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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dear Lincoln County Commissioners

Look, Libby is written about in Field and Stream..
   Once again we are in a negative light. Once again tourist are given
reasons not to visit. Why? I know why. What I don't know is why you
allow it to happen to us on your watch? You can make it your mission to
close down a volunteer Firehouse, yet you play nice with those who
unleash grizzly bears and wolves into our backyards. I'm beyond
  Why are you allowing the Federal Government to push wolves and bears
into our backyards? We voted for you to protect us from such things.
Yet you play pretty words games with us and say you have no power
against this. Bullshit. There is power in numbers. There is power in
Nullification .(
    If you took the job to secure yourself a pension.. Shame on you and
your family name. Stand up for us before we stand up against you. There
is so much Federal intrusion into our daily lives here that it is
resembling Russia. One must ask permission from a whole group of
government agencies, that I often get lost in the alphabet soup of
names, to do anything. Tell me gentlemen... When you leave this job,
what have you done to stand up for our rights against this? What have
you done to stop OUR land from being closed off to us? What are you
doing to earn our money? I'm not alone in saying I'm tired of all the
salesmen I see that we have as elected officials. We need leaders with
gonads. If you truly want the job, cowboy up and grow a pair. I'm not
alone in feeling we deserve better representation. This county deserves
 This transcends party lines. This involves natural law.
  For transparency, this letter is addressed to you but I've blind
copied it to all I know and have asked they share it. If you reply I
will share that too.

  More than sincere,
   D. A. Shkursky
   Libby, Montana


  1. Sadly, I doubt that anyone with the gonads to tell people the truth or fight for the rights of the people could get elected to serve them. Maybe they could here and there, but I have yet to see it happen to any degree. If candidates don't "fit" the perceived norm for a politician the people simply don't get behind them. Unless or until they do these spineless self-serving career politicians are all we will get and the problems will continue to get worse.


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