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Monday, January 2, 2017

US v. Federal Districts, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 12

By Anna Von Retiz

George Washington divided the country into districts for the purpose of administering the duties of the federal government.  He has been accused of treason for doing so by those who never comprehended the organization of the government in the first place. 

While George's detractors rightfully object that he deployed foreign government via the districts established upon our shores, they fail to recognize that the states allowed this by subscribing to the constitutional agreement and delegating the enumerated powers (which are really services to be rendered by the federal entity) to the federal government. 

Foreign it was and foreign it is, but as long as we adhere to the actual Constitution, the Federales are allowed to establish their foreign administrative units, called "districts" as they please. 

The first districts on this continent, however, were not established by George Washington.  They were established by Benjamin Franklin operating as a private contractor and Post Master.  Well-prior to the Revolutionary War, Franklin established a network of "Post Roads" which he surveyed himself, and a system of Postal Districts served by these Post Roads and by Post Offices.

Post Roads, Postal Districts, and Post Offices are all international service conduits  and service areas established on the jurisdiction of the land of the host nation for the purpose of providing postal services.  These all exist under Postal Treaties allowing their presence on our soil.

George, for his part, just piggy-backed his foreign, international service districts called "United States Districts" and later municipal districts doing business as  "US DISTRICTS" on top of the pre-existing Postal Districts.  Taken together these are sometimes grouped together and called "Federal Districts", but over time, the common usage has also been separated along more functional guidelines--- with "United States Districts" coming to be  associated with military and constitutionally mandated service functions and "Federal Districts" more often referring to non-military international service areas and facilities such as Post Offices and Free Trade Zones established by treaty on the land jurisdiction of the various states.

Thus, United States Districts are administrative service areas established on our land for the purpose of organizing and delivering the constitutionally mandated functions of the federal government entity, and Federal Districts are underlying administrative international service areas created by specific treaties, most importantly postal treaties, that are held by the states and which pre-date the Revolution.

Now, as you are reading the actual Constitution you will notice that the Founders very carefully excluded the federal government from having any functions or duties related to the land jurisdiction of the states.  In this way, they sought to maintain Checks and Balances, so that the federal functions were cordoned off in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and the prerogatives of the states were jealously guarded on the jurisdiction of the land. 

The only clause in the entire Constitution that allows any function affecting the administration of the states to the federal government is the infamous "interstate commerce clause"----and even that, properly understood, is merely a guarantee against the various states using tariffs and import restrictions against the free flow of goods from other states of the Union.  That is, the interstate commerce clause exists to ensure free trade between the states, and not for any other purpose of regulation.

Thus, the United States is restricted from interfering with the land jurisdiction of the states and the people by the actual Constitution, and all other Federal functions are limited by treaties with the states acting under the international powers retained by the states and people in Article X---the most venerable of which, the Postal Union Treaties, are still in effect.

This brings up a very, very important point--- the states and people have retained international jurisdiction over all "non-delegated powers".  Anything that is not specifically and explicitly delegated to the federal government, remains the exclusive right and prerogative of the states and people.

As a result of the foregoing circumstance the United States needed its own district and its own postal treaty and its own postal service called the United States Postal Service in order to form a separate seat of government -- hence the need to form the District of Columbia. 

When you use the "United States Postal Service" you are using the federal government's in-house postal service, but in order to provide service throughout the country, they are piggy-backing on your state's separate postal contracts, post roads, and post offices.  They are making use of your state Postal Districts. This leads to a bifurcation of services under one roof.

In Federal-ese, federal government mail is "domestic" with respect to the United States Government and its employees.  Take a look at Title 39 United States Code Section 3003, 1341, and 1342.   The use of a ZIP CODE is voluntary, per Domestic Mail Services Regulation Section 122.32 "Non-discrimination for NON-USE of Zip Codes".  Also see ZIP CODE per Public Law 91-325, Section 403.

These citations make it clear that for people living in the states who are not federal employees or dependents known as "citizens", the use of the ZIP CODE is entirely voluntary ---  and we are free to reinterpret it as we see fit, should we decide to note it on our correspondences as a "Postal Code Extension" or as a Rural Route Number existing outside the federal government's domestic (in-house) system.

You can address your mail like this:

John Michael Doe
1040 Mayberry Street
Rural route 54615
Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Or like this:

John Michael Doe
1040 Mayberry Street
Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Postal Extension 54615

Instead of:

John Michael Doe
1040 Mayberry Street
Black River Falls, Wisconsin 54615

The first two addresses are private non-domestic mail and the sender has just been kind enough to reference the postal code to expedite mail service.  The third version is domestic mail with respect to the federal United States -- that is, government mail at an in-house government address. 

Obviously, if you are not functioning as a government employee or dependent, you don't want your mail incorrectly addressed, but more importantly, this whole situation points out the underlying dichotomy that has caused us and our nation so much harm. 

By allowing the "United States" to presume upon us and to assume that we are one of their "citizens" we become subject to their foreign government(s) both corporate and municipal, and allow them to accumulate evidence against our claim to be "free and independent" men and women. 

Thus, through our ignorance and their self-interested Bad Faith, the federal government operating as a succession of "governmental services corporations"
has usurped upon us and upon our lawful government and contrived to paper over our very natures and identities, pretending that we are mere franchisees or worse, franchises, of their own corporations instead of their benefactors and employers.

The so-called federal government and its agency contractors have failed to discipline themselves appropriately and failed to properly inform both the public and their own employees concerning their nature and limitations which has led to corruption and mis-administration on a staggering scale.

The Postal District of your state on the land belongs to you and is operated under Article X of the actual Constitution. This unique land-controlled international jurisdiction belongs to you and your state on the land --- which is a state, e.g., California State, and not a "State of State" such as the "State of California". 

 Just as there are "United States District Courts" operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea with respect to constitutionally mandated duties, there are "Federal Postal District Courts" operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea with respect to non-delegated prerogatives of the states and people.

One of the non-delegated prerogatives is anything whatsoever to do with your actual body and actual estate on the land, which includes the use and possession of your actual trade (given) name---which has been commandeered under false pretenses and misused to create no end of mischief "in your name" without your knowledge or consent.

This infringement upon your identity and credit is a form of identity theft resulting in personage and copyright infringement practiced by trademark enclosure. This is a war crime of "genocide on paper" being practiced against us by gangs of thugs who have also misrepresented the so-called "American Civil War"  as an actual war-- instead of an illegal mercenary action-- in their attempt to disguise and justify their actions.

Well, folks, now you know all the basics.  Use your Federal Postal District Courts to kick the ever-loving stuffing out of these vermin and send them packing back to Washington, DC to consider their sins. You will need to organize yourselves, repudiate the false claim that you are any form of "United States Citizen" or "citizen of the United States", reassert your birthright standing as American state nationals, and reclaim your county and state governments. As you are forming your Jural Assemblies you may also form a Jural Society to operate the Federal Postal District Court your state is owed. 

Get started.  
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  1. It is difficult to comprehend why you insist upon degrading name calling regarding your fellow humans. We have all at one time probably participated in the same at some point in our evolution, however, as we grow in our learning, we realize our error and cease. We at some point should begin to realize that many if not most of these people are not 'vermin'. They are simply doing their jobs.
    When you take the name calling approach you are in 'dishonor' and Divine Law and Cosmic Order are violated by you, and therefore any Divine or Cosmic help normally available to accomplish remedy resists you as strongly as those who impose their commercial tyranny upon us.
    We have all done it for whatever reason. Maybe it makes us feel morally superior or whatever, but many more are turned off by that approach because intrinsically participating in the degrading of the greater soul of humanity will only serve
    to further segregate you from remedy for the human race from those who may have unhealthy motives in their efforts against us. We and you know this in our hearts! Jesus said love your enemies, not call them vermin, to pray for those who persecute you. This is what your Father in heaven requires of you.
    You may be right in your assertions, but you may not be right too. I have an IRS experience personally with you, where I followed your advice given directly to me by you in an email, and it turned out to be totally in-effective.
    You are missing the point entirely when it comes to whether or not we are U.S. Citizens. It is not about what YOU THINK about what it takes to resist their as you say 'false' assertion that you are a U.S. citizen. It is about accessing directly the remedial process that effectually reverses EVERY adhesion contract they have created that has become evidence of your voluntary participation in the privileges and benefits you have registered to receive from them.
    All forms of registration provided by them to you are included.
    It is pretty disheartening to listen to someone like you who purports to have all this knowledge and then learn you're not having any more success extricating your self from the system than anyone else. That makes most of your assertions merely opinion until such time as you yourself are free from their influence. Do you have a drivers license, a marriage license, or any other license, and if so you are as much their 'subject' CITIZEN as every others they lay claim ownership of.
    The process is cut and dried. If you were to learn it thoroughly you would see just how damaging you are in the lives of people who are looking to you for courteous, accurate and efficacious remedies that 'get the job done'.
    Personally, I think the UNITED STATES CORPORATION welcomes your approach because of the flagrant dishonor you constantly project. The air of arrogance about you is to them a breath of fresh air. You fit right in with them.about them. Get off your high horse and start coming forth with real workable solutions that you first have remedied in your own life. Jesus also said to remove the board from your own eye before trying to remove it from anyone else. Well the UNITED STATE has succeeded in shoving their board as deeply into your eye as they have the rest of us. When you have succeeded in that regard, then and only then do you have the clearance from Divine Law and Cosmic Order to proceed in helping others facing the same dilemma.
    The same goes for all the rest of us! Complaining gets you nowhere. Come together for once! Quit trying to divide! When we take the road of peace toward our enemies instead of hatred, only then, according to Isaiah, will our health spring forth speedily.

    1. Nivea people are self serving 90%either want what some one 'so got opposed or indiffirent.indiffirentis best. But the criminal, justice system is just that criminal.politicians are poly ticks.military kills people and breaks things.

  2. Pot, Kettle, Black!
    If you actually intended to assist the work in progress you may have used good manners. According to your own "philosophy", Wouldn't that seem to be the better approach?
    All The Best,

  3. I side with Keith 100% on this one...and rebuking a believer for being proud, and pointing out the areas of pride, is not the same as retaliation, which Keith clearly was not doing. For some time now I've let Anna know that as she becomes more well known, she is also exhibiting evidence of pride, and it seems to be more so as we go forward instead of less. That seems to be the case with everyone involved with researching the first they are helpful, and later on the pride creeps in and they become short tempered and exasteraged. Just yesterday my husband, who has defended Anna for a couple of years now when she is attacked, received a response to an email he sent to her that was an eye opener to me. It's just as Keith says. The response my husband got bordered on being abusive with the name calling and undeserved presumptions, and he is one of her ardent supporters. Hate to be one of her enemies. Anna has given us some very good information, and I believe it is all correct, but I agree, she needs to lighten up on everyone, especially those who look to her for information so they can help others. Aren't we, as Christians, to be the light of the world? After seeing the email my husband got, I think he deserves an apology, but I won't hold my breath, as that doesn't seem to be the Anna operates. Thanks for putting things in perspective Keith, you said it much better than I do. I hope Anna looks into herself and can see the error of her ways.


  4. Margy Comment Excerpt: "The response my husband got bordered on being abusive with the name calling and undeserved presumptions, and he is one of her ardent supporters."
    Apologies, It can happen when one is covering such heavy loaded topic(s) liken to carrying the world upon ones shoulders. Anna has assisted alot through her sharings and she is appreciated and as she discovers the distortions that have been and continue as well can be very very stressful and sure most readers/followers agree. No one is exempt. Anna is "retired" according to our innerstanding, and ahmazed she has the determination to share the truth of her findings about our great fifty-nations and beyond. Be well dear Anna when to much just take a short/long break to recharge, of course its your call.

    To clarify am not taking sides just reiterrating the probable stress during these times we have been facing. If we can give a little more than we are asking for can help. Also we have realized no one can make us feel any way except ourselves. Its a personal choice as we learn and grow individually and collectively.
    PS: Don't forget to breath. :)

  5. In the 2013 session of the Montana Legislature I got passed a House Joint Resolution to diminish the fed's power over us under the Commerce Clause. To accomplish its goals, the resolution needs someone who is willing to sell the idea.
    My bill states:

    WHEREAS, Article I, section 8, clause 3, of The Constitution of the United States has been interpreted by the United States Supreme Court to grant Congress the overreaching power to regulate intrastate commerce.


    (1) That the Montana Legislature finds that the current allotment of power to the United States Congress that allows the Congress to regulate intrastate commerce to be overly broad and overreaching.

    (2) That Congress, in accordance with Article V of The Constitution of the United States, immediately transmit to the several states for ratification an amendment to Article I, section 8, clause 3, of The Constitution of the United States stating:

    "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and interstate commerce between the several States, and with the Indian Tribes".

    (3) That the Secretary of State send a copy of this resolution to the President of the United States, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, and to each member of the Montana Congressional Delegation.

    - END -

  6. I believe the Constitution we need to go back to is the original Constitution for the united states of America. That is the dejur government contract and no other. That also would need amending to see to it no people or so-called persons may go outside that covenant ever again.

  7. We would all be better off if we didn't spend time badmouthing each other, which is a distraction the "powers that be" love to see us engage in. Lets just concentrate on the legal issues til we get this problem solved.

  8. In response to Keith and others I want to say that I have known Anna for many years and can assure everyone that she harbors no malice or ill will towards anyone. Her frustration stems from the fact that we the people of this country have no real idea as to why things are as they are – why we are continuously harassed by the people we hired to serve us. In response she thoroughly explains that everything we have learned about the United States, its history, and our relationship to it is based in deception and is attempting to relate the truth.

    She has aptly explained that since the War of Aggression, commonly referred to as the Civil War, the politicians in Washington have joined forces with the Jesuits and international bankers to fraud the people of the organic united States of America in order to steal their property. To accomplish this objective, while ostensively serving the people, they perpetually engaged in orchestrated fraud, tyranny, and deceit to enslave the people and subject them to their true masters. The names Anna lovingly uses to reference these criminals are, therefore, most certainly appropriate.

    As for the remedy, we must comprehend the fact that the Bar Association has used every trick in Satan’s book to create a web to ensnare us. For decades many people have been searching for the answers to reestablish our lawful status. Because it is a web no single solution has been found. Potential remedies put forth by Anna and others were never intended to be construed as “silver bullets.” Rather, they like pieces to a mosaic or jigsaw puzzle. The more we study and learn the more vivid the picture becomes. This requires us to be diligent in our pursuit, but at the same time cautious – not applying pieces that don’t fit. There is another Divinely Cosmic truth: “Seek and ye shall find.” Mat. 7:7, Luk. 11:9 Fortunately, abundant truths are now being discovered and those who follow the Lord’s instruction are certain to achieve the status they are seeking.

  9. Anna is being Anna and should be free to be so. Just as you are free to be you. You are free to critique Anna for her perceived shortcomings and transgressions, but how does that make you any different or more correct?
    The goal is not a homogenized society where we have established an acceptable baseline for behaviors that all agree with and adhere to. I agree this is a utopian ideal, but you will never get there by criticizing others into submission. It has to be a personal choice and such things always start with the self.
    Admonishing one for exercising their freedom to be and/or agreeing with any such admonition(s) is precisely the same as trying to establish a homogenized society through submission. Since such an action should be obviously futile (and undesirable), one has to then look at the wisdom of the course of action i.e., "If I can't change you by calling attention to what I consider are your shortcomings, what choice is left to me?" Most would agree everyone ought be free, but then almost no one fully grants that freedom to others. There is always judgment. The choice left then is to change yourself or rather, how you view things.
    The change to be made then is how one chooses to view others and their actions. Everyone seeks to be right, but few connect "right" with Truth. If everyone sought Truth with the ardor they sought self-rightness, we wouldn't have this discussion.
    No one ever changes anything about themselves unless they find a good enough reason which is typically considered a "higher more encompassing Truth." This change is embraced willingly and is normally brought about by life experience. "Life is experienced into wisdom." That is a Truth, but not only is the speed that this occurs individualistic, everyone is at a different point on that path.
    God is Intelligent and God is Good. God Wills your Return. (YOU are the Prodigal Son.) What power can thwart God's Will? For this reason alone, All things Serve God's Will and Purposes. God can "make hay" out of anything, and does, but the return path is personal and no one is in position to judge another's path. No one. I mean, obviously you can judge if you want, but somewhere along the line you're going to learn it isn't the way.

    1. But God himself has established the goal and means to strive for perfection in His sight. 10 commandments, natural law, and our conscience. That little voice inside needs to be formed accordingly. Not just any path will do. The path is narrow to good, and very wide to evil and self destruction. He has also revealed Himself to us and sent His Son to redeem us and teach us His way. We just need to start listening better and living it better.

  10. Can you approach God and maintain judgement of your fellows? Can you stand fully in front of God with judgement in your heart? Can you face God when you hold ill-feelings towards your own brethren? Of course these are things you have to answer for yourself, but inside, you know the answer. You know the Truth.
    Judgement is an action of the Ego. Tee Ego is the idea you can be separate from God - be your own God. The Ego then is an illusion because what can be separated from God and still exist? Any egocentric idea is guaranteed to be erroneous and an illusion as the ego's very survival depends on maintaining the illusion. This is the essence of having "no other God." You are free to do so, but you cannot have in mind that you are a personal self and still be One With God. You have to pick one.
    So the path then seems to be one of forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance. The path then seems to be one where I, myself, personally exhibit the Peace, Love and Forgiveness of God, because eventually you will have to come to terms with the Truth that that is The Path. Judgements, recriminations, holding to perceived slights and past "transgressions" is the thought system of ego. eventually everyone realizes the same thing, the path to God is always the same path. There are as many ways of getting on the path as there are people to get on it, but the path is hte same for everyone because, the Truth is the Truth and does not change - you have to transcend personal difference if you want to know the Peace, Love and Joy of God.
    Anna's a fun read. She colorful and writes from the heart with passion. Let her be. She'll change if and when she discovers a higher Truth that suggests such change, just like you will. In the mean, you can be you and are free to do so. Of course she can name call and you can critique and all can rationalize why who is right ad infinitum, but in the end what difference did any of it make?
    We are all on a path to God, therefore All Paths Lead to God. It should be obvious the quickest and most harmonious path is the Godliest path.
    Didn't mean to get "preachy" or include God to this degree, but found it unavoidable given the subject matter.

    1. Judgement can be either subjective or objective. God judges subjectively because only He can "know the hearts and reigns of men" but we on the other hand MUST judge objectively whether a thing is good or evil, so we can decide if we want to be a part of it or not. Our whole life is a test and full of choices. Redemption was and is a gift without our cooperation, but I am sure that Salvation requires our cooperation, hence the daily temptations and choices we are faced with. He has given us His guidance. We just need to follow His example.


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