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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Conservative Circles, Calls for ‘Citizen Grand Juries’ Grow

In an article in the Flathead Beacon on December 9th by Dan Testa

Flathead “Freedom Action Rally” group studying the issue.

Earlier this year, protesters hold signs during a Tax Day Tea Party protest on north Main Street in Kalispell. - File photo by Lido Vizzutti/Flathead Beacon

The idea of changing state law, or the state Constitution, to allow citizens to convene grand juries in their counties appears to be gathering steam in some conservative circles of Western Montana. The concept would allow citizens to summon juries comprised of members of the public to investigate alleged crimes – not just judges, as is the case currently.

Read this article by Dan Testa of the Flathead Beacon here:

I have only two comments to make about what is covered in this article.
1. Dan Testa seems to be a fairly unbiased reporter. His coverage seems to be acurate and he gives both sides the chance to make their case before he writes his articles.

2. It is my opinion that those who would oppose the idea of a standing citizens grand jury, should be the very first to be investigated by a Grand Jury.  If one has nothing to hide why should one fear a Grand Jury? It certainly would be no worse to be questioned by the Grand Jury, than it would be to be hauled into a JP court and accused of wrongdoing where the accuser has no obligation to provide any proof of their accusations, or witnesses, or photos, or afidavits, before being given an order of protection on their sayso only.  Those are the kinds of people who need to be investigated. People who ruin others lives with unfounded accusations, and judges who abuse their power by going along, and issuing orders without supporting evidence.  There is so much abuse going on in the courts now that there can be NO Justice found there, Grand Juries must be convened and investigate, and subpoena, and make presentments, and hold agents of governments, and judges, and law enforement officers accountable to their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution, thereby protecting people's God given rights.

Petit Juries (trial juries) must also be informed as to their ability to nullify bad law, or refuse to apply bad law in a particular case.
For more information on Juries go here:
For more info on the national American Grand Jury go here:

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