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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

To All Who Care About Justice

by Anna Von Reitz

It took many years on the part of many good people making terrible sacrifices to compile the information contained in "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"----including forty years of my life and my husband's life, too.  

This month we sent Paul Snover, the artist, a share of the royalties to help keep his boat afloat and buy new software and equipment that he needs to complete ongoing projects, and $600 more went in support of a court case in Florida that promises to yield information and precedent that will help victims of foreclosure fraud all across America, and another $2300 went in support of filing fees and travel expenses for our paralegal friend to pioneer the correction of political status process that is foundational to securing an end to the fraud and the debasement of everyone's freedom.  

This is the way the money that comes from the book is spent----to help us help others take the actions that are needed to forge ahead and secure remedy for the wrongs we have all suffered and to pay the expenses for more publications and more actions that ultimately serve the public good. When you disrespect our plainly stated copyright found on page 2 of the book, you derail and defund that process and shoot us and everyone else who cares about freedom in the foot. You also commit an intellectual property rights crime. 

Let me quote the actual copyright instructions found on page 2 in big, bold 22 pt. print:  "Individuals and non-profit organizations are permitted to reprint written text material for credited inclusion in other publications distributed for educational and non-profit purposes."  (Boldface emplhasis added.) 

This means that you can freely quote the written text for inclusion in your own writings and publications so long as you credit the source and don't plagarize for profit.  There isn't a single word about reproducing any of the cartoons. There is no wholesale grant suggesting that anyone is allowed to just scan and pirate their own de facto ebook copy and spread it all over the web.  

Oddly enough, these infringement activities against our copyright most often come from friends and supporters who are trying their best to get the word out and educate others, some of whom can't easily afford print copies.  We are sympathetic, but bear in mind, we are retirees who couldn't easily afford the expenses of mounting this whole project, either---and there are more projects to come that have to be paid for, too.  

Since nobody else is standing up and offering to pay for the expenses of follow-up efforts, it looks like Our Team is on the hook to pay for all that, too.  So.   If you appreciate what has been done for you and for this country with the publication of "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and you want to hasten the publication of "Stay Calm and Get Even....The American Bounty Hunter's Guide" we suggest that (1) everyone stop making and distributing knock-off copies of our book; (2) buy a copy for those who are truly in financial need; (3) send a donation in support instead of undermining the resources we have by dishonoring our copyright and teaching others to do the same. 

We accept donations addressed to:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska, RR 99652.  

The work we are doing has to be done. If you want to see responsible and reliable and peaceful solution(s) to the problems-----what are you waiting for?  Christmas?  

More research has to be done. Law suits have to be pursued. Diplomatic missions have to be fulfilled.  Paperwork has to be filed. Legal eagles have to be paid.  (Even after lawyers see the light and tear up their Bar Cards and come over to our side of the issues, they have to feed their families.) Nationwide conferences and meetings have to be held. Travel expenses have to be paid.  Hotels and car rentals and teleconferencing and transcription services---- all have to be paid. And not every valuable member of the team can afford to pay their own way, so guess what?  

Many of you are concerned about the fate of Thomas Deegan and Ammon and Clive Bundy.  Many are profoundly angered and saddened by the murder of LaVoy Finicum.  Do you think these outrages can be addressed effectively by infringing our copyright and undermining our financial resources to carry on the work needed?  

If you think for one moment that the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, INC." which owns and operates the "FBI" and "BLM" is going to get away with stealing the land of the western United States by making false claims against the people and their property interests and by operating commercial mercenary armies disguised as "government agencies" on our soil ---think again.  

Now ask yourself---- how good would it feel to take a breath without having to worry about "the government" and jack-booted thugs employed using your assets and your tax dollars threatening you and everything you have worked for? 

If you want that outcome, do the honorable things that will make it possible.  Start helping. Start donating.  Start working.  Start taking action.  Start reading.  Start researching.  Start caring,  And stop infringing on our copyright and undermining the resources we have to go forward.  I have better things to do than fight copyright infringements in court, okay? 
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  1. Anna, do you have any information that is just regarding mortgage foreclosures? I am facing a Summary of Judgement court appearance on April 15th, 2016. I've had some legal help through a non profit organization NW Justice Service in Washington state. But they say they can't represent me. Anyway, I'd like to know what you have to say on the subject. Thank you!!!

    1. Go to for help on foreclosure, and active mortgages,
      mortgage challenge
      active or pending foreclosure
      sheriff's sale
      foreclosed properties
      foreclosed - sold properties

    2. Kat: A humble mortgage issue letter, that might be of interest, was emailed to Paul Stamer. I will ask him to send you a copy, or if he can provide an email, I will send it directly.

    3. Thank you for all of your hard work. I lost my home that my significant other and I had just built. After he died I could not make the payements so they went into foreclosure. Then I was scammed out of my home by Hendrie Grant after he placed an illegal carpetners lean against my property to place himself first on my mortgage. Then he sabataged the sale of my mortgate note to my daughter and I wound up living in my car.

      I had no money to hire an attorney.

      I want to thank Anna for her work in helping others and people like the Bundy's because those of us who have lost everything know what it is like to be homeless and to fight a system that is designed to win regardless of what you do.

  2. Thank you Anna for your hard work. The darkness in our world is the darkness that is still in the hearts of the average human being. We are still as a people feeding hatred on a daily basis. I see this everyday as i see people wanting to blame someone for all the problems in the world. I know the illuminati families, Royal bloodlines and Jesuits are behind all the events that bring chaos in this world. I now see they are feeding the alternative media with a Neo Nazi campaign trying to recreate a Nazi Germany scenerio.
    For those of you who listen to the alternative news and are spreading your hatred for the Jewish race, which i see now on a daily basis all day long, you are being mind controlled.
    The average jewish person is not part of the illuminati insider club. They are beaten down and miserable like everyone else, enslaved in this system.
    I see you blaming the jewish race all day long when i see videos put out by whistleblowers. If you really believe the stuff they print and believe the average jewish person thinks they are anything more then a minority race, you are being mind controlled. The stuff they are putting out there is filled with lies about jews feeling superior. i can tell you that this is a lie. The average jewish person is no different then the average Christian person on a day to day basis. They work, go home to family, and struggles to pay the bills and makes ends meet and have time for anything outside of work. The people you are angry at are the billionaire families that are like a couple hundred people. Yet, you are spreading your evil hatred against millions of innocent people, including those who are also enslaved in Israel to the illuminati controlled government.
    The illuminati love to frame countries and stage events using "crisis actors". Just go on youtube and type in 'crisis actors". Yet when they stage an event everyone cries foul. But when they stage events to frame Israel, you cry hate for people in another country who are also enslaved. You are hypocrites and still operating in darkness.
    Israeli people have over a million Muslims living peacefully with them. And you claim foul when the Israelis retaliate against extremists who strap suicide bombs to their children and believe they will go to heaven if they kill Jews. You call these people beautiful and say how dare Isrealis go and harm them when they are shooting missals from residential areas and near hospital locations. I see a one sided smear campaign, compliments of Neo Nazi illuminati programming that is having the same effect it did on Nazi's in Germany.
    I see you posting that the holocaust was a hoax. Really, so where did my mom's brothers dissapear to when they were babies around 3 and 5 years old? Did they just evaporate into the night?? Where did my extended family go? They just dissapeared. Yet you call it a hoax.
    And you think you deserve to live in peace and happiness when you spread your hatred i see everyday. I see people of different faiths who think they are children of God, spiritual helpers to this planet. And you speak "love" on one side of your mouth and spread hatred on the other.
    The darkness in this world is not just the controllers, it's in the hearts of everyday men and woman, and those who stay silent and just are complacent to watch the events like a show and do nothing.
    If we do not wakeup, there will be no humanity on this planet for much longer. it's up to us to make the change, and it's not just on paper, it's in our HEARTS!

    1. Color of hair, color of eyes, color of skin, crooks in noses and chins are but window dressing for the soul. Forget those who cherish these things too greatly. Consider this:

      First Salvation-Rescue Common Law Bank 10
      Need a loan for righteous worthy causes? 10
      Know what Peter of England is trying? 10
      Know a good lawyer to protect the bank? 10
      Know a politician to spread the word? 10
      Know a good banker to set up the bank? 10
      First Salvation-Rescue Common Law Bank 10

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    thumb print:

    signature Date

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    1. Should we put signature or autograph in this disclaimer?

  4. Thank you Anna, excellent dissertation. Thank you for taking the time to educate us


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