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Monday, November 14, 2022

Me, You, and the Chickens -- Answers About Americans

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is an attempt to clear the air and give everybody clarity about a number of issues.  

How does the Birth Certificate scam really work? What are the results of it?  Who or what benefits from it?  What can you do about it? 

How is The United States of America, an unincorporated Federation of sovereign States different from the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Crown Corporation in the business of providing governmental services? 

How is it that I am the Fiduciary for The United States of America? (See above.)  How is it that my Husband is the Head of State for The United States of America?  What can your offices do for us?  Is James trying to set himself up as some kind of replacement "king"?  

Why have we never heard of an American Head of State?  Or a Fiduciary for the whole country? 

Why is it necessary to call the physically defined States of the Union into Session? Why is it that James Belcher is the only one left who can do that?  What prevented him and his Predecessors from doing it sooner? 

Can the Confederation or the Federal Republic, either one, be reconstructed without action by the States of the Union? Are the Reconstruction Acts still in effect? 

Why is your Fiduciary work a Public Duty?  If it's a Public Duty should we all be concerned and do something about it?  

What's the Truth about the National Debt?  Does anyone owe it?  If there's no National Debt, why do we keep hearing about it?  And why would we be paying interest on it?  

Who or what is benefiting from all this crazy cloak and dagger stuff?

What is the Federal Reserve?  How does this privately owned banking cartel benefit from our "infant decedent estates" and why would we give up our estates to them?  

If we own the assets of our States of the Union and we own the credit generated from those assets, why aren't we rich or at least comfortable?  

Why are so many Americans being harmed?  Why are we thrown out of our homes if we don't really owe mortgages?  Why are we being coerced and harassed to pay Federal Income Taxes when we don't have any Federal Income?  

If you are the Underwriter (aka "Redeemer") of all these corporations and all these assets, why can't you make better speed to get this resolved?  

If most of this problem is just mistaken identities and bad bookkeeping, embezzlement, and fraud of various kinds, why can't we just do a big fiscal audit and be done with it?  

Why and how are other countries caught up in the same troubles? 

No one article can cover all these questions in depth, but I have give it a good try!  

Read on. 

Birth certificates are clearinghouse receipts. They are not proof of anything but events which took place at specific times and places, providing a provenance which the actual owner may use to reclaim their estate. 

These certificates are meant to work like a coat check receipt.  Your Mother unknowingly “deposits” your estate with the clearinghouse (DTCC) and the clearinghouse gives back a certificate for the “cargo” being transferred. 

This transfer creates two new “persons” — it leaves behind an “infant decedent estate” in the original land jurisdiction where you were physically born, and it creates a new British Territorial Person “representing” you on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  

This is your First Birth Certificate, sometimes called “the Long Form”  or “Certificate of Live Birth” which unlawfully converts your political status to that of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen as if you were an Officer in the Armed Forces or someone born in a Territory of the United States — like Puerto Rico. This Person is a British Subject functioning under Admiralty Law, and may also be prosecuted under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. 

Approximately seven years later, the British Territorial Person named after you is declared missing, presumed dead.  This creates a Cestui  Que Vie trust which is created in Washington, DC and redeposited with the Clearinghouse (DTCC) which issues a second BIRTH CERTIFICATE, sometimes called “the Short Form” which shows your Given Name in ALL CAPITAL letters.  This Municipal PERSON is considered a “citizen of the United States” thanks to the Diversity Clause in Federal Title 28. It functions under Maritime (Commercial) Law and Administrative Law. 

You now have two estates— an infant decedent estate created when your Mother unwittingly “waived” your birthright estate “for” you as an infant, and a Municipal Government Cestui Que Vie ESTATE TRUST created for you when you were still in Grade School. You also have two clearing house certificates — that is, birth certificates, documenting the deposits made with the DTCC Clearinghouse and the transfers of the “cargoes” from the land to the sea and from the sea to the Municipal land jurisdiction 

In theory you should be able to take these clearinghouse certificates which are issued in your name to the Federal Reserve Bank holding the deposit receipts—- and reclaim your estate free and clear. 

However nobody ever tells you what has been done and that both these estates—one private and one public, both belong to you.  And nobody is identified as the Officer responsible for returning your purloined estate and no process or forms are provided for you to exercise your Reversionary trust interest. 

So the deceptively named clearinghouse receipts called “Birth Certificates” are not about you or your actual Nativity on the land and soil of this country, instead they reveal where a Uniformed British Territorial Officer — a Medical Doctor— took possession of you and your estate and then proceeded to misidentify and impersonate you as a U.S. Citizen— and then by the process of “registration” transferred you and your estate to the British Territorial jurisdiction.  

Then the second transfer and certificate provides evidence  of the “presumption of death” and creation of a Municipal public interest Cestui Que Vie ESTATE in YOUR NAME. 

This is why there are two clearinghouse certificates and two estates in your name.  

All this to say that the Birth Certificate says nothing about my Nativity but everything about where the Undeclared Foreign Agent latched onto me, the false presumptions he made about me, and the disposition he made of my estate — none of which was disclosed or authorized. 

The “Birth Certificates” are in fact evidence of capital crimes committed against me as a baby and a form of genocide on paper carried out against the people and lawful government of this country. 

It’s the equivalent of cattle rustling carried out against people using clearinghouse transfer receipts to legalize it.  

The victims don’t know what has been done, because they can't recognize the "Birth Certificate" as a clearinghouse receipt. The Mother acts without the benefit of Disclosure and the baby is too young to know anything about what is happening. 

So any such misnamed "Birth Certificate" says nothing about me or my Nativity. It's a transfer record only.

Those records —not registrations—- that establish the place of my provenance in Wisconsin and other details of my Nativity,  exist as entries in the Family Bible and publication of my birth announcement in the newspapers and church bulletins and similar publications at the time. 

They show that a daughter, Anna Maria, was born to an older married couple, LaVera and Emmett Riezinger, in a little town called Neillsville, Wisconsin, at 11:58 PM on the Sixth of June in the year of 1956.  

This event was later documented by Dr. Robert Krohn, of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, who was not the attending physician. 

All hospital records and registrations have long since been destroyed. Only the Birth Certificates showing the transfers of my estate remain and the Deposit Records of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago which show my name as the “Authorized Representative” of my own estate, while they retain an unauthorized and undisclosed claim of ownership interest in my estate and continue to use my estate as collateral backing their corporate debts. 

Obviously, this is all self-interested fraud 

This paper trail represents illegally seizing upon an American baby native to Wisconsin and Shanghaiing her Good Name and Estate first to the (Territorial) State of Wisconsin and then to the (Municipal) STATE OF WISCONSIN. This process of press-ganging, unlawful conversion, impersonation, and "human" trafficking has been outlawed for over 200 years.  It has been a capital crime worldwide since 1926.

Nonetheless, this is what has been done to millions upon millions of American babies since 1922. This process secretively strips the victims of their Constitutional Guarantees and property rights — and all of this is done without any disclosure to the victims or their parents. 

This is, in part, what I have come here to stop. 

I have claimed back their “Reversionary Trust Interest” for them as living people and now all they have to do is come forward as Americans born in this country, declare and record their birthright political status, and join together to enforce the return of their assets to them and to their State of the Union under Public and International Law. 

I am the stick in the wagon wheel that has prevented the Creditors of the Federal Reserve and IMF from forcing the liquidation of both the public and private trusts that belong in fact to individual Americans and have prevented them from cashiering these public and private trust assets as “abandoned funds” and “abandoned assets”. 

If the Vermin had succeeded, and without intercession, if their claims had stood unopposed, every man, woman, and child in this country would have lost everything. 

We would have been in exactly the position Jefferson foresaw: stateless and penniless in our own country.  

I have my full apostille "birth certificate" signed by Douglas LaFollette and John Kerry guaranteeing that I have the full faith and credit they owe me as part of their 1933 theft and the published remedy legalizing it.  This admits both the crime and the debt they owe me. So anyone who wants to see that little ole document from the United States of America Department of State is more than welcome to stare up my skirt until they see Jesus. I know what that documentation means, I know where the Guaranty Bond is lodged, and I am not amused by any of it. 

"My" birth certificates don't say a word about my Nativity.  These "certificates" instead show where the Vermin attacked a baby, created a fraudulent interest in the baby's estate for themselves, and transferred me and my estate into the foreign and unwelcome political status of a British Territorial Citizen.  This is known as Unlawful Conversion and Kidnapping on Paper.   

Everyone who knowingly had anything to do with this process acted as an international criminal engaged in a crime of state.  It is synonymous with cattle rustling throughout and as most Americans have cause to know, cattle rustling is a capital crime in this country. Anyone caught at it can be summarily tried by a jury of three commissioned officers and hung on the spot, or surrendered to the civilian authorities (us) with the same result. It's a hanging offense. 

I have assumed Fiduciary responsibility for an unincorporated Holding Company called The United States of America, the American version of which has existed since 1732. My ancestors and my husband's ancestors were Principal Investors. As of 1776, the British Investors split off to form "the" United States of America, a separate business venture that survived The War of Independence and was later incorporated as "the United States of America, Incorporated".  The American Holding Company has functioned since 1776 as the Receiver of the Mutually Shared Powers of the States in International and Global Jurisdictions.  The evidence of its existence stands all around you.    And as it is unincorporated and an instrumentality of the sovereign States of the Union, it doesn't need to explain itself to anyone claiming to represent a "Confederation" of State-of-State business organizations that were all bankrupted in 1863. 

Our sovereign States of the Union are still populated by knowledgeable Americans who know who they are and who have declared their proper political status on the Public Record.  These physically defined States of the Union operate their mutual powers as a Federation of States, not a Confederation of States-of-States.  Our States are republican in nature and do not operate as democracies.  Our Federation of States is not eligible for bankruptcy protection and neither are our member States, which all enjoy state immunity.  

We are the employers of all such Confederate "States" both North and South, so I have no reason to identify as a Confederate or non-Confederate entity.  We do not stand under a Constitution; instead, we enforce the Constitutional limitations on our Subcontractors. The Constitutions are employment contracts, specifically, service contracts, between the States represented by The United States of America and foreign governments.  

In each Constitution (which is a debt agreement by definition) our States agree to pay for specific enumerated services and they delegate certain enumerated "powers" to the recipients of these service contracts enabling them to do the work.  

The American Subcontractor that received the first Federal Constitution agreement in 1787 and which was doing business as the States of America, was created by and operated by the Confederation of States-of-States  formed in 1781.  

This American Subcontractor operating under "The Constitution for the united States of America" was non-domestic with respect to our States of the Union and was known as the Federal Republic. It was staffed by people who adopted United States Citizenship, mostly Americans who underwent a lengthy process of declarations and demonstrations of character mandated by the Nationality and Immigration Laws.  I have not reviewed those requirements in a long time, but twenty years ago they were still on the books of the United States Statutes-at-Large and were summarized as Section 2561 of the unadopted Revised Edition. 

The Confederation was part of our original American Government.  The Federal Republic was, in turn, an instrumentality of the Confederation.  When the Confederation lost quorum to operate, the Federal Republic could no longer operate, either.  As a result the so-called Federal Constitution of 1787 fell into disuse and like the 1781 Articles of Confederation went dormant pending "Reconstruction".  

Almost all of the Reconstruction Acts remain active to this day.  Only a few relatively unimportant sections have been repealed.  

The "problem" of Reconstruction of both the Confederation and the Federal Republic is that the actual States had to be called into Session and they had to do the reconstructing. 

As already explained, by the end of the Civil War, we no longer had the quorum of active States to call the rest of the States back into Session, and our Federation Presidential Office had lapsed --- the Presidential term of office had ended and a new President had not been elected, so there was no President to call the States back into Session.  There remained the third and final fail-safe.  The Hereditary Head of State could call the States back into Session, except that he was attacked by a group of Union cavalry in civilian garb and forced to flee for his life.  He was a West Virginian and spent the rest of his days on the run in the Pacific Northwest. His name was Clintwood Belcher. 

We, his remaining family and progeny were, of course, aware of what happened, but for many years felt powerless to do anything about it.  We were reduced to living in lumber camps and constantly moving from place to place to avoid harassment.  When my husband was born in 1941 this was still ongoing.  He moved a dozen times in his first thirteen years. 

Finally, things got so bad in this country by the 1990's that we knew we had to call the States back into Session or lose the whole shooting match.  

Here we are. 

Contrary to your assertions and assumptions, Mr. Chapman, there are two entities called "United States of America".  One is American, unincorporated, and is a Federation of States populated by the sovereign States of the Union.  The other is or was until its most recent bankruptcy, a British Territorial British Crown Corporation in the business of providing "essential government services" per Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America.  

Our American version, The United States of America, has NEVER been incorporated and never been bankrupted.   

The British Territorial Subcontractor in receipt of "The Constitution of the United States of America" service contract incorporated its operations in the 1850's. It's the British corporation that has been engaged in cyclic bankruptcies ever since.  

Our Federation is not eligible for bankruptcy protection and has never been bankrupt nor enfranchised by any other state or government, though there have been look-alike, sound-alike incorporated British Territorial imposters infringing on our Good Name and Trademarks ever since the Civil War.  

Apparently, you have discovered another such incorporated imposter registered in India. 

This situation is not that hard to understand.  Pretend that you have a successful unincorporated business called, "Louis Vitton and Sons", and a jealous foreign competitor decides to incorporate a local franchise using your business name to create "Louis Vitton and Sons, Incorporated".  

It's easy to see how this creates confusion between the original unincorporated French Company and the incorporated British imposter organization.  It's a crime of infringement and we have to contact the government responsible for allowing it and object to it, as we will now do with India.  It's our Trademark and we do defend it.  

Now I would like to point out a few things to everyone reading this.  

The first thing is that I do not "enjoy" doing this work and would not do it, if it were not absolutely necessary.  Double that and ditto for my husband who is an artist and who has no taste for politics and zero lust for power over others. We came forward to save the collective American "Bacon" and that's all.  When the rest of you get your facts straight and take up your own Public Duty, we are more than happy to retire, our duty acquitted. I am 66 and my husband is 81.  If you think the pressure we have been under is any fun for us, you have rocks in your head. 

The second thing I would like to observe is that the Constitutions are relatively simple service contracts with foreign governments and an American Proxy service provider (the Federal Republic) working at the international level.  These agreements represent the implementation of the Peace Treaties that ended The War of Independence.  

At the time these Peace Treaties were written and agreed to by all Principals, French was the language of diplomacy, with the result that the records of the underlying agreements --- the Treaties --- are all handwritten in 200 year-old French and available only in France or in Britain or in private collections here in The United States.  Reading and interpreting these documents would make a saint go blind, however, they make it perfectly clear that there are multiple British Governments serving in separate jurisdictions, particularly Admiralty and Maritime, and that the Americans are to receive absolute ownership and control of the land and soil of the former Colonies from all interested Principals including the Holy Roman Empire, the Dutch Government, and the Brits.  Period. 

In terms of sea power, trade, and commerce, we did not gain nor did the European powers  lose a great deal as a result of The War of Independence.  What we did gain was the right to conduct our own lives and enjoy our own property assets at home.  Our land and soil are inviolate. Or are they? 

The British Government(s) -- both the King's Government and Westminster, have long claimed that our American Government is in "interregnum" and "unaccountably missing" because it has not been in Session.  They have claimed to have a legitimate Territorial Military Protectorate established on our soil.  They have claimed that this Territorial Protectorate represents us during our "interregnum" and that it is specifically authorized under our Organic Law known as the Northwest Ordinance.  

We call their "Protectorate"  the American Raj.  We observe that they have illegally occupied this entire country and used our own military forces to do it for over 160 years.  During that time they have ignored, to the extent possible, the very existence of the American States and People -- those to whom they owe the venerable Treaties and the Guarantees of the Constitution under which they are supposed to operate while on our land and soil. That is in fact why the Constitutions are called "The Law of the Land". 

We note that their claims to have the power and authority to "suspend" the Constitutions that allow them to be here are utterly baseless and would have us believe that a building contractor could suspend the blueprints of a home he was under contract to build and build something else instead according to his personal fancy.  Abraham Lincoln had no such ability to alter or suspend the obligations of the Principals, then or now.  

It is our observation that British Colonialism morphed directly into British Corporatism and the latter version of their National Passive Aggression Complex is, if anything, far worse, because it operates under the table. 

By foisting off these incorporated "Territorial Protectorates" on the folks back home and throughout the former Commonwealth and here in America, they have endeavored to establish a worldwide military hegemony for themselves that is illegal, immoral, and unlawful, too.  Using these same tools of hidden deceit and their "cloak of secrecy" they have kept most of Western Europe under a similar state of illegal military occupation since the end of World War II.  They have blamed "the Americans" for that while picking our pockets to pay for it.  

These are unhappy and unpleasant truths, but the truth must be faced up to if we are to ever enjoy peace or security or even sanity again.  Once the people of this country fully wake up and realize that they have been pillaged and plundered by what they consider to be their own military for 160 years, that they have suffered endless illegal confiscation of their property assets and equally endless profiteering by Undeclared British Territorial Agents disguised as civilians --- licensed Medical Doctors and Bar Attorneys --- operating impersonation schemes in unauthorized (Military) District Courts, there will be Hell to pay.  

Those of us who are aware of it must do everything possible to defuse the situation and return the world to lawful functioning with a minimum of blame and vastly increased vigilance against "government" (service provider) encroachment of any kind.  

Finally, I wish to address the pernicious idea of "National Debt".  No such debt can exist because the debt-credit fiat currency system prevents it.  In this system, the Buyer presents a "Note" which is an I.O.U., also known as a Promissory Note, to the Seller.  There is a hidden presumption that the Note will be repaid at some later date, but that remains unspecified, and therefore non-contractual.  It is a "debt of honor" only. The Seller delivers goods and services that immediately cancel the Buyer's debt.  This is known as a Zero Sum Transaction and this trading of debt for goods and services is self-cancelling. 

In other words, when you give me an I.O.U. for a hamburger and I give you the hamburger, my hamburger just paid off your debt.  

I become your Creditor because it is an inequitable exchange, but there is no debt present or even evidence of debt, except for the existence of the Note. The existing Federal Reserve Notes are evidence of this Debt of Honor and so, the Perpetrators are keen to get rid of the evidence and replace Federal Reserve Notes with "United States Notes".  Taken in the context of a National Economy operated under this system, there is no Net Debt at any given point in time, because the National Debt is immediately cancelled by the equal and answering National Credit.  It follows that there is no interest owed on any National Debt, and we have all been hoodwinked, again, by these international charlatans. 

What we do have in great abundance is what is known as "Odious Debt" --- a debt created by some species of fraud (passing off an I.O.U. as money) of which the victim is unaware (how many people know that a "Federal Reserve Note" is an I.O.U. from a private, foreign banking cartel?) and which the victim does not profit from (the ones profiting are those receiving our credit on an open-ended basis: the Federal Reserve).  

This is the same Federal Reserve that is in receipt of our purloined "infant decedent estate" assets which it uses as collateral backing its debts.  

That is to say the Federal Reserve uses means of fraud and Undeclared Foreign Agents (the Medical Doctor is a "Uniformed Officer" under Federal Title 37) against a baby to create a claim on that baby's estate, then uses the estate assets to generate credit, and charges the victim usury for the use of their own credit.  

The Federal Reserve, which is a private, international banking cartel, also benefits from the seigniorage on the military scrip I.O.U.s known as Federal Reserve Notes that have been imposed upon everyone by "legal tender laws".  Seigniorage is the difference between the face value of the Notes issued and the cost of printing them.  

The Federal Reserve receives $49.96 in value -- actual assets -- for every $50.00 Note.  To the ignorant observer it appears that the Federal Reserve has lost four cents, which is the cost of printing each Note, but in fact, the Federal Reserve has gained $49.96 in actual goods and services it didn't pay for.  It costs no more to print a one dollar note than a hundred dollar note, and we, the victims of this scam, don't owe them anything. Far from it. We have already paid them $49.96 in goods and services in inequitable exchange for their four cent investment.

In this way and via many other means, vast amounts of labor and natural resources have been embezzled out of the American Economy and extracted as labor from the American People, and then "invested" throughout the world.  This is how the proxy bankers working for Jacob Rothschild gin up a $500 Trillion estate for him and why the victims of this white-collar crime are homeless in the streets. And Rothschild is far from being the only Fat Tick on the receiving end of this criminal largesse. 

Prince Philip received $950 Trillion from the "GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA" Municipal Corporation as 'Life Force Value Annuities" three days before he retired from Public Life.  These instruments are in effect life insurance annuities paid on "dead" people's "life force"--- their intellectual property and performance bonds; these resources are purportedly owned by the Prince --- the same "infant decedents" whose birthright estates were "waived" for them almost at birth, and which otherwise generate immense amounts of collateral and immense amounts of credit for the Federal Reserve to loan out at interest. 

I hope you are all getting a bird's eye view of this and understand how this adversely impacts absolutely every American, whether they are civilians or in the U.S. Military or working for the Federal Civil Service.  Everyone impacted by these schemes is being harmed --- drained to the bone by these blood-sucking leeches and saddled by debts that don't actually exist and wouldn't be owed by the victims even if such accruals were possible.  This is not about any ancient grievance of North and South, black or white, Catholic or Protestant.  This about virulent white collar crime on a scale that is all but unimaginable. 

How, you ask, is such a situation possible?  Greed, ignorance, and lack of responsible Public Fiduciaries committed to correcting this situation.  

So, get busy, People.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, all these phony corporations have killed you on paper and parasitized the resulting "estates" both Territorial and Municipal, and in the most recent round, certain of these Legal Fiction Entities are now intent on killing you for real --- which is what the Babylonian Thugs always do when things go south for them. 

We have identified the problem via the Master Patent that lists all those organizations with a material financial interest in The Jab and we have also listed the groups that specifically exempted themselves from all the phony mandates and "requirements" including taking the "vaccination". We are working on the list of insurers and re-insurers that hope to benefit from murdering billions of innocent trusting people. We have located all the Federal Code citations which very clearly classify all of this activity as felony-level capital crimes, punishable by death, and we suggest that if any of you are in Federal Service, military or civil service, you get off your butts and take action to avoid being accomplices.  

The Babylonian Thugs kill their creditors to avoid paying their debts, then seize upon the "abandoned property" of their victims, and charge the survivors for the "service" of killing their children, parents and grandparents. The Vermin make sure to charge plenty of "gift and estate" taxes if there is anyone left to inherit and gin up "Land Titles" to claim that the seized-upon property is "real estate" owned by the British Monarch and the Commonwealth --- not all you ignorant American peons at all. 

I trust that what I have conveyed here has a chilling effect and galvanizes at least a few readers to take action, even if that action is nothing more than active avoidance of the consequences of the crimes by serving the mandatory notices to the State of State Governors, "State" Supreme Court Justices, and local law enforcement.  

Bear in mind that as a result of the American States being back in Session, our peacekeeping forces will be deployed and all the long-vacant land and soil jurisdiction offices will be filled.  

It will no longer be possible to "represent" us in ways and in venues not explicitly delegated, because we are back in town and presenting ourselves. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 


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  1. ....or you could read and study your own The Unanimous Delaration of the Thirteen united States of America, July 2[NOT 4], 1776.
    para1: records the people in Colonial America declaring the dissolution of the. British political bands bonds chains that they had been being subjected to.
    and they declared their jurisdiction:
    the laws of nature and natures God = common law for man naturalborn upon the land.
    they "declared" their "status" and Form of Government:
    all men created equal having God-endowed unalienable rights;
    and a JUST Government derived from the consent of the men who agreed to be so-governed: thats purpose is to secure the peoples rights.
    lists British abuses and usurpations that impel them to the separation.
    Last Para:
    an American common law declaration: intent, do, and publish:
    by the people Free and Independent States.
    who are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown
    all political connection between them and the State of Great Britian
    and that as Free and Independent States,
    they have full Power to:
    levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliance, establish Commerce,
    and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.

    1. ....they are *SEVERAL*, not Sovereign. ...

    2. woman:janmarie...
      Thank you for going out of your way to provide the wording. Can you describe how that makes it different than sovereign, in your opinion? Example: in old times it was a grievous crime for a peasant girl to wear princess' clothes if she got caught, and they could die for that, and maybe peasants were never allowed to be called sovereigns either without paying with their lives for doing so. lf you mean "Several" as being "severed from".... independent,
      this makes alot of sense. However, William the Conqueror made all his loyal barons "sovereigns in their own right."
      There were no kings/sovereigns left in England. lt might not matter which word is used. Also, the Sup. Ct. ruled that we are sovereigns without subjects. Self governing????

    3. karen gore,
      short answer: its about authority /"Jurisdiction"; and therefore also about state of being/"Status" and rights/ "Privileges and Immunities".
      several has to do with a constant state of being, in their essential nature, separate but each equal to the other and derives from the Laws of Nature and Natures God.
      sovereign has to do with a variable man-made Hier-archy of Power-Holders whose Top-Tier bestows Privileges and Immunities (or withhold same) upon the Lower-Tiers at will; it is variable and derives from the minds, will, whims of men.
      sovereign is not included at all in our UnanDecl.
      it doesnt show up until American men wrote down the Articles of the Confederation they had already declared in the last paragraph of the UnanDeclar.
      that the Perpetual Union is a Confed. works back to the principle in the UnanDecl.: parag 2 where it is from consent of the governed that Just Government is instituted among Men for the purpose of securing the God-given rights of the governed/ the people/ God-created man.
      man is the power from which that Just Government's authority is derived, so that those Govern-ING have no inherent authority to Act on their own, but rather, in order to be law-full, they require consent from those being governed to "... and all is required to be done under authority/"Jurisdiction" of the Laws of Nature and Natures God [first parag. UnanDecl].
      It works in an unbroken circle and all of it connects, forward and backwards, as what is true always does.
      sidenote: je-sus uses the Laws of Nature in his parables to demonstrate the laws of God.
      so, several is to Sovereign what:
      man is to Citizen/ Warrant Officer/ Taxpayer
      janmarie, from simon: kenton family on virginia, 1755 is to KENTON, Jan Marie
      land is to District, TownShip, Territory, MUNICIPALITY
      and so forth.
      your example of a man pronouncing other men as Sovereigns demonstrates the difference very well.


  2. More like Ratzinger like the fake popeye the sailor man she worked with for 7 years to free the world

    Except the twirp Ratzinger is a fake

    Like this fake father Dave here who is John Cusack
    Hell he is so full of glee he can barely keep himself from laughing in your face as he performs his magic on his duped you tube audience

    Check out the SYMBOLS on both of their garments

    Meet the new fake to go along with the old fake

    They don't own shit AND THEY KNOW IT

    This is a heist of off the chart proportions and their intent is for you to make a deal while they steal the world blind
    And they're all in it together


  3. Just wow is all I can say - listen up


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