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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Employer Pants

 By Anna Von Reitz

Almost every week I get correspondence from disgruntled people who are having some problem or other with "the government" ---- meaning the governmental services corporations ---- and they want to blame me for this. 

Some of these people are confused and think that our lawful American Government caused their problems, and some assume that we can just wave our hands and do a dance and provide them with instant relief. 

We are expected to not only provide instructions as to how to deal with the federal Subcontractors and their State-of-State Franchises, but to hand-hold each and every one of the millions of Americans who are suffering everything from illegal mortgages and foreclosures to kidnapping of children by "Child Protection Services" and garnishment of earnings by the IRS, business closures, and "public health mandates". 

When we are talking about someone's home or child or livelihood being seized upon and stolen, it's easy to see why emotions run high and people want a savior, without realizing that they are their own saviors.  

Yes, you read that correctly.  At least in this venue, you are all your own saviors. 

It is as simple as knowing who you are, being able to prove who you are, and standing---steadfastly--- in your proper jurisdiction.  Just stick there like a rock. 

We already have the lawful standing to enforce our Public Law and now all we need are the sheer numbers and organization to do so. 

While it is true that in this particular Cause, one man is an army -- it helps to be part of an "army" of people who are similarly fed up and standing together. 

It is by awakening a lot of people and repopulating our States of the Union and by serving as Jurors and Justices in our own American Courts, that we can set millions of Americans free from the harassment and predation of our erstwhile public servants and prevent the illegal and unlawful subjugation of Americans under foreign systems of law. 

Did you know that it is both illegal and unlawful to subjugate Americans under any foreign law whatsoever?  That includes Statutes, Codes, and Regulations. We are not subject to those forms of law, but they are constantly being misapplied to us.  

Why?  Because we have been misidentified --- accidentally on purpose --- as "US Citizens" and as Municipal "citizens of the United States".  

We are each standing around with a bull's eye on our backs and the same people who are preying upon us and subjecting us to their foreign forms of law, put that bull's eye on our backs.  On purpose.  With malice aforethought.  For the purpose of controlling us and seizing upon our assets under color of law. 

Did you know that you, as an American, cannot be subjected to Municipal Laws requiring business closures?  Mask mandates?  Forced vaccinations?  Environmental Emissions Standards?  Etc., etc., etc.....?

All these problems and issues that people are so worried about can be brushed away like so many cobwebs by their own hands.  It can be done safely, peacefully, and with lawful authority ---- and all it really requires is for you to wake up, join together, and enforce the Public Law.  Law that already exists. 

In other words, simply by doing our own parts, our "Public Duty" ---and accepting the responsibilities of self-governance, we can do away with not just one or two of the aforementioned evils and not just for a limited number of people---- we can do away with all of these evils for everyone. 

No more IRS harassment.  
No more CPS abductions. 
No more "Public Health" tyranny. 
No more mortgages to pay foreign public debts. 
No more forced conscription via drafts. 
No more bullying by the alphabet soup agencies. 
None of it. Not for anyone. Not ever again. 

And this blessed freedom isn't just for you.  It's for everyone.  It's not just regarding one issue --- "your" mortgage, or, your right to travel, or, custody of your grandchild, or, being forced to "register" your property, or, being "required" to wear a mask.  

It's about all these issues and far more.  And you already hold the solution in your own hands. 

Leave Babylon.  

Take your own horse sense and your own initiative to operate your own long-lost American Government, and join together with other like-minded souls to do the same. 

The pathway home to America has been cleared for you.  All you have to do is fill out some simple paperwork, support your State Assembly, and thumb your nose.  Together.  It's safe, it's peaceful, and it's your absolute right to do ---and all you have to do, is stop whining and do it.  

We've been in a situation where criminals have been able to pick us off one by one, to make examples of us on a one by one basis, to terrorize and extort and racketeer against helpless widows and little children and small businesses.  

And this has been happening right here in America, right under our complacent noses, because we couldn't be bothered to do anything about it, until it was our house or farm being foreclosed upon, or our business being shut down, or our child being abducted. 

Then when we, individually, are on the receiving end, we want to be the center of attention and we want all the help in the world, and we think that somebody owes it to us, don't we?  

Wake up, people.  An offense against one of us is an offense against all of us. And we all need to see it that way and take effective action -- but "effective action" isn't a group of four or five neighbors standing there in support of us as a bulldozer collapses our house. 

Effective action is the repopulation of your State of the Union and the operation of your actual State and Federation Government.

If you are sick of this abuse by corporations that owe their existence to you,  and tired of being terrified of your own public employees, who are taxing and bullying you into oblivion and taking their paychecks out of your pockets, then it is time to get up and out of your recliner and put on your Employer Pants.    

Yes, you heard me.  Employer Pants.  You are their employer.  So start acting like it.  Stop behaving and thinking like a little mewling baby being pinched by Big Brother.  Stand on your own two feet and shove. 

The lawful, peaceful, and safe means to do this have already been provided for you.  Go to:   

Stand together, remember that you are the Employers, and shove. 

And make a donation to the ongoing work of The Federation, your American Government operating in international and global jurisdictions to uphold your rights and your property interests. 

Snail mail at: Anna Maria Riezinger
                      In care of: Box 520994

                      Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. Start every day orienting ourselves as God's children and disciples of his Son Jesus Christ in humble confession of our reliance on Him through prayer. Look at heaven knowing it is God's creation as are we.

    Recommit daily to Him to live His commandments and seek a life of cleanliness from the blood and sins of this generation.

    Ask Him to sanctify your work today in setting your own personal world straight in pursuance of following God's guidance, seeking His protective power and His ordered life in Christ this day, and then again tomorrow and tomorrow as long as you breathe air.

    Build the kingdom of God from within by your godly conduct with all others. Serve others as did and does His living Son.

    Be an example of righteous living and cast out all darkness of thought and conduct by using God's laws and counsel as your standard.

    "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God?" So learn what that means and conduct yourself with that as your guiding principle of conduct. Never pollute you mind or body, that alienates the Holy Ghost from you, severs you from having and feeling the presence of God within your temple. Seek virtuous living in everything.

    Seek to listen to the Holy Spirit which reveals all truth, confirms Christ, opens our spiritual vision of Gods workings and brings us joy to feel its companionship and it's promptings to do good continually.

    Study and search for His Will in his Holy Word every day. Study American law and American history to assist in the work of teaching everyone to be true to our American ideals of freedom with responsibility.

    Is-ra-el means "let God prevail". Join "God's people Israel", join those who let God prevail in being the light of their life. Avoid worldly voices saying "lo here, lo there". Let God's voice, His Word, the light of truth and His spirit within you prevail.

    1. Well put Joel! :) Do all of these things and secure that you are, 'Born again,' and saved. :)

  2. Ok, well, there is someone who is having success in their courts by using 3 requirements:
    Do you or any other man or woman agent office subcontractor claim I are property?
    Can you administer property w/o right?
    Wheres the obligation [contract] showing you to have jurisdiction over i?

    See Christopher James on bitchute
    & his site, just scroll down to enter, his documents are there too

    He has success with returning of kidnapped children by calling them property. As well as defeating several other go-thug crimes. He talks about standing.
    He has not recorded his papers, he's Canadian as well. He's handling this with standing & very simple language. We are property in their eyes, so is property.

    Meanwhile, folks out there are getting their debts credited, without recording any papers changing their political status.
    With such serious issues as taking our children & mortgage foreclosure theft, it seems Anna would have something to say about WHAT WORKS.

    As of now, what has worked that Anna promotes? Its always more people, & always more money.

    Why not help people to find resources which are moving courts in favor of people. These questions seem to scare the cr*p out of court & judge thugs.

    For those who are seeking to establish jury's, Christopher James says use the courts to call in a jury of your peers, which you help define. The courts are set up to do it all, so James says how to use it.

    People are suffering greatly.

    And its ridiculous that we have to populate the land & soil government, get more qualified people to form more government, populate some more, all with zero financial support, etc. SEEMS RIDICULOYSLY HOPELESS to drag on & on.
    BUT thats how Anna wants it.

    Why not use the courts that are ours to use?
    For those who are in desperate situations, LISTEN TO CHRISTOPHER JAMES, see what he has to say. Its much simpler, direct language & documents.
    Especially those who have children kidnapped by this TALMUDIC JEWDICIAL CRIMINAL SYNDICATE!

    Folks, hear Christopher James & decide for oneself.