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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Salute to Lisa Havens: Just When You Thought American Journalism Was Dead.....

by Anna Von Reitz

This morning (April 30, 2016) I am re-published information from Lisa Havens with great gratitude to her for ferreting it out and bringing it forward into the public view.  Just when you thought that American Journalism was stone, cold, dead and rotting in the ground, Lisa did the job--- the real job--- that hasn't been getting done for decades.  Oooo- rah, Lisa! 
I am next advising you all of evidence brought to light by Dennis Schleuter and other loyal Americans confirming that the worst of what is revealed by Lisa's report is not only true but has actually been enacted by the "TENNESSEE" legislature, which has "decriminalized" such obvious crimes as murder, pillaging, and racketeering practiced against "persons".  
See TENNESSEE CODE ANNOTATED ss. 39-2-701 copyrighted 2016 by The State of Tennessee.   Title 39 Criminal Offenses, Chapter 2, Offenses Against the Person and Part 7, Threats, Intimidation and Extortion ---- have been repealed.
If you are continuing to allow the IMF to have a backdoor into your life by operating as a "PERSON" this should give you grave cause for concern.

It means that the STATE franchises operated by the UNITED STATES, Inc. which is just the doing business name of the IMF which is itself an agency of the UN Corporation, is preparing to commit crime against your presumed "PERSON" and its acolytes in your state operating as its "legislature" have condoned these acts of criminality and terror against your estate as a prelude to unprecedented piracy let loose on the land of these United States.  
What can you do about it?  
You can notify members of the local STATE legislature that their "acts" are known and that they will be the first to suffer the consequences if any harm comes to you or your family.  You can notify Mr. Obama of the same, ditto Mr. John Forbes Kerry, the Joint Chiefs, the United Nations Secretary General, and the "Delegates" that are supposed to be serviing you and your state in "Congress". 
It may not stop them from carrying through or trying to carry through on their criminal genocide, but when Christine LeGrand and friends know that they have been clearly identified as the source of this Problem, they will realize that their lives are at stake, too.  
Here are the things the IMF gets immunity from according to their Articles of Agreement
Status, Immunities, and Privileges
Section 1. Purposes of Article
To enable the Fund to fulfill the functions with which it is entrusted, the status, immunities, and privileges set forth in this Article shall be accorded to the Fund in the territories of each member.
Section 2. Status of the Fund
The Fund shall possess full juridical personality, and in particular, the capacity:
(i) to contract;
(ii) to acquire and dispose of immovable and movable property; and
(iii) to institute legal proceedings.
Section 3. Immunity from judicial process
The Fund, its property and its assets, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall enjoy immunity from every form of judicial process except to the extent that it expressly waives its immunity for the purpose of any proceedings or by the terms of any contract.
Section 4. Immunity from other action
Property and assets of the Fund, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation, or any other form of seizure by executive or legislative action.
Section 5. Immunity of archives
The archives of the Fund shall be inviolable.
Section 6. Freedom of assets from restrictions
To the extent necessary to carry out the activities provided for in this Agreement, all property and assets of the Fund shall be free from restrictions, regulations, controls, and moratoria of any nature.
Section 7. Privilege for communications
The official communications of the Fund shall be accorded by members the same treatment as the official communications of other members.
Section 8. Immunities and privileges of officers and employees
All Governors, Executive Directors, Alternates, members of committees, representatives appointed under Article XII, Section 3(j), advisors of any of the foregoing persons, officers, and employees of the Fund:
(i) shall be immune from legal process with respect to acts performed by them in their official capacity except when the Fund waives this immunity;
(ii) not being local nationals, shall be granted the same immunities from immigration restrictions, alien registration requirements, and national service obligations and the same facilities as regards exchange restrictions as are accorded by members to the representatives, officials, and employees of comparable rank of other members; and
(iii) shall be granted the same treatment in respect of traveling facilities as is accorded by members to representatives, officials, and employees of comparable rank of other members.
Section 9. Immunities from taxation
(a) The Fund, its assets, property, income, and its operations and transactions authorized by this Agreement shall be immune from all taxation and from all customs duties. The Fund shall also be immune from liability for the collection or payment of any tax or duty.
(b) No tax shall be levied on or in respect of salaries and emoluments paid by the Fund to Executive Directors, Alternates, officers, or employees of the Fund who are not local citizens, local subjects, or other local nationals.
(c) No taxation of any kind shall be levied on any obligation or security issued by the Fund, including any dividend or interest thereon, by whomsoever held:
(i) which discriminates against such obligation or security solely because of its origin; or
(ii) if the sole jurisdictional basis for such taxation is the place or currency in which it is issued, made payable or paid, or the location of any office or place of business maintained by the Fund.
Section 10. Application of Article
Each member shall take such action as is necessary in its own territories for the purpose of making effective in terms of its own law the principles set forth in this Article and shall inform the Fund of the detailed action which it has taken.
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  1. So this is their answer to the bankruptcy they find themselves in--just steal more from the people and proclaim the perpetrators immune from prosecution. It's a nice deal for them, unfortunately it will lead to war for the rest of us, as they will need to get rid of the creditors in order to avoid repayment.

  2. We have been in the End Times since the ascension of or Lord, but I now believe we may be entering the end of End Times. As we do not war with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities, it is all in God's hands, and may he divinely rebuke those who so blatantly disobey His Word. The believer is not to fear, and will rest in the knowledge that all that is happening has been foreordained before the foundation of the world, and have faith that He will provide for our temporal needs.



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