities Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Office for Refugees

    Massachusetts: Office for Refugees and Immigrants

    Nevada: USCCB – Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

    North Dakota: LIRS – Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

    San Diego County, CA: USCCB – Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego

    South Dakota: LIRS – Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

    Tennessee: USCCB – Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Tennessee Office for Refugees

    Vermont: USCRI – Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

    VOLAGs are also used as subcontractors in some of the 37 states (and the District of Columbia) where these programs are administered by the state governments, where VOLAG subcontractors are also involved.

    The irony is that these leading private Christian charitable organizations which were organized to serve their local communities have now really lost much of their original purpose and have become agents and supporters of the Federal government bureaucracy’s efforts many see as an attempt to Islamicize America.

  15. I read “DARK SIDE OF THE PAPACEY “ and a Catholic priest stated that years back—maybe 200 hundred—that priests, like Rabbis, were allowed to marry. Then, the church for control measures, declared a priest had to be celibate. Since sheer will power is not very effective in sexual drive, priests seem left with perversion of same. The church could go a long way in stopping pedofilia by announcing that marriage be again allowed with nuns and priests. This would bring much of this mess to a screeching halt! Some seem born celibate but most not. Let the priest or nuns decide! Otherwise I think Anna makes a very wise and viable point with regard to forgiveness and reconciliation.


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