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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Housekeeping 101 --- Us and Them by Anna Von Reitz

Good morning, good evening, good wherever and whenever this finds you all.

I will be doing some extra work for the next few weeks and as a result my ability to publish will be somewhat uneven. This doesn't "mean" anything, except that I am in meetings and teleconferences and shuttling around from place to place more than normal----all of which takes time and detracts from communication.

Major funding for the actual government of the people, by the people, and for the people is being discussed and provided for.  As more and more people have awakened and realized the Truth--- that the private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation operating out of District of Columbia is not our government and its local franchises are not our states-- it becomes evident that reforming or even replacing the governmental services corporation with a new one doesn't fix the actual underlying problem. 

Read that---  it doesn't matter if the thing in DC is called the UNITED STATES (INC.) or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) or the NEW REPUBLIC (INC.) or CULPEPPER'S FIVE AND DIME (INC.)  It is still just a corporation in the business of providing government services. 

If our new service provider is more sensible and efficient and honest, yippee, but at the end of the day, we are still being "serviced" by a hired staff of foreign lackeys instead of governing ourselves and watching out for our own self-interest.

Imagine that you hired a firm to do all your housekeeping tasks: do the grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, take out the trash, sweep the floors, vacuum the rugs..... and imagine that you were gone for a while (150 years) and in the meantime the housekeeping staff decided, well, what ho?  Might as well move into the house, sleep in the beds, eat the food, use the credit cards.....

That is what has happened here.

So as a result of having pushed your credit cards over the limit and numerous other horrendous abuses of your power and mischaracterization of you, the housekeepers responsible are being kicked out and new housekeeping companies are competing to take over the contract.

There are no lack of wannabe replacement service providers.  SWISSINDO is funding one group and Jacob Rothschild is funding another and there will be more vying to be recognized as Successor to Contract.  This is because our Forefathers gave away control of our currency, our trade policy, and our foreign policy to their servants, the British inhabitants, who were hired to provide us with "essential government services" after the Revolutionary War. 

The odious debts accrued by the former housekeeping service can be written off, but the fundamental problem remains. They aren't us.  It's wacko for any nation (or as in our case, group of fifty nations) to rely on foreign subcontractors to preserve their currency, dictate their trade policies, and set their foreign policy. 

This is "why" our money has been grossly devalued, why our industry has suffered, and why we have been kept at constant war for the better part of 200 years.  One housekeeping company after another has abused its position of trust, and unless we take action in our own behalf, that is the natural result of abdicating our oversight responsibility and not controlling our employees.

Restoring Checks and Balances requires a reorganization of the actual states occupying the land jurisdiction and also a reorganization of the counties giving rise to the states.  It requires unincorporated counties and unincorporated states functioning under the Law of the Land, instead of the Law of the Sea. It requires a clear grasp of who you are and who they are.

A change in service providers is normally chaos enough, and you will necessarily see "offers" with this group and that group promising to clean up the mess in DC and promising to abide by and honor the "Constitution"---without, of course, mentioning which constitution they might be talking about.

The important point to keep in mind is that even though these people appear to be Americans, once they cross the line and become employees of the "federal corporation" they are not functioning as Americans.  They are not us.

The further point to remember is that we have a duty and responsibility to ourselves and our country and our progeny to ride herd on them and do a good, efficient job of it.  That means enforcement of the Public and Organic Law on our soil. That means running our own townships and parishes and counties as unincorporated business structures.  That means running our states as unincorporated business structures, too. 

The Alaska State is the actual state operating the land jurisdiction of Alaska; the State of Alaska and the STATE OF ALASKA and ALASKA and any other permutation the rats can dream up, are just corporations in the business of providing government services, local franchises of one or another federal parent corporations.

Its the same way everywhere else.  The Virginia Commonwealth is the actual "state" in Virginia, whereas the Commonwealth of Virginia, VIRGINIA, and COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA  are corporate franchises in the business of selling and providing governmental services.

Now that you can tell the difference between us and them, you can begin to understand why it is absolutely necessary for us to accept the responsibility of self-governance. 

We have to determine the limits of their services and billings.  We have to draw the line between their law enforcement and our peacekeeping.  We have to vet the quality of their services and act as consumers with respect to them. We have to have our states well-organized and ready to override over-reaching and mis-administration by the federal corporations. We have to keep the governmental services corporations and the government subcontractors in line the same way any employer has to keep employees toeing the line.

It's time to step forward into the gap and fulfill our part as the unincorporated Body Politic---the "missing" employer.  Because we are doing this public service for ourselves and not for profit, we can get the job done for a lot less.  Think of it as mopping your own floor instead of paying someone else to do it. 

There are still some expenses--- soap, buckets, etc., and yes, there is a need to provide support for those who can't afford to donate their time and to pay for professional expertise we don't have readily available. 

As crucial as all your donations are and continue to be, we have over a hundred non-bar lawyers and PAGS and as many paralegals, many of whom need some level of support, and more than nine million continental marshals and deputies in need of training, uniforms, badges, gas money, bonding, insurance, etc., etc. We have researchers and archivists, too.  We have an entire new banking system to set up.  And let's face it, we have millions of Americans who need to be educated and brought up to speed. 

Grateful as I am and as we all are, this is going to take more than Mom and Pop donations of cookie jar money.  Even the relatively simple job of claiming and collecting American assets that are owed to us all over the globe is daunting and when it is undertaken by individuals using their own assets to pay for legal filings and travel and certified copies of documents, etc., etc., etc., it is only by the Grace of God that we have been enabled to keep going and make headway on all this.

Please be patient while we begin "mopping the floor" and consider how you can help.  There are 3100 counties in America, many of them only continuing to function as lawful governments at the township or parish level.  Get involved locally, if you can spare the time at all, form your local Jural Assembly, and start educating the people in your community.

Point out the fact that the land jurisdiction government was vacated when the county incorporated. 

As a result, there is nobody in charge and actually tasked with enforcing the public and organic law--- including the guarantees of The Constitution. 

The "sheriff" isn't really a sheriff anymore.  He's not --in most cases--- functioning as a public peacekeeping officer.  He's functioning as a private corporation's code and statute enforcer, instead.

This means that if you want the actual Public Law enforced, you have to take back your birthright political status and organize your local Jural Assembly and elect your own Sheriff to operate in the land jurisdiction office. 

 And while the incorporated counties are receiving "federal block grants" --- those "block grants" are the result of federal corporation racketeering and pillaging carried out against your own assets, your own people, your own businesses, and your own land.  You are funding your own misery and demise.

As long as your county takes this bait and operates as a corporate franchise it has no standing and no credibility as any part of our legitimate government.  It's just a governmental services provider for hire, like Mike's Security Service or Fast Eddie's Carpet Cleaning.  And it is the same way with the state government.

Remember--- it's government of the people, for the people, by the people--- not government of the corporation, for the corporation, by the corporation.  And get out your brooms and scrub brushes.

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  1. Up date... still going strong on the foreclosures... look at a small county called camden. omg

  2. designer with the best plan wins the race. Sophisticated ,technological superior. Plan,plan,plan.

  3. This will be a HUGE thankless project. I've been trying for years to "educate" people and so far, can count on one hand those who understand. Even my own family don't want to know the truth. God Speed Anna, and if anyone else in Wisconsin is able to get people to listen to them, I'll gladly join forces.


    1. YES-!!!
      It's like trying to tell a neighbor, friend or relative that their spouse(either) is unfaithful- but they don't want to know for the disruption to their lives + family
      it would mean to effectively deal with by acknowledging the truth let alone the personal pain of betrayal ~!

    2. One more proof that the sheople have been lulled into believing that the "gubmint" is their better half they exclusively trust + rely on for security, truth and justice ~!

    3. YES-!!!
      It's like trying to tell a neighbor, friend or relative that their spouse(either) is unfaithful- but they don't want to know for the disruption to their lives + family
      it would mean to effectively deal with by acknowledging the truth let alone the personal pain of betrayal ~!

  4. All these so called "service agencies" are promissing the same thing...a "New Republic". It sounds like the group WHO got it right in the lyrics to their song, "I wont be fooled again", that says "Meet the New Boss , Same as the Old Boss. It will never end until we(the educated and enlighten ones to the truth of what happened) quit talking about "Our Organic Constitution" as the solution , instead of accepting the fact that all contracts, even between "THE PEOPLE COLLECTIVELY" and THEIR GOVERNMENT, can and always will be broken (breach of contract) because thats what Corp. and Govt. always do. And by now, we should always expect them to. We have no reason to believe they will ever change. Therefore, THE PEOPLE" once and for all demand that either Wash DC, becomes just one more state within the union of the other 50, or turn it into one of the largest EMBASSIES in the world, for a save haven for all AMERICANS under attack from foreign principles acting under guise of any other name, like the U.S., THE U.S. INC., The U.S. of America,Inc. and so on. If they cant or never will agree to or honor just that one "Contract" than Wash.DC, has to be dissolved completely, along with pink slips for over 500 members of Congress....never to be re assembled ever again. "Centralization" of anything has never worked now or throughout history because of our diversities. Diversity in "nature" actually creates the beauty in ecological systems. But not man. Instead of embracing our differences, he always seeks to control it, by whatever means possible, under the illusion that he can create a perfect world and justify it by "the end always justifies the means" to create it. And our school systems are filled with teachers that are so brainwashed now into Corp. thinking, they are useless to new generations growing up. The Blind, cannot be taught by the Blind. We cant do it all. We all have to depend on our children to carry the torch of "freedom" if we are ever going to preserve our once great nation into perpaturity for future generations. And the only way to do that is to mandate that both LAW and MONEY/CURRENCY is taught Honestly so that they can be confident instead of fearful in the world they inherrit. No one should ever have to live in fear, unless they are truely evil. Those people deserve punishment, in this world and the next.

  5. We need a steady platform from which to fight back. How can we establish as our human right free access to the land we were born to? How can we make it so that our security is not compromised by the laws that say we can't have land without having their money, and we can't have money until we have their jobs, and we can't have their jobs unless we pathetically obey them? How can we get people free of those obligations so they have the time and the space and the power to fight back?

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