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Monday, March 14, 2016

No Free Lunch, No Santa Claus, and No Tooth Fairy, Either

by Anna Von Reitz
Some of my friends are "True Believers". This sometimes leads to unintentional friction and misrepresentation of me and my work.
Many years ago when I was very young I was involved in two major movements in America--- the Farm Union Cases in which American farmers stood up to the bank-run Federal Corporation's over-reaching and land-grabbing successfully, and the American Indian Movement, where Native Americans did their equivalent of the same process of putting the bank-run "government" in its place and suing for justice.
In each case, success was achieved at the cost of great effort and sacrifice and it was limited in scope and effect.
We beat the bully, but on the bully's own terms.
Individual farmers got the monkey off their backs and one lone Congressman made the attempt to bring true remedy to America by proposing the original NESARA legislation. That's one out of over 400 members of Congress, folks. The American Indians won a portion of independence and respect and a bigger piece of the pie, but Leonard Peltier and LaVern Fast Horse and many others paid the price for it.
NESARA was proposed. It was laughed at. It was shelved. It has been "reviewed and amended" over the years--- with an eye to pulling all its teeth and potential to bring remedy--- and that's about it. So far as I know, that is where it stands and where it has stood for years.
It's "another good idea" without the actual, factual backing to become reality. So if it is a "good idea" why wouldn't Congress adopt it? Because it takes money and power away from Congress and more importantly, from Congress's corporate bosses, the banks. NESARA costs the banks money and assets. That's why it was laughed at when it was first proposed and ever since. Why would the banks and their flunkies in "Congress" just voluntarily do the right thing for this country and its people?
If they were in business to do right by the people, we would be living in a different world.
No, the ONLY way that these cretins do what is right is when the people get their backs up enough to force the issues, and when we see clearly enough to overcome all the chicanery and legalistic hokum standing in the way.
Contrary to some of the headlines put out this week --- and which some people associated with my name--- there is no free lunch. NESARA isn't coming from on high to make things right. General Dunford isn't going to perform any miracles, either.
We are the only miracle makers here. It depends on us and nobody else.
So, stop waiting for NESARA. Stop thinking that someone somewhere else is going to take the right action. Stop sitting on your couch, sipping your iced tea and hoping that I am going to single-handedly lead everyone out of Egypt.
That is not how it works in the real world.
What it takes in the real world is a lot of very hard work, and yes, that is why I have been quiet the last couple weeks.
I have been working, reading, talking, conferring, planning, connecting, raising money, goading, communicating, corresponding, organizing, piecing together, assisting and in every other way possible pushing to bring The Puzzle Project together.
The good news is that we are very, very close to having a complete view of our national history and a complete knowledge of exactly who and what is responsible for the attacks that have been made against our sovereignty and the methods employed by those making these attacks.
We now know for certain that identity theft on a vast scale is at the bottom of it. We now know for certain that that identity theft was contemplated and carried out for the common purpose of abusing our credit.
Just think of a large governmental services corporation misrepresenting itself as your government and abusing your resulting trust to seize hold of and use your credit cards without your knowledge or consent. The "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, INC."---- which owns and operates the BLM, FBI, and many other alphabet soup agencies--- is no better than any other credit-card snatcher on the planet.
It is past time we all realized that we are dealing with criminal corporate syndicates--- nothing more or less--- and started reacting accordingly.
What do you do when someone steals your Identity and misuses your credit cards? Hmm? What do you do when a bank mischaracterizes you and makes false claims against your credit? What do you do when you are mistaken for a Spaniard? Or a Frenchmen? What do you do when a company sends you goods or charges you for services you didn't order? What do you do when someone "presuming to represent" you doesn't represent you at all? And goes around making promises "in your behalf"?
Now that I have you thinking in terms of the reality instead of any "hope" in NESARA or General Dunford or generally speaking--- in what others may or may not do--- and have you clearly focused on the nature of the problem ----what are you going to do about it?

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  1. good question anna, i guess we are so used to being babies it is hard to think for ourselves and where to start first. It certainly was more fun having mom and dad take care of everything when we were young but eventually you have to grow up and best to do it together for more strength. START somewhere and just keep going, we the people...

  2. Any tips or clues for information about "The Puzzle Project" mentioned above?

    1. The puzzle is the history of the fraud that has been perpetrated for the whole history of our country for the last 150 years and beyond.

  3. Anna, we want to do something. We just don't know what or how.
    It would be great if someone could give us a road map.

    1. The most important thing you can do is help spread the words and ideas presented on Anna's website here: The other thing you can do if you don't have a mailing list is to support this effort by contributing to our technical systems to keep this going out to more and more people. See the PayPal button on this page.

  4. PEOPLE...Anna in her own way gives you the answers and what to do in what she writes...think about what she says when wondering "what to do". You hit them where it hurts my friends, IN THEIR POCKETBOOK. If enough people did this, they couldn't pick us off one by one, it would be like stopping an avelanche. A while ago Anna posted a long article dealing with an Affidavit of Obligation. If you don't know the significance of that, then know this...Affidavit of Obligation= LIEN. But you can't go around putting liens on people without first making a demand for payment, so first you send the corrupt judge, cop, or whomever an Affidavit of Information telling him how you have been grievously harmed, and how much the damages are and give them 30 days to rebut or be in default. They won't be able to respond without admitting the fraud so will do nothing, then you are free to do the Affidavit of Obligation. There are certain steps you must take, so read up on this and don't do it until you're ready. Most of the time the register of deeds won't file it for you, so you have to publicize the lien by other means, which you must also learn how to do. It can be done though...and Anna has lead the way for us with hers. Mail copies of all you do to the Vatican, International Court of Justice, General Dunford, and others. I'm also communicating with Representatives of the Chinese Royal Family who are as we speak working on a world wide financial reset. The bankers swindled them too when they refinanced the world after WWII at the Bretton Woods conference. This is what Anna means by getting off your you know what and acting. All of us has a claim...go for it.


  5. best to listen, read and watch videos first and build an understanding, winston shrout, judge anna, hindsight radio-jonah bey, rob johnson, kurtis kallanbach and eric jon scott 24 hour radio just to name a few.

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