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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lincoln County isn't the only county in Montana with corruption in Local Government!


This letter will make you very angry about corruption in local government.

This is the kind of testimony that prompted the creating of the film "Beneath the Beauty" by a production company from Tempe AZ last year.  That film documents the corruption in county governments in Western Montana, and is evidence that this fall the voters need to throw out all the incumbents and start over with people that believe in the Constitutional "Rule of Law" rather than the corrupt rule of men who abuse their power of office.

Especially egregious is the way Justices of the Peace use their power to target individuals without requiring any proof from the accusor and engineer orders of protection for political purposes, then slam the gavel on the accused without ever letting the accused bring in any witnesses on their behalf or even allow anyone in the courtroom as a charachter reference, which is a Title 42 civil rights violation.

See the trailer for this movie at

The entire 100 minute movie is available here:

Then watch the followup "Solution from the Peacemakers" on the same page
at  or order the DVD called "The Problem and the Solution from the Peacemakers" here:

The DVD order page has over 50 movies available at a price of just one dollar each.
You can't possibly understand what is causing the decline and danger in our country until you watch some of these movies. Start with the first movie on the page, "The Problem and the Solution from the Peacemakers"

Paul Stramer

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