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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

They Stole Your Name. Now, They've Stolen Your DNA.

 By Anna Von Reitz

And you gave it to them --- voluntarily.
If you were injected, you also committed suicide --- voluntarily.
You also waived your right to know what was in those injections -- voluntarily.
You forfeited your identity as a human being -- voluntarily.
You became a Genetically Modified Organism -- voluntarily.
You lost all your Natural Rights and Human Rights and Civil Rights -- voluntarily.
You are now, supposedly, owned as property under patent by corporations -- voluntarily.
They have life insurance policies on you so that they profit when you die as a result of the injections -- voluntarily.
Meantime, any private life insurance policy you bought for your family is voided because you took the shot --- voluntarily.
Just like you paid federal income taxes -- voluntarily.
Just like you waived your estate and birthright as an American -- voluntarily.
Just like you accepted a foreign title to your land -- voluntarily.
Just like you gave it all to the Queen and the Pope -- voluntarily.
There's just no end to the stupid stuff you've done to yourself and your family and your community and your country and your world, and purportedly, you did all this voluntarily.
And because you are standing there like a dumb cow and not protesting and not saying anything different and not recording your objections to this on the public record, there's no proof in the world that it isn't all voluntary, either.
We Tin Hats saw this coming, and we claimed our DNA forever on the public record, and we got organized and we pulled our State Assemblies together and we established a Public Law against corporate claims to own people via genetic alterations, too.

It may be a bit late in the day for you, but at least you could do something for future generations by declaring your political status and claiming your DNA on the public record and making it clear that, no, this was not "voluntary" and was not "fully disclosed".


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  1. Private life insurance policies have a two year incontestability clause....therefore the insurance company can contest a claim for payment within the two year period. After the two years they can deny payment of proceeds for nonpayment of the premium.

  2. Actually, it is a two year CONTESTABILITY clause...the insurance company can contest the claim within two years after death, if they find fraud on the application OR if suicide was committed within first two years of coverage, here in USA. One Midwest state...I forget which...has only a one year ago exclusion for suicide - very unusual.
    Anyway...Anna's point stands quite well if you die within the first two years of a Covid shot. The courts will say you should have KNOWN the shot was harmful...hence -
    Intentional self harm...
    Thus, death results...
    You committed suicide - no payment due.
    Generally, after two years, the company must pay for ANY reason you die, unless - the policy lapsed for any reason.

    This has been the general rule for decades. However - I must relook one thing.i.e., It MAY now be that fraud is contestable even after the 2 year period. I have to check on this.)

    At any rate... Anna's right for death within two years of the shot ...
    You legally committed suicide; your ignorance of the DANGER of the shot being NO EXCUSE! Hence...
    People need to get TRUTH from alternative media... instead of swallowing while main stream media propaganda.
    HOW MANY have died, thinking their family was covered...only to have the claim denied!!!

    Good people ---
    LESS TIME with the Kardashians and sports...more time seeking TRUTH...
    even when you have to buy it!

    1. Who is this all for.... You're very knowledgeable I respect that however, I see some discrepancies.

  3. Update to my comment above...
    Fraud is contestable anytime, even after 2 years.

    1. I'm a life agent. We don't ask applicant's about whether or not they have taken the shot(s) unless they are over 65.
      Certainly, the fraud would be on the insurance company, if they don't ask and then deny claims based on "self-harm" from the CV-19 shot(s).

    2. johnny,
      most/all insurance policies are written in coded legal BAR English that actual man and woman cannot understand.

      legal crap only applies to corporations/ commerce, not to *man*.

  4. Correction; 'swallowing WHOLE main stream media propaganda'

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Help!!! I just got summons to jury duty and do not want to be because I have filed all neccessary paperwork that I should be exempt. How should I Convey this information to the court judge. Maybe a link or video to help me...thanks in advance

    1. How old are you? Some states exempt you after 70 years old.

    2. Tell them you wish to recuse yourself on religious grounds; claim to be a Jehovah's Witness - you do not recognize earthly governments; simple;

    3. Send notice to the court clerk with a copy of your declaration and a copy of your letter to the Sec of state. Begin with...I am not a U.S. Citizen. I have no contract with the territorial or municipal federal contractors....

    4. Is there a link to this form so I can verify that I already recorded it?

    5. I wouldn't even respond to this summons. Why engage?

    6. I wish it was easier. To talk to these ppl cause I'm pretty irritated with this. I don't believe all of this is being done with good intent

  7. I would like to see proof of claims being denied as a result of taking the jab(s). Has Anna provided this?

    1. its all over the news, altmedia anyway, but who knows anymore with all the lying that seems to be being done.
      can you get such "data reports" from your insurance cos?