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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Another Response to "Kim Possible" -- And Other Disney Characters

By Anna Von Reitz

My responses will be in plain old non-bold type like this, following Kim's screed in bold. 
It has been a while since we spoke. I could include your emails on here where you threatened me for refusing to issue bonds off inground assets in the United States to you (not the people) but I will not as there is nothing productive that will come of this other than showing people how negative you can be. Further, I was also forwarded emails from other associates totally unrelated to any dealings you and I have had with the same threats you made on their lives for not conforming to your wishes. I retained all this for my records just incase there was any thing “real” behind your threats.
Yes, it has been a while.  No loss so far as I can see.  You were tasked with a simple job--- release the assets back to the people those assets belong to, including Michael Young and the Athabascan nations he represents and me and my husband, who represent The United States of America (Unincorporated)-- a position we inherited and which has cost us nothing but expense and hard work and endangerment.  
Instead of doing your job, you've been playing "footsie" with all sorts of disreputable international thugs.  No wonder I am disgusted with you, when you try to sell off or give away in-ground mineral assets belonging to the American states and people, and specifically, assets belonging to American Indians, at the behest of the British Queen to the Chinese.  Shame on you.  You are mad at me, because I quashed the deal, but at least the American assets stayed in America in American hands because of me, not because of you. 
You and your friends are so ignorant about law that you don't know what an "Execution Order" related to a charge of fraud and grand larceny is-- a charge which the Secret Service is holding against your ex-boyfriend.  Just for your information, they brought the Order to me.  I had nothing to do with it.  And if you try to tell anyone competent in the Federal Service that an Execution Order related to fraud and larceny charges is a death threat, you will be laughed out of the room, probably out of the building and down the street.  
Maybe we should discuss the fraud by your associate Mr. Young and his attempts to assign these same assets over to the “Chinese Elders” both in Las Vegas in August of 2017 and on his trip to China only just a few months ago when he called me asking for codes/assignments. (Yes I still have a copy of all those text messages). Why you expect me to help he/you/Bank of Dene assign inground assets to the “Chinese Elders” to the tune of 14 Trillion or some crazy amount? These are inground assets in America. The answer was no, so go ahead and slander away I do not care. I did the right thing, and have all this in writing from the two of you.
Michael Young is the lawful Trustee of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust--- one of several that has large gold bullion holdings that you are supposed to turn over so that Michael can fund humanitarian and infrastructure projects in this country.  I am sure that if you had simply done your job more than a year ago, he wouldn't have had to make any attempt to assign gold in the ground that also belongs to the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, because he could have funded the projects using gold that is already mined. Uh-duh.  
Instead of doing your job,  you flaked out and traded the bullion assets yourself on a private trading platform, so they weren't available to the actual Trustee.  Oh, and you named your good buddy -- the same one the Secret Service is holding the fraud and grand larceny charges on-- as the 50/50 shareholder on the receipts of that trade.  So you tried to fatten yourself and your partner at the expense of widows and little children on the Navajo Reservation and I quashed that deal, too.  No doubt you are mad at me, but really, Kim, all I ever asked you to do was stop screwing around and do the job you were appointed to do.  All the bad choices are yours. 
Bad choice to keep the gold that belongs to the Athabascans and other beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust locked up and away from the people who have been waiting to see any benefit from it for over 200 years.  Bad choice to trade it and name yourself and your ex-boyfriend as the beneficiaries of the trade receipts. Bad choice to turn your back on some of the poorest and most needy people in America.   Just bad, bad, bad. 
Your lashing out at me publicly comes as no surprise. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into your rantings of something you have little knowledge of, however your point is very unclear. Is there a purpose to this? Are the people any more free because of what you write about me? Do you have an alternative solution to get these people what they are owed? Then go right ahead and get it done. Ignore the fact the Trust exists (or does and does not according your posts) and get to it. Get all the people all the assets you claim to have access to by whatever means you desire, just leave me OUT. After all I am “fraud” according to you anyway.
I never said you weren't given the codes and told to start disbursing the funds to the intended recipients months ago.  So far as I have been told, you were.  But you haven't done your job. You haven't served the people or the countries that are supposed to benefit. So far, to my knowledge, you have only attempted to benefit yourself and your ex-boyfriend at the expense of this country's poorest poor.  
There are people dying of thirst in Africa right now, Kim,  because of you and your failure to get off  First Base and do your duty. That's more than enough reason for me to bang a gong and say, "What's going on?" 
For those of you that care for a response to Ms. Anna;
1) I did not get this position until 2012, AFTER Rothschild etal “Trusteeship” expired. I was not a “terminal operator” for Rothschild as you had stated. If I were, then why would they be blocking me? I mean after all they should welcome me into all their banks with open arms if I worked for them right?
They aren't blocking you. They have no control over the actual asset accounts anymore. Their trusteeship expired.  New codes were issued to you.  You can't use a normal terminal and you are so clueless that you don't know why?  How did you wind up in control of anything?  Even I, a self-admitted banking neophyte know the answer to that, and also know who is blocking you now and has blocked you in the past.  What I don't know is what -- beyond the obviously bad stuff -- have you tried to do?   
I could probably help you, and would, if I had any reason to think that your heart is actually in the right place and that you are not just a power-hungry, incompetent, unfeeling cheat. 
Do you even know why you were chosen for this role?  Any clue at all?  I somehow get the feeling that you were used.   I think M. used you to obey the "letter of the law" while avoiding its spirit and intent.  I think he knew you would fail, both because he withheld information necessary to do what you are supposed to do, and also because he knew your temperament and programming. 
2) Yes I am aware of Mr. M, I am aware he died, and I am also aware that we the people took the trust back from the theives, no thanks to you and any of your letters to the pope, Trump or Santa Claus nor any other entity you may have written letters to. I can assure you the writer of Draconian Law was notyou it was him and the one that wrote it is dead. How do I know that? Because I was THERE.
Ah, but, the Draconian Law lost all force and effect on Earth by Universal Mandate over a hundred years ago. Their guardianship ended, but they didn't leave. That's why the entire Heavenly Host has come to evict them.  And you know how I know that?  Because I was there.  And I still am.    
The Payment Bond was issued, by me, to the Vatican Chancery Court on January 6, 2017.  A year and a day later, precisely, on January 7, 2018, the Payment Bond cured and the Age of Aquarius began.  You think that is just a coincidence?  
Better think again --- about a whole lot of things. 
3) I wear 7 hats and hold multiple positions, only 1 has to do with any “money” and none of which have to do with anything which you speak of. So why don’t you do whatever it is you do, and I will do what I do. 
I also wear many, many hats.  I spend my days in diplomatic and legal missions and my nights hunting criminals in the Interstice.  It's because some of your actions appear to be tinged with criminality and self-interest that I have bothered to keep an eye on you, and especially your failure to turn over the asset-backed trusts to the people they are owed to.  It may not bother you that Indians on Reservations suffered through another miserable winter, and it may not hurt you that people are dying of thirst in Africa because you stalled out, but it bothers me.  It bothers me a lot. 
Unless you want the plethera of emails you have sent not only to me, but also people I know, posted on here then I suggest you keep me and the trust out of your postings. Next time someone forwards a “slanderous” email from you about me (got copies of those too) I will respond with the zip file of emails from you and Mr. Young.
I have nothing whatsoever to fear from you or any lies or misrepresentations you might concoct.  Your own criminal record precedes you, and your "relationship"-- complete with your intended 50/50 split of the illicit Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust trading platform deal speaks volumes about your true nature and intent. The most likely reason for this rant and these mindless threats is that you were thwarted again, from getting your hands on all that money.  It's going back into a trust fund to benefit the actual beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, and this time, the Indians on the Res and people living in the western states are going to actually get the benefit.  Not you.  Not your pals. So sit on it and weep.  You intended evil and reaped zero for your efforts.  From now on, its Aquarian Law, not Draconian Law.
Other than that I wish you success in all your endeavors Ms. Anna Von Reitzinger, AAA (formerly AAIA). Please leave me out of your repertoire of postings and business as “Judge Anna“. I will certainly be leaving you out of mine.
Best Wishes,
Yes, well, I trust that all the worthy people who will be reading this as a result of this continued attack on me, will note the either (1) mentally unstable or (2) horribly hypocritical juxtaposition of your venom and threats and your "Best Wishes".  They will also note that you can't even spell my name correctly, though you have had ample opportunity to learn--which is a telling indication of how accurate your other information about me might be.   
Why anyone should have faith in you after the track record you have established, I can't say, but for me its a vote of "no confidence".  You haven't succeeded in getting any benefit for yourself, but you have managed to hurt and continue the long-suffering of millions of people on this planet, which is why I am recommending your removal.
Other council members--- heads up:  Either Kim hasn't been told that the Draconian Law on this planet is over, or she is programmed in such a way as to be unable to function in the transition-- deliberately sabotaged, in my opinion: Marduk's Last Laugh.  
We owe it to the millions of people suffering on this planet to dispense with further obstructions and delays and reptilian nonsense.  Full speed ahead, especially in Africa, where drought relief is of paramount importance.  Full speed ahead to relieve Michael Young and get the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust released to his oversight and control.  Full speed ahead on the worldwide judicial reform.  And last but not least, full speed ahead on totally replacing both the current internet and banking systems. 
It's time.  Or to be more precise, it is over a hundred years past time for the Dracos and their tools and their obstructions to be removed worldwide.  So let's remove them.  Hook, line, scale, fang, bots, and swots. 
That is my "two cents" as The Fiduciary and Senior Field Commander.
Kim “Possible”
Anna Maria 


  1. Bravo!!! You get 'em, Anna and team! So proud to know this enslavement is nearly over.

    How may I help? Already making monthly donations....

    Karen D.
    Aka: Danika

  2. It's pretty easy for me to say the b*llsh*t monitor is off the charts for anything in bold typeface. Goes right from high alarm to very, very, very angry. Seems to be happening more and more these days.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. robert allen, Now do you see why I posted my diatribe yesterday...saying that nothing is happening because things are being blocked and deliberately stalled, etc. ?
      I said all that just from my overall gift of Discernment; but NOW it is being spelled out, for anyone to see.
      I have also discerned the same exact thing going on with the Wanta Funds, and so it is now being told I have been correct about that, too.
      Same is true with almost everything people are waiting on these days. So now, robert, you can go back and read my Comment from yesterday and ''take it to the bank' lol. I have
      not been wrong yet, in decades, and sometimes it is downright scary to me, even.

    2. Robert Allen LOL.delete your apology . What a stand up guy you are.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Very thoughtfull response, Anna, and full of integrity and clarity.

  6. Deliberately tried to sabotage the distribution by appointing a hell cat.

  7. All the Draco's speak the same language when their perceived entitlements and ill gotten "capitalist" gains are threatened by truth, integrity and honest service for the greatest good of ALL!!!
    Times up!!!
    Great work Anna!! Always grateful for all you, James and team continue to be and do one all our behalf, Thank you!!

  8. I have been listening to Thomas's show for quite some time, I think I found Judge Anna as soon as she came on the scene and Love, Love her, Im just hoping it all gets straightend out soon. I think both sides are legit. We dont have to like each other to be on the same side. Looks like they got crossways.(that might be a southern sayin) Lets make peace and go forward

  9. Can always count on you Judge Anna to do the right thing! We appreciate you!


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