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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Power to Sell" -- The Latest Land Grab

By Anna Von Reitz

All over the country alarmed homeowners and landowners are getting unexpected demands to pay large amounts of taxes that they never heard about.  These bills appear out of the blue, usually with a "Notice of Power to Sell". 

What is happening is that the UNITED STATES, INC. is in liquidation.  That means that the STATE OF IDAHO is in liquidation.  So is CRAWFORD COUNTY.  So is JOHN MICHAEL DOE.  These are all franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC., so they are all being liquidated, too. 

The bankruptcy trustees are going around and trying to settle the debts of CRAWFORD COUNTY by  taxing or selling off property belonging to franchisees like JOHN MICHAEL DOE who happen to have property in CRAWFORD COUNTY for the benefit of Secondary Creditors to the bankruptcy liquidation. 

They are able to do this because they are trying to claim that the whereabouts of the actual owners and their identities are unknown, so that the property is abandoned. 

What to do?

Go do the Land Recording Office and get a certified copy of the present deed. 

Go home and create a Corrected Deed to file on top of it. 

You are going to correct the name of the owner from JOHN MICHAEL DOE to Doe, John Michael or Doe, J.Michael, or some other variation that suits you. 

Next, you are going to correct the address.  If it was "1911 Sugarplum Lane" you are going to change it to in care of a Post Office Box or your business address or your Mom's mailing address.  One way or another, you are going to change it. 

Next, you are going to change the land description itself.  If they were using Lot and Block, you are going to use the Plat Numbers, or a Metes and Bounds description.  If you can afford it, get a land surveyor to do a new survey and attach that to the corrected deed.  The point is, you are going to change it.  

As part of the land description you are going to add a tag line of new information. 

If you were born in say, Montana, you are going to write the following on your corrected deed: 

Covered under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Montana. 

This tells the Bankruptcy Trustees to back all the way off  until their butts hit seawater. 

I set up a Private Indemnity Bond at the U.S. Treasury covering every one of the fifty states.  You can indemnify your property against all and any claims against JOHN MICHAEL DOE by piggy-backing onto your home state's indemnity bond and making reference to the bond in your land description.  

The rats will have to discharge their claim and set it aside because the actual Principal Priority Creditors have come forward and staked their claim.  

Spread the word and the instructions and help your neighbors.  This is all about helping each other through this onslaught of fraud.  Go door to door if need be. 

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  1. Oh wow terrible crooks to pay off their debts, no wonder they got everyone living on their paper. What about other countries like canada should we be doing our land patent in common law and file? Govt hide this info terrible controllers.

  2. Good job..!!! We dont want the property which is described at the County Recorders Office as "plot so and so, lot 50 , etc. But if you go to the CR and get a copy of a map of your property, it will usually have the old "metes and bounds" still on it. Metes and Bounds describes the "LAND", which is what we really want. They can have the property, because the property is the reason for the "property tax", and the property sits on the land. So they cant take the house once you own the land. The land is "private". The property is public. Now you guys have no excuse not to go to the CRO and finally get a printout of all the transactions that the bank has done on your home and the people involved, along with getting the map layout of your property. The CRO seems to have no oversite and will file anything the banks want or their attorneys because they are not allowed to judge a filing as fraudulent. Only the DA can do that. Good luck trying to get the DA to do anything about the fraudulent filings on your property. Its all up to you. I said it before and ill say it again....the war is being waged at the CRO which none of us have been taught to keep track of...!! Its a lot cheaper to get the map of your property at the CRO, than to hire a "land surveyor" to give you the "metes and bounds". The map only cost like $2 at the CRO. Get everything you can that jas been filed on your property while you are there. You can get a printout for only $4 or $5, but that will only give you what and who filed on your property. But while you are there, you can also see what those filings are. Some are 30 pages long and if you get a copy of those they will cjarge you $2 for the first page and almost a $1 a page after that. So you could spend at least $30 just for one filing. And there are a lot of filings on your home. But while you are at the CRO you can at least view any of them for free while you are there and deceide if it is important enough to have to purchase it. Thats something you cant do online. Before you can see any filings online, they force you to pay for it first. Otherwise, they know you will just make a printout of it and never pay them.

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  3. Fight slick lawyers with home grown remedies .

  4. And something else. Remember to always refer anything you file with your "lawful money" demand at 12USC411 or you will still be deemed to be using their "private" elastic currency. We can no longer just depend on a temporary remedy because they are 2000 years ahead of us. Its time to think ahead of them now, not just settle the account. Because they know we have finally uncovered their lies. Im not even sure that any of this will work for very long anymore. As the "elites" become more and more cornered, like any animal, they will become mre and more vicious, eventually just to ruling by force, the law be damned.

  5. A Corrected Deed needs to be signed by the Grantor (seller). It is not always possible to find the Grantor and he/she may not be willing to sign the Corrected Deed. In that case a new transfer can be made (I don't think it can be called a corrected deed) using Anna's format.

    1. In a corrected deed, or rather a Corrective Deed, you are the Grantor and you are also the Grantee. As Grantor, you are granting and conveying the property to yourself as the Grantee for $1.00 (AKA a Dollar Deed). Here, IMHO, is how you should correct the deed:
      __Put your FIRSTNAME LASTNAME at the ADDRESS as the Grantor and your Lastname, Firstname Middlename at c/o Address as the Grantee
      __After the Tax Map Reference, put the Block and Lot numbers in [brackets]
      __In the Property section change the Town of, County of, State of, to Your Town, Your County, Your State
      __Change the Property Street Address of the property to Your Street, Your Town, Your State, postal extension 12345
      __Add to the Property section: "Covered under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Your Birthstate"
      __State the reason for the corrective deed as "This Corrective Deed is made to correct the Deed recorded on MM/DD/YYYY as File No.: 123456 Book/Page: 1234/12, to correct the names and property description attached to the aforesaid deed for typographical, clerical, property description or other scrivener error."
      __Add "By:_________________" lines to the signature
      __Add "did come before me and visit one living man known as Lastname, Firstname Middlename" to the Notary acknowledgement
      __If you cannot afford to hire a land surveyor and wish to use the existing property description, change it to "SCHEDULE A - Land and Property Description" and add (Lot and Block references are only used as a point of reference and not as a point of law) buried into the text after the first reference to the Lot & Block.
      __Add "Covered under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Your State." to the bottom
      __Put the NOTE FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY referencing the Lot & Block numbers all in [brackets]
      Be consistent in your Given Name and c/o Address in all other papers the county clerk requires you to file along with the Corrective Deed.
      Of course, sign everything with your Given Name (Last, First Middle) in blue ink.
      You want to record it as a new deed rather than re-record the old deed. If it is several years old, most recorders will allow it. You can site the fees are less for a new deed than paying for each page of an old re-recorded deed which they already have on file anyway. And you won't have to pay extra for a certified copy of the old deed either (at least not in my county). As long as you reference the old deed on your Corrective Deed, they will look it up in their records. For a copy of the old deed your can just look it up on the county recorder's website. I am in the midst of doing this myself and spent some time on the phone this afternoon with a very friendly county clerk. I have everything ready to go, but if anyone has any other input or info that they would like to share before I file this, please let me know.

  6. There is one thing you can do online for yourselves on the county recorders site in your own counties that will show you all the different filings that the county recorders office can will blow your mind. Go to your own county recorders site. When it comes up, there should be a listing across the top for different things like, the assessors office, records, forms, etc. These are drop down windows. You want to press the "records" drop down list. What you are looking for is called "record indexing". Thats where your property records are found. But your not looking for that right now. You will have a choice to look up your record by your name or document Number. Under the document heading is the drop down window that list every document you can file at the CRO. Touch it and watch how many documents that are possible to be filed there. The drop down window seems to be none has at least 200 different headings for just about everything you can think of and more. You have to make sure that anything filed having anything to do with your property goes on the very first page that comes up when you check your records using only your name. Thats it. Only your name...and press enter. What shows up is anything to do with your property, including all loans, the banks involved, any assignments, transfers,sales, foreclosures, etc. Plus any Tax leins by the IRS, FTB, and even the county if your behind on property taxes. Look for MERS(Morgtage Electronic Registration System), the banks "private" version of the county recorder office, which isnt accessable to the public. And they are always named as a benificiary of the NOTE, which is an impossibilty. They have admitted many times in foreclosures cases in court that they are only have "nominal" interest in the NOTE. But they have "NO BENEFICIAL INTEREST IN THE NOTE". If MERS is listed anywhere in the filings on your property, you know your morgtage is fraudulent right away, just by naming them at all on your property. But notice one more thing that will show and prove that the bank did notice you as the original "Creditor" listing you as the "grantee"(Creditor/Owner) and listed themselves as the "grantor"(Debtor/borrower). But than notice the very next filing after that which is usually filed the same day or the next, because you signed over "power of attorney" to them, they immediately re-file on the property switching you from the "grantee"(owner) to the "grantor"(the debtor). Nice hat trick. Once you get a copy, you should go back to your bank anfd ask them why they did that. Lets see how much run around they give you, before telling you our attorney isnt here right now. Can he call you when he gets the chance?? Right.!!

  7. I filed an Notice of "Intent to preserve Interest" on the property so everyone would know that the title to the property was "CLOADED". Making it much harder to sell. But what did the CR do..?? Instead of filing it under the property records that comes up with all other filings along with anything to do with your property, they choose to file it "only" as a NOTICE and giving it a doc # only, which no one could ever find unless they either had the doc. #, or attorneys who know how to investigate things like that since they have probably dealt with it so much. But the CR took their time filing it when i gave it to them and they are usually quick about it once the form meets all their requirements. Instead, they were probably told to call the court or DA to see how it should be filed. See what i mean. The banks tell everyone else how to file things instead of them. The attorneys for the banks control the CRO when it comes to property. Whoever controls the money, controls how our govt agencies work...the whole system is rigged for "conflict of interest".

  8. History lesson from early days in new jersey. (Very interesting read)
    Since the recording of land conveyances is and has always been voluntary, and since this function was not fully available in the county seats until 1785 for deeds and 1766 for mortgages, proprietary survey records are vital for documenting colonial land-owning families.
    Point is that recording your deed is voluntary and always has been. People used to physically hold their deeds to their land. However, recording just gives notice of who owns the land. When you register your property in the county that is equivalent to gifting [or abandoning/quit claim) your property to the county. Essentially you are giving your property to hold in trust/abeyance for you in return for benefits from the county. (Ie property tax, trash tax, water tax, sewer, fire, police, schools etc.]
    The NAME corp is seen as the trustee/agent for the man (last, first middle).
    There is a difference between recording and registering.
    In florida once you record the deed with the county, the county clerk immediately sends that info to the property appraisers office to be registered.
    When you gift your property to the county they in turn use your house for mortgaged backed securities. Check out your city, county and state CAFR reports. There are NO cities, counties or states that are actually out of funds.

    Unregister your property from the county. Registering property only came about because they needed finds to support the war effort. Originally it was only to be registered for two years and then could be unregistered. People either forgot to unregister or any other reason. Point is they already got what they needed for the war effort a long time ago and it does not need to be registered any longer.

    1. From Anna:

      So is there a process to "unregister" that you know of?

    2. From Anna Von Reitz:

      This is wonderful--- ties in really well with the research we are doing on the 1907 bankruptcy and the whole fraud that went on back then. Thank you! Too bad it requires state by state research and we don't have the staff to do them all and publish the results.

    3. Been there, done that, they just ignore any attempt to "unregister" a property. Once they have their hand in your pocket they wont take it out, it needs to be cut off.

    4. Isn't that the truth! Cut both their hands off, because they will just keep stealing. Just as bad up here in Canada, as it is in America.

    5. Earthdweller i am pretty sure you have to have proper status to do this. You can not be a US citizen. When you tried what status were you?

  9. I'm embarrassed to ask this, but I don't own any land property, I just rent a lot space for my manufactured home. What should I exactly be doing to protect my home ? Thank you very much.

    1. From Anna:

      As for true tenants and those who do not own property, they shouldn't be receiving bills of this kind.

    2. Thanks for your reply.The individuals who own the property(the subdivision)have us tenants renting the lot space also pay for their property tax.Very greedy indeed.

  10. I'm keen to use the process Anna provides in "Power to sell" but I' not sure if the indemnity bond will work here in New Zealand. However it's no mystery the financial records from "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand" along with "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Australia", can be seen on the SEC website, and as we know the SEC is based in DC. So on the surface it would seem that regardless of the geographical distance one could use the bond Anna mentions due to Her Majesty being just a franchise of DC and working in a international jurisdiction which would not limit the discharging instrument. I'll look for the NZ forms that match what Anna is taking about and with the help of a good friend of mine we may crack this nut as he has had the chief financial officer of the council ask of my friend (after spelling out the legislation) how much do you want!!
    This is because their all trust boards milking funds from the annuities, but as I understand the debt must be dealt with one way or another. Any ideas on this?

  11. How to unregister your property. Each state does it differently. You would have to look up in your states codes.

    in ohio code for registering lands.
    It seems to me that when you buy property and go through title company and attorneys they may register the property for you without your knowledge.
    Construction—1907 c 250: "This act shall be construed liberally, so far as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying out its general intent, which is, that any owner of land may register his title and bring his land under the provisions of this act, but no one is required so to do." [ 1907 c 250 § 97.]

    Withdrawal authorized—Effect.

    The owner or owners of any lands, the title to which has been or shall hereafter be registered in the manner provided by law, shall have the right to withdraw said lands from registration in the manner hereinafter provided, and after the same have been so withdrawn from registration, shall have the right to contract concerning, convey, encumber or otherwise deal with the title to said lands as freely and to the same extent and in the same manner as though the title had not been registered.
    [ 1917 c 62 § 2; RRS § 10658

    Application to withdraw.

    The owner or owners of registered lands, desiring to withdraw the same from registration, shall make and file with the registrar of titles in the county in which said lands are situated, an application in substantially the following form:
    To the registrar of titles in the county of . . . . . ., state of Washington:
    I, (or we), . . . . . ., the undersigned registered owner . . . in fee simple of the following described real property situated in the county of . . . . . ., state of Washington, to wit: (here insert the description of the property), hereby make application to have the title to said real property withdrawn from registration.
    Witness my (or our) hand . . . and seal . . . this . . . . day of . . . . . ., (year) . . . .

    . . . .

    Applicant's signature.
    Said application shall be acknowledged in the same manner as is required for the acknowledgment of deeds.
    [ 2016 c 202 § 44; 1917 c 62 § 3; RRS § 10659.]

    Certificate of withdrawal.

    Upon the filing of such application and the payment of a fee of five dollars, the registrar of titles, if it shall appear that the application is signed and acknowledged by all the registered owners of said land, shall issue to the applicant a certificate in substantially the following form:
    This is to certify, That . . . . . . the owner (or owners) in fee simple of the following described lands situated in the county of . . . . . ., state of Washington, the title to which has been heretofore registered under the laws of the state of Washington, to wit: (here insert description of the property), having heretofore filed his or her (or their) application for the withdrawal of the title to said lands from the registry system; NOW, THEREFORE, The title to said above described lands has been withdrawn from the effect and operation of the title registry system of the state of Washington and the owner (or owners) of said lands is (or are) by law authorized to contract concerning, convey, encumber, or otherwise deal with the title to said lands in the same manner and to the same extent as though said title had never been registered.
    Witness my hand and seal this . . . . day of . . . . . ., (year) . . . .

    Effect of recording.

    The person receiving such certificate of withdrawal shall record the same in the record of deeds in the office of the county auditor of the county in which the lands are situated and thereafter the title to said lands shall be conveyed or encumbered in the same manner as the title to lands that have not been registered.
    [ 1917 c 62 § 5; RRS § 10661.]

  12. correct. However, just like the auto industry hands the true title to our cars(the "MSO"manufactures statement of origin) to the STATE in exchange for a "certificate of title", the same thing has happened to "REAL ESTATE"(Land) titles. the true title to land( not property...theres that mirror image again) is "Alloidial". Now all we have is defective titles called " fee simple". That is not title. It only represents "equitable interest in the title. Not title itself. The true title would be "fee simple absolute" or "Quite Title" which you are going to have to prove to a court(Probate) in order to get it. The problem again is the damn "ATTORNEYS". they have totally rigged the system for "Queen and Country". they are like a cut off one head(with a remedy that someone exposes) and they grow two more to replace it. My real estate agent told me that when he first became a agent 30or 40 years ago, there was only a one page loan document. Now there is at least 30 large pages, and after 2008 and the following chaos aftermath, exposing the entire fraud, the loan papers have increased by at least 2 or 3 more pages of nothing but waivers of homeowners rights. They even get you to waive your right to file a "homestead exemption", which hardly any of us knew about anyway, but it gave the homeowner protection under a foreclosure of up to $75,000 if you had more than that in equity of the home if they took the home from you.
    Heres the real problem we face from these clever bastards:

    It starts right from the beginning when we apply for a loan on the house.... "The Promissory Note" which is an unlawful but legal "secruity instrament" that the bank uses to monitize at least 3 times using your "signiture". Off course none of us signed it "without prejudice" because we wanted the house and knew we wouldnt get it if we tried something like that. But the banks attorney knows you were the one that actually financed the loan, which is why in those 30 pages of loan documents, somewhere in the middle(so its hidden) is your waiver of "power of attorney" and "power of sale"which we all initialed. The attorney waste no time once your approved and makes a beeline to the County Recorders Office where he does the only "honest" thing in the chain of title of your property.....for those of you who have never been to the CRO the filings are only listed two ways....Grantor or Grantee. So let me ask you who has higher title...?????? If you choose "Grantee" you are right. But most of you probably thought it was the Grantor. Nope!!!Once we get the loan they know from experiance that not one in a million of us ever go to the county Recorders Office to see what was filed, believing ignorantly, that the banks were being honest and

  13. doing everything by the book.But right after that he refiles your property, because of that damn waiver of "power of attorney" giving the banks attorney to file anything he wants after that without notifying you at all. the first thing he does is put you on the other side of the account as the "Grantor"(Debtor/Borrower) , now only having the right of possession, but only if you keep up with all your payments as agreed. But that contract you signed is missing a lawfully required clause in it "intentionaly".....The right of Rission of the contract under the 3 day "Truth and Lending" Laws. They knew people we chaching on to the fraud. But if they foreclose on you, you can bring that up again as a defence , because in order to foreclose on the home the account on the home should be paid in full first. and it usually is. They just never tell us and they used to file a "Satisfaction of Lein" at the CRO that said it was paid for in FULL. They dont do it anymore because they cant keep up with their own fraud anymore. But when i was going through a foreclosure our next door neighbor had a real estate friend she knew personally and called her for me to get our loan papers on the house. When we got it I was shocked....It had been STAMPED in red "Paid in Full". The CRO is intentionally being run by normal people who claim no liability for anyones filings, when it should be run by nothing but Attorneys who can immediately know a fraudulent filing when they see it and call the person on it who is filing it.

  14. I copied and pasted wrong, leaving out the rest of the first paragraph of the post above. What i wanted to say is that the banks attorney initially files your home , properly naming you as the "Grantee"(Credito/Owner or Priority Interest in the property). But as soon as he files that, he immediately re-files on you, because we gave him the right to have "Power of attorney" and he puts us on the other side of the account as the "Grantor"(Debtor/borrower having only secondary interest in the property). And you wont believe how many times after that that you loan was either, assigned, transferred, and sold to secondary Creditors, all done behind our backs. And they have no requirement to notify you of any of this. So before you do anything, you first ha

  15. Have to revoke both the POA and POS clauses, before you do anything. Than you can file all of judge Annas stuff. But it is very important to always start demanding lawful money at 12USC 411 as your best remedy for all of this and quit endorsing the banks private paper with your signature. Just sign eveything as "lawful money" endorsement necessary. Dont make a big deal at the bank about it. Just scribble it like you actually did use your name. They will never know. If they do notice, tell them this has nothing to do with me demanding gold or silver. It has to do with law which no one their is trained in to question your right to sign anything under the UCC at 3-401. You can print y

  16. Your name under the line, but always sign using lawful money. Eberyone in govt. is under tremendous pressure to keep us under control. It wont be easy to be free much longer.

  17. Withdrawal of registered lands in Mass.

    Ohio how to withdrawl registered lands

    The Withdrawal of Lands from the Torrens Act

  18. Forgot to add for Mass.

  19. As always, I appreciate all of Anna's work and articles that she posts through Paul Stramer. I have a question that I hope someone can address. I see that Cody above mentioned being able (maybe) to use the indemnity bond in New Zealand.
    My question is how does this work if someone was born in a US Territory like Puerto Rico or in the District of Columbia? Can the indemnity bond be used? If so how? If not, is there something else that can be used?

  20. From Anna:

    This Private Registered Indemnity Bond is based on American assets and so isn't available for everyone on Earth, but the same thing can be done in other places with other Treasuries. It requires a rather lengthy process of reclaiming your own identity and birthright and proving and reclaiming land assets and establishing public records including genealogy and landownership going back before the Great Fraud kicked off --- it is an expense and a pain in the butt and requires multiple levels of international and national and local filings and recordings. So I won't say it is terribly easy, but if a person from New Zealand really wanted to do it for their entire country, they could come to the states and we would show them how.

    I felt bad that I could not provide an indemnity bond for everyone, but I did post a Payment Bond and lodge it with the Vatican Chancery Court, which is the bank for the Holy See. That is AMRI00003 RA393427653US and the Payment Bond is even more absolute than the Private Indemnity Bond and more universally applicable. It basically claims that Jesus died for all sins (which means all debts) in all places and all times for everyone, the righteous and the unjust, the sheep and the goats, all belong to him, so that you do not have to be a Christian. His sacrifice redeemed the entirety of the Earth forever and everyone on it, so there can be no debt anymore and the entire system must be converted to a credit system and the days of the Doctrine of Scarcity must give way to the Doctrine of Abundance.

    1. It is more complicated that that. This sounds like a repeat of "bailout" that happened a few years ago. Further, it is stil playing by the rules of someone else's game. IMHO. Placing property into any other man, makes a voluntary agreement for corruption by the controler, directr and/or manager and quashes the Free Will and Dominion, which may be sovereignty depending upon the Will, granted to man for his acceptance and supreme claim under the Creator, which is the supreme power, authority and law. Even is you do 'protect' it under the Will of another man, aka king/landlord, you still have the problem that the World Trust, governed by the Vatican owns, by assuption, your blood and thus can liquidate your body, for Trade/Exchange.

  21. It is in the blood. They 'assumed' everyone's DNA, thus breaching the agreement. I do not think the Vatican accepted Jesuses Offer and thus is not a party to the agreement that Jesus's blood was used to take the sins from all men. You and I may have agreed to that, but not the dead entity known as The Vatican. The Vatican is blood thursty and used as a veil to protect the beneficairies of the interests from the trust from culpability while enjoying the interests from the blood of everything under the sun. That is the cause for the need to pierce the corporate veil. But wait, you must first accept the Will of God as your own will and use it to govern the Estate the is used to represent the Estate the contains your DNA. It is is documented on NCBI, the repository for the Blood of the Saints. It is tied to the securites markets including USSEC through the taxonomy ID number at NCBI. It is difficult to tie it together and forever morphing to protect the beneficiaries of those interests, including the Universities, placing an army of students there to continuously morph the money trail under the coopertion of the multilevel instirutions, inter alia.

  22. regarding Withdrawal of registered lands...

    does anyone have the info for michigan??? cant find if on the net...

    thank you


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