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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why NLA Grand Juries Don't Work--- Unanswered Letters 20a --- for Joseph

by Anna Von Reitz

The Citizens Common Law Grand Jury created at the time the federal government was set up in the late 1700's could only be an American Common Law Grand Jury. The country was at peace--- as it had been for several years  after the signing of the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783--- at the time the actual Constitution was adopted.  There can be no assumption that the references made to the Citizens Common Law Grand Jury set up as the Fourth Branch of Government at that time was operating under any form of Martial Common Law. 

No such circumstance of war or venue of martial law related to the civil government existed at the time.  

Therefore, when we say "Citizens Common Law Grand Jury" and take reference to Scalia's recent ruling re-affirming its validity, there is only one kind of "Common Law" we can be talking about and that is American Common Law as it existed and grew up on this continent for the two centuries prior to the adoption of the Constitution and the creation of the Federal Government.

That being true, the next thing we have to look at is who is competent to serve on a Citizen's Grand Jury under American Common Law, and the first thing that jumps off the page is that the jurors have to be Americans and acting as Americans. They can't be United States Citizens.

There is a great confusion in this country centering around this one simple issue.  When this country was founded and to this day, each one of the states is a separate nation. Our nationality derives from the land we are born on.  We are Ohioans or Texans or Californians or Wisconsinites.  This is why our correct political status is as American State Nationals and it is in this capacity that we can serve as members of a Citizens Common Law Grand Jury.

The first Naturalization Act issued by the Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1- 4, passed April 14, 1802 speaks directly to the subject of how an American born on the land of one of the states can undertake by willful action to become a "United States Citizen".  If I were talking through my hat and "United States Citizens" were the same as "American State Nationals" there would be no need for this particular piece of legislation stipulating all the various notices and waiting periods and requirements necessary for an American to become a "United States Citizen".

A Citizen's Common Law Grand Jury within the meaning of the Constitution as referenced by Justice Scalia and the NLA has to be acting under American Common Law and the jurors must be American State Nationals.  

That's simple enough to derive from the history, so where's the Big Confusion coming in?

In 1868 a new federal services corporation was formed, calling itself "The United States of America" (Incorporated).  This entity issued a "constitution" for itself called "The Constitution of the United States of America".  This document looked and sounded almost exactly like the actual Constitution called "The Constitution for the united States of America" but it was a very different kind of document---- a corporate charter, not an international treaty. 

Under this new charter the federal services corporation created a new political status, that of "citizen of the United States" and anyone lacking an inherited political status or working for the federal corporation was deemed to a "citizen of the United States". 

These days when we are born on the land of one of the Several States of the Union, we are "presumed to be" this kind of citizen and we are therefore also presumed to be slaves owned by the federal corporation standing as chattel property backing the debts of the federal corporation(s).  Specifically, we are "presumed" to be born in the District of Columbia or some other federal enclave, to an unwed Mother who donated us to the tender mercies of the federal corporation and named the local  "State" franchise of the federal corporation our guardian when we were just babies. 

Unknown to us, all this self-interested fraud and registration of our property has been going on behind our backs and until we stand up and say, "No, I am an American State National and I am not a bastard and not claiming any form of United States citizenship." --- that is the only political status we are presumed to have. 

So, the federal corporation presumes upon us and registers us as "citizens of the United States" and confers a slave status upon us at birth, and unless we object and prove otherwise, this is the only political status we have.

The problem, then, is that John Daresh and the NLA are claiming to operate "Citizens Common Law Grand Juries" without first reclaiming the natural political status of the jurors. 

We have people whose only known political status is that of "citizens of the United States" claiming to operate a Citizens Common Law Grand Jury and that simply cannot be---not if you are talking about American Common Law and the Citizen's Grand Juries intended to function as the Fourth Branch of our lawful government.

Is there any other way to interpret these NLA Grand Juries and what they are doing?  Well, yes, there is.  Citizens of the United States can operate Citizens Common Law Grand Juries under Martial Common Law. 

Obviously, that is an entirely different thing and a completely foreign jurisdiction and it is not the Fourth Branch of our lawful government that Justice Scalia was talking about, but if you are ignorant or a little bit dishonest or both, you can claim that ---in a sense----it's a "Citizen's Grand Jury" and you can claim that it is acting under "Common Law"---- so long as you don't mention what kind of "common law" you are operating under.

If you are serious about operating the kind of Citizens Common Law Grand Jury Justice Scalia was referencing as the Fourth Branch of our government, the jurors have to reclaim their natural birthright standing as American State Nationals and they have to operate on the land jurisdiction of their respective states and they have to operate under American Common Law.

You can't make chocolate cake without chocolate.

If however you don't want to see the power of the Fourth Branch of our lawful government back in action, and instead want to waste time and pander away to the federal corporation and its interests, faking everyone out and keeping the jurors in slave status and operating under a foreign jurisdiction makes sense.

You see, if a Citizen's Common Law Grand Jury properly composed of American State Nationals operating under American Common Law should arise and stand on their native soil and tell the "Federal Government" to jump, the only option the Federales have, is to ask, "How high?" 

It is my firm belief that the Americans who have come forward to serve in these NLA Grand Juries have every desire to rein in the out of control Federal Government and to enforce the Law of the Land.  It is my observation that many of them are confused and frustrated when their actions are ignored and the Constitution continues to be ignored and their guaranteed rights and the rights of others are violated with impunity by their own employees.

But, you have to ask yourself---- do slaves have the same rights and prerogatives as masters?  Do Irishmen have the same laws and obligations as Spaniards? 

If you want enforcement and respect for the Citizen's Common Law Grand Juries, you have to address who the jurors are, what political status they have claimed, and what venue of the law they are actually acting under. 

The Federal Corporation is under no obligation to act upon the direction of people they have identified as chattel property and wards of their "State of________" franchises.  It is under obligation to obey the direction of American Common Law Grand Juries composed of American State Nationals operating on the land jurisdiction of the United States.

The Grand Juries are needed and the sooner Americans get their poop in a group and do what needs to be done, the better.  I thank the NLA organization for all the hard work, but cannot commend its leadership which continues to stubbornly cling to ignorant assumptions and which continues to mislead the effort and doom it.
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  1. NLA has gotten the ball to the goal line then dropped it one too many times for me. They completely failed to follow through on their promised assistance on Writs of Habeas Corpus. This even had our state leader wondering what was going on. Our state leader being kept in the dark is very telling.


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