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Monday, March 24, 2014

Do Juries have the absolute power to nullify bad laws?

This (jury nullification) is one of the few peaceful ways that remain to attempt some justice and resolution of the many problems in the system. However, most of what I have seen on the subject seems to imply something less than a complete understanding of the system these clever BAR members have set up.

It is absolutely true that under the common law and in a court of "law" the people make the law and the decision of the jury of the people cannot be appealed or overruled. Their decision is final as the people are the highest authority. It is with that vote that usurpation of power by over zealous legislatures and prosecutors are held in check. It is/was perhaps the most important power/vote of the people.

That said, the above is not what actually exists in this country at present. That is not to say that a juror cannot act to nullify or hang a jury over a bad law, for most assuredly they can attempt to do so even in today's courts. It is not legal by the corporate definition of procedure, but they aren't likely to challenge it openly because it would run the risk of exposing their fraud.

I do think, however, that it might be good to also understand the reality of the system and what they are doing. 

First, these are no longer courts of law. They are administrative courts conducting administrative hearings dealing with corporate business. Call them private courts dealing with private, closed society, corporate internal affairs. Inside that private closed society they have jurisdiction only over the members of their closed society or corporate employees/affiliates/ franchisees. They are dealing in their commercial corporate policies and not LAW.

They are holding administrative hearings regarding corporate business....corporate policies. They often refer to it as "public policy" but they are using and administering private copyrighted rules they called by various names such as "code", "statutes", "Acts", and public policy, but all are "color of law" used to administer corporate affairs.

The court administrator is no longer a judge but merely an administrator of corporate business and conflicts between corporate entities....internal affairs, if you will. They do not argue the law or discuss the law, they only consider the "facts". The administrator often tells the jury that he/she will "tell the jury what the law is" and that is because they are determining corporate policy and the "law" or policy is whatever they say it is. 

But what of the jury?

Well, if you look at a jury summons I believe you will find that somewhere on there it "qualifies" a potential juror as a "U.S. citizen". That means little to most people and, if anything, most people consider themselves special or privileged because they believe themselves to be a U.S. citizen. Without question they mark the summons accordingly claiming that "status". It IS special, but nothing like people think it is.

Interestingly, you will find that you can neither sit upon one of their juries nor vote if you select the option that you are not a U.S. citizen. That is proof positive that you are dealing with an exclusive society in which only members may participate. If you are a "member" of the closed private society you are also "subject" to it as per the 14th amendment. That means you have exchanged rights for "privileges and immunities". 

The point is that, if you claim to be a U.S. citizen, you have forfeited your right to nullify and become "subject to" their rule by fiat corporate policy as you are a participating member of the commercial corporate scheme and claiming to be a member or citizen is evidence of your participation by your own claim. 

If you make the claim and sit on one of "their" juries you are no longer a common law juror but serving only in an "advisory" capacity for the administrator. The administrator can, and often does, punish jurors and most certainly makes attempts to control them in many ways. You "subject" to it yourself by claiming to be subject to him/her in claiming the status of U.S. citizen and the privilege to sit in their jury box. Such behavior by a judge is not possible in a true court of law.

On the other hand, if you select that you are NOT a U.S. citizen on their forms then you are not "qualified" to serve on their juries. In a very real sense, this prevents a sovereign American, seeking justice according to the common law, from being able to seat a truly impartial jury, actually argue the law, or to obtain justice and a fair hearing. 

Frankly, with very few exceptions, it must be acknowledged that most U.S. citizens are completely unfamiliar with the law, are likely to let an administrator TELL them what their law is, and their opinions are seriously tainted with their own brainwashed views of what should be law. 

Those are basically the underlying circumstances which exist. With that said, can a juror select that they are a U.S. citizen on the summons and then act to nullify bad laws by hanging the jury or blocking a conviction? Yes. Why, because, in the vast majority of cases the court, prosecutor, and the system as a whole prefer NOT to expose the truth about what is going on or why.

My personal suspicions are that if the nullification becomes to big a thorn in their side that they will do more plea bargains, avoid using juries more than they already do, start cracking down on jurors, and various other devices to counter the problem short of exposing the truth.

I do not discourage the practice of nullification. As I stated previously, it is perhaps one of the few remaining methods of peaceful change. 

The really diabolical aspect to their system and to our miseducation is the many repercussions one faces as a result of providing them with prima facie evidence of one's political status by claiming to be a U.S. citizen subject. Most people think the claim merely differentiates them from illegal aliens, but that is far from the truth.

Americans are not illegal aliens, nor is "U.S. citizen" synonymous with American. The status of U.S. citizen is a political status and a title, or term, given to a member of the closed commercial corporate society created in the 1800's. It does allow corporate privileges and the commercial system does exclude people who refuse claim of membership or of the status.  

Most know about "voter registration" and may now be aware of the jury summons question, but a careful check of most every document one completes in the system asks the question or questions...are you a U.S. citizen and/or do you "reside WITHIN THE UNITED STATES? One would do well to learn the meaning of those "terms" because, as they are being used, they mean something entirely different that the average man would ever suspect.

The IRS is but one of many agencies which use such things as a completed jury summons to establish prima facie evidence of your U.S. citizenship which makes you "subject to" their jurisdiction. 

My point is that serving on the jury is a catch 22. Be FULLY INFORMED above all else.


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  1. Paul, if you would be so kind as to insert ["the system asks the question or questions...are you a U.S. citizen and/or do you "reside" WITHIN THE UNITED STATES? One would do well to learn the meaning of those "terms" because, as they are being used, they mean something entirely different that the average man would ever suspect."] to insert the actual meanings. In other words, explain the statement ["One would do well to learn the meaning of those "terms" because, as they are being used, they mean something entirely different that the average man would ever suspect."]


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