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Saturday, June 24, 2017

International Commercial Obligation Lien status

By Anna Von Reitz

Update on the A.B.A./I.B.A. Commercial Lien S.E.C. Tracer Number #2640220

This lien is being turned over to competent collectors as part of a massive claim and collections effort which we hope is soon consolidated and administered in each and every state of the Union.  We have definitive proof of collusion between the Bar Association members and foreign governments and banking interests that have enabled them to foreclose on the Municipal United States ESTATE assets (all the names like JOHN MICHAEL DOE) with one hand, and then use the value of the actual assets claimed by the Territorial United States Foreign Situs Trust franchises as beneficiaries (all the names in the form John Michael Doe) to borrow funds to buy the same homes that they foreclosed on. 

In other words, they foreclose on YOU (the ESTATE which is a presumed Municipal franchise and ward of the STATE OF _________ which is undergoing liquidation) and use the actual value of your house which supposedly belongs to You (the Territorial franchise being operated as a Foreign Situs Trust that claims to be the Beneficiary of YOUR ESTATE under names styled like this: John Michael Doe--- which is in Chapter 11) to obtain credit for the Courts buy your home back for the benefit of the rats indulging in all this gross Breach of Trust and fraud.

There is now a massive amount of help available to Americans through the Private Registered Indemnity Bonds that have been posted in behalf of each one of the states of the Union and via the instructions that have been posted telling you all how to change your political status back and how to protect yourselves and your property from these predators.  Spread the word and shut the Foreclosure Mills down by "surrendering" all Municipal PERSONS, expatriating from the Territorial jurisdiction, removing your names from the "Voter Registration" roles and placing your assets under your birth state's indemnity bond -- for example: AMRI00001 RA393427640US -- Idaho for someone born in Idaho. 

The instructions are clear and complete and posted in a series of three articles--- # 560 "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why",  "Dear Lucretia, Foreclosure Relief and the Rest of the Story" (Article 607) and "Pay Attention! --- If You Want to Save Your Butts" -- which is Article # 620 on

If you follow the instructions, you can immediately stop foreclosure actions against your property and turn the tables on the vermin responsible.  If everyone shares the information with all their friends and neighbors so as to reach all those unfortunates who have been targeted with foreclosure actions for mortgages they never owed and for "property taxes" they never owed, either---- we can stop the Foreclosure Mills in their tracks and we can prosecute the criminals responsible.

We are applying the lien to the entire Court System, the attorneys, and the judges who are card-carrying members of the Bar Associations---- and yes, we will be going after the Federal Reserve Banks that hold the infamous CRIS Accounts in behalf of these vicious criminals in our midst, and we have given our permission to the IRS and other federal agencies to collect the cured commercial lien from all parties who have participated in and benefited from this outrageous nationwide crime spree and have provided them with the funding to do so.

Before this is over all the smug Undeclared Foreign Agents who have been acting--- literally "acting" as judges and attorneys--- and who have been pillaging and plundering the Public Trusts are going to exposed for what they are and financially ruined.  And those who provided them with Privateer Licenses while pretending to be our Trustees, our friends, and our Allies are also going to get their Come-to-Jesus Meeting with the actual United States of America Government. 

That said, the problem is so widespread, the crime itself so massive, that we are still working out the details of exactly how this will be done to help  restore all the people who have been damaged and who have already lost property and been evicted by these monsters in suits.  We will show them the same pity and charity they have shown us, with the exception that our cause is just and honest and theirs is nothing but a most venal and hateful and self-serving crime. 

Come on, boys, get your shit-kicking boots on and learn to love the IRS. 

If you pay attention and take prompt action you can prevent any more foreclosures against your assets.  Keep tuned and when Foreclosure Redemption Offices open in each state, all of you who have been wrongly foreclosed upon and evicted from your homes will either receive your homes back plus damages or full compensation plus damages paid for by the vermin responsible for this international outrage.

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  1. Anna, you are no less than God's gift to America. (The real one.)

  2. Well am on canada land going to leave cdn citizenship Washington dc so i cant do your process ... i have seen another be free living privately but had to join another tribe otherwise deemed terrorist and deported from our birth land. Has full faith and credit soc from usa... revoked all licenses left cdn, is living as non person... did death certificate Apostille both and sent copies to govt to be surety... i dont see thet in your lrpcess...
    . Lots getting foreclosed on here.. media says nothing while controls tighten ... prices skyrocket for bills, food, tickets, mortgage rates, insurances doubled... people are breaking as jobs disappear... i hate what rats do to a good country and its people.. if you dont carry govt id you cant work or do anything which is total bs... cant rent car or pickup mail, cant leave country if owe taxes.. prisoners... if you challenge they cut off services and bill jumps over $1000 .a month just to say show me law..... nazi place ... need to leave is only remedy or slave it out ... you get blacklisted... land is hell ... cant even travel... property stolen and hidden ... cant get bill ... hate it and only will worsen... hate banks deny us our common law account and use xx-xx:xx format with box account closed .. denied bank account without govt id .. nuts nuts nuts ... govt control freaks .. cops crazy ... world is in shambles

    1. The prices are getting worse I spent over $100 the other day on food and only had 2 bags of for and it wasn't top of the line stuff either most was just "store brand"

  3. Should have lots of money if sold debt to creditors

  4. I still think using last name is criminal, felony

  5. Absolutely Margaret..๐Ÿ’“
    Bravo Anna, as always
    You Rock Honey!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

    I'm considering printing all 3 articles including this one from today 6/24/17
    And handing them off to neighbors, also asking this one convenient store if i may leave a few over by their paper products that's put out for the public daily..
    If that's too much let me know Anna, I definitely want to help with eye opening's.๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

  6. I have a sovereign fb page and getting tonnes of hits and do put info out there.. im
    Surprised not shutdown yet for censorship as anyone involved in movement is played with... i keep it public as i have nothing to hide.. i told them i was learning laws ... going to file all criminal complaints of my huge losses and home for forgetting a payment ... nazi's. Thanks for info ... yes i have lots of intll contacts glad people are getting awareness as other countries are getting hit too.. a huge real attack on all people but their is more of us than them ... they will eventually block travel more, block money more already with high rates, block media IP addresses, ... harrassing... more killings next i guess

  7. city of chicago will be having a scavenger sale aka.. if your late on your property taxes 3 times in 3 years in a row they can sell your home to bidders.
    and in their scavenger pdf.. it stated this in a boxed format & this was inside it "What Are You Buying?
    You are NOT buying the property. You are buying a delinquent tax lien on the property. To maintain this lien, or acquire any other interest in the
    property itself, you must follow all steps as required by applicable statute, administrative rule, and case law.
    You have NO right to have the tax bill put in your name, or to take any action with respect to the property unless and until you obtain a tax deed by order of the Circuit Court of Cook County."

    Its funny how at the end it states to do anything with the property you need a "tax deed" not a home deed... who would want a tax deed????

    also any news on those folks who were to make there american general assembly here in illnois or where i can get the news for that.

  8. I recently wrote an email text, straight to president Trump on his site. At least thats what it says. So i wrote a nice letter to him about the fraudulent nature of all these "foreclosures" that have taken place since 2008. I told him that they were the ones (Banks and wall street) responsible for the chaos that ensued as a result of unbridled greed of financial institutions let loose with absoluty NO OVERSITE AT ALL. NONE. They now have all been payed back at least 3 times over, by Quantitative easing, TARP FUNDS, and Credit Default Swaps. And now they still want to foreclose on those same homes that were paid for in full, and getting away with it because of our great justice system and "ATTORNEYS". I ended by telling him its high time you did something that will immediately impact the American people immediately by making an Executive Order to stop all foreclosures immediately. This will have the effect of giving people hope again and will solidify your presidency with the people who will in turn give you their full support. Im curious to see if i get a response.If I do I will let you know.

    1. Bravo, James. We should all follow your example in kind.

  9. If you have had the county Recorder refuse to record your document(s), you can send, by Registered mail with return receipt, certified copies of the document(s) to the key government officials that you need to honor your instrument. Add a cover letter reminding them that the refusal of the Recorder to record the document did not diminish the validity and authority of these documents. Estoppel will require them to treat the document(s) as if it had been recorded. You can also publish the document in the legal notices of the local newspaper. There is always a way to thwart their attempts at concealment of vital information that should be in the public record.

    1. Right. And, we have experienced that here in N. CA and were considering this very thing. Citing them on Title 42 USC 1985, obstruction of civil rights and due process, etc.

  10. Will this also be the situation for rental properties, or just primary residences?

  11. I hate to bring more bad news but their is a bill right now that will basically be the beginning of the war money including cryptocurrencies....S 1247...If this passes, Trump id asleep and we are screwed. They will even cut off our SS if we dont comply with the forms they want us to fill out.

    1. It's actually S. 1241, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and aims to have all Americans (U.S. Citizens) be required to fill out forms letting our servants know that they have certain amounts of money or cryptocurrencies held in "non-favored" banks, i.e. Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. It will allow them to call anyone not filling out the forms a terrorist, money-launderer, etc. This has to be the very nadir of "wisdom" in D.C. Let's all call Congress and let them know what we think of this misguided garbage!

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