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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

To Kevin --- RE: Mission Priorities, Militias, and Continental Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz

Kevin-- you and your friends are correct that you SHOULD be working first on getting your counties organized. That is precisely the mission I asked Bruce Doucette to undertake almost a year ago. And I gave him contact with the oldest functioning Post-Civil War Jural Assembly to help develop a solid program for all the other counties to follow. 

That is what I focused on as the most urgent need. Instead of getting in contact with the already up and functioning and correctly organized Jural Assembly in Michigan, he and Roger Dowdell and others spent months blithering around trying to re-create the wheel. 

When Bruce discussed the Continental Marshals program with me, I assumed that he knew what he was talking about and that he was NOT talking about the state militias which are a separate force and work in a separate jurisdiction. 

I agree with you that the priority SHOULD be to organize the state militias and to do that in tandem with organizing the Jural Assemblies. For your information every American above the age of 21 is expected to either join their state militia and carry a gun or work in a support position.  

It therefore makes sense that you build the militia at the same time you build the jural assemblies -- but since they didn't do what I asked them to do with the jural assemblies, diddly squat got done organizing the militias, too. 

By all means, run don't walk -- get your local county jural assembly and your local militia set up and functioning FIRST. 

The reason that I thought we were organizing Continental Marshals TOO was that most of the crimes that are causing so much suffering-- identity theft, foreclosures, bank fraud, unlawful conversion of assets, kidnapping and inland piracy are all crimes that occur in international jurisdiction. 

It is for lack of "Federal" aka "Continental Marshals" that the vermin are having a field day, so that is why I thought the push was on the form the Marshals Service. 

You guys must be thicker than bricks when it comes to doing your own research.  If you are looking for "Federal Postal District Courts" why don't you bother to put those words into your search box and visit a few browsers? 

These courts not only exist, I have served on them in the past. 

Thanks to Russell Gould we have never completely lost our Federal Postal District Courts. And thanks to my husband and me the rats have not been able to successfully claim that our land jurisdiction states no longer exist. 

I have been working very hard in international jurisdiction for months to reclaim our assets from the IMF and the UNITED STATES bankruptcy.  I have been working equally hard to secure funding for all 50 states and 3100 counties and everything we need to be fully operational again. 

I can't do it all. 

So here is what I suggest-- you guys who joined the Marshals program thinking it was the state militias--- just leave and turn your attention to building your county jural assemblies and your local militias and after that, work on building your state assemblies and state militias. 

You should all have plenty to do and thanks to me and the 50 States Claim you should shortly have what you need to do the work in paid positions with offices and support. 

What I further suggest is that you leave the Marshals program alone and stop blaming Marshal Haywood. I have investigated and she did absolutely nothing wrong.  

The people who are now blaming her are the very same ones who failed in the mission I gave them-- organizing the counties and militias. That suggests to me that (1) they are unable or unwilling to follow simple instructions and do the grunt work or (2) it was their intent to mislead and undermine the effort from the start. 

Either way, Bella Haywood has done her actual job and done it well and the Continental Marshals program will continue under her guidance and under the authority of the Federal Postal District Courts.  Those who want to work in international jurisdiction and think they have the experience to qualify are welcome to apply and those who have been successfully vetted into the program are welcome to stay or go as they please. 

We will not gild any lilies or bow to what amounts to a witch hunt and ill-informed public opinion. 

Any idea that you have that I am ill-informed or "just making things up" needs to be tempered with the certain knowledge that I have been in these trenches since you were a child and if I was wrong about any of it, talking through my hat about ANY of it, I would have been arrested like so many others have been and would be cooling my jets in a federal jail like Thomas Deegan and so many others. 

The proof is in the pudding, and available on the internet if you bother to read the Rogue Sabre Special Ops Report and bother to plug the words "Federal Postal District Court" into your browser.

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  1. Anna, everyone appreciates all you've done but patting yourself on the back constantly isn't necessary. Humility is much better in a leader than arrogance.

    1. LOL I'd imagine if you actually had something to contribute you would have listed it here also ?
      Ya chirp.. chirp.. chirp (Crickets)

      I guess one is to motivate a resistance to tyranny through F#CKING silence? Sorry I meant 'Humility'.

  2. what an idiot thing to say Jack. Is that all you got outta that? geez!

  3. So over ride what the continental marshals voted on ! We know we have to restaff.the common law positions but we also are learning law how to argue a position.all this animosity is not good airing out dirty laundry for all to see . not productive.
    Call a meeting on phone work out an agreement this power play will not go well.makes ever one wonder is thair another agenda we know the big players are the are trying to genocide white ppl world wide it's top priority to stop it before they get to critical mass .so don't care about who man's the ship as long as thair on the bridge.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I do not know if you,Anna von reitz,are talking directly to me.but if you are,I do not have friends that you know about for you to call them my friends. And as far as research goes I have done research,that is how I found you ( Anna von reitz ), and that is also how I already knew about the BC and authenticating it. I did not learn this from you,thanks to my research. Now I do enjoy a good laugh every now an then,but I would never call you pig headed, so never refer to me outside of my name or character which you know nothing about. And I prefer to walk so that way I am well informed instead of running by vital pieces of information no matter who claims them to be legit and no matter what they claim their status to be or what it used to be. I appreciate your respect in this matter, and please keep your negative comments to yourself,as it does not do justice to what you claim to be trying to do. Thank you for your time

  4. Judge Anna, why is it always the good, decent, and honest people like us that always have to do things by the book, dotting every i, and crossing every t. You would help our cause way more by telling "THEM" the same thing your telling us, because there isnt one lawfully filled public position being filled right now by rogue foreign corp. entities , who are all unregistered foreign agents working for foreign principles. But we are the ones doing things wrong...!!! You need that same attitude with these misinformed idiots that have authority only in there misguided dreams over us , who wont even take liability (lawful bonding) for any of their actions. In fact, they really want NO LIABILITY whatsoever. You are singing to the choir. That same warning you just gave Bruce and michael needs to be handed to every single person working for the corp. State. A "Constructive Notice and Demand" to cease and desist all unlawfully undelagated authority that was never given to you except through fraud. Type it up and send it to Trump and his new Attorney General, and the heads of every top Govt. Official....Federal, State, and Local. And to every sherriffs office across this nation, along with a threat that if not complied with within 90 days, you face an automatic lein of $1,000,000 as an "opertion of law" for deliberately breaking the law , because after this construtive notice, you can no longer claim "ignorance". You have only 19 delegations of authority , the people have all the rest. You work for us, not the other way around. Once they know their place and limited authority, then we can consentrate of forming a lawful govt. not before. Let us know what it will cost and we will all split the bill. But remember, the price of stamps for the original republic has never changed....its still only .02 cents. Ive done it many times with no problem. That should cut the bill down considerably.

  5. What about hawait since it's not a american state.the U.s. never had a treaty of annexation.the fraud started here 124 years ago


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