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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Was Trump Chosen by the Elite?

Jeff Berwick "Trump Was Chosen By The Elite. We'll Soon See That He's The Bankers President."

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  1. Henry Kissinger On President Trump & Putin

    We are at a point of choice for what we will place notice to: ie, as Kissinger values to incorporate Trump into what the powers want to be.

    OR what we will intentionally create with our energy of thoughts and actions. It's up to each one of us to move forward with what we lovingly desire for all of us as a response to what we view in these videos.

    Can we change the events? Not without intentional thoughts, creation of our own land based State National's self government for our family, community, town, city, county and Republic state. Non confrontational changing our minds and actions. Leave them to their own devices.

    This is a definition which I appreciate:
    Ubuntu means “if it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.”
    Micheal Tellinger on Ubuntu Contributionism

    The only problem I foresee is that the Ubuntu Party relies on the word citizen in their description of people in their constitution. Which Anna has pointed out that it is a British subject as with the word inhabitant:

    Also in their "Laws And Words That Enslave Us, Part 2":
    "In case you are still confused, a citizen of a country is
    property of that country, by way of:
    1)a birth certificate; and
    2)voluntary citizenship registration. If you join the military, you are no longer an ordinary citizen and are now part of a new legion.In essence they have been re-legioned. Churches used to have a completely separate legal standing called piae causa. Fascinating."

    See also: Rights For All Citizens, the heading being a misnomer yet where, in the pdf, it uses the word people.
    see all here:

    The Oxford Dictionary, 1937 edition defines Citizen:
    (si tizen). [ME. citesein, etc., a. Anglo-Fr. citeseyn, -zein, etc., altered form of OF. citeain, etc., later citeyen, citoyen :--L. type *civitatanum f. cititatem. The Z is unexplained.]{Whoa, how can a letter be unexplained??}
    1. An inhabitant of a city or (often) of a town; esp. a freeman of a city; a townsman 1514(date came into usage); a civilian 1607 (date came into usage).
    2. A member of a state, an enfranchised inhabitant of a country, as opp. to an alien; in U.S. a person, native or naturalized, who has the privilege of voting for public offices, and is entitled to protection in the exercise of private rights ME.
    3. tranf. Inhabitant, denizen ME.
    4. adj. City-bred (nonse use) Cymb. IV.ii.8. Also attrib., as c.-king.
    1. I am a man..of Tarsus..a citeseyn or burgeys, of a citee not unknown Wyclif Acts xxi. 39. Both citizens and peasants S. Austin.
    2. Citizen of the World: one who is at home, and claims his rights, everywhere

    Now isn't that above a bunch of new words to study, and the spellings are from the dictionary not my additions.

    Love to all!

  2. Posted by Paul for John Ward: Part1

    My comments re Richie Allen’s Interview of Jeff Berwick - and beyond

    I think that this interview was carried out before Trump’s Inauguration and his speech shortly thereafter. Yes, there are some questions as to what Trump can do during his presidency, but considering the forces that have been against him since he entered the primaries, one cannot expect him to spill his guts in every respect for his enemies to use against him. Being such a man as he is, he no doubt knows that, in order for him to do everything that he thinks needs to be done, that the grounds must be prepared ahead of time to do them correctly so that the people will comprehend his intentions and plans as they unfold.

    This is not an easy task considering the number of people who have been dumbed-down systematically over so many years and even decades. The is especially true for many of the younger generations who have at the same time been told that they are the smartest, best educated people on the face of the earth, while they have been conditioned to live in debt with many parents who are also in debt for their whole life. This happened in large part through Fraud against the American people for the past 75 or more years via the ALL CAPS NAMES.

    Then couple this with the fact that the American people have over-paid the cost of their mortgages since they didn’t realize that it was their own autographs that permitted the bankers to create the needed “money” on the ledger; that the bankers were not loaning them any of their (banker’s) money. But they were charging them interest as if they were, when they should have been only charging the people a relatively small service charge for carrying out the transaction. As the people have all too well learned, it takes quite a long time of paying this fraudulent interest down before they are able to start getting to the principal for payback.

    But back to Donald Trump’s inaugural speech; he stated that he was returning the government back to the People… that is an epic statement by the chief executive of the Federal Government, even though it is presently a Corporation. Since the operators of it in the past didn’t mind deceiving the American people, there is no reason that Trump cannot get elected and tell the Truth for a Big Change!

    However, what perhaps most people do not realize in Trump’s statement is the Responsibility required of the American People to accept the government back, in their various states and correct the past sins which are many, with (unseen) de facto controllers as well as useful idiots yet in place to be dealt with, hopefully in a peaceful manner. So the awakened People must carefully awaken the others who do not know that they do not know, really what has been going on.

  3. Part 2:

    Our main problems can be traced back to the Fraud of Identity Theft, against each of WeThePeople since 1933, via the ALL CAPS NAME. So I say again here, that the most efficient manner to accomplish our goals of returning to our rightful status as the Embodiment of the very Sovereignty of our State in which each of us is domiciled, as well as the Sovereignty of our great Nation, is by returning to our proper law form first.

    This is our Original US Constitution of 1789, the Law of the Land, the Law of the People for governing, and the Common Law. Under this format, we can divorce ourselves from any de facto jurisdiction while we carry out a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the usurpers of our Identities and the successors to them that have been perpetuating the crime.

    This can be carried out via the Common Law Grand Jury, for investigative purposes, and then the Common Law Petit Jury at the National level, since the crime was originated at the National level before it was continued at the State level.

    This is the manner in which WeThePeople will, in fact take back control of our government, and why it is so important for the American people to learn of the value and relative simplicity of the Common Law whose basis goes back to the Magna Charta of the year 1215 (801 years ago) and even further into antiquity. Become a part of History and the Great Future ahead, Good People!!

    Thank You. john ward of Alaska

  4. John Ward....I think your assessment of his actual intensions for the American people are correct and he means it. But at his inaguaration speech, i think his last statement had a double meaning, but without offending the American people directly. Before he left the podium, he first looked at the real problem America is facing right behind him...our tootally corrupt elected officials whos only real concern and energy is being used for the sole purpose of getting re elected and nothing to do with the oversite of corrupt banks and mutinational Corporations and their minions, since they themselfes have become nothing but pediphiles and rebrobates themselves . The criminal enterprise they are running have made them rich at the expense of the people who instead of protecting our rights, have done just the opposite and unlawfully enriched themselves at our expense... But after turning to the entire congress behind him and stating right then, that je is going to see "this swamp" drained before he leaves office, a direct insult and indictment to all of them and a wake up call to the level of corruption they let themselves degrade to , but then turned to and addressed the American public using his finger and pointing right to the camera to say
    ..Remember America, you voted for me for this very reason, to fight FOR YOU and i will keep my promise to you. To me, he was making an indictment on the American public also for their part in this whole mess for never challenging their authority and letting them all getting away with it to the point that has literally left Trump with the weight of the worlds problems directly on his shoulders because of their apathy, and constant distractions, like profession sports, which seems to be more important than keeping their govt. accountable and honest which in the manner of his presentation made it clear that he will to the best of his ability, keep his promise, but also making an esoteric promise and challenge to the people that after he has done his job, he was telling them that your the only ones that can keep it after that. I hope they got that message. He has to be protected "spiritually" because i dont think has one friend he can honestly trust to stay with him to the end. Comey already betrayed him, like his supreme court nominee, and others as he goes along. They are all dirty and in danger of being exposed. So he is intensiinally chosen to give as little as possible any TV interviews with the "fake news" media since they want to trap him into saying something they can nail him on to discredit him or his policies.Instead, he has purposly choosen to remain hidden and accomplish his mission in secretcy until it is accomplished . He is becomeing quite a chess player.

  5. There are 56 high level positions he has to fill and to date has only filled 2. Im talking about director level management positions like the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.because everyone he picks is brutaly and intensly vetted by both parties , intensionally holding the whole process hostage from appointing anyone, in affect stalling his entire appointments and empowering a functiinal administration under his control. So instead, as he sees the writting on the wall, now in a defensive mode of action he is simply going to keep those positions OPEN , unfilled with only deputy directors, affectivly making all their polices useless against him or anyone else, because without those dept. having a legal director who is the only authority with the authorization to sign off on a directive, they are left helpless to get anything done, making those dept. , in affect useless. The congress is litterally making Trump an autocrate that can simply ignore congress intirely and will in the end make Trump a "dictator". Which is exactly what i said had to happen if he was going to drain the swamp, which in my opinion is closer to an Ocean. There is no way to clear it during the short time he has in office. But trust me, behind the scenes, there are things being done and 100's of arrest taking place right now under stealth and targeting high level appointments. 150 alone in pizzagate. Its not going to be long before the weakest links start ratting out everone they know just to cut a deal. I just hope and pray that after this is all over, he doesnt become one of them dealing with all this low energy frequency vibrations of pure evil. Everyone has totally underestimated him. Lets all pray for him. We handed him a mess....


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