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Monday, March 7, 2016

From Fred Kelly Grant - some key cases need our help.

This is the beginning of an all out attempt to raise enough funds for the Stand and Fight Club and I to file and complete lawsuits against the California Air Resources Board which is fighting hard to put all diesel trucks off the highways; the Water Quality Board which is attempting to turn all of California into a drought emergency area; the Forest Service and BLM to stop their determined efforts to rid the land of miners and ranchers; and to make the coordination process available to more than 1,000 cities, towns and counties.

Would you all be so kind as to forward this message to all your contacts.  I believe we are into a destructive and dangerous year and to survive we must stop the regulators' attack on our people now.  If our citizens are serious about wanting change, we can bring it through the cases set forth here.
Thank you so much.



Our liberty, our property—America--is at risk to power-hungry bureaucratic regulators.

 THE STAND AND FIGHT CLUB is ready to take on the EPA, Forest Service, BLM, and the Corps of Engineers as they turn the Constitution upside down.  They by-pass Congress, they trample us, they create law that is unconstitutional EVERY DAY.

A record number of Executive Orders have been issued---and more to come.

THE STAND AND FIGHT CLUB is ready to move on them---case by case,   our battle lines have been drawn in these cases in California, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Colorado:

EPA, through its puppet California Air Regulatory Board (CARB) is putting out of business operators-owners of diesel trucks---to destroy thousands of jobs and our economy nationwide;

The Forest Service is trying to take a mine from two military veterans in Montana---George Korvec,  84, (Korea; army and air force) and Phil Nappo 65 (Viet Nam; Marine Corps)

BLM is putting ranchers out of business and off the land in Oregon, Idaho, and throughout the west;

Corps of Engineers and EPA are laying claim to all the waters of the U.S.A. and land that is affected by water---in other words the whole continent;

Alcohol-Tobacco-Firearms acting to repeal the 2nd Amendment by taking out independent gun salesmen, one after another.

FOREST SERVICE, BLM, FISH & WILDLIFE using species and water as excuse to prevent recreation on all public lands

EPA and puppet state agencies, with no jurisdiction over agriculture, try to shut down a dairy in California, ruining a farmer’s livelihood and legacy.

​Colorado has cheated citizens on a conversation easement scam in which landowners agree to set aside land in conservation easements for tax advantage, then the state, after getting the deal consummated denies all value to the easement, leaving the landowner with land encumbered by a restrictive easement so that the value is diminished and facing a huge tax liability.  It is an eminent domain scam and Alan and Julie Gantz will be seeking relief and exposure of the system.ah​


PLEASE GIVE $25, MORE IF YOU CAN.PLEASE DONATE TODAY:  at; or mail to   249 Smith Avenue, Nampa, ID 83651.


Fred Kelly Grant
Fred Kelly Grant, LTD.
Cell: (208) 949-1061

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"
- George Orwell


  1. And, just how do we know this guy is legit?

  2. I can vouch for him. I know him personally and have for several years. I have seen the cases he takes on are not typical. He works within the system to try to preserve our rights. That being said, I don't think his education about the corporate structure and history of fraud is completed yet. But he is well intentioned. An example is that he is now working for the Finicum family to try to help them keep their ranch.


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