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Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Note Is A Note Is A Note Is A Note

By Anna Von Reitz

A note by any other name would smell as bad. 

What is a note?  It's the flip-side of a bond.  

You promise to pay a note in the future.  Someone or something else promises to pay you a bond in the future.  

Both a note and a bond are debt instruments.  Neither one of them can pay anything.  They can only create and transfer debt, debt, debt, and more debt. 

So it doesn't matter if it is a "Federal Reserve Note" or a "US Note".  Both are nothing more or less than I.O.U's.  

But, wait a minute---- do you owe them, such that you need to pass around I.O.U's in lieu of money? 

No, you don't.  Instead, they owe you quadrillions of dollars--- a debt all these corporations are trying to escape by claiming bankruptcy protection and by offering "private settlements" at less than a penny a dollar.  

They think they are going to just boot up another store front and go on merrily racking up debts against you and your assets until you are totally enslaved, penniless, homeless, dependent, and hopeless---literally buried under layers of "government" and government "services".   

Lucky for you, you don't have a contract with them anymore.    

Don't let the screen door hit them on the way out.  

And don't be confused into thinking that a "US Note" is something different or better than a "Federal Reserve Note".  

Repeat after me: "A note is a note is a note is a note is a note......" 

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  1. A Note is a Note unless the maturity date is greater than 90-days then it is a Security.

    1. I am do not accept the concept that a note is a note in the first cause of nature ,its an exchange within the concept of some form of trust ,So its A trust and then anything second is what comprises in and or through that trust. One need only create a purpose trust if there is some form of gap accounting which again is all hypothecs...fraud I believe someone has said ... All private banking .Why not encourage self governing sovereignty in a non recognition capacity designating ones claim right from a internationally recognized head of state having international recognition using what ever caption on your notices and or courts posts etc then allowing ones self to be fluid and not bound to any charter ships that are not conducive at that time of life either moment to moment or what ever. having an assumed appointment of office as an agent attached to the name is where most judicial officers dont have a clue and is where the legal fronts snare most folks with wrong ideas of what status or capacity in which to operate from on any individual context or instrument or presumption by another party in real or fiction. We do not need any federalist type republic governments .People need t self educate how to maintain there entire private estate or elect private party to admin but not a public institution such as a government .anyways big subject .

    2. I offer some added value services for those in need.

      Thanks folks

    3. Precise,p,and A.....and how pretell do we get from underneith their control, when all of them carry guns and rule by force, not by law, which is just another illusion..!! If you have a "silver bullet", lets here it... !! Isnt this site about sharing.... even in the jungle, there is safety in numbers from predators who are vastly superior to their prey...!! Well this is a concrete jungle, and the predators just as cunning and superior to all their prey.... US!!! You would have shared that knowledge by now if you actually had it.. We arent going to listen to transmeditational right hemisphere brainwashing waiting to hear what ZOG has to say.....!!!

    4. James, the silver bullet is a non-citizen state national passport. You apply for the passport and the card and use the card as your ID. The best guy for this is Christopher Gronski at

    5. They don't rule by force. They rule by bluff, intimidation, our ignorance and our consent. The American people are the largest, most powerful army in the world.

    6. dweller: not sure what the point is; however, a security has an entire different set of remedies than a Note with less than 90 days maturity.

    7. How are you self governing sovereign WHILE answering to a Head of some internationally recognize State??
      You AREN'T !!

    8. in reply to precise ,present ,aware:

      legal definition of "republic" is all the power is only delegated to the "authorities" ... so you can always take back "power of attorney" and not have any "representatives" or appoint new ones, or "represent yourself".

      thus, any true "republic" it really should not matter whether it is "federalist" or even a "democracy" or "welfare state" or "corporate fascism" or a "republic" power flows from individual upward...and one can always take back "power of attorney"

      i am not saying it is that easy...but that is legal definition of "republic" (see blacks law dictionary)

      ALL power is delegated. if you "do not consent" they are supposed to leave you alone so long as e.g. you are not damaging other people's property.

      one of course always needs private property to be truly "private" ...else, you are always on someone else's turf, and they can always ask you to leave (or tax you into forfeiting your "castle") private property precedes any other "rights". common law "rights in property, property in rights" (your rights are YOUR property, one has to allow property ownership to allow "rights")

      on a related note, "sovereign citizen" circa french revolution is same thing, it implies a "republic". it just means if you didn't like what the "legislature" was doing or their "laws" you reserve the right to be a "sovereign" and revoke your "citizenship" ... and theoretically could start your own "legislature" that people knowingly, voluntarily, would enter into as your "citizens". so, it is a real term (unsure if ever took off in america) ... but one is never both at same time. to tell a judge/cop/etc. that you are a "sovereign citizen" is like telling your cheating spouse "i reserve the right to divorce you" ... if things are that bad, you don't just inform them you have the right to simply do so.

      so, that too is a misused term, but at least is an actual thing (see "memoirs illustrating history of jacobonism" if people doubt me, but it is a LONG read, i dont have page number handy).

      it may be academic...but a true "republic" has built in can always "opt out" ...

  2. Amen! Anna!
    The truth is the truth is the truth is the truth! 😀

  3. When you bought your home, you signed a note. Your signature on that note instantly made you the owner of your property. Read it in your mortgage document where it says that are fully "seised" (full owner) of your property and can therefor enter into this mortgage agreement. This agreement is nothing more than a Futures Investment Contract. They cashed that note and never gave you the proper credit but hid the money off ledger. After 3 years and since you never claimed the funds, they claimed it as abandoned funds and kept it. Again you were never told. Yet you pledged your property as surety that you would complete your obligation to the Futures Investment Contract. When you stopped paying into this contract they started a condemnation action against you disguised as a foreclosure action. However, they never filed any proper tax forms on any of these transactions and are guilty of tax evasion. As such you have 2 immediate remedies to turn the tables on these criminals. 1. Follow Anna's instructions to file the mortgage and court case on a 1099-A, 1096 and 1040-V with IRS CID. Order a Payoff Statement and use that amount on the 1099-A. Send a letter presentment to the CFO of the bank with their Copy B of the 1099-A that their presentment has been accepted for value and demand they reconvey the deed to the property. If they do not respond, submit a Form 3949-A to CID in Fresno, CA for investigation. 2. Just like the first note, you can submit a new note to pay the outstanding amount in full. Lookup Michael Tellinger for instructions but use Notary Presentment to have the notary witness your presentment of the note or they will steal it. Follow up in 3 days with a notary certificate of dishonor. Most states have statutes that state that a certificate of dishonor on a presented note is evidence of payment made. Now present that to the court as payment tendered but refused is payment made in accordance with UCC.

    1. Michael Tellinger of South Africa?

    2. Yes. Here is his site: Realize that he is in South Africa where the process of presentment is different from here. You would need to use Notary Presentment instead.

    3. I would like to suggest your inaccurate in this portrayal of the transaction you have presented,Let me qualify precisely what your claims here do not appear to cover or reveal elements such as ;
      1)What name were you using ?
      2)Were the instruments signed and sworn under title 28 1746?
      3)Why are you still a bankrupt status?
      $)why were you not accepting fee simple if you were truly buying a property with a house or not on it ?
      4)How do you avoid a ratification of appointment upon you that makes you an foreign agent with some form of office to be recognized as an agent ,that which receives service of process?
      5)Are you still a carrier of any US instruments ?
      6)What international world notices have you perfected ?
      Michael Tellingers case is not what it appears on its face ,if it was Michael could be writing international bills of exchanges and funding the Ubuntu movement by them alone ,He isnt because what really happened is the banks way of making it easier on the State and was forcing the constitution to be assimilated in a forced development pace not in sinc with the current projections of that charter ,It became to fast of a pace for the then paradigm enforcements contexts and mechanics for them to continue to reasonably control without further counter productive legal exposures to the much exposure and it polarizes other areas of growth in these banking charter nations operating in the bankruptcy jurisdictions.SA is an International Instrumentality(person,franchise)one must stay clear of what you project when referencing a country VS a Nation..or a head of state,as Belcher has done here in conjunction with Anna as an international claimant.

      ANNA What is my estimated share in the prize and booty of this so called owed lost wages from these banking charters who legally use fraud as a means to further hypothec for the interest of those who elect as sovereign ?Those who do not choose debtorship any perpetual servitudes as a means of enterprising with such other debtor instrumentalities

    4. You cannot pay in a bankruptcy ,only gift and IOU"s.there fore you can never own ,the state never concludes its always a never ending stream.Here is how the Masters work you into a scheme and if you are not a master you will never be clear of it ,TOTAL SNARE. here i will present this small paragraph and then ask yourself what is at hand in your plights .

      "Person-centered understanding of the principle of subsidiarity the margin of appreciation to what ever law ,rights,treaty or what ever the cause calls for on the instrument between the parties ,Federalism is both a product and a process concept of political organization". I just want to drop this in so others can sober up to the depth that is at play ...

    5. Precise, you are entirely missing the point. It is the bank's greed that will make them cash yoru Note. All it takes is the basic elements of a Note and your signature that validates it and makes it a security instrument which they can and will cash through the federal window (TT&L account). Even if you wrote it on toilet paper! The question is not whether your note is good, because your signature makes it so, the real trick is to not let them steal it which they will do in a heartbeat if you let them. This is why you must use Notary Presentment to establish an official witness your Note presentment. Under banking rules, the receiving bank has until midnight of the receiving day to decide to honor or dishonor the note by returning it. If they honor it, and they will, their greed demands this if them, your alleged debt is discharged. But they will never let you know. That is why you must have your Notary send them a Certificate of Protest as evidence of their dishonor which you can use in court to get your case dismissed.

    6. And if they choose to accept your notorial protest and keep the money, but the court still refuses to honor your protest, then what....sue the courts, or take it to congress..."the swamp".. When i was in foreclosure, i saw sites that went through that whole process, amd he even posted all his paperwork, which was detailed and concise, using the "Notorial Process" method, ending in a "Certiicate of Protest" and even demanded an Admiralty jurisdiction under 28USC1333, "Saving to Suiters" clause under a "Diversity" Status and demanding an article 3 court in the court of original jurisdiction...united states District Court(not the DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES). And he sent out way more letters than i did to make sure they didnt say he exhausted his administrative actions before "defaulting"(dishonering his commercial remedy) before coming into court. By that time, there was no judicial decision to be made... only a ministerial one...!! And the court still ruled in favor of the bank.. He later posted that there is no rule of law in this country... Thats why i keep saying that the only hope of any remedy for us(if there is one left) is to keep the courts completely out of the loop.. And the only way we can do that is to make the judge 100% liable for his actions using "BONDING" under subragation(without his signiture) that will be enforced by the "bonding company" itself, using "bounty hunters" that have more power than all law enforcement, from the police on up to the CIA or NSA.. !! Big ones like DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER..No one got in his way, and all of them are allowed to use deadly force than law enforcement..!! Once these judges learn we dont need them anymore to enforce a bond, and they can possibly lose everything they have ever earned and get jail time, watch how fast they straighten out.. The only way they will comply with our order(the Bond), is if they face complete liquidation of their assets....and it has to be very quick. The quicker, the better.. !! We might have to go through one of the largest bonding institutions in the world...FIDELITY. We can offer them a 90 % return on their money. We only want 10% or less.. your right about one thing have to appeal to their greed. We need a "Titan" to bet a "Titan" without us being involved in the enforcement process... thats the only way i see of getting remedy once and for all...!! And Fidelity has very effictive enforceing powers that even judges cant escape.. or we can make their "pooling" insurers through the risk management dept. of the citys and counties responsible for the liability of those bonds...equally effective..!! But forget the courts, and all that paperwork, and even the IRS.. WE need to work outside of their box not in it.

    7. If they did not return your note then they have accepted your note under UCC and USC and your obligation is paid. The Notary Certificate of Protest is your receipt of paid in full which is admissible evidence in any court in the country. The judge no other choice but to dismiss in the same manner as if you showed him a cancelled check.

    8. i am open to opposing views...but i believe people should simply see legal definition of "mortgage" for some insight. (see bouvier's law dictionary 1856, has a copy) also "vadium vivum" (vivum == vivify == revivify == quicken == "live pledge (vadium)"

      a "Mortage" is a "dead pledge"

      the difference? if i go to a restaurant, and after eating, realize i forgot my wallet...i might leave my car keys and walk next door to the bank. i am "pledging" my car (or at least keys) in the meantime...when i pay my bill (in this example, similar to a "loan" -- a debt that i owe), the keys/car are returned to me.

      a "live pledge" would be my wife wants to buy a diamond ring...i do not have the money, but have a profitable business (say, a high-tech bowling alley). i "pledge" my business as collateral, take out a the meantime, my business is generating income/money to pay back the loan. i can still operate it in the meantime and run the business, it just has a "claim" on it in case i default on the loan, but i remain in possession still in the meantime. hence, i should get a lower interest rate versus a "dead pledge" (where the income to pay back the loan comes from somewhere else).

      the point of all this? normally, one cannot "pledge" something you do not already own. a "home loan" is simply that, not a "mortgage". you might pledge some other collateral, but then it is not the "home" being "mortgaged" ...

      if "the bank" owns (or buys) a house, and they "mortgage" it (use it as collateral) to generate funds to "loan" is their mortgage, not yours. they cannot mortgage your house, you cannot mortgage their house.

      point being...just from definition of "mortgage" and people interchangeably using it as "home loan" is evident to me there is fraud going on...the TV/media/news (e.g. "the firm" movie) all interchangably uses the terms, but they are not the same...

      it may be the bank "buys" the house (or bank already owns it) ... and they will only "sell" it to you if you agree to "mortgage" it right away so that they get it back if you default...i am unsure of exact trickery going on...

      but, unless there is "hypothecation" going on, one cannot normally "pledge" something that is not yours. and, if you already owned the house...why would you "Mortgage" it right away? only makes sense if you need the money for something else (not to "buy the house" in the first place) ....

      finally, related to this mess, is "laws of mortmain" e.g. see thomas jefferson's reasons for opposing first national bank. "dead hands" should not own anything (at least, this is the common law point of view).

      "mort" == dead. dont name your kid Mortimer or Morty unless you have a dark sense of humour ("the addams family" apparently did "Morticia"). mortuary, morgue, mortician...

      point being, if people had a choice, theyd always want a "live pledge"...should be less interest. you have an immediate means to pay back the loan...with a "mortgage" you are saying the money/income will come from somewhere else.

    9. i will also add, supporting my thesis, in the board game "monopoly" you can "mortgage" your property...but only after you already own it (after you already bought it, and you need quick "cash").

      the "bank" gives you a "loan", you turn the card over, do not collect any "rent", and you can pay the bank a sum to "unmortgage" it and get back full ownership.

      a board game is not necessarily accurate...but again, one can only "mortgage" properties (or houses/hotels) you already cannot "mortgage" another player's property...

      you cannot "mortgage" properties not purchased yet (e.g. that "the bank" owns)

      so, a home loan is simply a home loan...definitely for a first-time homebuyer...

      you might mortgage one home you already own in order to buy another (i.e. put first home up as collateral for a loan to buy the 2nd one) ... but a first-time "home loan" should never be a "mortgage"

      (at least, the thing "mortgaged" would be your car or something else of value, not the "Home" you are "buying")

      i dont know how this works out in practice...just that the terms are NOT interchangeable.

      a "loan" may or may not involve a "mortgage" on something that is used on collateral in case you default...but you cannot pledge something as security that you do not already own...

      so, first time homebuyer, there should never be a "mortgage" on the home that you are paying off...there may be other reasons they do that (valid or trickery)...

  4. What if THEY already took your home and had you thrown onto the road???

    Any suggestions?


    1. Does the IRS have any statute of limitation for tax evasion?

    2. yes you can apply a mechanics lien as the agent of the office that is attached to the legal name you are using .the principle is the US but will no come forward as a real person because the US is a instrumentality,attack all trustees affidavits and deeds used in the transaction for lack of title 28 script in swearing under that title ,Tell them you are the agent willing to pay the whole debt in exchange for the original note,You are the agent for the principle in those title,so intitlment calls for the balance of the note to be brought forth for payment ..thats the end of the line ,foreclose on your mechanics lien for all wages of being the US agent for that Office attached through the Legal name ,always sign as authorized by and invoice for non payment and what ever cost associated to those undertaking including damages or what ever is reasonable . this is not a comprehensive example only a small avenue .

    3. To Robert...what if they already took your house and threw you to the street.. ?? Then you lost!! Start looking for a place where there isnt as much law enforcement and start living your life, instead of fighting this all your life.. And just ask for Gods help and pray for it. If you were a deceint person to everyone, a giver instead of a taker, he will make sure you are taken care of.. He did when we lost our place in 2014. You might have to be homeless for awhile, like me and my brother, but in the end, we wound up better than everyone else that stole from us, and got a brand new place...2 bedroom one bath with travertine floors, marble countertops ,all appliantces including a refrigerator and washer and drier, plus a garage and completely gated for security for only $500/month. That is a true miracle in this day and age. Once you have given your all and lost, just forget about the stress of fighting and just submit to our lord for your remedy. I assure you, if you lost, there was a reason, and if you can put up with a little sacrifice being homeless for awhile, he will answer your prayers, because he knows you have been dealing with the "money changers" who he despised also..!!

  5. Kennedy printed silver certificates in 2 dollar denominations with the words, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on them. They were not just a note.

    As soon as President Kennedy was assassinated, the Federal Reserve started changing the look of the silver certificate into a note again until finally they just got rid of them altogether.

    His Executive Order was never repealed and remains on the books to this day.
    Executive Order 11110. The time for writing letters is over. We need everyone to start calling there Senators and Representatives on the phone and ask them why we are not printing silver certificates like Kennedy instructed them to do. Not a United States Note or a Federal Reserve Note. We don't want to see the word Note on our dollar bills anymore. It must say silver certificate and the words fifty states united printed by the united states treasury. Nothing capitalized.

    They can ignore our letters, but they cannot ignore our phone calls. We have to inudate them with constant calls until they give in or we will never elect them again. We elected Kennedy.
    It's not the election process that turns our status into slaves, it's corrupt politicians we vote in that won't do the right thing to free America by using silver certificates instead of Notes.

    1. Why play in fiction with fictional executive orders
      ,go notice the king of Netherlands he is your daddy if you never asked your Momma Lady justice

    2. That would be King Willem-Alexander who just came into power when Queen Beatrice retired. Owns East India Trading Company, the Hague landlords, and owner of Manhattan Island, NY....formerly New Amsterdam prior to Sept.8th, 1664.

  6. Why would an executive order be needed when it is already the law? Fraudulent policy changes and further contracting in those colorful areas has not changed the law. They ignored the law and voted in public policy for the corporation (not a sovereign nation) and use CEO orders. The president of the united States of America (a sovereign nation) cannot make laws by orders.

    1. They are following their corporTe charter and trust indenture for the District of Columbia dba United States.

    2. Their Union for all intents and purposes

  7. Some years ago I went around to several banks in my area and talked to various bank employees, not the secretaries and such, but with people who should know what I was talking about. I asked 14 bankers, loan officers, if they knew how their bank created money each time it made a loan. Only one person knew anything about what I was talking. I found this more than interesting. I'm sure you folks here know about this so I'll not go into it. For my personal banker at Chase in my town at that time, Hutto, Texas, I hand scribed eleven pages detailing the money creating process. Later when I checked back with her she said that in her two decades of bank experience she had never heard a thing about it. I wonder how high up it goes before finding a banker who does know. I'm lead to believe that the whole process is on automatic pilot.

    I hate seeing people on the Internet hiding their identities behind a false profile name such as Capt Kent. My last name is Brashear.

    1. There is a guy on you tube who used to be the vice president of a bank. And he said he had no clue about the actual loan process behind the "promissory note", even after 10 years in his position. That should give you a clue as to the secrecy of these loans.. In fact the entire legal system and the judges didnt understand how morgtages worked until 2008 and people started sueing...even the special agency of the DA's dept created for real estate fraud, couldnt answer one simple question, before i could see if he was smart enough to understand how banks and morgtages worked so i didnt waste my time with him....all i asked is do you know what 2 things are needed to create a lawful property need both the "promissory NOTE" and the contract agreement(the morgtage or deed of trust as its called in some states). But he tried in vein to say something, but really was clueless and finally said it was above his pay grade..!! Are you kidding me. You work in the fraud dept of the District Attorneys office who prosecute real estate fraud and that question was beyond hes pay grade... who the hell is he helping..!!! The judges only learned what was involved from smart attorney law firms fighting for their clients that specialized in real estate fraud only. That is how ignorant we all were before 2008 on real estate law. We would have never known unless they pulled such stupid and transparent greed on Wall Street..!!

  8. very interesting info on finance like youve never heard

  9. the house got quitclaimed at closing, its not mine/yours. The real issue is "Promissory Estopple". The "loan" confessed to having received, never materialized; that's Promissory Estopple and a breach of contract. To recoup, remember the Title Company insured the perfect transaction which is not perfected, because of Promissory Estopple. File an insurance claim with the Title company for the Entire amount of the Note and Payments. The Title company can then sue the mortgage bank. However, Yes on W4/1040V and 1099C & A, only NOT with the mortgage company who got the house and original Note (and subsequently negotiated Note/Security). If you look, you will see the mortgage loan is NOT the same loan number the servicing company is servicing with your monthly contributions to pay out to investors investing in the mortgage backed security. The Servicing company is the target for the W4/1040V and 1099C & A (and 1096)

    1. Big Blue, I like this idea. Have you had experience/success using this?

    2. Big blue is right on the money. However, you have to have a "claim" in order to have a remedy under Admiraly law... and what did i say before about this...under Admiralty you only have a counterclaim of "recoupment". No one is counterclaiming the banks lawsuit..

  10. why make a claim, when I an just assess taxes. afterall, I am the agent for the IMF account tied to the tansactions. (ssn/sin/tfn)

  11. All these NOTES are actually "securities", not notes or negotiable instraments. Article 8(of the UCC) governs 3 and 4. What you have to do is you have a claim in "recoupment", or a claim under 3-306 to the proceeds and the right to recind the negotiation. And you have a possessionary and property right in the proceeds of the investment contract...WHY! Because you funded the whole thing..!! But how do you prove it... You have to find out who the title company is and ask them for an "abstract of title"(AOT) and it will show that the loan was paid in full at closing. They are called Title Papers. The Title company has the AOT , which is the record of deeds and notes, where they have been and who is using them. Then ask them who holds the the "Errors and Omissions". Make a claim on the "E & O" on the loans.. Did you know that under RESPA they cannot receive a kickback on a morgtage loan which is a federally funded loan. They call them morgtage loans, but they are really "investment contracts" which you endorsed , and created the "security" for and therefore have a possessionary and property rights to the investment proceeds at sale by contract. They are violating RESPA and that is an ""E&O" claim, and you can collect on the "E&O" claim... The courts dont even have jurisdiction over property.. only the LAND. Unless you walk in and give it too them... Thats why you always have to remember this phrase or put it right at the top of all your pleadings.... "I am before this court by special appearance without waiving any right, remedies, or defenses statatory or proceedual...thats now on record and gives the judge and court notice that he cant take jurisdiction using "silent judicial notice"..!! The real issue though is "standing". No one in that court has standing to foreclose. And by now, every judge in every court that had to deal with foreclosures know this. Of course, its up to us to object, which we hardly every do..!! First of all, to even bring a foreclosure case to court, you have to be a "holder" or "holder in due course", or a non holder with the rights of a "holder".. but in order to be a "holder" under the UCC it states that "a holder of an instrament takes it FREE of all defenses and claims. But what does your loan papers say..?? They changed the wording saying "they take it "SUBJECT TO" all the defenses and claims that can assert against the seller.. well if they are taking it SUBJECT TO your claims and defenses, how could they possible be "holders"...they cant..!! On top of that, your the only real MAN or WOMAN in that court. The attorney(a fiction) is representing the bank(a fiction), in front of a judge(a fiction), over the only real thing in their....YOU!! And the only one that could have a chance to foreclose would be the original lender. But they are long gone, and now the banks are using servicing companies to foreclose who absoluty have no standing to foreclose on anything.. there is no "REAL PARTY OF INTEREST"(FRCP 17a) to foreclose..!! The point is they are foreclosing because they are saying they have a claim, because you never did.. you need to make a counterclaim for recoupment, because you should have that "E&O" claim for release of lein and re- conveyance. They have 30 days to locate the beneficiary of record which they cant because of the securitization, so they have to give you the release of lein and reconveyance and makes the Title company liable when they find that their is a cload on the title, which is what Title companies are for..!!

  12. This all comes from jean keating(foreclosure defense with jean keating) , but he says he got most of it from Neil Garfield, an ex attorney, who has appearantly thinks the system has gone way to far and i read a lot of his things on the net.. he is one of the good ones now, but even he says they should simply return all the homes, but the reality is that they will never do that. The most they will do is negotiate a deal for less payments.....I believe hes right..!! In fact the one thing they both missed in my opinion is "BONDING" the case, making the judge liable(100%) if he fails to give you remedy and verify he is lawfully bonded himself and has a real oath of office to America, not the corp. U.S... Lately ive been thinking about "sueing" the "pooling insurers" of the "risk management depts" of the countys and citys for insuring intentional fraud under the color of law and malfeasanant of office, a criminal act not insurable by bonding or insurance..!! A BOND is not a note.. It represents a mans word is his bond, meaning he promises to work with clean hand and in good faith, ignorance being no excuse to violate the law, but most importantly the "TRUTH". We need to destroy the glue holding these "out of control municipalities"....the insurance companies that keep them still functioning and hard to reach because all cities and countys are protecting everyone from reaching them.. thats our only hope!! We can even bond it, possibly using judge Annas perfected lein # for hundred of millions...enough to bankrupt them once and for all without any other insurers wanting any liability with citys and counties anymore. It could lead to a house of cards, effectively ending this entire criminal syndicate ,leaving no choice but to return to a lawful monitary system and true courts again...what do you think.. !! We are running out of time.. I doubt it will last after the first of next year..!!

    1. From Anna:

      We have until June. And the fur flies in October.

      It is going to get very interesting.

  13. I think what Anna is saying here, is that there are so many people who are thinking and desiring a new USN to replace the present USD, will be ''good dollars'' when in fact, she is saying they are not any different. Dollars or Notes, all the same debt instruments.


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