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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I went to my own website and have extracted a Top Ten List for people frantic for practical information they need to know to protect themselves and their assets and to grasp what is going on in the world at large.  I do this with some trepidation because people need to study the issues and keep up with the conversation, not just "grab and go". 

However, I do understand the almost-panic response of many who wake up and realize that they are under attack, so I went through and identified the exact articles from my website that you need to read and also a couple of articles that are crucial to understanding how things actually stand in the world.

Article 560 -- "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why"  -- This one gives you the Big Picture overview and the three fundamental actions you need to take to overcome the legal presumptions attached to both Municipal and Territorial citizenship.

Article 573 -- "Re-Flagging Your Vessels" (and, if you still have questions about this one, Article 584).  This explains that your Name/NAME have been misconstrued as the names of "US Vessels" engaged in international commerce and held subject to Maritime and Admiralty law, when in fact, you are operating as peaceful American state vessels engaged in private international trade.  Just as ships at sea have to carry the proper flag to be properly recognized, so do you--- and that flag is the Peacetime  or "Civil" flag of the United States.  Read all about it.

Article 607 -- "Dear Lucretia -- Mortgage Relief -- and the Rest of the Story" -- This is the heavy-hitter where the details of the correction outlined in Article 560 are fully fleshed-out. 

Article 620 -- "Pay Attention!  If You Want to Save Your Butts!"  This covers how to correct your land titles and deeds and indemnify them under specially constructed Private Registered Indemnity Bonds for each one of the actual states.  This process takes your land assets out of the "collateral pile" and puts them back under the protection of the sovereign states.

Article 626 - "Improved Act of Expatriation" --- This example shows how you can expatriate from the presumption of Territorial "citizenship" and declare your permanent domicile and domicile for all the "Vessels" operated under your name to the land and soil of your natural state.  One slight correction -- it should say "Amendment X" or "Article Amendment X" not just "Article X"---- no big deal if you have already done the recording as it is not crucial, but nice to do if you haven't yet recorded the document.

Article 630 -- "Title, Lien and Bond" -- This again gives the Big Picture from a slightly different viewpoint, showing you how to secure and indemnify your identity and property with a powerful claim that cannot be overcome by the thieves.

Article 631 -- "Step One Complete.  Now What?  Dear Ernie..."  This is an overview to help people who have gotten part of the way through the process and need extra "oomph!" to get through the rest of it. 

These articles cover just about everything that anyone could ever need to know concerning the basics of extracting your Name/NAMES and recouping your birthright identity and reclaiming your assets and presenting yourselves properly.  They also give you the addresses you need and the bond numbers you need to protect yourselves.

Article 627 --- "Retired Means Retired!"  is recommended for all the retirees out there who are worried about the loss of Social Security pay and medical care. It explains the actual obligation of the federal corporations. 

In addition to these practical action articles that provide step-by-step explanations and directions, there are a couple other articles I wish everyone would read as a background so that people have a broader understanding of what is going on in the world and in our usurped courts.

Article 581 -- "What Every American Needs to Know About Sir Lancelot" -- This article explains in some detail what happened in Dark Ages Britain and France and how that precipitated the Norman Conquest, and how that in turn led to my husband's forefathers becoming sovereigns in their own right in England.  This is a prelude to understanding how they later became sovereigns in the their own right in America --- an international status you share with them today, which is unique in all the world -- and how James Belcher serves today as the lawful Head of State for the United States of America.  

Article 588 --- "Common Law, COMMON LAW, English Common Law, American Common Law"  This very important article explains the many different kinds of "common law" that exist and lays bare the deliberate confusion that some organizations like the "National Liberty Alliance" are promoting.  Always remember that Americans are owed American Common Law and no other kind of "common law" will suffice.

Now, I've written it all once and Paul Stramer has faithfully published it all and made it available as a data base, and now, beyond that, we have gone the extra mile and organized and annotated the essentials for you.

Unless you have read all the articles listed and still not found the answers to your question---- please do not contact me for further individual help.  There are 350 million people in America, most of whom need to do this process.  I can't possibly help each one and I have many, many other tasks to do: directing and supporting The Living Law Firm, organizing The American States and Nations Bank, raising hell in international jurisdiction to get this mess straightened out, bringing necessary complaints and court actions, and on and on and on.....

It's important that I not be deluged with correspondence and not be inundated with calls, even though my email and postal address and telephone number are published and freely available.  Why?  Because I don't have a battery of receptionists ready to take calls, and I don't have an army of public relations specialists, paralegals, and "agency representatives" to answer questions for me; because it depresses me when I can't answer every single one of your calls and your letters; because I have to keep my nose to the grindstone working on huge projects that will benefit everyone, not just one; because I am only one getting-on old lady. 

I can't even take the time to write "thank you" notes for donations and that really bugs me.

So, please, everyone, do your homework first and try your best to sort through things with all the information I have given you BEFORE you call or email questions.  It will help me and help all the others working with me and for me, too.


  1. Thank you Anna; for I do understand and respect your workload healing the lives of your countryman,,

    I've done most of the several articles but I do have a few other things to address, so I'll go through each article with a fine-tooth comb..
    you be sure and rest as you need to, because you have so much in front of you. You have blessed many and will continue,, I'll definitely do my work as I've already have started,,

    You've placed the importance at our fingertips and it is now left for us to do the work to save our hides and continue to save our future.
    Many blessings to you and your crew Anna
    Love ya.��

    1. Very well said, Kimberly. Ditto what she said. Anna has blessed us all.

  2. Ditto. I would like to know where to send the Act of Expatriation?

    1. 2. For the "married" females does one use all the "maiden" and "married" names in the expatriation?

      Example birth name and look-a-like foreign situs trust, created by Roosevelt: Jane Austen Doe
      Municipal name: JANE AUSTEN DOE
      Transmitting utility: JANE A. DOE

      Married name: Jane Austen Nilson

      3. Is it the "birth state" county that one records the expatriation at and in the land "deeds"? Not living in the birth state am wondering if one mails it in or must make a trip to complete paperwork?

      Thank you.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You know guys that this one site cant answer all your questions, although judge Anna and Paul have done a tremendous job at uncovering the history and fraud and the reason we find ourselves in our current situation. It looks like they have read some of our comments that has finally led to the 3 things that must be done in order to get remedy....the most important was that 3rd thing which gave our remedy teeth....the indemnity bond!!! That was absoluty necessary because it is a "registered security instrament" in international commerce that has to be "HONORED, because it was done lawfully when she showed up as the only "Creditor" in the bankruptcy court where the Banks tried to claim Chapter 11 bankruptcy(reorganization again), instead of Chap 7(complete liquidation) of all assets, which they are now forced to deal with. But even though we owe them a lot, in order to really get our remedy, you may be forced by the banks(in foreclosures) , and the courts(for crimes where the STATE is the only one claiming injury, which is an impossibility since it is nothing but corporate "fiction"), to actually prove it when "push comes to shove", because the judges want and need to know if you really understand what you have stated on paper, or just quoting someone elses intensive study of their journey to the "TRUTH". And trust me, they can tell who has done their homework or not. Is that "fair". Of course not. They are already aware of the fraud. But they have to much to lose if everyone just claimed our remedy using the judges BOND, when 99% of the American public are still ignorant of the law and money, making it easy for them to make our movement look like we are nothing but scam artist when they find them guilty trying to use arguements they dont fully understand. That means anyone in this movement has to do their own due diligence and actually put some work and time, and sometimes at great sacrifice to their comfort zone, foregoing watching their favorite basketball or football team latest win, rather than studying the very thing that kept this nation free for so and money. Ive spent half my life studying to be a doctor, only to get out and spend the last half of my life studying something i never really wanted to, but found out by necessity I had no choice if i really wanted to know the "TRUTH" and that the only real thing we can "bequith" to the next generation is "LIBERATY. Not materialistic monitary possessions. Look around you. Are those people with brand new cars and homes and boats really happy. I can tell you from a unique position as a "carpet cleaner" who because i was in a very private place

  5. where people let their sheilds down and tend to be more open to discussing what they are really experiancing. And in close contact with the owners, that the real truth comes out no matter how it looks from the outside. Most of them are deeply in debt and working their ass off to kept up the impression that they are very successful. Its an illusion folks. And they still dont have a clue as to why it is all happening, which is causing familys endless arguements and separation, which was the real plan in the first place. We have been systimatically brainwashed into thinking we are, and always have been Debtors, when in fact we have always been the true Creditors. What im saying is there are other sites besides this one where people are sharing their wins and loses, like "saving to suitors club"(which is named after one of the only remedy we have under American common law at 28USC1333) and "soverign warriors" run by jaro. Both good sites. We have to learn how to share. And you have to learn how to function in our courts, knowing that they simply represent the new artifical battlefield , rather than the actual battlefield which was no Illiusion. In these Admiralty Courts, their are no actual deaths, but the trail of "civil deaths" is unending...!!! I want to have fun too. But it is getting to be immpossible when following this path to freedom. Not for us so much anymore, but to our posterity which we owe our children. God bless.

  6. One more suggestion to judge Anna and Paul...!! I know you have enough to do Paul, but we need a special comment area where people can share their wins or loses so we can determine exactly what is working at any one time, what state the win or lose was in, and determine why they won or lost so we can refine our remedies like they are doing with us. We all have enough info now to share. Im fighting a parking ticket right now. I will tell you what happened and if i was successful or not. And tell you how i did it. I just sent it out today...certified with a return signiture. Hopefully, it will only take a week...!!!

    1. James, I'm sort of wanting to do the same thing. We should start organizing a group so we can help each other in the process. What you think?? Email me at

      Even an organized email group would work. Someone could head it up and be the receiver and they would share the emails with the group. I'm game. Let me know.

  7. I agree its a good idea to have a place to share win's at minimum ... can setup on ?

    1. Cher-ie. I am trying to see if we can somewhat organize to network and help each other with the process. I am in Dallas, TX, but anyone by phone, email or conference call.Com would be helpful. Any suggestions anyone??? My email

    2. Cher-ie,
      Did you ever get around to setting up a yahoo group?

  8. Greeting, i speak man, call me larry believe that until you realize that you are a man, and man has no law but to his creator. Man created everything else so why would you give it authorize over you. (man). The court and not deal with a Man, that why you have to make your status as a man felt when you address these public servant. There is only GOD law for man/woman, to not hurt your fellow man/woman. You will be so free when you know that what Man created he has authorize over it. ect. court, doc. paper ucc - . Walk like a man and stand up and talk like one and the court will not be able to move, because their is no law for man. legal person and the other title the gov. gave you yes.

  9. we have to also learn to agree with our adversary and ask for forgiveness, put the burden of forgiveness on them. The judges are right when the say we not lawyer nor with their BAR, so agree, so giving me a lawyer and i agree with you judge so i still don't understand because i am not a lawyer not with your the BAR. I man that do not understand your legal society. (it okay to be a idiot to their legal society). the court all ways need you to understand and agree. Listen to how many time they will ask you do you understand or do you agree, (consent) they have to have a man consent.

    1. When the judge asks "Do you understand?" he really means "Do you stand under the charges?"

  10. Does article 560 "how to correct your political status and why" posted 06.2017 being replaced by post on 08.30.2017 "Claim your name and Estate the EZ way"???
    Furthermore does the EZ way (from 08.30.2017) replacing the article from 04.14.2015 "top 12 steps to Reclaim your estate???

    Or do we need to do all if the above?

    Thanks to Paul, Anna, and all other light workers working out there. God bless you always

  11. Does anyone know how to complete the Deed of Reconveyance? Where do we get the information from to put on the document from?


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