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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fast Forward, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 14

By Anna Von Reitz

It is summer 2014.  For the last ten years the forces of evil have been marching steadily onward and their plans are all-too apparent.  All the "federal" alphabet soup agencies have been armed to the teeth.  Billions of rounds of ammo have been purchased.  The local police have been armed with tactical weapons and armored vehicles and are swaggering around looking nervous and fingering Billy Clubs made of Titanium and steel. 

Every day reports come in of police brutality, more and more evictions and foreclosures, over a million children missing from our streets and schools, test scores in the toilet and then word comes that vast "FEMA Camps" have been built and stocked and provided with armed guards. There are even rumors of vast underground bases built over the course of the Cold War, large enough to house thousands of people, entire cities underground. 

The "federal government" dba UNITED STATES, INC., a storefront governmental services corporation for the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, is preparing for something Big--- the extermination of its Priority Creditors, the American People.

The bosses running the UNITED STATES, INC. stand to make at least a million dollars per dead American as a result of life insurance policies paid for with their own tax money.

And then, they also get to collect on all the "abandoned" estate property and resell it to new suckers.

And they get to avoid paying the debt that they owe these same Americans.  Just forget it. Write it off.  They're dead.  They can't collect. 

And finally, they get to charge the victim's estates and their kids and grandkids for all this "service" ---- i.e., killing the innocent Americans who are their Priority Creditors.

Real nice.  Slick job.  Hey, just cut to the chase this time.  They learned a lot from World War II when they killed off all the Jewish people in Germany who were also their Priority Creditors---- the ones who faithfully bought all those German and British Government Bonds that the rats defaulted on. 

Beginning with George W. Bush and continuing through 2014 with Barack "Crazy Legs" Obama, they just figured the Final Solution would be easy this time.  They planned it all properly, invested the money, and test marketed all the excuses they could think of to get something started----- World War III, a race war of blacks against whites, a religious war of Muslims against Christians, ISIS, Cannibal Catholic priests, Sovereign Citizens---- you name it, they test marketed every angle they could think of. 

And they came up empty except for a few minor riots in little name places, but boy, Howdy, they kept trying to get something going, some spark.  They even tried stupid stuff like transgender bathrooms, for pity's sake.

By the middle of 2014 it was obvious where this was headed.  Another fake "civil war" on American soil, with Americans being the target population being eradicated by their own dear "federal government" under the pretense of protecting us. 

When government agencies start sucking up billions of rounds of ammo and government departments start buying millions of body bags and stockpiling them in internment camps on American soil, you kinda gotta figure that there is something going on, Virginia, and its not nice.

Well, what it was is that the National Debt had come due, and since they had already siphoned off the National Credit, plus all the "cream" from Double Dipping both the American public trusts and the United States Treasury, these criminals figured that even if they "nationalized"---- that is, stole---- every bank account and every IRA in America, they still wouldn't be able to pay off their creditors. 

Truth be told, they never wanted to pay off their creditors.  That was not their intention.  It was never part of the plan.  It was just the old Nazi Flim Flam dance with a few twists of Communist Rumba thrown in.  Steal from the masses for the elites, then kill off the masses so they never have to pay anything back. 

And it was happening right here on Mainstreet, right in front of all our faces, while the Mainstream Media prattled on about high temperatures in the Midwest and the latest celebrity divorce. 

It was started by Bush, the Republican.   It was continued by Obama, the Democrat.  It was supported by the members of "Congress" for over a decade, making appropriation after appropriation.  Billions upon billions of dollars were spent.  Your money.  But what the hell, huh?  They weren't figuring on paying you back, except with a bullet through the back of your trusting skulls.  Or a nice "shower" in a gas-filled room without windows.

"Oh, my government would NEVER do that!" 

Well, here's the news: it's not your government.  It hasn't been your government in 150 years.  It's not even a government.  It's a governmental services corporation.  Yeah, you heard it right---- a commercial corporation in the business of selling you "government services".  And they just "sell" you whatever they want to sell you at any price they want to charge and chuck it all up on your credit cards and your kid's credit cards and your grandkid's credit cards.....

That THING in Washington, DC that is not your government at all and which has never been your government, which has been owned and operated by foreign governments ever since it was spawned, and which has abused your trust and stolen you blind and used your sons and daughters for gun fodder in wars for profit for the last 150 years----- that THING, which has never been a sovereign government of any kind--- was getting ready to kill you for profit for all the reasons enumerated above. 

And they really thought they could come up with a story line, an excuse, and get away with it.  They did.  They spent billions of dollars betting that they could get away with it and somehow everyone would believe them. 

Just like they believed the Warren Commission and the Blue-Ribbon 911 Commission. 

You had all better thank your lucky stars and kiss the ground and pray to your True God and give thanks from your hearts that there are still Americans who can tell cow pies from shoe polish.  And then when you are done with that, you can thank the Russians and the Red Chinese and all the other people all around the world who have been victimized by these same vermin, because frankly, the only thing that has kept these criminals in check is the stark fact that once they started their killing spree, they'd have the Americans on one side and the rest of the world on the other, with nothing but their own pathetic rumps in between.

In July 2014 we took an unprecedented step.  We issued General Civil Orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  We told them what was going on and we told them explicitly what to do about it.  We stood on our own flat feet in our sovereign capacity as American state nationals acting under the Last Man Standing Rule and we read the Joint Chiefs the Riot Act in language they could understand.  And then we published those General Civil Orders from coast to coast and around the world and we sent copies to heads of state and to the Pope and the Queen and the heads of all the security services worldwide.  And we fingered the rats for what they were up to. 

What kind of reception did we get?  Why, blank astonishment.  If a horse had started rattling off orders they couldn't have been more amazed, amused, outraged, astounded.  What are these people talking about.....well, ignore them..... Tin Hats..... but then, there was Benghazi, and have you checked out what the Engineers and Architects for 911 Truth dug up?  And oh, damn..... General Dempsey needs a new pair of shoes..... Shut your mouth, or you will lose your commission!

But they heard it.  They had to hear it.  It was repeated.  It was placed in the public record.  It was recorded.  It was re-broadcast.  It was published all over the internet.  The Dalai Lama saw it.  The people in Western Australia heard about it.  The flipping Koala Bears heard it.  And even if they initially thought we were crazy, the fact remains that they heard what we said, and as time progressed and the pieces fell in place, they'd remember it.

They'd all remember it.  And that's why losing plausible deniability is such a B. 

Just ask Hillary Clinton. 

The men responsible for the outrages this world has endured for the past century and a half have to work in darkness.  They have to have secrecy. They have to own the media.  They have to pay off reporters.  If anyone knew even half of what they were doing and reported on it, the jig would be up for them.  They'd be hunted down like muskrats and skinned in their own holes, hanged with piano wire and trussed up in public gibbets in the marketplaces and nobody would blink an eyelash except to spit on them. 

So when you accuse them in advance of their evil intentions it spoils their plot line.  It exposes them even if nobody lifts an eyebrow, because the thought process has been set in motion---- and the thing that sounds crazy today makes sense tomorrow.

It's important for America to wake up---- desperately important.  All those "nice" people in Washington, DC?  The ones you have looked up to and trusted and given your proxy to?  They have enslaved and defrauded you and stolen your identity, your credit, your land, your homes, your businesses and left you to pay their debts.  And when it was time for them to pay you back with interest for all this abuse, they plotted against you to kill you because they owed you money and killing you off was just so much more profitable. 

And now that you are coming out of your stupor and realize that "Congressman" is a truly dirty word, here's something else you have to understand---- these same vermin have been out and about and around the world for the past 150 years, killing, robbing, pillaging, plundering, raping, drinking, drugging, pimping, kidnapping, and promoting war in your name. 

In your name! 

Americans are being blamed---heartily---all over this planet for the misdeeds and criminality of the people who have stood there and claimed to "represent" you. No wonder Americans are hated from the Hebrides to the Black Sea to the Indian Ocean and beyond.  No wonder the "crazy" Muslims shout "God is great!" and kill themselves in defiance of what they perceive as pure evil, because in their experience---- "America" has been made synonymous with evil. 

I am not condoning any madman killing innocent people in a school or a shopping mall, folks, but I am telling you that the things these federal vermin have done in your names would make your stomachs turn.  You would lose your lunches for a year.  And that's why you must draw a line in the sand and make a distinction between "America" and the "United States" and the "United States of America". 

You must know the difference and you must make it stick.  You must call the shots before they are played and stand tall for the consequences, because that is the only way that the rest of the world can know the difference between you and those who have pretended to be your proxies and agents while practicing every vile sin known to man.

Otherwise, the rest of the world thinks you're good with starving babies and killing pregnant women for sport.  They think it's okay with you to poison water wells and kill livestock people depend on for their lives.  They assume that, hey, these people work for you, so you must be the Devil Incarnate.  You must be worse than pond scum. 

And they will never know the truth ---- that you have been victims, too, that you have been lied to and defrauded and enslaved and abused by these same monsters, and that you have not condoned their evil----- until you wake up and face the truth. 
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  1. In Australia we have like problems
    When will hold politicians finally legally accountable as like ordinary citizens are?

    The documents can be downloaded from (as to verify the original content of what is stated below if you desire to do so):

    ISSUE: 20170105 - Re The elaborate fraud by the federal government, etc & the constitution

    People need to wake up and support each other to combat this escalating problem (each within their own country) while they still have the opportunity to do so.

  2. This is one of your better ones Anna...and it does say it like it is.



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