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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Erica Carle

August 7, 2010

Using Children For Community Takeover

Legislators, School Boards, Parents, and Teachers -- BEWARE! "Whole Child Education" is here and it is dangerous. In fact, all education that claims to be "child centered" should be avoided. It is toxic to everyone involved. A better name for child centered education would be "Psychological Vandalism."

What does child centered education mean? It means that to the "educator" the child is a product. The product must be judged according to universal standards. It must learn to adapt to the global environment in which, it is told, it later will have to work and live. The New World Order needs obedient robotic human responders, not self-controlled individuals who have internal standards.

"Whole Child" is a really stupid term. Try to figure out the meaning. What is a half child? What is a third of a child? Dumb!

But the term does make sense to NWO curriculum planners. To them it means taking control of a child's social and emotional development, spiritual foundation, economic condition, physical and mental health, education and environment from kindergarten through high school. The goal of whole child education is controllable adults, control of the environment, and a community obedient to the demands of the New World Order.

Instead of defining course content with specific information such as: anatomy, physiology, biology, algebra, geometry, English, grammar whole child education decides how a child must be affected by his education. The ideal type for life in the new world order is a human automaton with no internal standards. A robot can't say no. It is controlled by whatever environmental signals are used to activate a response.

Child centered education turns the classroom into a robot factory for the creation of obedient followers who can't say no to the behavioral standards of curriculum planners.

Devvy Kidd in her E-mail alert of July 16 provided us with the address for the Whole Child curriculum that is being considered by the Helena, Montana public school Board of Trustees.

The curriculum was put together by an organization called the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Fifty five people, headed by work facilitator Teresa Burson were listed as participants. The whole outline of 62 pages is probably long enough to discourage Montana Legislators and Helena School Trustees from paying too much attention to the contents. At any rate, look it over. Here is the web address Devvy provided.

I checked it out, and I can understand why parents in Helena are outraged by the sex education recommendations for their whole children. Do you want your whole child fifth grader to "understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration?"

Do you believe that your whole child sixth grader should know a bit more and "understand that sexual intercourse includes, but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration, using the penis, fingers, tongue, or objects?" ASCD believes they must understand that and more. However, I expect the "more" is reserved for classroom discussion when parents are not present.

Since I was checking out whole child education I decided to look a bit farther. Oh my! I might have guessed. There are hundreds of Whole Child web sites. Now we can understand what happened. "No Child Left Behind" is a failure just as we expected. But failures never bother the management gurus. There is always a new and more comprehensive replacement. Follow the money! Your beloved whole child is also the community organizer's new cash cow.

The danger for protesters focusing on sex education for the whole child is that one could easily overlook the other areas where the whole child gimmick is involved. It is being used not only to take over education, but also the child's family, the community, and the environment. To see how this is done enter "whole child connections" on your search engine.

Children and communities worldwide are being managed by setting up standards for education of the whole child. All types of facilitators are invited to interfere with the child's social and emotional development, spiritual foundation, economic situation, physical and mental health, education, and the environment in which he lives.

It is only the beginning. Be alert for attempts to install Whole Child education in your community.

[Read Erica Carle's books: Why Things Are The Way They Are. and "Give Us The Young"]

© 2010 Erica Carle - All Rights Reserved

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