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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Eve 2016 Greeting

By Anna Von Reitz

It's New Year's Eve.  Where I am, the skies are leaden grey, the temperatures cold, and the days are dark.  I am holed up like some small furry animal in a burrow watching the swirling snow and everything is very quiet.  The day has been spent making whatever progress could be made in a mountain of correspondence and on house cleaning----getting ready to greet 2017 and make a clean start.  

I suppose people don't remember this, but besides being "Judge Anna" I am also a woman with a house to keep, dust bunnies to chase, and an endless fight against dog hair that has been ongoing since 1956.

Many great things have happened in 2016.  Jural assemblies have been re-established in many counties and American Common Law courts have begun functioning again throughout these fifty states.  A great many people have awakened and they are now engaged in awakening others. 

The Living Law Firm has made great strides in unraveling the mechanisms of the Great Fraud and its many symptomatic results---- unlawful foreclosures, corrupt banking practices, kidnapping, unlawful taxation and more.  I feel more encouraged than ever that we shall soon have the keys to unlock the central identity theft upon which these evils depend. 

Gallant research groups all over this country and abroad have made stunning progress.  Thanks to researchers in Australia we now know for sure exactly what the All Capitals Name is and how it is being used to defraud us.  Thanks to researchers in Canada we now know how the Queen and the Vatican have siphoned and laundered American assets through Canadian banks.  Thanks to researchers in this country we now know for sure that the "American Civil War" wasn't actually a war at all, but was instead an illegal mercenary conflict staged on our soil-----and an international crime.

We have come to understand the depths of British perfidy and depravity.  While obligated by most solemn international treaty to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, the British Monarchs from George III onward have steadily and secretively acted in Breach of Trust against the American people and have sought the overthrow of our lawful government and  sought to replace our lawful government with a system of commercial feudalism similar to the Raj in India.

We know for sure that the American Bar Association has acted in breach of the Bar Association Treaty of 1947 and that they have been instrumental in the effort to mischaracterize, defraud, and enslave the American people. Researchers in New England, Georgia, Texas, and California have proven without a doubt that Bar Members have been barred from holding any office in our government since the early 1800's and that they have finagled the British-controlled "federal government" to create a system of "federated states" called "States of States" to usurp upon our lawful government.

Indeed, the process of defining "The Problem" is well-advanced and the secretive enemies of the peace and the people are now clearly in view.  These undeclared foreign agents, members of the Bar Associations,  have been wrecking havoc and pillaging and causing trouble on our shores for a hundred and fifty years.  For this, we have the Lord Mayor of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, the Queen, and the Pope to thank. 

As we bring 2016 to a close, it's time for Americans to stop "shooting ourselves in the foot" and apply ourselves to creating remedy for this circumstance. 

Donald Trump has been elected to serve as President of the federal corporation(s) and he clearly has a new policy agenda, but that is what it is--- a policy agenda of a CEO.  While it is to be sincerely hoped that he will bring the so-called United States Congress to its senses and clean up the mess in Washington, DC, we must realize that reform of the federal government is only one part of the solution we need.

We are called upon to self-govern in this country, and it is axiomatic that if we fail to govern ourselves, someone else has to do the job for us.  The permanent solution requires declaring our proper political status as American state nationals, forming our lawful county jural assemblies, forming our lawful state jural assemblies, and finally, choosing fiduciary deputies to convene an actual Continental Congress to act in behalf of the states on the land. 

There's a lot of work in front of us and the members of the Bar Associations will be trying to gainsay and discourage and disparage our efforts to keep us from doing it every step of the way.  The ascendancy of the people's government will spell the doom of their own hegemony, for while they have been claiming to be our stewards, we have been defrauded of our rights and our sovereignty, our land and our labor.

When we appear in our true capacities, their claims against us fail--- and they are revealed to be faithless, dishonest, self-interested servants of the British Monarch and British Crown engaged in illegally pillaging American public trusts.  It is completely understandable that the members of the Bar Associations would try to portray us as "Tin Hats" and seek to hide from these facts to avoid their own guilt and culpability, but the facts are nonetheless the facts.

Whatever government they are running on our shores, it isn't our government.  It has nothing to do with us and it has no right whatsoever to make any claims against us or our assets, no ability to regulate us, no public delegation of authority to rule over us and no valid private contract to do so, either.   

The American Bar Association is running the biggest racketeering scheme in history on our shores and getting away with it, simply because millions of Americans are still asleep, still waiting for "George" to do it all for them.

This is your 2017 wake up call. 

A dozen times a day I have people asking me --- what's going on?  And I turn to the culprit and say, "I dunno.  What are you making happen?" 

George Washington has been dead over 200 years.  There's nobody here but us chickens. 

If you want to see things change for the better in 2017, get busy and make them change. 

Declare and record your lawful political status.  Expatriate from any presumption of federal citizenship.  Rescind all voter registrations and powers of attorney issued effective with your first birthday.  Create a witnessed record of your action and establish it either by publication in the local newspapers or recording with the county land recorder's office.

You and like-minded people in your county are now ready to convene your actual county jural assembly and to choose among yourselves a county sheriff to enforce the organic and public law, justices of the peace to run your American Common Law courts, and all the other county offices you may need or see fit to create. 

Having restored your county government, it is time to do the outreach and gather together the other counties to restore the lawful and actual state government. 

It's a lot of thankless work, but it has to be done.

The other thing that you can do is to support those who support you.  The Living Law Firm and the Research Groups need ongoing funding to continue their vital work.  Some of our best people are men in their 30's and 40's with young families to support and they have given up lucrative careers as attorneys  to do the right thing.  Others are retirees on fixed incomes who are traveling many miles on research assignments and having to pay for certified copies of documents out of their own pockets.

All of these people are continuing the work despite being attacked on every side by paid agents of these rogue federal corporations and harassed by their hired mercenaries acting under color of law.  If all you can do is send these guys $5 and a prayer, at least do what you can do. 

I want to thank all those who have taken the plunge and made the commitment to take action in their own behalf and in behalf of their country in 2016.  I want to thank all those who have taken the time to read and think for themselves. I am deeply grateful to fellow researchers near and far---from Queensland and Alberta, from Glasgow and Mombasa, from New York and Shreveport and many other states and places throughout the world where men still cherish freedom.

Happy 2017 to you all! 

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  1. Anna,
    Thank you for yet another wonderful message. 'If it is to be it is up to me' is a statement my grandfather lived by. It is still true today. Thank you for showing us what's going on in this fraudulent government and the steps to take to start to reverse this curse. Blessings and peace to you this New Year. It will be a good one.

  2. As I've said before many times, you speak of the jural societies and common law courts that are being created in many states, and the 1 million federal marshals who have come forward, and I keep asking WHERE??? I'm simply a "worker bee", and not gifted as you are, and can't find even one soul in the county I live in to work with to form anything, so am lost. Wouldn't it be helpful to other committed worker bees like me if you used some of the expertise of these talented people you are surrounded with to set up a way we can all find each other? Right now, I know of no jural societies other than the one in Michigan, and after trying, have never gotten a response from them. I'm a ready, willing, and able worker bee, but admit I have no skills in doing what has to be done, other than getting out of the system, which I have done.


    1. I have regular contact with the Illinois council, young and growing. is a good start. Also, You can contact me at for information and perhaps provide more links if need be. I am friends with the Illinois chief Justice of the continental superior court.

    2. The Michigan Jural Assembly is pretty easy to contact and fairly well established. I know many members personally. Just search them on google. They may be able to provide you contacts in other states as well.
      By the Bye, the Jural "societies" that you mention are the guys to watch out for...

  3. Examples of documents and such would help us all...


    Ours is the Real one, the vernal equinox; they always get us coming and going with their monetary rituals...

  5. Agree with countyguard... having working templates that work and remove man and woman from ALL contracts is central to achieving a truly liberated American national. Laboring through the legalese and never achieving the desired result is intention gone bad!

  6. Margy,
    Right question to ask, no proof other than words leads one to conclude, this exercise suspends reason and leads to an arrest of action, where proof will inspire the will to act. Learning is in the doing, its not academic which leads to confusion. Knowledge has its opposite in ignorance, order out of chaos.

  7. I have financially contributed for the betterment of all following this truth and agree that working templates for many to come would be beneficial and helpful in speeding things along towards our common good in all areas. Thank you for converting some funds
    Given towards this needed contribution. As always, my sincere appreciation of and to the lightworkers many gifts for us all. Here is this month's monetary contribution. Happy new year to all. Namaste', Blue Sky Woman

  8. Yes- Happy TRUMP New Year and a new day.....
    Thee alternative is to hard to imagine, eh ~?

  9. Look through all Anna's vast writings and find a lot of what you need. I know I am a bit behind on absorbing it all and people are out there maybe even close by you and growing. I work on he few who will listen, try and plant seeds to at least get people thinking and don't give up hope, it is happening and does take time. Least that's the way I am doin it along with the snow, mud, firewood, fixin broke stuff, family tragedy and all the other everyday things. Happy new year where ever you are and thanks Paul for the message.

  10. I would be happy to work with others who would like to convene more regularly to help create some templates: There are already attempts to do so, Lawful traveler, revocation and rescinsion from ss, secured party creditor, proper passport application and status correction and etc...I would be happy to help meet regularly with anyone who needs help pulling the rope and releasing your bonds. I can only do so much.

  11. American Common Law courts have begun functioning again throughout these fifty states. Not in Camden N.J. And this family of judges, lawyers, and sheriffs are now a threat to my life. Can someone help me before I loose it because of them. My God. I'm multi-disabled and unable to talk to them. They may have their police through you in their jail. I only have days to 2 months left before they steal my life.

  12. Any suggestions what to use for "identification" papers for travel and other functions that will be considered valid by the "US citizens"?
    Any suggestions for such programs that the Jural Assemblies could push forward on an ongoing basis?

  13. Presently there is no remedy for this corruption, hence, why the keep doing business as usual. Land is LAW, and evidence of LAND, ROLB is your property held in trust or breach of trust. All administrations are for the decedent which is YOUR property the County/parish/church is claiming out from under/discovery from everyone. If an attorney claims your property as a public charity case, do you have any standing in that case or stake in the game? "All property resides in the State"

  14. Why is everyone futally trying to form small groups of "jural assemblys" when we have one of the greatest presidents of all time and not only in my opinion, but many online prove that Trump is more than a man or a president...he is Gods choosen one to help us get out of this situation because we are too weak and too divided. He needs our help and i believe if we dont give it too him, then we will be judged by God for having no faith and to recognize Trump for who is guiding this whole thing for our benifit. Now i know how Moses must have felt. No matter how many times he proved and saved the Hebrews from the Egyption Empire, the people would quickly lose faith, without constant miracles and unless Moses was with them constantly. After tons of miracles, and splitting the red sea(I would have loved to have witnessed that first hand), all Moses had to do is go up to mt Siani for 30 days to receive the "ten commandments" the people were already corrupted and lost faith. Now, he has finally gave us a symble of his desire to help us with this insurmountable corruption by giving us a man who is not only strong financially, but strong willed enough to stand up to these people....all of them. He just announced that he wanted the "Committee on Ethics" to have every member of congress submit to examination to prove if they are worthy to hold their office...Damn congress of ours immediately rejected it. He needs our help and support immediately,because the entire polical system is so corrupt from the top down, that one man alone will lose faith himself if we dont support him. Either go to his site and give him your support, even if its just moral support, and let him know we are behind you...we have your back. We need to come together in mass to support him before he loses hope. None of us wants this position of responseability and he didnt have to take it. He is much smarter and knows way more than we think he does. I view him as the greatest "patriot" that America has ever had, or ever will. In the coming months, he will have the entire establisment media, hollywood, and everyone in political positions, especially congress against him, spewing out nothing but lies and haterid about his policies. He said he was going to clear out the sewer and he meant it. Hes already taken over the federal reserve and printing up our own money. He wants the fed. completely out of this country in 2 years. He has more enemies than dones has pills. Hasnt anyone noticed he has never once referred to this country as the UNITED STATES. You think that is an accident. He knows. He lost more than $51million just because of the feds policy of raising and lowering interest rates irresponsably. Forget about everything, and concentrate on how to help him because he does want to make America great again. Dont give up on him just because you hear something negative about him or his policies because we will never be told the truth by the media.


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