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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Silver VS Gold - Silver correction coming.

Silver VS Gold - Disconnected price ratio.

Silver should be selling for almost $70 per ounce right now with Gold at $1100 per ounce.

"Throughout world history, only ten times more silver has been mined than gold. If you go back about 1,000 years ago between the years 1000 and 1250, gold was worth ten times more than silver worldwide. From year 1250 to 1792, the gold to silver ratio slowly increased from 10 to 15 and the Coinage Act of 1792 officially defined a gold to silver ratio of 15. The ratio remained at 15 until forty-two years later when the ratio was increased in 1834 to 16, where it remained until silver was demonetized in 1873." (From National Inflation Association)

Right now with Gold at $1116.00 per ounce on Monex this morning (Dec. 12th, 09) and Silver at only $17.18 per ounce, the ratio is 65.03. When Silver corrects this ratio will drop to historic levels and right now would sell for $69.75 per ounce at that ratio.
Is this correction coming? There are many factors that say it will soon take place.

1. The world is awash in fiat currency that has no backing in anything real. Not precious metals, or oil, or land or anything else of real value. Therefore the currencies that are unbacked have NO INTRINSIC VALUE. They are confidence currencies. In other words, they are a CON GAME by the big banksters and criminal governments. People are catching on to that. Right now the con game is about done. There is a huge move to Audit the Federal Reserve, the biggest perpe-traitor of this fraudulent money game.

2. There is a real shortage of Silver. Silver is an industrial precious metal, and unlike gold that gets stashed away as a hedge for wealth, silver gets used up in industrial uses like making electronics, relays, photography, and many other industrial uses. There is not much more silver being found. The manipulation of the prices by big banksters may be designed to reduce the price of silver to make it less profitable to mine.

3. The people are waking up, and running their banks to buy silver now. I have had several people who have cashed out their IRA and 401K savings to buy silver. If that becomes rampant, silver prices will go through the roof.

4. Many high power investment advisors are now saying that Silver is the best investment commodity of the coming decade, and people are listening and taking action before it's too late. The demand for silver for investors is shooting up, and the US mint has quit making Silver Eagles because there isn't enough silver to support the demand.

5. There are billions of ounces of PAPER silver in the form of Short Position silver stocks, that can NOT be fulfilled. Eventually these big bankster con-artists will have to cover their short postitions with real silver. They don't have it. They can't get it. Their banks will fail, just as Bear Stearns failed largely because they were about to be forced to cover their huge short position on silver. That would have exposed the fraud because silver would have gone up radically, maybe as high as $50 per ounce or more just from that one bank failure. So to cover up the potential failure they got bailed out and now JP Morgan holds the bag.

When this fraud comes home to roost where will you be? When this all comes to the knowledge of the general public there will be a panic to get out of dollars and into precious metals. Will you be caught in the panic, or will you have your position secured by owning silver? Will you be trying to buy silver at extremely high prices, or will you be selling silver to those who were not paying attention in time to figure this out and do something about it?
So here is your chance to get ahead of the crowd and protect your finances.

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