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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Long Ago, Far Away -- Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 18

By Anna Von Reitz

Judging from some of the comments I am getting there are a lot of Newbies out there.  I suggest going to my website at or buying our primer, "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause".

Religion plays into the discussion because our law derives directly from our religious and ethical values. Period.

The last few posts I have revealed the (apparently) astounding news that there are different kinds of law and they all stem from different religions.  Why is that so amazing to so many people?

The Maritime and Admiralty Law of the Sea is linked to Satanic pagan religions and goes back before the Flood--the reason these are sometimes called the Noahide Laws. The most recent overhaul and update of these laws occurred in Rome circa the 200 BC, which is the reason they are also often referred to as Roman Civil Law.

These Satanic law forms are far different from and follow a completely different logic from the Law of the Land, which is based on Mosaic Law, or the Law of the Air, which is based on the Law of Love.

Criminals have gradually usurped upon the Law of the Land and all but overcome it. They have done so by fraud, force, and deceit, but they have done it nonetheless.  As Jesus said, "as in the days of Noah"---- we live in a world dominated by courts operating under the Satanic Law of the Sea and by an increasingly immoral, destructive, dishonest, and shallow popular culture. 

That is the situation we are all facing worldwide.

 At this crucial moment I wish to draw your attention to the story of the Tower of Babel.  Once all the people of the world spoke the same language. This allowed them to accomplish great things and to work together toward common goals. There were no separate tribes, no "us" and no "them".  War and courtroom battles and the constant quibbling we are so familiar with now didn't exist.  We were all on the same team.

And then, something happened: the Tower of Babel.

What really happened isn't explained in the standard Bible, but the truth revealed in other ancient texts is that a strange woman came to rule in Babylon about 20,000 BC, which is about twice the length of time between us now and the reign of King David in Israel. 

She was called Semiramis or the Queen of Heaven (also known as the Mother of Harlots and the Great Abomination and the Inventor of Idolatry)-- a beautiful woman who crash landed in an egg-shaped vessel that splashed down in the Fertile Crescent all those many years ago. She brought with her many changes for Mankind--- none of them good. 

Her changes included establishing a religion that venerated trees and sacred groves and practiced blood sacrifices on hilltop altars, and especially favored infanticide as a common practice. 

She taught that sex was to be worshipped as a sacrament and vast orgies began to take place. Drugs were liberally used to stimulate the mind and body.  Crowds of thousands assembled to toss their crying babies into owl-shaped furnaces as sacrifices to Semiramis'  familiar, Molloch, the Owl-god.  Worship of snakes, statues of penises, sodomy, temple prostitutes, and all manner of other practices got their start under her guidance.

She also invented idolatry--- not only the kinds of idolatry we are taught about in Sunday school with people carving statues and worshiping them.  Oh, no, it was much more insidious than that.  Semiramis introduced the concept of money into the world--- an idol standing for all other things, either in the form of little stamped and minted coins or in the form of graven images.  This is the source of those graven images in your pockets right now---all those bills engraved with pictures of dead Presidents.

Semiramis took things of little or no actual value--- gold coins and pieces of paper--- and convinced people that they had great value because they "represented" the value of other things.  A gold coin stamped with three baskets of wheat was supposedly worth three baskets of wheat, while a gold coin of the same size stamped with five baskets of wheat was worth five actual baskets of grain. 

It was a total scam then, and scary as it is for most people to contemplate the truth, it is still a total scam now---- and you can thank Semiramis for conning every generation of Mankind from her day down to this.  No wonder she was known and eventually worshipped as the wife of Satan, the Father of All Lies.

Anyone who could con a Babylonian farmer out of five baskets of wheat in exchange for a little gold coin had to be a truly legendary Grifter.

Another gift of Semiramis was what we now call "descriptive language".  The original language of this planet was based on mathematical truths. You couldn't tell a lie or make a false statement because every word reduced down to a fact and they all added up or they didn't.

Nobody knows for sure what the original language was called in Ancient Babylon Before the Fall---- that is, before Semiramis fell to Earth from the stars----but it was preserved by the Wise Men of Parthia as an antidote to the descriptive language of Babylon called "Babel" and among the Parthians both then and now the original language of Earth was called "Parse".

Both the beauty and the utter failure of descriptive language is that it can mean many different things and have many different meanings--- and this gives rise to endless quarrels and questions and opportunities for misunderstanding, confusion, guile, and greedy manipulation.  English is the premier descriptive language on the planet today and we are the foremost victims of modern day Babel.

We can't seem to write a straight forward honest agreement of any kind and have ten people agree on the content.  There are too many double-meanings and possible interpretations to nearly everything.

Let's take the word "of" which can mean "without" (as in the sense of within or without), outside of, apart from, or belonging to.   And then let's look at the words, "State of Florida". The original meaning of "State of Florida" was "State belonging to Florida", but two generations later, the meaning was changed to "State outside of Florida"----with nobody being made any the wiser and no change in the way the phrase was written. 

In 1864, Congress changed the meaning of the words "state" "States" and "United States" to mean "District of Columbia Municipal Corporation" --- and just didn't tell anyone, either.

These practices of employing double or triple or quadruple meanings to the same word, creating "special" definitions of known words, and using ambiguous descriptors leads to our beloved English language being called "Doublespeak". 

Who could imagine that the words "United States District Court" actually translate to "District of Columbia Municipal Corporation District Court"? 

Well, maybe we would imagine it, if we knew that "Columbia" is another name for Semiramis.

And if you ask me to report on this subject in a "timely manner" --- exactly what is "timely"?  Three days, seven days, two months, a year, next decade?  Well, we all know---or think we know--- what descriptive language means, but in point of fact, we don't.

And that, dear ones, is the reason that as beautiful as descriptive language can be and as attuned to the flights of our fancy as it is, it is still Babel and it is still at least Double and often more like Triplespeak, and it is still intrinsically mutable, subject to being misunderstood, manipulated, redefined, confused---both innocently and on purpose---and at the end of the day, though we may all enjoy the poetry of a line like, "She walks in beauty like the night....." we still don't know for sure (and possibly don't want to know) what it means.

Who is "she"?  Is she walking like night?  How does night walk?  Does night "walk" at all?  Is the way night walks beautiful?  What "night" are we talking about? 

You see?  When you reduce English down, it's Babel---straight out of Ancient Babylon.  Most of the time it means absolutely nothing for certain. 

You can thank Semiramis and many, many generations of people ---most of whom were cheated out of their food, their money, and their lives by Babylonian Traders-- for the continued use and abuse of such language conventions.

It turns out that grammar really is an important subject. Who knew?

The Ancient Parthians preserved the original mathematical language known as Parse as an antidote to this Babylonian drivel and used it as the language of their sacred texts--- which are mostly about Astronomy--- and all Parthian laws and business agreements.  As a result, the Parthians were a thorn in the heel of Babylon for many generations and were eventually all but wiped off the face of the Earth by the invading hordes of Idolaters.

Imagine a bunch of drug and sex-crazed Babylonian diamond merchants hitting the Kasbah on a Saturday night, their pockets full of gold coins stamped with images of baskets of wheat, horses, dates, donkeys, women, anything little thing their hearts might desire, whispering sweet nothings---- literally phrases that mean nothing---into the ears of women who--then as now---only think they understand the meaning?

Two Americans, David-Wynn:Miller and Russell-J:Gould, rediscovered and to some extent, re-engineered Parse, exposing once again the mathematical interface that honest communication should have built into its very structure.  The result is very strange to our eyes and our ears. 

Parse is written in capital letters, marking it as a symbolic language like Ancient Latin.  Like Latin, it uses direct punctuation to form connections between words and phrases.  Unlike Latin, the information being conveyed can be reduced down to mathematical certainties with nothing left to the imagination.

After a week of furtive study of this new iteration of Parse, I realize what a stretch it is going to take for most people to grasp its importance---- especially as a language used to form treaties and agreements. Imagine contracts and laws that aren't subject to "interpretation" by anyone, much less a man in black robes? 

Maybe the first step is to realize that our beloved English Language is actually Babel, and if we want to cut down on the criminality and confusion in the world, it behooves us to move on and learn mathematically interfaced languages and structurally correct grammar.  Then, at last, after 20,000 years of Babel, we can say what we actually mean again.

I hope that readers now grasp the inevitable connection between religion and law, the unfortunate connection of Satanism and the cults of Semiramis with the Law of the Sea and the District of Columbia, and at least some of the ways and reasons that this extremely ancient history continues to impact our world and our lives. 

The culture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll that Semiramis unleashed in the Middle East twenty thousand years ago is still kicking up dust today.  It is parading down our Main Streets and corrupting our youth and creating a Death-oriented and depraved society full of con artists and self-serving thieves. 

A statue of Semiramis herself stands in New York Harbor, mockingly masquerading as the "Statue of Liberty"---- note that, Liberty, the root word of "Libertine"--- is what sailors get when they reach port. Not freedom. 

The Great Whore of Babylon, the Great Abomination herself, is standing where she should not be--just as Jesus said 2,000 years ago,  pretending to be a beacon of freedom, when instead she is a shrine of enslavement.  Her priests disguised as honest jurists have invaded our courts and taken over our court buildings.  Our pockets are full of her graven images.  Even our language is dishonest, twisted, and often meaningless because of Semiramis.  

Satan and his Consort have had their way with us.  Their minions snatched us from our cradles when we were just babies.  Their followers have enslaved us and tormented and confused us all of our lives.  They have stolen from us and oppressed us, lied to us and lied about us.  All these people know how to do is lie, lie, lie.  And so far as the High Priests of the Roman Cult are concerned, the beauty of it all, is that we don't know they are lying. We don't know our own history.  We mistake our enemies as friends.  We adopt their idols as our own symbols.  We believe in their "money" and don't recognize it for what it is.

We didn't get the punch line when they set up shop as the "District of Columbia".
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  1. And who is that beautiful young lady atop of the capitol building of the United States Municipal Corporation?

    1. good pull, zeus' daughter and wife of hades. wonder how many people ever realized that the two women when one enters America and the womb of DC to greet them are those 2 women. ;o)

  2. And more in reference to the Tower of Babel. Take what serves you and let the rest go.

    3470BC Tower of Babble-On Massacre: Galactic Federation & Luciferian Pleiadian and NIBIRUIAN Anunnaki races attempt world dominion beginning in Marduke-Anunnaki Drakonian-held Babylon. Created temporary planetary magnetic grid collapse causing major mutations in the function of the Human DNA Template, Erases Race Memory, blocks natural Kundalini flow in the body causing Pineal,Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Thyroid Gland malfunctions that shortened human life span & blockered interdimenional perception in all but Implanted Annu-Melchizedek "Chosen Ones" and scrambled natural language patterns. Recorded as the "Tower of Babel" story in Bible. And people have been babbling on ever since.
    Now-Time Eternal life currents flowing in from the higher God-Worlds & assisting in healing this mess the Fallen Hybrid-Human Invader illumnati Races created with our unknowing assistance and yes our Divine heritage & gifts are returning as artifical intelligence technologies [Bye, Bye] will not be required.
    Masses babbling on ever since...Owning accountability and responsibility for ones self in all that is said & done no matter your belief system is very helpful for starters. Now We Know.

    1. Pure Heresy. You can't prove any of it. A new language fantasy story line. There is only ONE TRUE GOD and your God-Worlds are fantasy also.
      There is only one final reality:
      Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell That's it.

    2. Paul we know your stance, its ok. Truth stands no matter who does or does not believe it and the joy of it all-is always unfolding.

  3. David Wynn Miller is a fraud and a hoax, I hired him for an IRS matter and paid thousands of dollars, his paperwork was a mess he couldn't even get my mailing location spelled correctly and put other peoples names on the complaint then he just told me the black them out and mail them. He told me his phony Federal Postal Court would stop the IRS from taking my money after his "order" Commands were mailed to the IRS agent. For your entertainment see the video here on youtube The IRS ignored all his paperwork complaint,summons and command to put up or shut up. I am now in much worse shape than before. IRS stole over $10,000.00 from my pay check since December 28th 2016. Miller shut off his cell phone, dropped off Skype and will not answer emails. I contacted Russell Gould and he told me he won't help and that's just tough luck for me. Theses two guys are a fraud. I can't believe you fell for their crazy B.S. too. by: Michael Morris Olson

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. There are now three "IRS" agencies and three "IRS Commissioners. The shell game is wearing thin. None of these people have any real government office. They are just private bill collection "agencies" If you don't want the IRS in your pocket, you have to rebut the presumption that you are a "United States Citizen" or "citizen of the United States" and revoke your "election" to pay federal income taxes---- and you can do this without any fear or any problem from them, so long as you Notify the Commissioner of your decision and as long as you are not a member of any of the various groups of people who actually DO owe federal income taxes---- federal civilian and military employees, African Americans, federal dependents, and federal corporations. You have to reclaim your birthright political status by signing a properly notarized and Witnessed declaration and Act of State / Act of Expatriation, rebutting any voluntary association with or obligation to act as a "United States Citizen" or as a "citizen of the United States and reclaiming your birthright status as an American state national. Most of us were born as "non-citizen American state nationals" and most of us really still are--- we've merely been self-interestedly "redefined" by the rats---- and need to make correction before tackling the IRS. If you read my posts on these subjects you will be able to help yourselves for free and not pay me or anyone else.

      As for David-Wynn --- hardly anyone at the lower levels of the government agencies has ever heard of Parse or Parse Syntax and they look at his stuff as gobbledygook and just keep right on doing what they have been told (and paid) to do. Their ignorance is not an indication of any purposeful "fraud" on his part. The problem with Parse is that like algebra, it never became popular.

      That said, Parse was used successfully for many generations to cut through the confusion caused by descriptive language and promote peace, because in Parse there is no doubt what a sentence does or does not mean. The intention is crystal clear and provable.

      If it beat Babel before, it can do so again.

      And there are numerous cases (not yours, regrettably, but others) where it has been used to prove that mortgages and bills and claims of many different kinds are intrinsically fraudulent--- and therefore null and void.

      Even if you are actually a Federal employee or voluntarily operating as a Federal corporation, you are not subject to the income tax under guarantees of Equal Civil Rights and you may request a Voucher (which is like a Coupon) and the IRS is obligated to send you one.

      It comes as a "Letter" that is virtually blank except for your name and address at the top and the address of the IRS office handling the paperwork, and at the bottom a "cut along the dotted line" slip of paper that looks like a normal payment slip. Instead of attaching a check to this, you "validate" it by writing "ACCEPTED AND RETURNED FOR VALUE" on the face of it and on the back, "Accepted for the Amount Shown in Payment and Settlement of this ACCOUNT through (whatever date in the past that makes sense), and made payable without recourse to the United States of America, US Treasury. Sign and date.

      This is an order to transfer money from the credit side of YOUR account to the debt side of the ACCOUNT, to cancel out any debt.

      So you see, the income tax actually is a "voluntary" tax just like they keep saying it is--- you just have to spend years of your life figuring out how and why.

  4. Its so funny you should bring this subject up right now, as i was just going to bring the same thing up as to why the courts are getting away with so much fraud, and why they are winning....because everyone is "BABBALING". How is anyone going to get remedy when everyone is still "babbaling". No one understands anyone anymore. Or it is interpreted differently than the message the person intended. There isnt a language on earth that hasnt been corrupted and reduced to babbal...where does this leave us...????

  5. Yes, there is a language that is clear and honest. That is German. The judges invented their own babble therefore. The new language in the future in Germany will be the corrupted English. Now you know why.

  6. What I propose is that people be taught Parse so that the laws and agreements can be published in crystal clear grammar with proven and exact meanings, but that we continue to use our descriptive languages for daydreaming and poetry and idle speech where exact precise meanings are not the object.

  7. The fall drama-victim/victimizer game at its core has been played out for eons and more in our face these days providing transparency allowing healing to ocur during this time of awakening- for those who choose. Will share whats in the nowtime ocuring+. Again take what serves you and let the rest go. Free Will Choice is always respected by the Eternal.

    Phantom Earth Matrix which still has a link via the Milky Way through 
    individuals and grids of Netted Earth will continue to feed on what living 
    fields it is attached to until its final action of Implosion, upon which it can be inhaled back into EFFI (God-Source) as pure frequency.

    In Fail Safe an agreement was made by the Guardians that 1/3 of the Netted Earth Fields would be allowed to return to the Fallen Phantom Matrix they called Home. 
    As I innerstand this, the quantum includes lifeforms such as viruses and 

    For 17 years we have watched the orchestration of The Massive OWO Master Plan of misusing Earth in order to ultimately pull Andromeda into feed their dying matrix, be implemented administratively with new levels of Elite. On December 1, 2015 when the current invisible Elite of the Elite that the Guardians now call the not-so-great Pretenders used their Huge weapon to force the planet and humanity into irreversible Gone Fall status, they 
    sealed the fate of their OWO agenda. While they can still do Grid Yuck 
    Muck through psychotronics to impulse actions that awaken or mobilize their sleeping planetary crews at specific geographic coordinates to run frequency that disrupts, their agenda here will not be fulfilled.The not-so-great pretenders know this. That’s a Triumph. ;)

    The two-thirds Rising portions of Earth’s fields will make the necessary expedited diagonal shift progressively.
     Since a live and well NOMI-code immune response was what activated instead, 
    EFFI frequencies are now radiated on this carrier wave to ALL regardless of 
    encryption. The frequencies are therefore extended to any of us who carry any Illuminati coding for whatever reason, since originally we all came in with the intention of bioregenerating, and assisting this for ourselves and others. Now the more expansive Fail Safe gives us all a chance to do Reclamation. But for those fields and individuals for whom the Rise Path is not their choice, it will become increasingly painful and challenging to live with these EFFI frequencies running and accreting within this, our 
    Noble planet. Its a Done Deal.

    1. More of the fantasy. More Heresy. The ONE TRUE GOD might respect an individual's free will since we were made in HIS image, but that doesn't mean that He will not punish the wrong choices made by our own free will in the end. The "respect" He shows is only that He will not interfere and force our will to be concurrent with His Divine Will. He will save that judgement till the last day, and the general judgement. Don't think you can avoid the consequences of bad will. There are still His Immutable Divine Laws that must be followed, and we all fall short in that regard, which is why repentance is so important. We are NOT free to invent our own religion, or our own morality. True freedom is to be completely in unity with the Divine Will at all times. Yes there were people who have done that throughout history. They are canonized saints. There were only two who walked this earth in it's entire history that were sinless. Jesus Christ, and His Blessed Mother Mary.

      There are 4 last things we all face.
      Death, Judgement, Heaven, or Hell.

  8. Please take what serves you and let the rest go.
    All 3-dimensional languages carry distortions it was planned that way when our earths grids were damaged during the Tower of Babel event.The old language from Atlantis people couldn't innerstand anymore and not remembering who we were up until now.
    During these times of awakening we will be reclaiming our original 12 senses assisting us in ways we could never of thought of since the dormant dna will be activating expanding our higher consciousness. And our 7th Sense is Cellular Telepathy and there are people on earth experiencing it. Many beautiful events to explore in nowtime and unfolding.

    1. The ancient texts come from the Maharata Text, translated from the Closter Dora Tora plates.

    2. A link ref CPT-Plates

  9. What does Nomi Effiah stand for and what "babbaling language" are you speaking. Nano nano!!!

    1. Everything is alive even if it doesn't talk to you. So is thoughts,words and deeds- carry frequencies of consciousness.
      My google id carries the frequencies of the higher God-Worlds and once you know yourself you can name yourself.

      As mentioned in earlier comment our languages in the lower dimensions of external existence have been distorted and communication has been difficult on this plane and this will change more and more as the collective awakens and own expanded consciousness.

  10. Talk about having the people of the United States learn Parse? They barely know English. The English language has close to two hundred thousand words. Yet even educated adults, including those who work as writers and editors, have a vocabulary range of between 10,000 to 20,000 words. The uneducated may use as few as 700 to perhaps a few thousand. Then too, English usage and punctuation, as taught in our public schools today, is nowhere near the quality it was a generation ago. The fact of the matter is that our society is being systematically dumb-downed. As Rush Limbaugh has often stated, “words mean things.” It is, therefore, reasonable to expect that if the vocabulary of the general population was increased to even one hundred thousand words the potential for clarity of meaning would be enhanced considerably and the acceptance of double talk would be reduced accordingly. I, therefore, submit that it is not the English language that is the culprit, but rather our ignorance of it.

  11. Very well put James. It wasn't until I studied Latin that I really understood English. It seems to me that English is the language that makes it possible to be VERY explicit and exact beyond most other languages. But it has to be used properly to be effective. It's way too late to teach Americans any new language. Let's use English and beat the evil lawyers to jail with it.

  12. The only way we can do that is if we all use the same definitions of words. Either we all use websters dictionary, or start teaching everyone definitions based on "Blacks law " dictionary. The only power attorneys have over us, is there definitions of simple words....persons, individuals, residence, US CITIZENS, "of", etc. Then teach everyone "proceedural law". Then we can fight fire with fire. And we wont have to go broke paying other people to do it for us..

  13. or LATIN the dead language hence closed to interpretation; unlike and opposite the english merchant language meant to confuse and devolve; everchanging and reflecting the dumbed down intellect of the ignorant masses, get it. LOL, ROTFLMAO, BTW etc, etc,.

  14. By the way has anyone noticed that QE2 is under house arrest. Appearantly, she had an attack of consciouse, and let out the truth about this fraud on a christmas speech this last christamas. Check it out on the web. She almost went to jail, but prince Charrels offered to step in and "solve" the problem, which was house arrest. She hasnt been able or allowed to speak publicaly since.

  15. Im listening to KFI640am right now at 11pm, with guest David Wilcock, author of source field investigation,exposing some of the greatest secrets and lies of our time. He has been dealing with 3 or 4 people involved in highly classified information about all the interest in what is going on below the antartic. The "cabel" has known about it for years now, as well as germany during the 1937's and after. But right now, what he calls "the alliance" which is everyone but the "cabel" , meaning the countries are finally getting together once and for all, and its happening behind our backs as a silent coup, as all coups take place, until there mission is complete. Then the military can release publically What is going on. But they are releasing info slowly through the internet, so people arent blindsided when they officially report it publically, and causing a panic or being too tramatized when they release this info. In fact, he says there are only 3 sources you can trust on this subject right now. David is one of them, the other is Corey(whoever that is) and "fade to black". So be careful. Right now there is a coordinated effort by the "alliance" who have called back all their air craft carriers into there ports so they can be retrofitted with technology they werent supposed to be released to the public for at least 100 years. Thats how far advantanced they are. There are 3 mother ships(alien) and saucer shaped each over 30 miles in diameter. But they are more than 30 mi. buried into the ice and therefore need this technology to get to them. According to david, they are over 55,000 years old. For some reason they all crash landed and couldnt repair their ships. So they canabolized their ships to enable to survive for years. In the meantime they realized they had to interbreed with our pooulation in order to create hybrids to at least always have some of their DNA to return to. Unfortunatly, those are the people we refer to now as the "cabal" because they naturally had greater intelligence, in banking, science, nature, etc. And they tended to Intermate with each other in order to preserve their advantanced intellect. And they all vowed to never let anyone know anything about their true nature or anything about the ships. The point being that there has been a new awareness amounst people around the world that is going to culminate this year when Trump takes office. Most of the cabal have been identified and captured already and the rest are on the run and will be found. And charged with war crimes. And their only way to escape being sentanced to death is the full disclosure of the ships, Atlantis, and everything else they know, which may just distract the public enough to ease off on them. Trump in the meantime is purported to implement war crime hearings against humanity and start going after everyone involved in this conspiracy. And judge Anna, he specifically said not to get caught up into "Nationality" because it wont be that important anymore. We wont need jural assembles or anything we were all used to before. That was the past. We are entering a new state of consciousnous and a complete paradium shift, since they(the aliens) have the one thing that has really kept us all slaves up till unpolluting energy. And once we are free of that, we can start to meditate, so that they can start communicating with us, until we are free of "fear" of them anymore. And at that point there will be a solar blast that will awaken everyone at once to our highest level of frequencies and consciousness. Go to coast to coast on the web and listen to this whole thing for yourselves. Its incredible. The cabal has lost already. Its over. Things are going to be corrected quickly now...and without jural assemblies or any of the govt. we were used to...that way of thinking is over with...

  16. It's over???? No. Just what they want us all to believe. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to get us to believe he doesn't exist. The next greatest was to get us to believe that Jesus/God is some kind of space man using tech to manipulate mankind. Read 2 Timothy 4:3
    For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables. But be thou vigilant, labour in all things, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill thy ministry. Be sober.

  17. Actually, thats the exact type of deception they are helping us to avoid. The cabal wanted to unlease this all at once, so as to create fear and confusion. The people arent near ready as a whole to receive this info. It is going to be slowly spoon feed to the people until they think they are ready to hear it. So far, everyone that has talked on KFI, coast to coast, have very high IQ's and they all believe and endorse the undenialable fact that there is a spiritual connection to all this. And if it wasnt for the military finally waking up to put a stop to this insanity, we would already be faced with an implanted chip. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right now. But how would we know since the bible is a perfert mathmatical syntex. And all we are used to is "babbaling". Revalations in particular is confusing because not only is it mathmatically cotrect, it is filled with symbolism that is litteraly impossible for us to overstand. The evidence of that is no one has predicted any of the events that have happened recently, like 911, until after the event has already taken place. As far as i know, no one has deciphered it before it happened even though it was right in front of us. Bible code has already been broken by a couple of rabbis. But the code only works after the event, so we can find it in the exact chap. and verse where it is reveiled. But it cant be used before an event, because no one recognizes it until then. If everyone who claims to be an authority on the "WORD", than why cant people predict the events before it happens. Because once it does, the code can be used to find its exact position in the bible. Its always there...always..

  18. While in Alaska a few years ago immersion in the schools of native language was required. The children were forgetting the native language and it did seem the english side contained wild parties, booze and dope, "free" sex, not going to fish camp and storing up food and in general a destructive effect, yet easily explained away with a few english words. Seems words are perceived like math often as though they are true yet can make fools of smart people.

  19. Before English and it's Alpha-Beta ( 1-2 or 12 ) there was the Hebrew alphabet the Meruba, which is read right to left.
    English letters are waveguides to implosion. All writing is a magical act; SIGIL MAGIC.

    I studied with Miller and consider Jay Gould a friend. That was pre Y2K. The calendar we use is copywritten and we often forget to write the A.D. or anno domini to celebrate the year of our dominance. Don't use the Saturnian cult's chronology of Chronos on your paperwork if you discharge a debt with a Prommisory Note. Santos Bonacci is doing this write now ( bad pun ). Try the Law of Time system :

    12:60 frequency is the system to mechanical time. 13:20 is natural time. It is fractal.

    The 8x8 masonic chessboard access the Egyptian Ogdoad and is the Matrix. A square in 2D is a tetrahedron in 3D.
    Nassim Haramein discloses the Matrix in his video series: "Crossing the Event Horizon".
    He considers it the structure of the vacuum.

    All law enforcement, corporate officers follow the example set by the Daughters of Isis from Switzerland and their Octagon. This is Queen Elizabeth niece's house in Switzerland:

    Here is a reveal on law enforcement origins as all cops wear the octagon hat
    ( a mountie's hat is dimpled for a reason ):

    But all that said, here is a cutting edge reveal on "HAN PURPLE", the key to shapeshifting technology:


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