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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Now What With Puerto Rico?

By Anna Von Reitz

A couple days ago I announced that we forgave Puerto Rico's debts--- just paid them off and said, "God bless you."

This is because Puerto Rico has always been a Territory of the Territorial United States and a Commonwealth of Britain. 

We, the actual states and people, have no actual standing as priority creditors with respect to it in a bankruptcy situation, so we can't just come in as the Principal Party Creditors and seize upon the assets of Puerto Rico as we can with say, the State of Ohio. 

To say this another way, the State of Ohio, for example, owes us first and foremost and it owes us so much that no Secondary Creditor can hope to get  anything out of it once we show up--- and we have shown up.

But with Puerto Rico, this situation is different. 

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UNITED STATES, INC., they, not we, are the Principle Party Creditors.  And the UNITED STATES, INC. is under liquidation.

Because of the way the 57 "States of States" in the Territorial United States are bound together, however, the rats intended to use Puerto Rico as a domino-- the $120 billion Puerto Rican debt distributed to the other Territorial States of States would bankrupt them, too, and clear the way for the usurpation of the Municipal STATES OF STATE and the UN CORP "REGIONAL STATES" to take over.

Put another way, instead of there being the actual land jurisdiction United States and the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States (both of the latter being run out of the District of Columbia under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17) there would now be only the Municipal United States and its oligarchic STATES OF STATES and the UN Corporation's REGIONAL STATES dba under names like this: CALIFORNIA, UTAH, and MAINE.

The vermin were counting on us being asleep and for them to succeed in their claims of "abandonment" --- that the heirs of the land just "disappeared" and never came home (after they secretively "legally" shanghaied us while being employed by us and being contractually obligated to act as our Trustees on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways).

Thank God enough of us woke up and showed up.

So they went to  bankrupting Puerto Rico, which would distribute the Puerto Rican debt to all the other 56 "State" organizations and bankrupt them, too. 

When we came in as total outsiders and placed our proxy on the Puerto Rican debt to pay it all off, it placed the perpetrators in an embarrassing situation.  Britain was the entity feeding off of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans to the tune of $120 billion dollars.  Not us.  Why weren't they paying off the debt for the people and the small commonwealth they abused and used as a base for criminal operations against the American states and people as a whole? 

It was, after all, their debt --- not the Puerto Ricans, not ours. 

So, suddenly, wah, wah, wah!  The Chinese are offering to pay off the debt, but we are first in line, first in time. 

Imagine the situation?  Being first in line among outsiders to pay off $120 billion dollar debt?  And other parties are screaming like injured Banshees because we graciously offered to pay off the entire Puerto Rican debt as a gift? 

In public, in front of God and everyone? 

How could we?  It's so, so.... so American.  So generous.  So completely opposite to the venal, greedy, criminal, small-minded, oppressive, ugly, self-serving, mean-spirited, grasping, con artist mentality that has had the Government of the British Empire in its grip ever since Queen Victoria went off her egomaniac rocker.

The only parties on Earth who had a prior obligation to pay off that debt happened to be the Royal Family.  So if they wanted to keep the Americans from paying off their debt and thereby making them look like a pile of dog dung melting in the rain, they had to cash out and pay off before we did.

The Puerto Rican people deserved to be rescued, not abandoned. And their Island, as a territory that ultimately put it faith in us, certainly deserves far, far better treatment and development and everything else than it has received at the hands of our delegated caretakers.

The paper debt can now be discharged without a whimper. No more "emergency" and no more domino games.

China, aka, the Remainder Men of the Dutch East India Company, lost out on buying up $120 billion debt and acquiring a crushing interest in Puerto Rico.

Aw, well.  Not every tangled web yields a spider. 

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  1. Economist magazine Rothschild owned and store front the illuminati read cover to cover . The front cover depicted a photo shoot of all the puppet s of Europe arm and arm reminiscent of Selma Alabama MLk.
    Walk in solidarity . The main focus of the staged shoot was Merkel center shooting the gang sign nothing unusual . But a air brushed in panda bear wearing muscle shirt signifies a strong China in the future.of course they had to pay China back thair gold owed to them .and Anna tells us they are trying to set up shop there after that POS.bill Clinton gave them our secrets and made them favorite trading partner China is the new host of the illuminate . All though the elders don't like the jews buying off the young leaders ..calling them turtle eggs.

  2. So what is going on in the State of Ohio (that's where I live)?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank YOU, Anna! :)

  4. Fake News,No America did not wipe out P.R. debt

    1. We are to believe one JC Burnum over the millions backing and including Judge Anna?

      Move along now. Show's over for you.

  5. Syndcated news won a case, Fox News in particlular in which they made the claim and are standing upon it that their company was not in the business of telling the truth, so the claim won against them, that the had asked workers to lie, was overturned. Obviously those kinds of news companies, the stuff for public consumption while not perhaps "fake" is a service that provides lies.

    1. With Fox News, it's always "mispoken words", never lies. Find a way to bag that and we'll make America green again!

  6. Rumor mill is spinning this P.R. debt as US, INC. now bk and our neighbors to the north buying up US INCs debt and, with it, success and a whole new rosy world.

    Viva la France?

  7. "Queen Vitoria" was literally "in bed" with Rothschild and at that time, Rothschild's man and cousin, Benjamin Disraeli was PM of Britain, so they were able to control and enslave the entire population of Britain and then the US with the Laws that were passed at that time. But to paraphrase Jefferson: Stupid and Free cannot be, and we, the sheeple have been stupid about all of this evil in our gov't for a looooong time!!! Trouble is, most of the people LOVE what we have and will not change it and refuse to even think that there might be something wrong with what is going on.

  8. I was just watching fox news last night when they briefly mentioned, as if it wasnt a big deal, that Puerto Rico was bankrupt and couldnt pay back its $120 billion dollar debt and wont. Fox said that more than likely this will wind up in the courts for years. And that was it. They never mentioned anything about anyone covering its debt. Puerto Rico, being a territory of the U.S. cannot claim babkruptcy, and they cant just print money like the US can.

  9. Could you show us how we can go verify this? Where do we go see where this is settled etc? I love you but, I want to verify for myself. Please show us where we can see this actually happening?
    Thank you.

  10. From Anna Von Reitz:

    By the end of the month, you will all be able to sign onto your computers and see the truth of everything, good and bad, that has been going on for the last century and a half.

    There is plenty being reported on this subject. When you see the mainstream stop reporting on the Puerto Rican "bankruptcy" you will know that the deals have been sealed, but exactly what those deals are will be as private as any business deal is.

    What it boils down to is this--- the Royal Family had the option of buying Puerto Rico's debt or letting us forgive the debt or letting the Chinese buy it.

    They bought the debt to continue Puerto Rico as a Commonwealth.

    If we had bought it, we would have forgiven it and freed Puerto Rico to become an independent small island country and would have befriended it with grants for infrastructure and development.

    If the Chinese had bought it, the Dutch East India Company scions who caused this country so much loss and misery and the world as a whole so much damage--- the parasites---- would have purchased the debt and made Puerto Rico suffer until it became like Haiti. Bear in mind that these rats are Dutch, not Chinese, and that the Chinese Government has made a deal with the Devil --- but they have been forewarned. It won't take them long to repent.

    I personally don't like it that the British Royals bought it, but they had the option, and there wasn't much I could do about that.


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