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Friday, April 29, 2016

Calling Out John Daresh and NLA--- Round Two

by Anna Von Reitz

Today, I will address Daresh’s “Information”--- which should rightly be titled, “Disinformation” issued a couple days ago.   I quote:

Daresh:   “This brings us to the main purpose of this Information: Government agent provocateurs have been fueling a quasi-shadow government movement that essentially advocates the overthrow of the government.”

Anna:  What government?  A corporation run by international banking cartels is not our government, is it?  In fact, a corporation doesn’t actually have the capacity to act as a sovereign government at all and we are merely stretching euphemism beyond its limit to pretend that it does.

Daresh:  People in this movement, led by de facto Judge Anna Von Reitz, de facto Judge Bruce Doucette and de facto god-graced Administrator Joaquin Folch, who have taken on these self-appointed titles, are duping people from the liberty movements looking for a solution to the subversion within our government who, being ignorant of the law, fall prey to the Pied Pipers .

Anna:  There are no “self-appointed titles” involved including “Pied Piper” and nothing “de facto” about it. Everything we’ve done is firmly based on existing Law.   We are filling vacated public offices that are owed to our own de jure government.  When we offered to show Daresh the facts, he wouldn’t look.  His response was rump in the air, head in the sand.  So there he sits, ignorant as ever, making irresponsible accusations.  NLA deserves far, far better leadership, thank you.

Read the Foreign Sovereigns Immunities Act (FSIA) and the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA) for yourselves and then read my explanation of how all this happened in the “Common Law vs. Admiralty Law” article posted at   

Daresh:  Many who are following these de facto judges, actually believe them to be properly elected or appointed.

Anna:  We are properly elected Common Law Judges but Daresh mistakenly thinks that we are “supposed to be” Admiralty Judges instead.  He expected me to be a Bar Attorney----that’s how far behind the curve he really is.  “Oh, look, Dick, there’s a, Jane, it’s a cat with a fluffy tail....”  

Daresh:  Even we thought for a while that Anna Von Reitz was an Alaskan Supreme Court Judge. We spent many months attempting to verify whether she was even a real person.

 Anna:  Hahahahahahah!  I have been here in the same spot since 1992 as thousands of people who have contacted me directly and honestly can confirm.  The key words here are “honestly and directly”.  

I sent Daresh an original wet-ink copy of our American Affidavit of Probable Cause complete with all my contact information last July and I have the mailing receipts to prove it.   Did he call me?  No.  Did he email me?  No.  Did he write me a letter?  No.  Ask me any questions? No.   

Let’s just say all those “months” they tried so hard to “verify” my existence could have been settled with a phone call and weren’t.  Daresh wasn’t looking for me.  He was trying to avoid me and to avoid taking action on our affidavit. 

Daresh:  But, when she finally surfaced......

Anna:  Yeah, right, as if I was hiding.  That’s why I issue all my documents, books, articles, everything, with current contact information?    

 Daresh:  .....We saw that she was connected to this quasi-shadow government movement that we have been hearing about; but we had yet to identify the people who are part of this movement until now. We believe the leaders of this movement are fueled by government agent provocateurs.

Anna:  Daresh is so clueless that he appears not to know what the “shadow government” is or what the phrase means---- let me enlighten him (and everyone else who needs to know). The Shadow Government was put in place by FDR many long years ago.  It refers to all the appointed offices and agencies that have been promulgating their own rules ---like the FBI and FEMA and IRS and DHS--- and then left to run rampant over the people who pay their wages. 

This “government by political appointment” is the “Shadow Government” --- as defined by those who first coined the term back in the 1930’s and 40’s. ----and not coincidentally, it was the “Shadow Government” that murdered LaVoy Finicum.

All those so senselessly and groundlessly accused—myself, Judge Doucette, and the others--- not only support the Common Law Grand Jury Movement, we are committed to restoring the entire American Common Law Court System.

Anyone who supports the resurrection of the Common Law Grand Juries ought to, as a matter of logic and principle, also support the restoration of the American Common Law Court System that gave the CLGJs birth and meaning and enforcement in this country for over 350 years.

But not John Daresh.

He wants to pretend that the restoration of our own Common Law Court System,  including the Common Law Grand Jury portion of it, is a plot, an attempt to “overthrow the government”.  What a Logic Failure.  Grade: “F”.

There are a number of reasons why our effort to restore our entire court system cannot be construed as any act of “insurrection” or attempt to “overthrow” any government.  

First, there’s the plain fact that we haven’t advocated any such thing.

Second, there’s the fact that no foreign corporation is competent to act as a sovereign government with respect to us and these United States, so the concept of “insurrection” doesn’t apply.  

Third, there’s the fact that just as we are heir to the Common Law Grand Jury we are heir to the entire American Common Law Court System as well.  If we are owed one part of it, we are owed the whole of it.

The many good people associated with NLA who are trying to restore the Common Law Grand Juries don’t deserve “leadership” that tells lies and causes trouble, nor do they need a truncated vision that leaves their Grand Juries spinning their wheels, going nowhere.

The simple fact is that the Grand Juries are meant to be part of the whole American Common Law Court System and without the whole Court functioning in support of their actions, the Grand Juries are about as useless as a windmill on a still day.  They can hand down presentments and informations and writs until they are blue in the face and have nothing to show for their effort but a thank you from John Daresh.

This is what we are trying to tell NLA, and if you stop and think about it, you will realize that what we are telling you is true.  
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  1. I was a member of NLA for 2 years Was an earlier what they called 100% someone who would run at a phone Call. People think way, way back to John D (not his real name) we can take back our Country/Govmt in 30 days. How Many Years ago was that? I got the boot from NLA I was REMOVED I am not hiding that Reason I mentioned that we have 2 Constitutions And the USA is a Corporation. I am using my real name so it can be verified. Thank you Judge. John still waiting for my 60.00 Funds for the Montgomery County PA CLGJ SEAL. Yes I still have it.

  2. I was an original founding member and know John Videurek( his real name) from 2008 and the Orange Dutchess Tea Party. I did the Committeeman thing which led nowhere and supported this bs for 7 years... I dont exactly remember when I first read Anna or Augustus Balckstone( The Errant Soveriegns Handbook) but it was withing the past 3-4 months and I have not stopped reading and researching all this.. And it is the real deal, again thanks Anna!

    1. Right wing man thank u. We must all know our own truths & join together as One. Who do u know in Michigan? I don't see any trusted information.

  3. I'm reading Excellence of Common Law. Also a great read is The People's Panel by Younger. Both great reads on common law. Once you start reading this stuff and researching history (see KrisAnne Hall-genealogy of the constitution) it's easy to see that The People are the ones that carried the common law into America, fought for it, and we let it slip. No one needs John or NLA to bring back common law. I keep thinking he has a hidden agenda, why else would you attack someone trying to free the people of you are trying to do the same thing? I was only a member for about three months, couldn't take the the hate spewing from the "leaders" mouths.

  4. In my estimation, John D is the real Government agent provocateur. Anna, you're so far ahead of this need to focus on what you're doing and leave him in the dust. Right here you have 2 of his past members who have seen through the deceit John spreads, and turned to the truth. You have too much to offer to even be responding to him. God is omnipresent, and we all reap what we sow...and John will soon be made aware of this.

  5. Keep doing what you are doing Anna, for the blind that truly want to see will come to our side, the cause for the restoration of the Republic and the Common Law Courts. May God keep giving you the wisdom, passion, courage & strength for doing what is right for your fellow man. As always, thank you very much for those of you that care so much about restoring law & order...thanks to Paul for maintaining this blog.

    1. I second that motion! Lol thank the Elohim! For such courage endurance with knowledge of wisdom!


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