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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Shadow Government Testimony

By Anna Von Reitz

We do affirm that to the best of our knowledge and belief, every word of this testimony is true, correct, and placed upon the public record: 

Everyone is talking about the "Shadow Government" and "Dark Government" and "Shadow Forces".  Let's peel off all the cloak and dagger nonsense and shine a bright light and see what is really hiding under the bed and how it got there. 

This all began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his corporate office as "President" of the United States of America, Inc. 

He bankrupted a territorial corporation that infringed upon our unincorporated Trade Name "United States of America" --- simply named itself after our unincorporated land jurisdiction government,  and then created franchises for itself named after our states --- "State of Michigan" for example.  The fraud artists even created franchises named after all the living Americans by arbitrarily "redefining" their Trade Names as U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts operated as corporate franchises--and all without consent, disclosure, or equitable consideration, all based on false claims of authority and non-existent battlefields and wars and emergency powers never granted to these charlatans.  

John Maynard Doe = the Given Trade Name of an American baby, but....
John Maynard Doe can also = the name of a Territorial United States Foreign Situs Trust

Which is which?  And who is to know the difference?  It is an obvious constructive fraud based on deceptively similar names. 

FDR just winked and "presumed" that we were all "United States Citizens" and that our Given Trade Names were actually the names of Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts instead.   And on that basis, the Creditors of the United States of America, Inc., were allowed to harass us and bill us for the debts of our house servants. 

[Mr. Obama just pulled the same basic trick.  He created bankrupt PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES named after all of you, all using ACCOUNT designations like this:  JOHN Q. PUBLIC.  They are attempting to pull the same scam again, only on a global scale. ] 

And then, by a process of "debt assumption" FDR and his administration and the creditors of their private, mostly foreign-owned corporation, foisted their debts off onto the innocent American public.  

They basically sent out bills addressed to their franchises that appeared to be addressed to the living people of the same name, and those same living people innocently paid all these bills that weren't actually theirs to pay.  

And the lawyers, who have all taken oaths to "support the bankruptcy"--- most of whom don't even know that the bankruptcy they took an oath to support is long since over, and that a new round of fraud is being booted up--- are expediting and enforcing and contributing to this fraud and lawlessness.  

How could such a thing be?  Well, it is rooted in the actions of the present Queen of England's Father and Uncle, and in FDR's actions back in the 1930's.  

In 1935, FDR created The Federal Register Act.  It was codified as Title 3, Section 301, et seq. by Executive Order.  He gave himself the power to create federal agencies, to appoint the heads of those agencies, and to give those agencies the power to tax and regulate federal citizens. This is the Shadow Government.  

As the President of any incorporated entity does not have the power to create law directly affecting or obligating the unincorporated American states or people, we may be sure that these actions by FDR pertained only to the operations of the federal territorial and municipal corporations and their employees --which are now in the process of liquidation and Chapter 11 Reorganization.  Again. 

Next, FDR re-delegated his ability to make federal "laws"  known as "statutory regulations" to the agency heads and which is private, corporate, statutory law dreamed up by The National Law Institute.  

Again, under the actual Constitution, re-delegation of delegated authority is a felony-level Breach of Trust, so we may be sure that none of these actions were undertaken with respect to the actual American states and people.  The only ones subject to the rule of the Shadow Government of the Agencies are federal citizens, who are obligated to obey every title and jot, just as they are obligated to pay federal income taxes, are subject to unlawful Bills of Attainder, and all the rest.  

All this goes along uninterrupted as private corporate business affairs that are-- at least on paper-- not supposed to affect us or our states, unless we volunteer to donate our property to the cause, which of course we never do, but which the corporate franchise managers appear to do "for" us, when they pledge "the good faith and credit" of their "states and the citizenry thereof". 

Please note the language.  When they talk about "their states" they are talking about the Territorial or Municipal States of States or STATES OF STATES or..... their franchise organizations, and when they talk about the "citizenry thereof" they are talking about their employees and dependents and political asylum seekers, etc., that are obligated to obey their every whim.  Not us. 

But they "presumed" that we would "volunteer" and donate our assets as "sureties" backing their debts, and so, for the next 66 years, via an undisclosed process of odious debt assumption promoted via an equally undisclosed practice of personage against the unwary Americans, we all paid taxes we didn't owe and mortgages we didn't owe, and we made to obey foreign statutory laws that actually have nothing to do with us.  

And now they are trying to boot it up on a global scale and pull off the same constructive fraud scheme again.  

In 1999 the old bankruptcy finally settled and our Trade Names, which the Federales falsely claimed were U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts, were released. The formerly and merely "presumed to be" bankrupt entities were set free, albeit, left adrift in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  That's how your good honest Christian Trade Names came to be converted into the names of "presumed" U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts and  "abandoned" in the foreign jurisdiction of the sea, and this is the reason that Queen Bess called them "disregarded entities".  

This brings up the issue of the responsibility of the British Monarch for this circumstance, which can only result from Gross Negligence and felony-level Breach of Trust on her part with respect to re-delegation of delegated powers.
At the end of the day, the Stench of all this comes back and lands on the Queen's lap, because the British Monarchs are obligated to act as our Trustees on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways and none of this chicanery should have ever been allowed.  

No re-delegation allowed to the Congress, either Territorial or Municipal.  No re-delegation allowed to the President.   No re-delegation allowed to the Federal Reserve.  And certainly no re-delegation of our delegated authority to any politically appointed heads of any federal corporation agencies or subcontractors. 

What these fraud artists have justified as merely private business operations of an incorporated entity like any other incorporated entity on the face of the Earth, have in fact been misrepresented as the prerogatives and actions of a sovereign government--- a sovereign government which still exists and which holds Queen Elizabeth II responsible for usurping upon the position of the actual American Head of State and for abuse of the Delegated Powers, and for re-delegating powers that are uniquely vouchsafed to the British Monarch--- which resulted in the Federal Reserve System, the surreptitious press-ganging of the American People, and the false claims that have been made against us, our labor assets, our natural resources, our copyrights, trademarks, logos, and so much more.  

Now once again the perpetrators have piled up a huge mass of Odious Debt, which they are attempting to palm off on Americans, and claiming that we have "voluntarily" subjected ourselves to their vicious and criminal hegemony.  

They were able to enforce this via constructive fraud and falsification of public records and plain brute force while their corporations were solvent, but now, something new has entered the playing field.  Their operations are under the control of the bankruptcy courts --- mostly international banks --- and bankruptcy Trustees named by Secondary Creditors.

They have been doing this under the presumption, (again, that word), that the Priority Creditors --- the American states and people --- are "not represented" and are "Missing, Presumed Dead" in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and all as a result of their criminal fraud.  

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia has been informed of the startling information that the "missing" Americans have not only been found, they are alive and well and back on the land jurisdiction of the United States, and they reclaim their names, their Laws, and their property assets free and clear of any debts accrued "in the absence" by Secondary and merely "presumed" Beneficiaries of their estates.  

Instead of the "Agencies" we are now presented with the ridiculous presumption that we and our actual government are in the thrall of a Bankruptcy Trustees appointment by Secondary Creditors in a bankruptcy in which we are, ourselves, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors.  

U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin are hereby fully informed that the American states and people are alive and well and that as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors, we own all the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal Corporations and their franchises, including the banks which have been organized under their auspices worldwide, and the Credit Unions which have always been ours. 

This is our enchilada, not yours, not the Queen's, and the Pope has already admitted that it isn't his, either. 

(1)  As the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors, it is our determination and edict to the courts in this matter that the so-called "National Debts" are to be first off-set by Mutual Off-Set Credit Exchange, then discharged and forgiven as necessary, and that all assets naturally belonging to the American states and people and similarly all assets naturally belonging to the people of other countries are to be returned to them and their lawful land jurisdiction governments, free and clear of any odious debt.  

(2) It is also our determination and edict in this matter that the United States Marshal's Service shall be converted back to duty in the international jurisdiction of the land and the U.S. District Courts converted back into Federal Postal District Courts for the resumption of International Trade. 

(3) As we are owed the assets managed by the Federal Reserve and  as all value of the "Petro-dollar" issued by the UNITED STATES since 1971 is based on the value of oil, not gold, any conversion of Federal Reserve Notes into our currency shall be in equivalents to our traditional silver dollar and not attached to any gold standard at all, except in that our silver dollars and paper certificates representing silver dollars may trade against gold in precious metal-backed currency markets of the world. We reserve the copyright and trademarks, logos, flags, currencies, patents, treaties, and all else that is our natural inheritance as the lawful government of the free, sovereign, and independent United States. 

This news deserves to be noted and flashed all around the world, so that nobody is under any false presumption about the status of the American states and people and their continuing claim upon the land, labor, and natural resources of the actual United States, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the fortunes of the foreign "governmental services corporations" which were supposed to merely be here providing these services in Good Faith.  

It should also be noted that silver, not gold, is our precious metal-backed currency standard and has been for over 200 years.  Anyone offering to issue "United States Dollars" as a gold-backed currency is acting in fraud and without the the consent of the Paramount Security Interest Holders and is infringing upon our lawful copyrights and trademarks.

We shall leave it to you and to the political appointees responsible for the Agencies of the Shadow Government and the leaders of the American Bar Association and The National Law Institute and President Trump and the Generals acting as Trustees of the bankrupt Territorial corporations, and the Senior Judges at The United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and the Justices of the so-called United States Supreme Court  and the bankruptcy court of Puerto Rico, and the rest of the Party Hearties in the deceptively similarly named "U.S. Congress" to consider whether this present circumstance bears any faint resemblance to "Good Faith" of any kind, and we shall leave it to the Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court and the Grand Juries of the lawful government to consider whether it does not instead reek of self-interested deceit, fraud, felony Breach of Trust, unlawful conversion, breach of our international treaties with the British Monarchs and with the Municipal government of the City of London and the Territorial Government of Westminster, press-ganging, inland piracy, enslavement, forced peonage, conscription under force, racketeering, usurpation against a sovereign government, and a total disrespect by both the governmental services corporations and the purveyors of the "law" and the banks which have colluded with them against their Priority Creditors--- for the Public Law, including our international tri-lateral treaties, which have been in place for over 200 years.  

So said, and so made as a record in solemn testimony, by our hands and seals and in our lawful and lawfully copyrighted names, without the Territorial and Municipal United States, under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of the actual United States of America, Unincorporated, to the best of our knowledge and belief this 11th day of September, 2017, and provided to the respective bankruptcy courts, the people of America, and the world at large: 

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
United States of America, Unincorporated
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
United States of America, Unincorporated
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska, 99652


  1. Any contract that is not fully disclosed is void.however they will attempt to show that we were OK with the status quo because we were playing along using the federal Reserve notes ,signing driver's licenses , marriage certificates . Stop signings use the square brackets to lift out your name.
    Sign last coma first showing non compliance .

    1. bubbapatric,
      Please show an example,I would greatly appreciate it!

    2. bubbapatric, please show an example of what you are talking about. A picture is worth a thousand words!

    3. [Patric minderhout]. Minderhout, patric.

    4. Anna recommended the backwards name with the coma in the middle but the square brackets is rooted in law or an mathematical equation you must first solve in the parentheses firest please (parenthese), excuse my dear,aunt, Sally .
      Personally I have to add things to my signature after signing at least one contract per day simply add stc.for said to contain this gives me a leg to stand on if ever someone accuses me of theft or loss
      Never happened but always a first time some body misscounts.

  2. This is all well and good if it was allowed to come to pass, but so far, all of this is just more hot air that is ignored. And I don't ever remember voting for a James Belcher to be my/our "Head of State" and the last time this was covered, he addressed himself as a "hereditary head of State"!!! REALLY!? This country does not have ANY "hereditary "HEAD OF ANYTHING" as ALL titles of nobility was to be expunged by the original 13th/ amendment as Anna well knows, so please tell me again HOW is Belcher our "Head of State"!!!??? And FDR was just a puppet taking orders from Anna's favorite people group, Saint Rothschild, FDR didn't have two original brain cells to rub together as he was too mentally deficient to think all of this up on his own. All sycophants are, and he was the worst of them. But as usual for this site, facts mixed with fiction and nothing is going to change here folks, move along.

    1. Well UNKNOWN if you know so much why don't you reveal your real identity?

    2. Agree on Roosevelt , his secretary of treasury Henry morganthou drafted the morganthou plan to kill 20 million Germans before the war but that came to pass 8 million war crimes burning women and children .and 13 million after 1945.and he shipped treasury plates to Jewish lead Russia 5&10 thousand real plates with paper and the words of general Mosby ww2. Was for Jewish hegemony throughout the world . One more supreme Court judge and we could have said bye bye to gun rights and free speech . Look like Sweden today the British has been conquered by Rothschild at least since waterloo France since king Louie and Marie antonett.were slaughtered .

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. sorry 4 abbrev. needed 2 fit 4096-char limit of posts

      in reply 2 unknown: believe claim is belcher family seal is used on the war flag possibly civil flag w/ vertical stripes

      u would have 2 find old books re: traditions of flags & "law of nations" 4 y they had 2 use a family seal on flag(s) claim is they needed a seal that was already independ.

      if u doubt the claim, try the history of the war flag (4 "civil flag" see "the scarlet letter" nathaniel hawthorne circa 1850s e.g. project gutenberg has free copy 4 contemporary-2-that-era Iwitnes account.believe its fiction but no reason 2believe that detail is inaccurate)

      i know family seals tradit. had 2 be approv. by "nobility" (a book re: rothschilds mentions they were reject. until they used other colors/animals/symbology. nobiles didnt think upstart "jews" should get full "status" right away)

      presumab. people "independ." from englnd had right 2 make their own seal/crest & did not need permission from nobles

      i believe that applies 2 every american

      just cuz "nobility" and "titles" r outlawed doesn't mean similar things r all gone.

      as proof u can find IIRC congress. record very early they were discusing whether 2 repeal laws re "titles" and "nobility". consensus was replace "king" "nobility" w/ "american" and either the law still made sense or no. either it made sense w/ "the people" as "king" or it was null & void (no need 2 "repeal" it)

      just a switch of who "king" was (in a republic, the people delegate powers, similar 2 power of attorney.1 can always take such things back, fire the attorney, represent themself, etc.

      we branched off of "english common law" (see cia world factbook "united states")
      even the CIA knows this. the politicians all get those fact books 2, they should know

      the "french revolution" they did similar "all men r created equal" idea was they didn't need masonic lodges after the revolution. all of france was now 1 giant brotherly lodge of "Equals"

      2 quote an author on separation of church and state: "they replaced a mysterious divinity (christian god) w/ a divine mystery (masonic levels/degrees/secrecy)"

      we just said "we the people" r the "king" around here, distribute "titles" 2 every1 is another way of outlawing them. we have equally-distributed "kinghood"

      "all men r created equal" relates 2 such things 2.every1 has the "revolutionary right" 2 self-govern. 2 quote lincoln, re "southern" "secession", he said it was against the "perfect union" and would break the "contract", but they still had a "revolutionary right" 2 do so. war would not solve anything they'd have 2 start from scratch w/out a constitut. so he recommended they stay in the union instead

      supposed. reason masons left king/queen englnd standing is the "king" was neutured by parliament/magna carta/etc. so was less a dire situ. than e.g. france supposed. was

      point being even "king" doesn't always mean "can do whatever they want". common law 4 a long time has held the "king" must still must follow same laws as every1 else. not all "title" and "nobility" necessar. mean much.some "kings" r just in name only.

      the american system they tried 2 distribute power, different branches.

      they split up "king" e.g. judiciary/legislat./congress/senate/house of rep/etc r "kings" but only certain areas

      sherriff is a title 2. reeve of the shire(county in usa) & tradition. appointed by "king".that title is still here

      we just decided "we the people" r now the "king" who appoints

      "we the people" effectively get full "titles" and "nobility" by default

    6. long story can debate how much "masonic" influence (for good or for ill) there was and is in the sovereign states.

      but "outlaw all titles" doesnt need to be done if you can get similar effect by making everyone "king"

      (which is what a "republic" is...delegated power...bottom up...from "we the people" who are all "kings" without subjects)

      put another way, congress etc. are our "subjects" who are here to "serve" us. we appoint them, recall them, etc.

      one can say "no, they outlawed all titles" i won't dispute that. just pointing out, to a degree (no pun intended) it helps to "think like a mason" in some ways to understand a "republic"

      "we the people" are "kings" and have all "titles" by default

      we all get allodial land titles. just like the "king" did (when he is not feuding with the "pope" anyways).

      put another way, titles and nobility are outlawed because they didn't want them infringing on the "natural rights" "titles" "kinghood" "nobility" of "we the people" that every american gets by default on american soil.

      splitting hairs maybe, but might explain things simpler for some people. "same difference" arguably

    7. i will shut up, but if you doubt masonic influence...just see the jacobin/masonic red liberty cap floating above the us senate logo

      some would say we want "Freedom" not "liberty" ... just pointing out "it helps to think like a mason" sometimes to understand some things.

      as to whether that was always the "us senate" logo you would have to research when that became "official"

      if anyone thinks that is some other floating red "liberty" cap, by all means, "illumine/enlighten" us...

  3. What Anna does, she does very well. In this case of "Head of State" It could be more servitude than nobility. I will have to agree however that bellowing without teeth has minimal effectiveness. At the same time, move along, throw the baby out with the bath water looks like bad advice. Rather than throw out Anna's strengths it is better to fill the weakness. I am still a student and not the mover and shaker in this realm but have been watching for and expecting some commercial liens and common law liens and attaching property. I would like to see Anna's group be the hub and bring in talent for an aggressive division to cause satellite uniformity. There must be competent counsel to direct and assist organized, step by step progression of local, lawful aggression on a grand scale. We must start uniformly against one chosen official position in multiple cities or counties including their defenders as they show themselves until victory then official 2 then 3. Every small victory grows teeth, every failure is education. The fear will shift to our favor.

    1. Fortunately, the Founders built in a hereditary Head of State and even though nobody (including the Head of State) liked it, it had to be set up that way and was.

      Otherwise this country would very shortly have no recognizable voice to represent it or conduct its international business affairs.

      In case you haven't heard-- both the Territorial and Municipal governments are bankrupt.

      The only government left standing is the actual unincorporated land jurisdiction government formed September 9, 1776.

      So your confusion is understandable but a product of ignorance. There is a Head of State and he has stood up to protect the people of this country. Be glad that he has, because it is not an easy job and it is unpaid.

    2. Paul, I would be so delighted to have online access to anything regarding "the Founders" in regards to "a hereditary Head of State" and most especially the "built in" factor. Would it be possible to post a link to such?

  4. I left out common law courts and juries before liens

  5. In the words of Dr William Pierce we must first expose the jews.or most deadly enemy behind every negative thing effecting immigration #1,economic Jewish bankers fleecing everything of value,face flags multi.zionest.Binifit.destroying records the FBI.were collecting blowing the vault king David hotel in Egypt was blown to take out British evidence on them .so there is an internal battle some good Mi5 some good CIA both battling jews..this commercial suits sounds like the Rothschild banks will get the liquidation matter bank transaction in 10,000. Range not reported even lower were in a prison planet.and need a jail brake new papers head to Switzerland !

    1. Better yet Hungary or Russia new Christian strong hold.jews fleeced Switzerland and Thai were a few accounts that had been vacant but immense Jewish pressure made the Swiss pay all demands by the chosen.brilliant debate by Andrew anglin vs. Vox day far better than Charlie Rose vs Steve Bannon. All theater .
      Bottom line mitch McConnell flew the new acquisition Ted Cruz to tel Aviv in his private jet upon taking power they wanted to look over thirty recent purchase .
      Andrew mopped the floor with vox who was trying to trash nationalist socialism drawing parallels to other socialist movements made no real point nationalism is the one thino globalist fear any race can band together just not white prole the media will go into 100% attack mode.

  6. I came across a good site , a little like judge Anna's site awhile back , on the short history of what happened here. Except this one , even though its the "readers digest", quick and short history lesson, nonetheless, is much more detailed in the events and people involved..... One thing is for sure after reading THIS VERSION!! We may have lost our "continental congress" after the civil war, but make no mistake.... Congress was still loaded with good and smart people, that actually did still care for "the people" who could smell a rat or con from a mile away....Nothing like the congress we have today... No wonder things didnt start happening until the 50's... Congress roadblocked the "bankers", every chance they got...and believe me, they did a lot of roadblocking for us. We owe them a lot. They werent even close to the traitors they are today. But after years and years of non stop injuries and underhanded legislation being introduced by the battlehardened bankers, sometimes stuping to the level of the "mafia" to get their legislation through, congress must have just realized it was usuless to fight them anymore...that congress was every bit as good, or better than our original "contenental congress".. They were all a bunch of "Trey Goudy's"..We should be so lucky to have that kind of congress again. This really is a good history lesson for all of us.. there has always been traitors amoungest us in congress , but for the most part we were blessed with a congress that was really on the ball, otherwise we would have had a dictator 40 years ago...!!! Heres the site...Bookmark it for reference!!

    1. James, since you mentioned Trey Gowdy, it occurs to me that since it is seeming apparent that Trump is not accepting the position of President, Trey Gowdy would be a good one to offer it to. You think?

    2. He is a tiger, for sure..!! And he is younger and stronger..!! If he runs for president ill probably vote for him..

    3. The problem is that he is a BAR attorney, right?

    4. Paul I would think Trey could easily throw his Bar membership right back in their faces; like resign/surrender that membership.

  7. Sorry, i didnt give you the very beginning of the site.. It starts with the end of the "tally" system, and goes to present. There are quite a few pages, but not much on every page. When you finish one page, you have to push the tab at the bottom of each page to continue to the next year to keep reading....start to it is. Our congress lasted for over a hundred or more years of being the people we expected them to be....honest and smart, with only a few exceptions...!!!

  8. Should it not be loudly broadcast as to where and when any related bankruptcy proceedings are taking place so that all enlightened souls who are able to do so can show-up in person in defense of the unincorporated American States? Who is currently representing this position in such court proceedings and why aren't they being broadcast to anyone and everyone who understands this picture? There has never been any indication that the existing power brokers ever have any respect for historical facts. Instead, they are always about manipulating the facts to suit their own purposes. Certainly being on the right side of the truth and historical facts is a great place to be. But, it is also true that historically power can only be dealt with by an opposing show of power. That opposing force has to come from strongly exposing lies and deception to the light of day. What do we need to do to make this happen BEFORE these proceedings just slide into a more global venue and it is too late.

  9. Question: How does all of this bankruptcy jive with all the purported lucrative CAFR1 accounts that Walter Burien talks about on his website? Also what is the best approach to get the people informed so that they stop feeding these defunct corporate entities in order for more of the people, as well as the "useful idiot" employees to get the message of the "reset" without causing unwanted chaos? Thank you.

    1. From Anna:

      There have indeed been notable battles in the "US Congress" but the fact remains that at the end of the day, they aren't our Congress.

      And the key issues-- money, identity theft, and false claims against other people's assets are not addressed or remedied.

      So, thanks for those who tried but we all need to realize that most commercial corporations are organized to make profits and nothing else--- not to uphold the Public Law, not to preserve your rights and property.

    2. So how to we view these bankrupt proceedings like the other gentlemen said? If it's going on in the UN, there meetings need to be halted until we the priority creditors can stand up and say enough is enough, you need to forgive all debt and balance the books to zero for the entire 50 states united under the Constitution restricting the federal government to Washington DC.

      The American people are foreclosing on the UNITED STATES, INC, a foreign country on the open sea in relation to the actual land owned by it's primary credit holders, the American soverign human beings.

  10. I'm curious as to what duties and authorities Head of State has
    and also what are the duties and authorities of Anna as Fiduciary.
    Since this is all new to us; what exactly does that mean, and how
    does this actually benefit We the People.


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