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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Emergency Ham Radio Systems

We have changed our emergency systems over to Ham Radio.

  • If there is any kind of emergency in Northwest Montana or the nation these systems will be active.
  • We have a Network check every Thursday night at 8 PM and some training classes on Saturdays.
Over the last 6 years we have been busy getting new people to test and get their Ham Radio license.
As a result in Lincoln county we have over 230 ham radio operators, many of whom are monitoring several frequencies most of the day and night. This makes a great emergency network of ham operators, who are getting more proficient at handling emergency traffic.
We have repeaters and other systems that cover not only Lincoln and Flathead counties, but also statewide and nationwide systems that will be the last best communications systems available when everything else quits working. Ham Radio has always been the way to communicate in any emergency, and we are taking it to the next level with all the new technology available including digital modulation on single side band and much more.
We are doing the Liberty Bell system in Lincoln County only on Ham Radio. Call 889-3183 to find out how to participate.

The following links will take you to our Emergency Ham Radio Frequencies and band plans.

Local and Long Distance frequencies for emergencies in Linclon County:
Frequency List
Oathkeepers National Emergency band plan:
Oathkeepers Band Plan

Northwest Information Ham Net

Every Thursday evening at 8 PM Mountain Time on 2 meters at 147.260 with tone 100.0 hz. This is a directed net check in for about a half hour. There will be one or two net control operators calling for checkins from several areas in the 130 mile footprint of the Olney Repeater on Werner Peak at about 7000 ft.
This is a solar powered repeater and has a one minute timer on transmit, so keep your transmissions within that time, and let the repeater drop out completely before transmitting.
It's not a member network. All checkins are welcome when we call your area.
This covers most of Lincoln county, Flathead county, and Lake county, and goes into Canada and most of Glacier Park.

Ham radio operators clinic:

We will try to have a two hour long operational training in the back room at Valley Pizza in Eureka on Saturdays at about 1:00 PM where you can come and ask questions and get individual help on operating your radio and which repeaters to use etc. We will try to have more than one experienced operator of General class and higher there to get you up to speed. Even people who are not licensed that want to learn what can be done with Ham Radio are welcome to attend. This is NOT a license class. This is an operational class. You can call 406 889 3183 for the details. If you need a radio to listen to these networks call me at 406 889 3183

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