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Friday, September 29, 2017

Me and YouTube and Jerry Day

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a confession.  

I don't watch many YouTube videos.  Even those recommended by friends get screened pretty rigorously.   

YouTube, in my opinion, is a LOT better than broadcast television, more varied, more fun, more real--- and yet, I don't watch much of that, either.  


Because most YouTube videos are long, drawn-out, arcane, boring, and could easily condense their actual content into 5 or 10 minute presentations instead of the two hour long self-promotion extravaganzas that are all too common.

Today I found a very happy exception:  Jerry Day.  

He packed more useful, factual, actual information into just a few minutes than most Freedom Gurus offer up in days worth of zombie-like screen staring. 

Jerry Day packs it in, pulls no punches, and lays it out.  I could have kissed him for his presentation titled, "Do You Know How Much Tax You Pay?"   

I could have (and would have) given him a standing ovation for "God, Money, and Lies"--- if he had been present to see the old lady clapping and stomping her feet. 

If you are going to spend time watching YouTube presentations --- I can recommend that you watch Jerry Day.   He won't waste your precious time. 



Here are some examples of his work on YouTube.   Pay special attention to the last one.

Do You Know How Much Tax You Pay?

God, Money, and Lies

The Power of Paper

Secrets of the Slave State

Escaping the Traps of Corporate Impostor Government


  1. Yeah, we all know dollars are debt/notes, but like we have any other choice. We don't. And since everything is based on little words, just change the word note, to credit. Howzat.

    1. We do have a choice - bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Exit the corrupt system and be your own bank.

    2. I Just watched a video on Garry Larrabee on utube. A Law was passed 2 days ago for Christians to be beheaded by gelilentins it's in the obamacare, Obama made the Law, so that's what our military is helping them to do!!!

    3. Anna's article, 'Criminals On Our Shores -- Banking, the Global Reset, A Sidebar Rumination', clearly states the Federal Reserve is not and has never been any part of our government. It is a mostly-foreign private association of banks operating as a criminal cartel on our shores. The Fed was invited here by other criminals impersonating our lawful Congress of the United States more than a century ago. The details of how this happened are presented in our sworn and published affidavit of probable cause, "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and The Creature from Jekyll Island. The Federal Reserve has also been instrumental in the Federal Reserve Note Scam and the enslavement of Americans mischaracterized as British Crown subjects.
      A "Federal Reserve Note" like any "note" is a Promise to Pay----like a bond is also a promise to pay at a later date. This particular "note" was given a very special, very beneficial backing--- members of Congress acting in treasonous self-interest established a fixed "dollar for dollar" exchange rate between the "Federal Reserve Note" and our actual United States Dollar.
      As a result, the Federal Reserve Banks were enabled to pawn off paper I.O.U.s in exchange for our actual gold and silver----and also for our unpaid labor and other resources.
      To avoid paying these I.O.U.s they simply collapsed the old "Federal Reserve System, Inc." and entered it into bankruptcy. All our gold and silver was stolen and transported overseas in
      "equitable exchange" for worthless paper, and then even the debt represented by those I.O.U.s was discharged in bankruptcy---which should have never been allowed.
      That answers the question of where all the gold in Fort Knox went.
      They breached their charter in 2013 and are under Public Lien.
      Pope Francis acting in his temporal office has given the FEDERAL RESERVE dba THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and the IMF dba the UNITED STATES (INC.) three years in which to bring their organizations into compliance with their governmental services contracts or else face liquidation and the distribution of all their assets to their creditors. It may come as a surprise to you, but the Pope retains the right to do this as the Trustee of the Global Estate Trust and Arbiter of the Law.
      Numerous tasks and directives are required from your office. (my note: nothing ever became of this).
      The Roman Curia is responsible for the proper functioning of all corporations worldwide. As of September 1, 2013, Pope Francis declared all corporate and corporate officers fully liable for their errors and omissions.
      We've all been robbed, defrauded and slave-labored for FIAT debt notes - all done without our knowledge or consent. The American people are NOT responsible for this mess.
      When are the American people going to get their STOLEN assets returned to them and what they are owed?

  2. I totally agree with you. I never wanted you to post utubes for that reason. I can read much faster than watching an hour long utube. Andvi learn much quicker when i read print. People are becoming unbeleivably lazy.. I watch utube for some things, but not legal ones and the things we talk about on this site...even 15 min. to me seems like an hour. I cant, and never have been able to study that way.. im old school..!! I cant believe they actually put the bible on video or a speech tape.. thats good for people who are blind, but not for people with eyes...sometimes a single picture says a thousand words, but not entire videos..!! Now, if your talking about complex human functions of the body and how all systems intergrate to make the human body a miracle of design, then yes, by all means it is a much better presentation using cgi technology, giving you an actual(virtual) simulation of what is really going on can be a life changer...!@

    1. Hey James,

      Not everyone is as talented as your are with the written word. So for those who do watch videos, like almost the whole world, these are as clear as I have seen. So keep doing what you are doing in the comments sections of this blog, and each to his own.

    2. great videos always good to learn and refresh information to further solidify

    3. Listing and seeing are a more feminine way of doing things than writing. There is a lot of communication missing from the written word. Writing leaves your imagination open to interpret the missing parts. It is also good for concreting facts. Truth or Dogma are harder to tell apart when you can't see the person stating the words. Both have their place.

  3. Thanks for mentioning "God, Money, and Lies"! This is definitely both important and urgent. I appreciate hearing Jerry say "unalienable Rights".

  4. I haven't watched broadcast TV in many months. I watch lots of You Tubes. My son got me a Google Chrome Cast gizmo and put it on my television set. By this magic, You Tubes are sent from my computer to my TV. I can't stand modern movies and television with music and background noise so loud that the dialog can't be understood, not to mention all the cussing.

    No, I don't watch that stuff. Now, I watch old, mostly forties and fifties movies filmed on a sound stage. I can hear them talk. But I am sorta old, I'll be 74 in November. Fifties movies don't really seem old to me, my weekends were spent at the picture show back then. It's surprising how many films I'm watching on You Tube now that suddenly I remember seeing when they first came out.

    I also watch a lot of science and other stuff like flying saucers on You Tube. Anna, I'd watch you too iffin' you had some videos. Okay, you too Paul. So praise the Lord for You Tube and Google Chromecast.

    Captain Kent Brashear, BA, MST, EIEIO

    1. Capt. so you noticed it too; all the background music while people are talking; drives me bonkers! I think having such a need for music playing all the time, is a disease! Also loud boisterous music playing in stores quickly drives me out.
      I have to go to our Panera Bread to relax, where they play soft classical only.
      James - - I too prefer my literal bible; I have 40 yrs. of underline and side notes and can tell you what column and side of the page a verse is on. But for those who be blind or cannot read, then audio has its place. I do think seeing words plants them in our mind better,and also helps with spelling, as I have photographic memory.
      When my son was in college, I tutored him in Accounting and some of his fellow students. I developed an accounting method for teaching it, on paper where they could literally visualize how things worked and made sense, and they started getting all A's, even those that thought they could never learn it.
      However, I do watch some youTube if they are not too long; they do have their place. But I agree with Anna, many things could get said in 15 mins. no need to stretch it into an hour just because the person loves to talk.

  5. Just opened up an email from Ellen Brown/Public Banking Institute to listen to an interview on youtube with The Shift, a new broadcaster. Yes, listen to many youtube alternative news since have not listened/watched TV in ~7 yrs. Thanks for heads up on Jerry Day/Freedom Taker... will check him out.

  6. 99% of programs need more teeth we know we're being screwed now let's talk of wins and losses .who's on the front lines?
    It's hard to think substance and not talk about trumps latest twitter war.
    Iceland is a prime example of a plan coming together . Call you congressman almost a waste of time , affidavit they can't ignore it.hit the street post notices . Call talk shows and raise the conversation to less rock fights and more class action law suits,freedom of information request .
    Attorneys will no counter Sue. Nor sue another attorney . You must do it.

  7. Not just the USA, every country issues fiat currency but also holds a store of gold. It is my hope that the USA will return to the gold standard so that legal tender commonly used in trade is actual money. This will require paying off the national debt by increased GDP and a balanced budget which includes debt retirement, not just interest payment.

    1. Driving - The so called 'national debt' belongs to the Corp. and is their problem, not ours. We should not spend one nano second even thinking about it. They made it, its their problem. And it is 'they' who filed bankruptcy, which does not include We the People. I would love to see their creditors go after them individually and take all their ill-begotten gains and assets from them. That otta teach them a lesson, LOL.
      (maxine waters, how do you own a 4 million dollar house on your $170 salary?

  8. Jerry day is bright however he stays in the boundaries of statutes and codes . And fails to notice the unconstitutional 1868 draft even Karen Hudes. Constantly harps on that it's ALL fraud born in fraud.
    Supreme Court says when the common law courts are up and running the admiralty courts must stand down .

  9. You are right, and Jerry contacted me the same day we posted his videos thanking us, so he knows who Anna is, but I doubt he has read her book. I will invite him to moderate these comments and see what he does. Thanks.

  10. Very good comments. Most of my videos eventually attract a small percentage of paid shills, haters and trolls from establishment agencies. Keep an eye out for hate, name calling, personal attacks, threats, obscenity, etc. Whoever manages the comments, be ready to hit the delete button. Don't worry about "censorship", they can start their own channels anytime they want.

  11. "Jerry Day ... stays in the boundaries of statute and codes" Not necessarily so. Take a look at this recent video:

  12. I am not a scholar of history or academic. I am a media professional and mostly focus on alternative media. Anna and most of her followers, colleagues and peers know more about history and law than I ever will. I simply search around and then I process what I find, connect the dots, condense it and deliver short messages that I think have the potential to crack the damn of broad public awareness. I try not to dumb anything down, but I try to reach a wide audience. We will never recover our freedoms and power unless we have a mass movement. We will never have a mass movement until we broadly share our knowledge in digestible and accessible forms. There need be no persuasion, the information alone creates the mass movement. Any important information moves society. Those who have deep historical or academic knowledge tend to protect their knowledge as if it were their bank account. They want to remain better informed than others. Computer geeks do that too. They love feeling smarter than others. Information, just like any commodity, is hoarded. Elites literally destroy anyone who releases their secrets. But they don't use knowledge to appear smart, they use it to control others. They never share, they always manipulate others. We all want better information. We can share it, or we can hoard it. I believe evil people hoard information. Evil and secrets always go together. I believe, if we judge each other, we should judge each other not by what we know, but how we share.

  13. Yes he is one of my favorites as well Anna.
    her is a great video that might be of interest to all of you etymologists!

  14. Max plank said the only way science will change is the old scientists die off. Also government funding everyone fights over discovers of cures be Damm that the end of government funding.
    back to who's calling the shots.
    All controls by the government funding.
    Some say Jesuit'some say England some say Rothschild .follow the money .

  15. just wanted to point out Andrew Jackson's famous comment (paraphrase) "if they (congress) have the power to issue currency, it was to be used by themselves not delegated to others"

    This has sound foundation in law, along with many related things to the "Federal reserve" and their bogus "notes":

    (yes, these should still be good law (precedent, established based on actual cases) ... civil law does not care, but common law I believe requires precedent)

    A delegated authority cannot be again delegated.
    A delegate or deputy cannot appoint another.
    The power which is derived cannot be greater than that from which it is derived.
    A deputy cannot appoint a deputy. Branch's max.

    re: the "Federal reserve" being owned by "private" people:
    An error in the name is immaterial, if the body is certain.

    also very relevant, re: sloppy language "dollars" "money" "cash" "specie" always inevitably leads to tyranny:

    A name is, as it were, the note of a thing.
    A name does not suffice if there be not a thing by law or by fact.
    If you know not the names of things, the knowledge of things themselves perishes.
    Names are the notes of things.
    Names are mutable, but things immutable.
    Names are the symbols of things.
    Words ought not to be accepted to import a false demonstration which have effect by way of true limitation.

    It is a miserable state of things where the law is vague and uncertain.
    Where the law is uncertain, there is no law.

    re: "national debt" being owed back to people as "national credit":

    He at whose risk a thing is, should receive the profits arising from it.

    It is natural that he who bears the charge of a thing, should receive the profits.

    If in a contract for a loan there is inserted a clause that the borrower shall not be answerable for fraud, such clause is void.

    Gross negligence is equal to fraud.
    Gross negligence is a fault, gross fault is a fraud.
    Great neglect is equivalent to fraud.

    and re: "interest" being charged on the "national debt" that hasn't been created yet, forcing more borrowing/bonds:

    No one is bound to an impossibility.
    A contract founded on a base and unlawful consideration, or against good morals, is null.
    No actions arises on a naked contract without a consideration.

    No action arises out of an immoral consideration.
    No action arises on an immoral contract.

    Out of fraud no action arises.

    A contract cannot arise out of an act radically wrong and illegal.

    No one is bound to an impossibility.
    No one is bound to do what is impossible.
    The law requires nothing impossible.
    The law forces not to impossibilities.
    The law intends not anything impossible.

    1. most people probably know, but many still do not.

      now, i have read this goes back to greenbacks (a good thing, insofar as bankers wanted ridiculous interest) and the "legal tender" cases.

      i recall reading whoever was in charge of treasury was also supreme court justice? anyhow, after the "war" he later admitted it was unconstitutional, but at the time it was "war" (this might be in "the coming battle" history of banking book, google for html version)

      point being, they might still claim (or tacitly, with "war flag" etc.) they are still doing "martial law" ... not just court system, but for "bonds" for "war" ...

      so, saying things are "unconstitutional" they might claim "emergency" (or, under lieber code, they dont have to tell you it is "martial law") ... point being, greenbacks never were constitutional either

      "specie is the only constitutional money in this country" bouviers law dictionary, 1856, "specie",

      so, they have been doing unconstitutional "bonds" for a long time, "Federal reserve" or no. see also "hazard circular".

      but, they likely still claim "emergency" "we are at war" or at least that is their tacit never-ending excuse, even if they dont come out and say it.

      still, i believe even in war, taking of private property for public use means:

      a) they should be crediting everyone for anytime they borrow people's "credit" for bonds
      b) they should be crediting everyone for inflation of "legal tender" beyond silver dollars (believe this is still roughly 2000%, if not more, ~$1 silver dollar roughly $19.95 of FRNs)

      i believe that applies even during "war" ... they might "force loans" under the "lieber code" but i still dont see they can take private property (the people's money, debt free specie) without compensation.

      so, i believe no matter what, they should be compensating people as a whole with equal "credit" to the "national debt" and also crediting anytime they "inflate" the "legal tender". that is still taking of private property without compensation.

      also, "fractional reserve banking" is "taxation without representation" (inflation is a tax) you get to vote for your local "bankers" ? i thought not.

    2. also see definition of "piracy" -- $50 of stolen goods was "punished with death" (also note revisions shortly after 1812, likely they wanted to toughen prior laws after "war of 1812")

      so, divide 18 trillion / $50 -- that is how many death penalties their "unlawful conversion" has earned.

      (really, that is very low count, that is just last figure i saw, they stole much more than that)

      people talk of "inland piracy" ... but $50 was death penalty. they have earned many many many such penalties.

      that is also a "maxim of law" too:

      Pirata est hostis humani generis. A pirate is an enemy of the human race. 3
      Co. Inst. 113.

  16. in common law burglary is a death sentence . You come in on some one very hurtful . Using fake civil war south. Only wanted to leave.the railroad attorney became a tyrant.

  17. Jerry Day did run a program of a lady that didn't have a drivers license .
    Now that's going against codes for sure .so missed that one .she knew it your right not a privilege .
    Now we have to fight for all the other rights.


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