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Thursday, November 26, 2009

THANKSGIVING NEWSLETTER You have never read anything like this.

By Jack and Margy Flynn
C/o P.O. Box 292
Bingham, Maine


This year has gone very quickly for us, as well as for the many people who contact us, and, incredibly, Thanksgiving is now just a few days away. Margy and I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving, and despite all the vast problems that “We, the People”, face, both personally and collectively, there are still things for which we are and should be thankful. We have many things on our “Thank You” list and we hope that is true for each of you. It has been some time since we did a newsletter, because the demands upon our time over the past several months have prevented us from even putting together a few hours to do so. To make up for our inability to compose more frequent newsletters, there is a lot of information in this one.

At long last, we moved to Maine, the first of October, during the beauty and brilliance of a New England Fall. For the past 15 years, as most of you know, we lived in New Mexico, which was a “mixed bag” for us. While we very much enjoyed and appreciated its natural beauty, we also experienced many different political situations, both positive and negative. Among the positive, we assembled some good people in that extremely corrupt state who took lawful actions against government and corporate abuses and won hundreds of cases in the New Mexico courts. The negative is that the vast corruption and suppression of our Rights, guaranteed in both Constitutions, is still present in that state, carried out by “public servants” who have sold out the People in exchange for financial and political power, and, sadly, the injustice they oversee will continue, until a large segment of the People, and not just a few, take Constitutional actions to stop these hypocritical government traitors in our midst.

It should be obvious by now to the vast majority of people in America that all of our governments, federal, state, county and local, do NOT represent the People, and, with rare exceptions, never did. These corporations, without Constitutional authority to exist, masquerading as governments, are devious, sinister, vastly corrupt and protect the interests of their true masters, at the severe expense of the Citizens for whom they are supposed to work. Just as in New Mexico, a few committed people can make a serious dent in corrupt government, but it takes large numbers of concerned Citizens using proven Constitutional methods to make lasting changes. Until that happens in every state in this Nation, the present governments will continue their tyrannical oppression and horrendous abuse of the People.

The serious problem of foreclosure is growing to massive proportions and has already hurt millions of Americans. Your government has not done one thing to benefit any victim of foreclosure, but has definitely benefited the perpetrators of foreclosures, with massive financial wealth, ALL at the Peoples’ expense. This is YOUR government and your system at work. Well over a year ago, we predicted on Pastor Massad’s radio program, Higher Ground Live, broadcast on, that there would be a catastrophic financial disaster in the banking and investment communities and that the “fed” would bail out these whores in the amount of 8 trillion dollars, initially, but the eventual amount would be three times that figure. Unfortunately for America, that prediction came true, and now the total bailout is nearly 25 trillion dollars – for those who caused the problems! Your government handed over unfathomable wealth to evil, shameless criminals; yet, did not give the People anything to relieve their tragic situations nor even approve a paltry cost of living increase for social security. Everything for the bankers and ruling elite, but NOTHING for the People. That is how much your government thinks of its people. But why should it think otherwise, because the People, as a society, do absolutely nothing, even when they have ample reasons to do SOMETHING. A few people cannot do it, but the society could, if masses of people so chose.

If this government had any true concern for the People, then, it could have done several things, which would have helped alleviate the foreclosure problem. Of course, this government is not really interested in solving problems; its only interest is creating them and then applying their “bankster” buddies’ fraudulent “solutions” to further benefit enormous wealth and power, at further expense to the People! Doesn’t this sound like the ruthless kings of old and third-world dictatorial regimes – only ten times worse - because the American government is supposed to be “the good guys”, and America is supposed to be “the land of the free” and full of economic opportunity for everyone? Disturbingly, the reality the average people are living does not match the propaganda the government and its media lackeys are spewing! The government, by and through the private “fed”, could have spent about 2 percent of that 25 trillion and retired those mortgages which were delinquent, saved countless homes, prevented millions of people from losing their piece of the “American Dream” and averted untold emotional trauma and human suffering. Just think what that would have done for a troubled economy! The government could also have done what we have suggested, forever, which is to nationalize the banking system, including the “fed”, and nationalize the oil industry. The money system Constitutionally is decreed to the People, by and through congress, and not through private corporations, and the oil resources and wealth of this Nation rightfully belong to the People, and not to private interests, who have manipulated oil to unbelievable extremes, again, at the great expense of the general public. Some would disagree with this, but some would also disagree with the fact that Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Roosevelt and Churchill were evil, hypocritical, murderous bastards responsible for the death and suffering of untold numbers of human beings.

Anyone in foreclosure or about to go into foreclosure, obviously, has a very serious problem, not only on the face of the financial implications, but also deep within our so-called “justice” system because of the corporate nature of governments and the courts, which will find for the bank, in virtually all cases, unless given valid, compelling reasons to do otherwise. The only way the homeowner can fight this is to hold the judge to his oath, then demonstrate to the court that the bank has no standing in this matter and cannot produce the original note and contract documents. There are numerous foreclosure methods all over the Internet, and many people teaching foreclosure methods all over the country. Some of them have value, and could possibly produce beneficial results for the homeowner. However, many of these methods are initially very costly, very complex and convoluted, and if successful, additional heavy costs can be incurred by the homeowner. A lot of these methods present “boilerplate” paper work, theoretically designed to resolve the situation, but most of these cases go to court where the Citizen cannot stand on paperwork he does not fully understand and which he cannot articulate convincingly before the court, because he is not well versed enough to present logical, valid arguments to a corporate court which will not even listen to them, unless presented skillfully and confidently. For those methods that do work, we wish them and their users much success and exposure to others all across this Nation.

Our very simple, direct Constitutional methods that have proven very effective can be applied to virtually anything, including foreclosure. This approach simplifies the matter and prepares the homeowner to argue his case in court, if necessary. The unconstitutional, unlawful corporate courts which serve the interests of wealth, power and corruption are intimidating to most people, who usually freeze before authority; thus they are not able to effectively argue their lawful positions before a corrupt judge, who is part of and partial to a corporation. We establish our cases in such a way that the opposition usually admits to all our charges before we even arrive in court. Courts convene to hear and adjudicate matters in controversy between two parties in proper and lawful standing before the court. However, since (i) our opponents have already admitted to our charges; (ii) our opponents cannot demonstrate proper, lawful standing before the court; (iii) our opponents cannot truthfully defend against our charges; and (iv) courts only convene to hear matters in controversy between two parties in lawful standing, and neither of these lawful requirements exist, then, the victory is ours, lawfully and Constitutionally.

Our proven Constitutional methods are presented on our web site, listed above, specifically in the Metris v. Edwards case. They are simple, direct, logical and to the point and involve presumptive letter(s), affidavit(s), filings on the public record, notices of suit, Constitutional court challenges and lawful demands that our opposition support their claims with valid fact, law and evidence, or the victory is ours. We begin by writing presumptive letters to our opponent, in which we make our claims, charges and statements, all based in truth, fact, law and evidence. We presume that our charges are true and correct unless rebutted by our opponents, which rebuttals rarely come. The reason our opponent fails to rebut our charges is because our charges are based only in truth, fact, law and evidence, which is very difficult for even the most astute lawyer to rebut. The opponent usually does not respond, and if he does, the response is off point and not specific to the charges. We begin and end the letter with a presumptive paragraph, and state our charges between these two paragraphs. The essence of the presumptive paragraphs informs the opponent that he has been lawfully notified of our charges, and if he fails to rebut them, in writing, to us within 30 days of his receipt thereof, then he admits to all charges, fully binding upon him in any court, without his protest, objection, or that of those who represent him. Opponents rarely receive such binding language from “ordinary” people, and usually do not know how to respond, so usually do not.

If we were ever in a foreclosure action brought against us by a bank, mortgage company, etc., we would state in the presumptive letter ALL the deceptive, fraudulent actions and terms perpetrated against us by the bank, and specifically point out the fraudulent issues within the note that were either not disclosed, at all, or not fully disclosed, in this adhesion contract, prior to closing. We would also state that the bank is not in possession of the original note/contract/mortgage, and in the rare case that it can be produced, it was not signed by an authorized bank officer; therefore, the bank was not a signatory to the note and has no proper, lawful standing before the court to enforce foreclosure on a note to which it is not a party. If the bank expects the court to award a home to the bank, which has no valid, lawful proven claim, supported by specific original documents, and to which the bank is party, then the bank expects the court to award it a home in opposition to lawful requirements and thereby violate, at minimum, due process of law, as well as be complicit in fraud. It is highly unlikely that any bank can or will rebut these charges, and if they do not, then the bank admits to them, fully binding in any court, without their protest, objection, or that of those who represent them.

As stated, our Constitutional methods are spelled out in detail on our website, listed above. Briefly, if the bank fails to respond, then, we write the bank an affidavit. A sample affidavit is available on our website. The affidavit informs the bank that it failed to rebut our charges, therefore, pursuant to the lawful notification contained in the presumptive letter, it admits to all of them, and we list some of the charges to which the bank admits. Then, we invite the bank to rebut our affidavit by their own sworn, notarized affidavit, attested to under the penalties of perjury under the laws of the United States of America, with their rebuttal supported by valid facts, law and evidence. Since it is virtually impossible for any bank to rebut our true facts, law and evidence, they do not respond with an affidavit in rebuttal. In the fifty plus years each of us has been doing this no one has ever rebutted our affidavits with their own affidavits – for obvious reasons! If the bank does not rebut by affidavit within the specified 30 days, then, we record our affidavit on the public record, which makes it self-authenticating, thus, admissible in a court of law.

When we go to court, we hold the judge to his oath and his requirement to abide by his oath in the performance of his official duties. As mentioned, we have a series of Constitutional Court Challenges which we use all the time and which are also spelled out on our website. The bottom line in all of this is that our opponent has no valid position, at all, has never rebutted our valid positions, stated in our letter and affidavit, and cannot produce the originals of the note and other documents before the court; thus, has no lawful standing before the court to bring a foreclosure action. The judge, pursuant to his oath, has no lawful authority to award our home to a bank that cannot demonstrate a valid claim against our property by producing the original note/contract/mortgage. If the judge were to do so, then, he would be complicit in fraud. There are other matters, which we could go into on this issue, but this will suffice for now.

Anyone in or facing foreclosure who wants to use these methods can get full details about them on the website, as stated above. It is imperative, in our opinions, that people be well vested in their own situations, be able to present them in writing and make good presentations before the court, and know how to hold the court to Constitutional mandates. This is what we teach in our seminars. If people want to learn how to properly speak for themselves before the court, in a logical, lawful manner, with paperwork that supports their positions and which they can understand, then, we would be glad to present a seminar on these methods, if enough people in one area were to express an interest in this. In places such as Las Vegas, Nevada, with nearly 82 percent of those who have mortgages on their homes “underwater”, it appears that the foreclosure problem could swell into a tidal wave. The only cost to the homeowner for learning our methods is his donation for our seminar appearance. There are no strings, financial or otherwise, attached to any wins, as exist in some of the other methods being presented. If interested, please contact us at

All of our hundreds of victories for our New Mexico group have taken place in New Mexico state courts. We stay as far away from the lawless federal courts as possible. However, many of you may know that Margy filed a lawsuit against the public officers of the city of Las Vegas and their insurers for their fraud committed against Margy when she ran for city council in 2006. The lawyers for these criminals realized they could not win a case against Margy in the local state district court, in which she filed suit, and before a local jury, very aware of the vast corruption in that city, so they unlawfully removed it to federal district court.

Margy fought this on many grounds, including jurisdiction. Her opponents had connections with the court and expected a quick dismissal of her case, in part, because the lead attorney for defendants had a close familial relationship with the district judge assigned to Margy’s case, who also just happens to be the chief judge for all federal courts in New Mexico. Is this type of thing a surprise to anyone? Under pressure from Margy, that judge recused herself, which is very rare in federal courts which do little or nothing for ordinary Citizens. Also under pressure from Margy, the magistrate judge assigned to administrate discovery scheduling, vacated all discovery proceedings, which simply does not happen in federal courts for the benefit of a Citizen. The new district judge assigned to the case did not grant a sanctions motion brought by Margy’s opponents because Margy refused to surrender her Rights to unconstitutional court rules and procedures regarding discovery, which, to our knowledge, has NEVER happened in any federal court for the benefit of a Citizen who exercised her full Rights guaranteed in both Constitutions, and who held both judges to their sworn oaths.

The quick dismissal her opponents expected from the corrupt federal court has not occurred, and this case is now approaching two years, next month. A few updates may be of interest to you. In the new discovery scheduling, established by the new district judge, and not by the magistrate, who has apparently vanished from this case, Margy’s opponents, stated in the Final Joint Status Report that they STIPULATE TO HER FOUNDATIONAL CHARGES. Since the courts convene to hear and adjudicate disputes, and since her opponents ADMIT to her main charges, from which all her other charges emanate, then it appears there is nothing for the court to hear and the victory, lawfully and Constitutionally, should go to Margy. In a just court system, this would definitely be the case, but since this Nation has no just court system or government, only time will tell. Further, her opponents did not participate in new discovery proceedings, with interrogatories, request for admissions or request for production of documents. This entire case is a serious matter, much larger than not winning a small town election, since it involves fraud conducted during an election by public officers, all of whom have been protected by the federal court. We will keep you informed.

As many of you know, Americans have been highly and expertly conditioned and programmed for such a long time that it is easy to see why they, as a society, do nothing against the lawless governments, which are attacking them on all levels, and simply do and pay whatever government demands of them. They ask few, if any, questions, object to and challenge nothing, and if a murmur of disgruntlement and protest does exist, it is not serious and has no “teeth”. With this type of society, it is very easy for government to control the People in any way it wants. This is not the mark of a healthy, sane and ethical society, and America is far from that. Thank God for the few individuals in this country who have made and are making differences! Amazingly, it has been a phenomenon throughout history that virtually all societies on this planet have believed and supported the lie and fraud, while they disparage and often destroy the truth and righteous actions. The lie and fraud are given great reverence and respect by American society, but the truth and its messenger are ignored and receive little, if any, support and, in fact, are usually disparaged, vilified and eradicated.

A brief look around America and her actions throughout the globe demonstrates that our American society not only engages in wrongdoing, but also actively supports, that which is wrong and the lie which creates and implements it. To make things even worse, even the “average guy”, out of indolence, ignorance, indifference and/or fear, does the wrong thing in the ordinary course of life, rather than the right thing. Expedience has replaced honor, and the quest for the “almighty buck” has replaced the belief in Almighty God. American values are so skewed that most people seem to oppose truth, as their normal custom and practice, especially if recognizing the truth could cost them their time, money, position, or, in some instances, their lives. Why? Why would any decent human being knowingly or unknowingly advocate for the lie and destroy the truth? Who benefits? Who is the “father of the lie”? In order for this seeming contradiction to continuously occur, we have to understand that we are, and have been, products of extensive, unrelenting programming and intense conditioning, on multiple levels, to implement THE BIG LIE, and always have been; thus, we have served our programmers well by accepting, putting into action and supporting their evil agenda by living their lies which are designed to destroy all that is or was good in us.

America’s government has proven itself to be a notorious LIAR, without ANY honor. What rational Citizen could ever believe such a liar? American society does not THINK, because that capacity has been stolen from our society by the very institutions, which should be cultivating it. If this society were to think, would it have allowed this escalating degeneration of our minds, bodies, hearts, souls and spirits to drag us down into the type of country we now have? We must always go to the bottom line first, then, see how we got there. America’s journey to the bottom line has been a disaster for most Americans, but an enormous success, at all levels, for its evil masters. Maybe with the massive fraud, corruption, planned economic disasters, vast job losses, wholesale foreclosures of property and continuing obliteration of Rights - to name just a few - hitting them squarely in the face, Americans might begin to think, which would be a rarity, and if enough were to think and question, they might come to the realization that they have been pawns and puppets in the hands of masters who have controlled them from the very beginning of this Nation, as they have controlled this entire “civilized” world for millennia.

When any society has been as tightly and ruthlessly controlled, as has been America, obviously there is a purpose and reasons behind the controlling agenda. Americans have not only been socially engineered by their masters, but also engineered in every other possible way evil can imagine and devise, such as politically, economically, educationally, institutionally, militarily, religiously and financially, etc., etc. Again, if this were not true, then why have Americans allowed America to degenerate into something that is not even a shadow of the mythical America we all once loved? All the promise, once inherent in this Nation has been lost to the apathetic indifference and ignorance of this very disappointing society. Go to the bottom line and see how we got there, and who led the way. The educational system here has been a fraud for over 100 years, yet American society has done nothing about it. Why? For the past 25 years or so, those who control America’s education have introduced programs to further control the life cycle of students, in all ways throughout life, including limiting students to one type of work, based upon government approval, even to the grave. What has American SOCIETY done to stop this? Absolutely nothing, except for a few brave, outspoken INDIVIDUALS, who tried to stop this, but who got nowhere. That is not enough. If Americans fail to support their own Rights and our own professed values, then we have no Rights and no real values.

The control imposed upon America is much more devious then it appears. In fact, the average dumbed-down American, the prize product of the referenced programming and conditioning, would look you in the eye and emphatically tell you how free he is. He has no clue as to just how dark the conspiracy against the entire American experiment actually is. Rather than just being simply a well-vested cartel with vast wealth, enormous power and pervasive influence at their disposal, (As if this is not enough!), America’s masters are truly evil and sinister to an extreme unfathomable by “normal” human standards. Thanks to the perverse conditioning to which humans have been exposed, would you believe that a fairly large segment of human society actually envy these evil masters and would like to be in their positions? Those who rule us are an evil elite, operating not only here, but also in every nation on this planet, and frankly always have. Evil has ruled this planet from its very inception and human societies have always, without exception, supported that evil, either actively or passively, and given it its way. Man has not socially, politically, morally or ethically evolved over the many millennia and has not become aware of truth and reality, so why would society be any different today? If we go to the bottom line and work backwards, what movements or processes or accepted philosophies have transformed human society into thinking, independent, aware and responsible human beings? I think that most of us could agree that none have done this, or we would not be in these dire circumstances.

The old fight between Good and Evil is as much here, now, in our present America, as it has always been on this planet. In fact, this appears to be the major battleground for the culmination of this long struggle. Human society, including America, supports evil and opposes good, no matter what humans would like to think. If humans had supported good and opposed evil, long ago, and continued that behavior to the present day, then, evil on this planet and in America would not be the overwhelming force that it now is and has always been. It is really that simple, no matter how complex and contrived evil manipulates the truth about how it controls people’s perception about reality. Please remember that good reveals and simplifies, while evil obscures and complicates. Humans say one thing, but do another. They think one thing, then, do the opposite. They say they do not support evil, but their actions say otherwise. Evil is very clever, very devious and very committed to its goal, and considers humans lower than scum and not worthy of any consideration whatsoever. American society embraced evil at the very start, but had little understanding of what they were doing. This is normal for humans and societies. They accept wrongdoing as normal, and over time it is impossible for them to discern the very evil that exists all around them. The more perversity one sees; the more “normal” perversity seems to be and the more he accepts it and perpetrates it. This is similar to the man who cannot see the forest because the trees are in the way or to the woman who no longer hears the roar of the freight trains passing by her home because she has gotten used to the noise. When man accepts wrong as right, good as evil, and evil as good, then, supports evil governments bent upon his own destruction, clearly, any rational, independent observer would say that man conspires with, aids and abets those who enslave him. What other possible logical explanation can exist? Remember, the bottom line is ALWAYS the bottom line.

Does anyone think that those politicians and “public servants” in the district of criminals - ALL of them - who many Americans naively think represent them, and those politicians in your own state governments, are pure as the driven snow? Even a simpleton can quickly answer this. Since these vermin are not pure, then they are un-pure in varying degrees. Since most of them, at least in Washington, are multi-millionaires, and most, everywhere are also lawyers, most rational people could say that they have no honor, no ethics and no concern for the people whom they theoretically represent. As is often said, talk is cheap, while actions speak volumes. What these whores say is not matched by their actions, so they lie, and lie, and lie, yet the American people continue to elect them to office and continue to support the lies these thugs-and-thieves-in-suits tell them. Again, it is all too easy for any government to control such a complacent, gullible, ignorant and lazy society, which continuously believes and supports the lie, the fraud, and those who commit them.

The diabolical nature of our American governments and those who comprise them is so obvious to the aware, reasonable, rational Citizen, with some common sense, but not many of these people exist in America. As we have said many times, there are few good Patriots remaining in this Nation, and those few may not be enough to restore any semblance of Constitutional governance in our country. Good versus evil is everywhere in this world, and those “public servants” referenced herein are evil, support evil, and always will support evil, and always will oppose and crush Good. They have adopted Evil as their God or their mantra for life, and thus, serve evil very well. If one objective Citizen were to look at the vast evil this nation has perpetrated upon this planet, since, at minimum, from 1910 on, all of which is disguised as doing “good”, but when closely examined, actually serves evil, then, the logical conclusion at which he would arrive is that America is an evil nation, so evil that it perpetrates evil on its own Citizens, and the Citizens accept that evil by continuing to support their government. What madness is this? Is there ANY sanity left in this nation? When a government enslaves its own people to a private monetary system for the benefit of the evil elite, as America’s governments have done, and then enters into ongoing, wide-scale destructions through two world wars and numerous other wars, conflicts, “police actions”, “peace-keeping actions”, etc., and instituted and supported tyrannical dictatorial regimes, initiated biological terrorism throughout the world, all of which, combined, have killed 250 million people, at minimum, then, how can ANY good American defend the actions of the American governments who have done these horrible acts over many, many decades?

Take the enormous profit out of war, and see how many wars we would have. Put that profit into peace, and see how much peace we would have. This society is a win-at-any-cost, commit-evil, do-no-good, profit-driven society, so our profit and revenue are derived from evil and that which supports evil, and not from goodness, ethics, morals or any semblance of justice. It chooses to support evil and chooses to avoid that which is good. What madness exists in this Nation and this world, when a so-called “good” society chooses the expediency of evil over the inconvenience of doing good? If one believes in the goodness of God, how can he believe in the evil that is America and the society, which supports it?

With all the murderous frauds that America has perpetrated upon its own Citizens, within the time period referenced, such as the sinking of the Titanic to eliminate many opponents of the proposed federal reserve system; the sinking of the Lusitania which led to WWI; the “Spanish Flu”, which killed about 150 million people, worldwide, and about 20 million in America; the unconscionable attack, conducted by the “hero” generals, Eisenhauer, McArthur and Patten, upon WWI Veterans, who dared try to get the bonuses their government had promised them, but never delivered, which resulted in their and their families being shot and burned to death as they camped in Washington, D.C., “The Great Depression”, in which countless people and entire families starved and froze to death, and many others lost their homes and all their worldly possessions to the rotten thieves who helped create the “crash”, so they could steal from its victims; the contrived attack on Pearl Harbor which led to WWII; the “Thin Red Line” in Korea; the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam; Waco; Ruby Ridge; the Oklahoma City bombing; 911; the ongoing, absolutely deadly and poisonous aerosol spraying of this nation and the world; the totally fraudulent “Swine Flu”; the horrendous “medical experiments” performed on innocent humans; and the near-total contamination of our air, food, water and soil are more than enough to sicken any honorable human being’s heart, mind, body and soul.

All this said, the American Society has done nothing about these murderous onslaughts and, in fact, has supported them by continuing to support this murderous, vile government, despite the unspeakable evil is has and continues to perpetrate not only upon American Citizens, but also upon humanity-in-general on this planet. These are but a few of the bottom line evils foisted upon hapless people by this nation, and for any rational, reasonable, intelligent human, they are factual and historical and impossible to dispute. In light of all of these very disturbing facts, is this American Society a sane, moral, ethical and humane society, or is it so hypocritical and delusional that it cannot recognize the evil that exists within it and rules it? Do you think this society is worthy of God’s mercy? What do you think God thinks? If you do not believe in God, what do you think a truly decent, compassionate, egalitarian human would think?

If you, dear reader, are truly concerned about America, her People and the direction in which we are headed, please join us in our ongoing Constitutional pursuits to change our present course into one that is sane, ethical, honorable, moral and Constitutional for restoration of just Constitutional governance in this land. Various groups and presenters believe in, support and present non-Constitutional methods. We have said for a long time that any methods, which defeat evil and prove to be effective, should be adopted and continued. However, in the harsh light of reality and truth, few, if any, of these methods prove successful in the long run, and many times, harm the advocate. We ask you this simple question: If self-proclaimed patriots do not use the Constitution to enforce lawful, just governance in this Nation, are they truly patriots, or is it possible that they, knowingly or unknowingly, serve another agenda? Remember, evil is very devious, uses our best instincts against us, is very alluring, makes lots of false promises, but usually delivers just enough to keep one interested, but never enough to really resolve anything, complicates everything to appeal to man’s ego and self-aggrandizing nature, and ultimately misleads, misdirects and corrupts everything in sight.

If you support the true Law of this Land, then, please commit to our cause. Einstein once said, and many others have agreed in various ways, that the world is a dangerous place in which to live, not because of the people who do evil, but because of the ones who don’t do anything about it. Any American who chooses to take no lawful action about the evil force controlling and ruining America, is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Any American who chooses to take lawful action against this evil force is a true patriot. To this end, we leave you with this closing thought, stated by the late renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead: “Never forget that a small group of committed Citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Best regards,
Jack and Margy

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