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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Violating the US Constitution is a crime.

Read the lawsuit filed by 13 States right here.

The issues are clear and the answer is unavoidable. The only question is if the judges are going to also violate their oath and refuse to hear this, just as the Attorney General of Montana, Steve Bullock refuses to join the lawsuit with the false excuse that the lawsuit "has no merit". Who the H--- does he think he is?

Steve you need to change your mind and ignore the pressure from Baucus et al, and join this suit or we will throw you out, maybe BEFORE you run again.

Steve, you have nothing to lose by ignoring the pressure from Baucus not to join the suit, because if you don't join it we are going to throw you out anyway.

We mean business on this. There has never been a more clear violation of the commerce clause or the direct tax clause, and if you don't recognize that you have no business in the office you hold.

The classic definition of ignorance is "not knowing what is required by one's station in life".
If the shoe fits wear it.

You can't fool us this time with bull like that statement that "it has no merit". We know better and we have your number.

Paul Stramer
Eureka Montana

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