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Friday, May 26, 2017

Templar Treaties

By Anna Von Reitz

The Templars have had a "perpetual" treaty of "peace" and "friendship" and "amity" with us since 1794.  Let's see.....that's 223 years.  Are we being unreasonable in our expectation that everyone in your organization should know about this?  And act accordingly?

We have a copy.  The Holy See has a copy.  Her Royal Majesty has a copy.  The Doge of Venice has a copy.  The Grimaldi Family has a copy.  The Prince of Monaco has a copy.  The Liechtensteiners have a copy..... the list goes on. 

Yet, despite this, members of the Temple have been rampaging around attacking us and pretending that we are someone --- or to be more exact --- some "thing" other than ourselves, and they have been using this preposterous presumption as an excuse to attack Treaty Partners to whom they owe perpetual amity and peace.  
Go figure.  

Now, some parties who assume they are being referenced in my note "To the Perpetrators" are bumping around claiming that the Queen is in danger.  What kind of nonsense is that?    

The Templars have not been honoring their treaty obligations in this country and have caused a lot of trouble instead.  The Bad Faith of members toward the American people has resulted in the Queen being in Breach of Trust. 

Put bluntly, you are the problem, not us. 

If you have ever seen a man trapped by a Chinese Knot, you know that the harder he struggles, the tighter it binds.  The more lies you tell, the harsher the condemnation.  The longer you refuse to abide by your treaty obligations, the worse your punishment will be.  

These Truths are part of the Universal Law set forth by our Creator and are no "laws" of men, therefore they are not subject to amendment or repeal, cannot be changed or reinterpreted or avoided.  And nobody judges you by giving Voice to the Universal Law, because in truth, you have condemned yourselves by what you have done in America on one hand, and by what you have failed to do on the other.

If the Queen is in trouble, it's because she is in gross Breach of Trust, and if she is in gross Breach of Trust, it is because the members of the Temple Bar have violated their treaty obligations owed to the Americans and have run amok and behaved as lawless brigands on our shores.   

The misrepresentations of those who have owed us Good Faith service have resulted in our states and people being repeatedly victimized as purported sureties in fraudulently created international bankruptcies. These frauds upon the states, the people, and also upon the probate and bankruptcy courts have not been created by the victims of these schemes who clearly did not benefit from them. 

All of this has been done by members of the Temple Bar and Inns of Court who have abused their positions of trust and violated the obligations of their long-standing treaties with us. 

When the Truth comes, what is false must pass away.  So it is written and so it must be.  

We are not causing any trouble by claiming the land and the labor that is ours by natural right, nor by refusing to be victimized again by those we depended on as Treaty Partners owing us "perpetual friendship".  

Rather, the trouble is the result of Shysters writing tickets on our credit without our knowledge or permission, and Trustees who have fallen so far down on the job that they must be halfway to China and somewhere near the center of the Earth by now.  

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Paul,
    I just did a search for >"Templar perpetual treaty of peace 1794"<
    My search did not bring up a Templar perpetual treaty of peace from 1794.
    Could you, or a friend, or Anna, please help me find a copy of that treaty?
    Thanks Paul,

    1. Look for Jay Treaty, named for chief negotiator, John. Jay.

  3. Why isnt this printed so the sheep can be reading it ?. Those of us who read it already know and preaxh it everywhere we go . What will it take to reach critical mass ?..For Gods sake just tell us what needs doing !

  4. Why isnt this printed so the sheep can be reading it ?. Those of us who read it already know and preach it everywhere we go . What will it take to reach critical mass ?..For Gods sake just tell us what needs doing !

  5. Jay treaty Washington sent John jay to negotiate England .England was fighting the Nepolian wars with France .and american ships running the British embargo were confiscated . Hamelton the British leader of the high federalist and borrowed money from British bankers to bring it into the Wallstreet crowd he gave be away Jays
    Barging chips by telling England don't worry we won't help the Swiss to protect thair nutrality.thank hamelton
    For the give away to England of payment of British war debts .Washington signed it to buy time in case we have to fight England again.

  6. So Jefferson was for France who finis our war. Yet mainly the north remained loyal to England and it's been that way till the (civil war) or war of northern agression.but always behind the leaders is the invisible hand on the strings finiance one group to destabilize a country move in buy up at discount prices . ( syria).
    Saudi s and Israelis working hand and glove for spread of radical Islam and Golan heights land/ oil field.who runs your country?

  7. Hold on a second Anna. I'm behind you all the way I truly am. I don't like the fact that what's taught in schools about freedoms and rights is all a bunch of hogwash anymore than you do. When the british monarch has had controlling interest, (Virginia Company of 1604), in this corporation that everyone thinks is a country since day 1 pretty much. But there are bad apples in every bunch. I believe for the same systemic reasons why the entire world is in the shits. Greed! And payoffs selling out their own (Fratellos). Ones that won't know that the protection of the little baby bird that fell from the nest, can be more important to save than any queen. I want to continue this, but not this public as I've got all sides coming at me for one reason or another. So to you Paul today sometime. And thank you for allowing my opinion.

  8. Silius. I think you pretty much nailed it. There have been and always will be people on earth whos only goal in life is to have more money and power than everyone else. Its a sick obcession and untreatable. If this is ever straighten out, the constitution, along with those clever 17 delagations of authority, which will never again be placed under a central control of govt. The people themselves have to be in charge of those delagations. Plain people, not involved in military, especially our military. And Washington D.C. has to be completely demolished , used only as an historical park as a symbol of "atrocities" for generations to come , as an example to the world what happens when the people become lazy, turning over even one delagation of authority to anyone than an American National. And absolutly no fu"#ing attorneys. Everyone, including Corp. can never have an attorney to represent them. If they are sued, it will be mano e mano, the wo/man against the CEO....period. Small claims court with no monitary limit. Lets see how long they last without committing fraud...and try to defend it without using "semantics", only websters dictionary for definitions of words.

    1. Yes indeed, James! Especially the "D.C. has to be demolished and used as a park" and no more attorneys parts.

    2. Looks like you're striking the right nerves, Anna. Hopefully that will cause the abusive arm of the Templars, et al. to retract.


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