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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Correct Gun Control Argument

Putting Gun Control In Its Proper Perspective by Judge Anna
I have been thinking something for the past five years I would love to share with everyone in America.
Why is it that Obama and his Democrat friends are always calling on everyone else to give up their guns? If they are against guns, why are they buying millions of them, and billions of rounds of ammo to go with them?
Why not lead by example?
Why not turn in all the "federal agency" guns and all the commercial mercenary army guns that have been purchased with our tax money for starters?
After that, Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden and all their friends and cohorts all across the nation and all the people who are "afraid of guns" ---- can safely divest themselves of all those dangerous firearms in their possession.
Nobody will complain or try to stop them from disarming themselves.
I would be willing to collect all the Democrat-owned firearms in America and see to it that these orphaned firearms find good homes with new owners who appreciate the beauty and value of good, useful tools.
The entire argument about "gun control" needs to be turned on its head. If the Democrats are worried about being able to control their guns, by all means, they should be allowed to lock them up in a safe place or turn them in to the nearest American National Guard Unit.
The rest of us who feel competent to use tools only when appropriate don't have a problem with guns. It's Mr. Obama and his buddies who have their knickers in a knot about guns, so it would seem that they should be the first and willing ones to divest themselves of guns.
Makes sense to me.
Afterall, we aren't forcing a single Democrat-Flower Child- Nature Worshiping Demi-Urge or anyone else to own guns. We are just maintaining our own right and responsibility to do so---- and the words "shall not be infringed" are pretty straight forward.


  1. Please add this change the People's Armory not the national Guard!

  2. You are right Bill, but look at the capitalization. The federalized NATIONAL GUARD has been taken over by the corporation, so if we are paying attention to the semantic deceit used by the fraudsters, then American National Guard might mean the same thing as the People's Armory.
    Paul Stramer
    I would suggest you read Anna's book You Know Something Is Wrong When... Get it at Amazon


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