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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Climate Change. Uh-Huh.

By Anna Von Reitz

"Climate Change" is code for "Excuse to Tax".  Any excuse will do.  

Back in 1974, the same parties now running around yowling about "Global Warming" were yowling then about "Global Cooling".  They were as intellectually devoid of sense and honor then as they are now. 

The Earth we live on is a living, breathing organism.  It changes.  So do you. 

Whoopee!  Call the Governor!  Call the Press Corps!  

It is interesting to note that the same climate alarmists responsible for all this hype are the same ones who predicted that the Earth would be totally overcome by the "burden" of overpopulation.  We were all supposed to have died off by 1980.  

To quote Gomer Pyle, "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!" 

No sign of anything these hoaxers have predicted happening to date.  

Which points up another fact of life.  These people always and I do mean ALWAYS start out by trying to scare you.  That is so they can apply their Hegelian Dialectic. ---fancy words to describe a con job process.  

First, they scare you silly over something that doesn't exist, or which exists only because they created the problem or which exists but nobody can do anything about anyway.    

(The singular personification of "the" Devil is an example of the first, ISIS is an example of the second, and "climate change" is an example of the third starting point choice.) 

Then they raise a bunch of outcry and howling and "educating" and draw a lot of attention to themselves and collect a lot of money under false pretenses either as a protection racket or for political action.  

Then they claim credit for themselves for having solved this terrible problem that they so heroically brought to public attention and thereby saved everyone. 


Well, this happens to be the sequence that most actual, factual public problem resolutions follow --- the difference is the starting point.  

These people cynically choose a false start and create the whole hoop-la to profit themselves and for no other reason.  

Climate change has been going on for billions of years.  It will continue.  

They know this. 

On a world scale, it is just a repeat of the same scam David Rockefeller used to "corporatize" the United States.  

Find an excuse for racketeering, then give kickbacks to ensure that everyone gets on board. 

Been there. Done that.  Ready to LMAO if they think they are going to pull it again.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue. I couldn't agree more.

    1. The earth goes through natural cycles of drought and rain.... and some enterprising con man decided to make a lot of money off gullible people....

  2. What a bunch of "horse-shit" you think! Al Gore, once earned d $75,000 year serving the Senate and repersenting Nashville, TN became a multi-millionaire from this legal corrupt racquet we know as "global-warming" ! Yea we have global warning thats real for you in Alaska can see the glaciers I once frequented no more..Chase CHINA for change when anyone wants to wakeup and force the issues otherwise, Hong Kong is laughing as they take in our trash, chemicals, and electronics and cashing in! By the way, those that have never been to Hong Kong;

  3. Al Gore offered investment profits in his environment plant in China that polluted like crazy but allegedly made products that cleaned things up. 500,000 minimum to invest. Alaska has been warming up for 20,000 years, nothing new. Guess people could effect things on this enormous planet. A real estate book I just read pointed out that values always go up since people live on only 2 percent of the planet. Makes it scarce more people limited places to live, up the price goes. Any one who does much flying knows most of the planet does not have people on it effecting anything yet still changes, has changed and more than likly will keep changing. The tax, and pretend to fix stuff with big payments then fill the stores with toxic food chemicals, hospitals and big pharma the real planetary poison that needs stopped, not paid off like a fine and just keep on doing it.

  4. As David Icke would say the create the PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION scenarios those who are NOT DOING THEIR HOMEWORK fall victim to.

    Thank You Anna.

  5. The goal was to tax America to death so that it was no longer a threat to the NWO boys and gals!!! The carbon tax was to fund the world gov't and was to start out at around $20 Billion and then be jacked up to $15 Trillion so that the good ole US of A would have been totally enslaved. John Kerry says this was the best deal the US would ever get. Yeah, let China pollute for 20 years before they had to abide by the treaty and India was to receive billions and the rest of the world was practically exempt from this and yet we still have brain dead sheeple in this country screaming for this carbon tax in the US. I say let them move to Cali or New Yorky to enjoy all of the taxes that they want. Looks like the fluoride, vaccines and GMOs are working just fine for the folks in the US.

  6. "Established SCIENCE" says Global Warming .... Opps, I mean Climate Change (gotta remember those updates), is real.
    "Established SCIENCE" also says the sun travels around the Earth.
    "Established SCIENCE" also says leeches and bleeding will cure you.
    "Established SCIENCE" also says mercury will cure syphilis
    "Established SCIENCE" also says Whites are SUPERIOR.
    Global Warming Climate Change is a SCAM:
    #1 to employ unfit "scientists" perpetuating it.
    #2 To make BIG MONEY from the "carbon trade" which is just insiders shuffling paper & TAKING money from you ..... running up the cost of everything YOU need to live.
    Notice BP is one company "protecting the earth" ...... after killing half the life in the Gulf. Care to pick apart the rest of the Earth Mother Loving corporations? How many $TRILLION$ do they anticipate from "carbon trading" And pray-tell why are all the "Mother Earth Lovers' suddenly siding with the Mother Earth RAPERS.

  7. Thank god Trump recognizes the fraud and backed out of the Paris Accord on global warming. And we are the ones they wanted most. I bet hes the only one that read it....all the other countries just looked at the bottom much they were supposedly going to get.

    1. that just on the surface it goes much deeper than that.

  8. geo-engineering is a nice cover-up so most of YOU don`t ever look up!! whats being sprayed on us everyday will take its toll! there is NOTHING as important now as the (nano fibers) and aluminum (an everything else) contained in the aerosol spray being dumped EVERYDAY on us across this country and actually on all others? please look up once in awhile and try to pay a little attention to it... thank you.

  9. ALSO I might add H.A.A.R.P canons re-route the jet stream everyday over California !!! like hitting a wall it is forced up to alaska wash, and oregon! please, everyone ... don`t take my word! study for a moment HAARP! they`ve had the patten since 1983, and its in full operation right now! these are the things effecting us everyday! and the truth of all of it is not hid!! why we don`t look up is so frustrating for all who work in this field!! STUDY HAARP, LOOK AT OUR SKIES..... watch ( GEO-ENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG) Dane wiggington has been a crusader in Ca to stop all of this ./..please tune in if only for curiosity, thank you.

  10. Thank You Anna Von Reitz and Paul Stramer! You provide very well thought out information, especially illustrating the generation-by-generation switch over to Maritime law. No where else is this actually explained. I am thankful for your "breaking it down" so I could grasp it.

    Regarding Global Warming:

    The University of Manitoba, which was leading the project, announced Monday that the Hudson Bay System Study was cancelled. “The Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen has cancelled the first leg of the 2017 Expedition due to complications associated with the southward motion of hazardous Arctic sea ice, caused by climate change,” a release from the U of M said. “The need to deal with extreme ice conditions in the south meant the ship would arrive too late on site to meet research objectives.” Dr. David Barber, who was heading the research project, said warming temperatures have made the ice in the high Arctic thinner. When buffeted by storms and high winds, the ice can move much more freely and travels south on ocean currents. “I have been in the Arctic for 35 years and this is one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had,” he said Monday. “Normally these conditions aren’t so bad. This is climate change fully in action – affecting our ability to make use of marine resources and transport things.”With multiple Coast Guard vessels under repair, Barber said the vessel he was on kept getting rerouted to search and rescue (SAR) missions. That made his team unable to complete their projects.

    The Earth's becoming warmer is fact. However CO2 as a cause of climate change measures insignificantly compared with the effects caused by Solar Radiation Management, a technique employed by geoengineering. Yes climate change is in fact happening and Yes In Fact it is man made. Solar Radiation Management is causing the annihilation of the ozone layer which permits (and traps) higher energy radiation from the Sun into Earth's atmosphere.

    Chris Lizon


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