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Sunday, June 5, 2016

"US Citizenship" ---- Why Won't You Believe That You Have Made a Wrong Assumption?

by Anna Von Reitz

I recently explained why the NLA Common Law Grand Juries don't work and can't work as the Fourth Branch of Government they claim to be---- and it is simply that the people operating these juries aren't classed as Americans.  They are still operating as "US citizens". They can't operate an American Common Law Grand Jury for the same reason that Englishmen can't operate an American Common Law Grand Jury. 

I gave everyone the actual Naturalization Act that addresses this issue: Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1- 4, passed April 14, 1802.  This is so straight forward, so cut-and-dried that a grade school kid can grasp what it says and what it means with no problem.

And yet, I still get people who want to argue with the facts.

Okay, here's another crystal clear, in-your-face, can't avoid what it says or what it means example from long after the Civil War:

CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS v. REUM. (Circuit Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit

*Only one way to become US citizen, make voluntary application, have oath accepted by competent authority and have this put in public records. *And Not Otherwise.*

Americans call all the states together "the United States" the same way we mistakenly call a "Federal Reserve Note" a "dollar" but in both cases our sloppy language has led to widespread sloppy thinking.

A "Federal Reserve Note" isn't even the same as a "Silver Certificate" -- much less is it a unit measure of fine silver. 

In the same way, though we speak of "the United States" and merely mean the whole country, all the states together, the fact of the matter is that each one of our states is a separate nation unto itself.  We derive our nationality from our states.  We are Georgians and Vermonters and Oregonians for a reason. 

The "United States" is a separate and foreign nation with respect to us, that has two forms of citizenship.  If you are born in the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico or one of the other Insular States or Territories, you can, at your option, claim to be a United States Citizen.  If you are operating as a federal corporation franchise, a federal civilian or military employee, a welfare recipient, political asylum seeker, or happen to be African American, you are stuck with being classed as a "citizen of the United States" under the provisions of the 14th Amendment.

Neither of these classes of citizens--- Big "C" or Little "c"--- are what Americans mean when they call themselves "United States Citizens".  United States Citizens live under a constitutional democracy, not a republic.  They are guaranteed "equal civil rights", not their Natural and Unalienable Rights. They have to pay federal taxes on every cent they earn, because they are---- guess what?----Federal United States Citizens, whereas the vast majority of American State Nationals and their business enterprises are naturally exempt.

I could go on, but the point is that most of the people reading this are not United States citizens of any kind.  Most of you are American State Nationals who have misidentified yourselves through ignorance and now cling to your chains in a foreign and distinctly disadvantageous political status. 

Please stop trying to argue with the facts, just because you have mistakenly thought of yourself as a "United States Citizen" since grade school.  Wrap your head and your tongue around the fact that you are a South Carolinian, a Wisconsinite, or a Montanan, instead. 

These are the six categories of "United States Citizens"---and if you don't see your situation described here, you can rest assured that you are not a "United States Citizen" nor a "citizen of the United States", either.

1. People born in one of the Federal Insular States (like Guam or Puerto Rico) or in the District of Columbia;
2. People working for the federal civil government or active duty or reserve military personnel;
3. Political asylum seekers;
4. Welfare seekers;
5. People choosing to operate as federal corporation franchisees;
6. African Americans who were never granted actual state national status after the Civil War.

The first step home is realizing that you aren't a "US citizen" and probably never have been, don't live in a "democracy" and aren't bound by the laws of Puerto Rico.  
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  1. I know I'm not a Citizen of the United States, and I am very much aware of the fact that since I was born in Minnesota I am a Minnesotan. However when I travel, I have a passport that declares me to be a US Citizen and I dislike that I must use their passport. Is there a way around that which would allow me to get a passport? Every time one gets anything from the US such as a license or any kind or a passport, one must attest to the 'fact' that one is a US citizen. I dropped all my licenses when I realize the truth of who I was which was my way of making a living at that time. It's difficult to live in these times without using all their ways of entrapment. Thanks Anna for all your help in getting the word out. It must be frustrating at times but there are those of us who are in your corner and praying and cheering you on. Blessings,

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Freeladyjo, I too find it very irritating when you have to complete forms and there is a lack of options other than U.S. citizen. There are options for Id's however. Check out this link It is required to be a Secured Party creditor first. You can get that done here These are Affiliate links, however I find their prices to be rather reasonable in order to change your status.
      I very much appreciate the writing of Judge Anna Von Reitz. She breaks things down to where they can be easily understood.

    3. Counties can and do still issue passports, they have since before the civil war. Im working on how to get one. I had a friend get one a few years back and he even travelled to puerto rico and back with no problem using it. The problem is this friend was being given the info on how to do this and other things related to freeing yourself up by someone else, and he decided to keep their identity a secret so he could middle man himself and make money and get the glory. Having no more than a fifth grade education, his self esteem was obviously rather low. Anyway, he ended up getting to big a head in all of this and got a few people in trouble. Rather than man up and put up the resources to help them out of trouble he decided to go underground and hide. But I am working on finding out who his connections were and will post the info on how to obtain this doc and others when/if I am successful. Too damn many egos and little people in this world!!

  2. Freelady it is true all the cards are stacked against us being a free people on important papers. I think the more people that understand the facts the sooner we can return to the status of free people

  3. In reality it's only paper and because of who owns the name you are not responsible for it. They have that name classified a certain way (their property) so as trustees (public officials) they are bound to handle the administrations thereof on behalf of the the beneficiaries (us and our host nation). We just have to know and understand this and we will beigin to slowly but surely set ourselves up the right way. Give unto Caesar what is Caesars. Just go read the back of a ss card and you will find out who own that name. Peace

  4. It's all about researching and studying under credible individuals or organizations in order to gain your sovereignty. I loved Judge Anna's article titled "12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate" where she outlined how to authenticate the birth certificate and the importance of doing so.
    Once you establish a network of great resources you can tap into, you can obtain and maintain your sovereignty despite what the U.S. and it's franchises wants to shove down your throat. Another favorite resource, can be accessed at (this is an affiliate link). I've heard it stated many times "Public and Private Don't Mix" While it's one thing to file the necessary paperwork to claim your freedom, you then have to know how to maintain your Sovereignty or Private Side. It requires the willingness to invest in your re-education to obtain your Freedom or Sovereignty and Keep It.

  5. What is an "African-American" really? My mother was Caucasian and presumably my dad was of African descent born in America, although we never knew each other. So, what does that make me? Michael Kearns says what really matters is what steps have you taken to register your status in the Public. This assumes that you know the difference between an "Inhabitant of the United States" & "People of the United States," per the Treaty of Paris, 1783. If you make the correct DECLARATION, that is what trumps the 14th Amendment. JMHO

  6. So what happens to us Sheep if we WERE born in a place such as the District of Columbia? Are we branded for a life of servitude?


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