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Friday, June 30, 2017

Medical Licensing, Yankee Doodle, Inc., and the Way Things Work

By Anna Von Reitz

Licensing means that you are being given permission to do something that is otherwise unlawful for you to do.  Licensing also implies the existence of a king who stands over you and who decides whether or not to grant you the privilege of doing whatever that illegal business or activity is.

For example, acting as a pirate is against the law.  However, in England, if the King gave you Letters of Marque to act as a privateer (a pirate) then it was perfectly legal for you to engage in smuggling and robbery on the High Seas,  or wherever else the King said you could do it.   The King as Law-giver could also suspend the Law at will and grant you the privilege --  a license -- to kill as per James Bond, or to pillage or any other thing.

So, since when has it ever been against the law to be a doctor or to practice medicine in this country?  

Answer: after the Civil War laws restricting medical practices and setting standards of education for doctors began proliferating.  This was promoted by the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry that wished to get rid of homemade medicine that competed with their products. They also sponsored medical schools with their newly acquired wealth from producing such products as Bayer's aspirin and Carter's Liver Pills and then used these schools as a means of indoctrinating generations of doctors into dependence on their products. 

Then, with the rise of trade unionism we got the American Medical Association, which in effect unionized medical practitioners, and which has --- like the American Bar Association --- run a closed union shop in violation of the public law for over a hundred years.  This was also a good development in the eyes of the early pharmaceutical giants, because it placed the doctors under the thumb of the AMA and of course, the AMA leadership was already on the take from Big Pharma. 

The end result for American medicine has been mixed.  On one hand, you can be sure that your doctor has been fed exactly all the same information as any other doctor in the country and has passed exams proving that he or she took it all in and knows the standard material.  On the other hand, you can also be sure that your doctor has been indoctrinated and literally trained not to think for him or herself too deeply, and has been taught to rely on and use a panoply of Big Pharma products, and yes, is literally bribed to do so.  The influence peddling of the pharmaceutical companies has gone so far as to pay outright kickbacks to doctors for prescribing certain drugs. 

We have also suffered from "patentability losses"---- the politically correct way of saying that better and less destructive traditional medication based on herbs and essential oils and other traditional medicines are not being researched and made available because they can't be patented.  Big Pharma avoids putting any research or development money into drugs that they can't own.  Literally.  As a result, many of the most promising known cures for disease are not being investigated and billions of dollars are being spent instead on manmade molecules that often are nothing but selective poisons that alleviate some symptoms and cause others at the same time. 

This country survived at least 300 years of its history with no licensing of medical practitioners at all. It's a good guess we could survive another 300.  The better part of practical intelligence would argue that there is a need to oversee medical practices and procedures and drugs being administered--- and the larger question is who or what should do the oversight? 

Medicine at its heart is as much of an art as a science, and while it may be possible to establish our "best guess" standards for the science end of it, there is no way to uniformly package or mandate the style of the art. 

My own solution is more medical schools, an end to the AMA stranglehold, an end of the Big Pharma racketeering and kickback system, and public investment in institutions that teach and conduct research based on traditional medicine---- hopefully in tandem with our conventional medical schools.

Integrated medicine and its practitioners take the enlightened approach of trying to discern and make use of the best of both worlds--traditional and modern--- for the benefit of their patients.  After all, if your goal is to cure or to at least effectively help someone deal with symptoms of disease, doesn't it make sense that you use all the knowledge in the whole arsenal that thousands of years of medical practice has garnered?

I think the answer is a big fat "YES!" 

As for regulation of medical practice, I think it is best done by those who practice medicine --- the doctors themselves, but I also think that closed union shops and coercion by unions is basically immoral and unlawful. So how do we do away with the bad aspects of the AMA and still retain the good?  Perhaps the better answer is a "Medical Better Business Bureau" under the auspices of the Office of the Ombudsman or other Consumer Protection agency, that collects and responsibly publishes verified complaints against doctors and medical institutions.  When you pick a doctor or a hospital you would check their ratings, just like you check the Consumer Reports on a lawn mower, and their success or failure would then depend on delivering the best prices and most effective services at the least risk to their patients.

That sort of open and public competition lets people and institutions rise and fall according to their performance and the genuine desire to provide the best health and medical care possible.

Which brings up a final point---- health in all its aspects is the true goal of all medical practice, and true health requires much more than a bottle of pills.  It requires commitment from patients and knowledgeable patients as well as committed and knowledgeable doctors.  Many of the worst and most pervasive health problems we face in this country are self-inflicted as a result of poor nutrition, poor hygiene, and addictions. 

My point is that educating the doctors and holding them to high and more or less uniform standards doesn't create better public health overall, which is the ultimate goal.  To promote that goal requires better health education in our schools and in the public venues that are open to us, and a more goal-driven public-policy perspective.  We need better health and hygiene curriculums in our schools, more education made available through public health organizations, and more support for preventive measures to preserve natural health instead of vast programs to regain what has been lost through ignorance.

The governmental services corporations we have been dealing with "as" governments have been profit-driven instead of being directed by any sincere and practical interest in the Public Good.  If it makes them a buck, directly, they go for it.  If it saves them (and us) a buck, they could care less.  Public Health Education is one of those things that the Public Good demands, but is more attuned to saving us money than costing us money.  Just like the Ombudsman's Office, health education represents an outflow for the governmental services corporations and, though the public benefits greatly, the benefit to the governmental services corporations in terms of savings does not motivate them.

After all, when the governmental services corporations provide services to you, they get to charge for those services.  When they invest in keeping you and your children healthy, they see savings in that fewer people are on the public dole or requiring medical care--- but that is all the same to them, because they just pass those costs, along with their own costs administering welfare programs, on to you.  They actually make money on sick people and criminals and drug addicts, so from their perspective, there is no motivation to decrease illness, or crime, or drug use.  Quite the opposite.

Until we replace the profit-driven governmental services corporations with actual people-based government, or otherwise devise means by which these organizations change their motivations, we will continue to see increasing ignorance, illness, drug use, and criminality burgeoning as "government industries" now depend on these negative conditions. 

As long as we fail in our job to demand good services and to place other motivations in front of these profit-driven governmental services corporations we will continue to get the same results.  One possible way to nip this whole situation in the bud is to provide Negative Rewards to the politicians and the corporations they work for-- that is, reward them for decreases in criminality, drug use, medical costs, etc., and punish them monetarily for failure to produce results. 

Since they are just corporations we have the ability to fire them and hire new people and new organization to provide us with the services we want and need.  At the end of the day, the Consumer rules this planet.  If the "USA, INC." isn't producing the results we need at a price we can afford, then it is time to boot up "Yankee Doodle, Inc." and see what they can do. 

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  1. finally the truth escapes THE CONSUMER RULES (priority creditor) all agencies and officers are merely debtors in the form of service providers or debt collectors ,they have no real rights only limited rights .15 U.S.C 1692 a and the 28 pages of the FDCPA is the key
    Title !5 is the highest law of the land under federal district art 3 .
    learn those 28 pages and you are king and all those who serve you will be forced to comply to your true status (private person,creditor,non citizen,non subject,non defendant driver, etc) Read Read Read and go big....

    1. yep FDCPA and FCRA very strong. conditional acceptance and they can never prove anything under penalty of perjury.

  2. I have been pondering my licensed profession, architecture. How will the corporate states react when I produce products that don't have to comply with corporate planning regulations or UN agenda 2030? I assume I should only provide services for freemen?

  3. Hit the Reset, as in start this planet over, it's too evil. And the nonsense that is emailed to me from brianwashed New Agers makes me want to hit the reset button on this planet. And the hate on youtube comments, the evil in this world is too much. Do-over time.

  4. The conditioning field under "the Civil War laws", etc. has effectively reoriented the Human psyche to outer authority (in one form or another) and consequently it is understandable that many are concerned over "selective poisons that alleviate some symptoms and cause others at the same time". The people who are free enough to rethink this are already avoiding the poisons however more "rethinking" is needed regarding "the most promising known cures for disease", especially regarding what we have been conditioned to believe about "disease". It is most certainly true that "Many of the worst and most pervasive health problems we face in this country are self-inflicted" and although "poor nutrition, poor hygiene, and addictions" fall in that territory there remains another "realm" that is largely unidentified at the causal level from where our intelligent, biological survival programs are launched. That realm is the human psyche. The "biological survival programs" are what doctors were trained to call disease and then treat. However, the real healing can only come through resolving the shock conflicts sustained by the psyche. Many of these shock conflicts include diagnosis of cancer and the like as well as a dire prognosis made by the doctor. So yes we do want the freedom and access to truly good medicines and we also need our minds cleared of the medical indoctrinations about what they call "disease".

  5. ...and the bigger picture is the Food and Drug Administration, this is both sides of the health coin and all governed by the same mega Co.'s, the toxic food gets you initially sick and into the "Health Care System" and the drugs keeps you there until your a chemical zombie being leached off of until no substance is left.
    Old grandaddy Rockefeller was initially peddling his crude oil as a cancer cure this is the roots of the whole industry, Bayer is one of the off shoots of IG Farben the mega Co.that backed Hitler and was basically partners with the Rockefeller throughout the entire war, So we have a true Nazi rooted medical system and most have heard of "Operation Paperclip".
    The cops badge is his Letter of Marque, also if you read enough definitions you will see that most registrations and certificates etc are essentially public Licenses, the BC is a commercial license and everything you acquired using it. If your real-estate title is registered as "residential" this is basically a commercial license and why you owe a property tax it's essentially a franchise/privilege tax for doing business in the State.

  6. The information I've seen indicates that the medical profession kills the equivalent of two or three jumbo jets crashing every day all year long. Do you think that if there were airplane crashes every day that they wouldn't do something about it?
    I have always thought that the patent process was harmful to the progress of society and should not exist, except for land patents. If nothing could be patented, then there would probably be a lot less harmful drugs or GMO foods or pesticides, etc. It would prevent useful inventions from being bought up and put on the shelf, never to see the light of day.

  7. I have been a Registered Nurse for 45 years now and have sadly watched the medical system become a predatory machine. I started studying herbal remedies and use of essential oils for 20 years now so that I can stay as far away from the system as possible. I have developed my own little library of books on various healing modalities and educate and encourage family and friends to take back their power, body ,mind and spirit.

    1. Good to hear, Gloria!
      have you seen "The Healing Power of Illness"?:

    2. Healing starts with nutrition, hygiene and avoidance of addictions. Since the early 1900's the nutritional value of our food has been in decline. Today most of the food available is worthless, which is why people need to overeat in order to satisfy their body's need for minerals.

  8. The AMA was created to protect the income of the doctors, as well as "control" and it has been stated from one the heads of AMA that there will NEVER be a cancer cure allowed to be used in the US. When Reagan found out he had cancer, he didn't use that "gold standard" of treatment called chemo, he went to Germany and they induced a fever in his body while he was placed in a coma and his body burned the cancer out. GEE, boys and girls in the US, if chemo is so great, then WHY wasn't it imposed on this president and if it really is fraud, which it is, then WHY can't we get the same treatment that he did in the US!? Answer: the AMA!!! And you folks actually believe that all of these wonderful US gov't agencies were there to look out for you and take care of you!!! WoW!!! I could say more but this should speak for itself. To paraphrase Jefferson: Stupid and Free can not long be!!!

  9. When Anna writes the Pope and talks to him like he is something high and mighty, she sickens me to my shoe soles.
    The pope is the deceiver of the world and needs to be silenced well as the entire Vatican needs to be silenced and erased from the memories of mankind as quickly as possible.
    But that is only my opinion.

    1. I could not agree more with you regarding this Pope I call him the Poop Demon for this is what he is nothing more or less.

  10. FAA medical is hassling pilots, forcing expensive testing and additional medical opinions, many have given up. Now Horizon Air announced a pilot shortage and must over work the remaining pilots. There is not even a data base of medically caused accidents, 90 percent of the time pilots monitor their own condition, "Am I feeling OK to go to work today?" Some forced to take anti-depressants, drugs or "privileges to work" are confiscated by the central medical "authority" Millions in insurance claims poured in to the process by corporations, airlines, those who can afford the expenses. The common man or woman who depends on working is just out of luck.

  11. Hartford vandyke.and Ron Paul agree the central bank is the stake in the heart of the American people as British went to war aginst us in 1812 when Jackson shut em down .they use the cycles of boom and bust to pilfer us all. They crash economy on purpose like 1929 calling due all margin loans with 24 hours to pay off or loose .
    And more fractional reserve banking , the discount window free money for bankers.and just risking your capitol with little return .

  12. Deathcare by profit medical industry is losing money and will continue to tank as us vegan's are spreading real truth bombs of health to help all of mankind and we are making worldwide changes one person at a time ...we are everywhere, separated but coming together and bring others to awareness ... it is the diet for humans, " go vegan" ... geniuses were ... two vegan parents equals a little genius son or daughter... wake up save a life with the truth .. many good research out there ... save a life, educate others 💜 Love & peace

  13. Anna once again thank you for your wisdom you are sharing here we all greatly appreciate your wisdom and courage to speak out against the reptilian tirbe!

    As a medical Intuitive this is what I have to say about ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE BEING PRACTICED TODAY Pimped by the AMA - FDA SCAMSTERS: It's nothing more than a way to control the so called "health care providers" = More Like DRUG PIMP PROVIDERS for the Pharmaceutical conglomerate and the peoples of all nations.

    Does any one of you know that these quack MD's only study pharmacology, anatomy and physiology for 7 years unless they specialize to become a surgeon or other specialization then they need to do additional years???

    Did any of you know ALLOPATHIC MD's do not have a clue or know a lick of how the human body’s immune system actually functions???

    Hypocrites had more knowledge about this subject of the body’s functions and immunity to disease far more than any of these quacks, and he always referred to diet and natural herbs as the foundation for GOOD HEALTHY BODY FUNCTION and how to keep a healthy body???

    As this YouTube video from Nephropathy Dr. Mercola and his colleague Neil Miller on Critical Vaccine Studies check out this video and lets open our eyes to the actual facts and not the propaganda machine that is part of this Cabal or NWO scamsters scamming you into getting your babies and children vaccinated with their poisons and their cancer viruses placed in these vaccines which once again are causing autism in children that never had it in the first place sick world we live in: this video shoes how VACCINES ARE A TOTAL SCAM and a way to socially engineer early deaths in the subjects that have been vaccinated AS WELL.

    So these ALLOPATHIC MD's in order to get their stupid certificate and licensing from these so called universities and finally pass their medical board exams of the limited knowledge to NO KNOWLEDGE of how really the human body and immune system really functions. SHAME ON THEM AND THIS CORRUPT SYSTEM.

    They just train these ALLOPATHIC MD's feeding them BS in order to pimp and sell as much of the Pharma = poison to the masses so these PIRATES can continue slowly killing everyone that seeks them out this is what they call "MANAGED CARE" meaning they will manage giving you their poisons till you die and or are too broke to continue taking them.

    Pharma in Greek does mean Poison. It sure is poison all of their drugs no exceptions since they are all synthetic.

    I know this better than anyone since I did die twice under the care of these Allopathic MD's and resuscitated myself back after being pronounced dead, in order to share this with the world.

  14. Sonia...are you saying you had a "Near Death" experiance...??? What did you see...!!!


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